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       Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the University of
Kentucky, June 2, 1953.

       The Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky met in the Presi-
dentt s Office at 10:00 a. mn., CST, Tuesday, June 2, 1953, with the following
members present: Governor Lawrence W. Wetherby, Chairman; Guy A.
Huguelet, Mrs. Paul G. Blazer, Harper Gatton, R. P. Hobson, J. C. Everett,
Herndon J. Evans, Paul M. Basham and Carl Dempewolfe. Absent were:
Wendell P. Butler, Thomas A. Ballantine, Ben S. Adams, M. W. Moore, Smith
D. Broadbent, Jr., and H. D. Palmore.  Present also were Vice President
Leo M. Chamberlain and Secretary Frank D. Peterson.

       A. Approval of Minutes.

       On motion duly made, seconded and carried, the minutes of the Board of
Trustees of April 7, 1953, and the minutes of the Executive Committee of April
24 and May 16, 1953, were approved as published.

       B. Budget Changes.

       Doctor Chamberlain submitted list of changes in the University budget
amounting to a net increase of $ 1, 500. 00, and recommended that the increased
appropriations be authorized.

       Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, the Comptroller was
authorized to make the necessary budget adjustments to reflect an increase
in the appropriations for Account 260 and Account 1410 of $1, 500. 00, and the
list was ordered filed with the Secretary.

       C. Purchase of Lot on Prall Street.

       Doctor Chamberlain reported that he had received a recommendation
from Comptroller Frank D. Peterson that the University purchase a vacant
lot on Prall Street opposite the junction of Winnie Street, The lot is approx-
imately 32' x 100'.

       Members of the Board discussed the advisability of purchasing the vacant
lot for the sunm of $ 800. 00.

       Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, the Comptroller was
directed to complete the transaction, purchase the lot for the sum of $ 800. 00,
and pay for same from the Haggin Fund.


        D. Report on Dairy Barn Fire.

        Doctor Chamberlain read to the Board a communication from the Comptrol-
ler reporting a fire on May 24, 1953, at the Dairy Barn.

                                            June 1. 1953

        Dr. H. L. Donovan, President
        University of Kentucky

        My dear President Donovan:

              This is to report a fire on May 24 at the Dairy Barn. This
        barn was constructed during 1947-48. The general construction con-
        tract amounted to $ 140, 525. 84. It was used by the Dairy Section
        of the Animal Industries Department of the Agricultural Experiment
        Station. It is under the supervision of Dr. D. M. Seath, Professor
        of Dairy Husbandry in charge of the Dairy Section.  Mr. Garland
        Bastin is the superintendent in charge of the building. He has been
        in this capacity for four years.

             At the time of the fire the following persons were in or
        near the building:

              1. Garland Bastin, Superintendent of the Dairy Barn.

              2. Newman Bastin, Hardyville, Kentucky, who through
                the week-end was visiting his brother, Garland.

             3. Ora Florence, a farm hand.

             4. Jack Miller, Student.

             5. Bill Poor, Student.

             6. John Woeste.

             These persons had been doing the feeding and milking of
        approximately 50 cows and the feeding and watering of approximate-
        ly 30 calves. Mr. Garland Bastin and Mr. Newman Bastin
        arrived at the barn at about 6:10 a m. , C. D. T.  They went through
        the office, picked up experiment test record on eleven calves be-
        ing fed on the second floor of the Dairy barn. They went up the
        stairway.  Mr. Newman Bastin turned on the electric lights.
        Each stated that he saw into the east and south wings of the barn
        loft and everything was all right. They did not smell smoke nor
        see fire.  They then went to the south wing where the, fed milk
        and bran to four calves and took the usual record on the calves.
        Mr. Newman Bastin watered these calves.  Mr. Garland Bastin
        stated that he heard some noise that sounded as if something was
        burning. He came from the south wing, looked into the east wing,
        and there he noted that a rick of baled straw was in flames from the
        top down to about middle-way of the rick.  He stated that the rick



of straw was approximately twelve feet high.  He yelled that the barn
was on fire and ran down the steps to turn in the alarm.  By the time
Newman Bastin came from the south wing to where he could see in the
east wing the fire, according to his statement, had fairly well en-
aulfed the entire east wing.

          At about this time Mr. Ora Florence saw smoke coming
from the windows on the south side of the east wing.  Mr. Jack Miller
had gone across the road to get another cow to milk, and on the way
back he noticed smoke coming from the windows on the north side
of the east wing.  Both men ran to give the alarm, but learned that
Mr. Bastin had already done so.

          An investigation was held in President Donovan' s office.
Present were, the writer, Dean Frank J. Welch; Fire Chief, Earl P.
McDaniel; Deputy Fire Chief, Steve Logan; and Mrs. Ena Whitis,
Stenographer, who took the statement of each witness who was present.
Each of the above-named persons who was in or near the barn was
individually questioned separately.  A stenographic copy of the
statement of each one involved was made.

          Fire Chief McDaniel agreed to continue the investigation
of the fire.

          After hearing the evidence of those in or about the barn,
we came to the conclusion that the fire started because of some failure
on the part of the electrical wiring, or it was deliberately set on fire,
since there was no evidence of any fire anywhere in the second floor
of the barn at ten minutes past 6:00 a. m. , and by twenty to twenty-
five minutes after 6:00 a. m. the entire east wing was in flames. The
wiring of this building was all in conduit.  There was, however, an
outlet flush with the barn ceiling above the rick of straw.  All of the
feed in the loft was old feed, the straw having been placed in the
barn last August.  There was no new feed in the barn.  We do not
believe it could be internal combustion.  There was an electric storm
between 10:30 and 11:00 on Saturday night preceding the fire and some
lightning and rain Sunday morning between 6:00 a. m. and 6:30 a m.
We found no evidence that lightning had struck the building.  The
building was protected by lightning rods.  Those questioned that
had an opinion as to how the fire started thought it must have started
because of some defect in the electric wiring.

          The representatives of the State Fire and Tornado Insurance
Department visited the scene on Monday and agreed that if the Uni-
versity decided to rebuild the upper portion of the Dairy barn, adjust-
ment could await and be fixed by the contract bid for rebuilding the
upper portion of the building and the replacement of materials, sup-
plies, and equipment.

          The debris was immediately cleared and the Dairy continued
to operate from Sunday night on.  Plans for the rebuilding of the
upper section of the building are available and specifications are now
being rewritten which may be used for the request of bids for the
rebuilding of the upper section.



                 The loft floor was a concrete slab, It prevented the
       first section from being damaged by fire and apparently it was not
       damaged by heat.  Opinions of competent engineers will be secured.
       We recommend that the building be rebuilt imnmiediately and that
       authorization be given.

                                                R espectfully submitted,

                                        (Signed) Frank D. Peterson
                                                  Comptrolle r.

       A discussion ensued and Board members being advised, upon motion
duly made, seconded and carried, the report was received and the Department
of Business Management and Control was authorized to proceed as speedily
as possible to revise plans and specifications and cause the Dairy Barn to be
rebuilt as soon as possible, with proceeds from insurance carried on the
building, reasonable allowance for depreciation being considered.

       E. Report on New Men' s Residence Hall.

       Doctor Chamberlain reported that he had been advised by the Comptroller
that plans and specifications for the residence hall for men, as revised, had
received the approval. of state and local authorities necessary, and same had
been delivered by the architect, John F. Wilson, to the University. Plans and
specifications will be submitted to the Federal Home and Finance Agency,
Chicago, Illinois, within the week. He stated that it would be necessary to
await action of the regional office of the Federal Home and Finance Agency.
He suggested that the University be given full authority to advertise for bids
for the construction of the men, s residence hall, when cleared by the regional
office of the Federal Home and Finance Agency.

       Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, the report was received
and bLds authorized taken.

       F. Report on New Women' s Residence Hall.

       Doctor Chamberlain reported that plans and specifications for the
women' s residence hall, north of Patterson Hall, had received final approval
by the Regional Office of the Federal Home and Finance Agency, provided
certain cGanges are made, which changes have been agreed to by the University.
He stated that approval for loan of $ 722, 000. 00 to apply toward the construc-
tion of this building had been approved and an agreement executed by the Fed-
eral Government and authorities of the University.

       Application has been submitted to the State Property and Building
Commission for a grant of $ 400, 000. 00, and advertisement for the construc-
tion of this building must necessarily await action of the Kentucky State
Property and Building Commission.


Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, the report was received.

       G. Revision of Plans and Specifications for the Women' s Residence
 Hall Authorized.

       Doctor Chamberlain reported that it would be necessary to make certain
 revisions in the present plans of the women, s residence hall, and it would be
 necessary to re-write portions of the specifications, since the original plans
 and specifications were completed about two years ago. He stated that Frankel
 and C t.I3i:tis were the original architects onl this building and they had sub-
 mitted an offer to revise the plans and specifications to meet the Federal
 Home and Finance Agency requirements at a cost of $ 7. 00 per man-hour of
 work on the revision, not to exceed a maximum of $ 3, 200. 00, for the complete
 job of revising the plans and specifications,

       H. Report on the Progress of the Six Small Dormitories.

       Doctor Chamberlain reported that contract for the six small dormitories
had been awarded to the Hargett Construction Company of Lexington, the exca-
vation work and foundation footings had been completed, and the work was pro-
gressing as scheduled. The sale and delivery of $ 710, 000. 00 revenue bonds
had been consummated and funds transmitted to the State Treasurer. He
stated that the architect had promised to complete work on these buildings by
January, 1954, and five of the buildings had been rented to five fraternity
house corporations, which lease contracts would be consummated within the
next few months.

       Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, the report on the six
small dormitories was authorized received.

       I. Scholarships for Foreign Students Aproved.

       Doctor Chamberlain reported recommendation of the Foreign Student
Committee to award free-fee scholarships for the academic year 1953-54 to

                             Elhan Kum
                             Melahat B. Ahiskali
                             Beria Berker.

       Doctor Chamberlain recommended that the request be granted.

       Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, free-fee scholarships
for the academic year 1953-54 were granted to Ilhan Kum, Melahat B. Ahis-
kali and Beria Berker.


       J. Experiment Station and Agricultural Extension Budgets Approved.

       Doctor Chamberlain submitted budgets for the Agricultural Experiment
Station and the Division of Agricultural Extension. He stated that these budgets
had not been previously submitted because the amount the University would
receive from Federal appropriations for the work of these divisions could not
be ascertained at an earlier date. Copies of the budgets as prepared were
distributed to members of the Board.  The budgets detailed the appropria-
tions by departments and personnel involved. Menbers of the Board ex-
amined the budgets. Governor Wetherby, Chairman of the Board, asked if the
budget appropriations would be seriously affected if state appropriations for the
ensuing year were reduced.  The Board was advised that these budgets had been
prepared with the viewpoint of the appropriation for the ensuing year being
reduced by a total of $ 115,000. 00.

       Members of the Board being duly advised, upon motion duly made,
seconded and carried, the budgets for the University of Kentucky Agricultural
Experiment Station and the Agricultural Extension Division were authorized
accepted as a basis of maximum expenditures for the year 1953-1954.  The
inclusion of the name of any person in each budget is not to be considered as a
contract of employment, and the Board of Trustees or the Executive Committee
shall be authorized to make such changes in these budgets as may from time
to time be deemed necessary.

      K. Candidates for Degrees.

      Vice President Chamberlain submitted list of candidates for degrees
at the 86th Annual Commencement exercises. He stated that the University
Faculty had voted to recommend the persons' names to the Board of Trustees
for the degrees indicated, and recommended that the Board concur in the
recommendation of the Faculty.


              Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts

Eleanor Cook Addams
Mildred Joyce Ahmann
Patsy Elizabeth Bach
Doreen Marie Banninger
Herman Anderson Bays
Carol Louise Bell
Julia Ann Blood
Naomi Ruth Browning
Betty Saunders Buckley
George Hunter Bush
Claire Catherine Carlberg
Annabel Dixon Caudill
Michael Nicholas Cavaluzzi
Bonnie Blanche Compton
Norval Ray Copeland
Dorothy Louise Daugherty

Joseph Donald Daugherty
John Ransford Davis, Jr.
Clara Elizabeth Deen
Kenneth Miracle Dix
Richard Monroe Dorsey
Eugene Lewis DuBow
Bobby Keith Ducker
Elizabeth Buchanan Erdman
Alva Doris Ethington
Phyllis Ann Faulkner
Robert Gale Felton
Ann Thomas Florence
Jess Lewis Gardner
Charles Williarm Garrity
William Graham Glasscock
Penrith Brine Goff


Ralph Leon Goff
Richard Alan Haas
Joan Elliott Haffler
Bessie Neal Hager
Joann Elizabeth Hager
James William Hancock
Carl Compton Hoffman
Paul Douglas Holleman
Alcie Ann Howard
Jeanne Hubbard
Betty Carolyn Hume
Ernestine Rhea Huston
Henry James Irvin
Martha Marilyn Jody
Jane Welch Johnson
William Robert Johnston
Edward Austen Kane, Jr.
Thomas George Kavunedus
Marion Elizabeth Kearby
Owen Francis Kearney
Lucy Ann King
Marjorie Eames King
Paul Liberto Lansaw
William Austin Lawrence
Archie Lane Lee
John Richard McGeehan
Charles Francis Mabelitini
Shirley Hensley Maeser
Robert Lowell Maranville
Mary Elizabeth Maury
Martha Louise Milburn
Harold Frank Miller
Epsie Virginia Morse
Georgia McAlpin Motz
James Norbert Neel, Jr.
Suzanne Lois Neuman
Rosa Lee Nichols
Emily Campbell Nickel
Ann Patton Oldham
Jane Elizabeth Omohundre

Patricia Ann Patterson
Linda Russell Patteson
Ann Perry
William Edward Powers
Shirley Rankin
Charles James Rice
John Hall Rice
Nicholas Marion Rice
John Alden Rodgers
Lois Jean Romanowitz
Edward Morrissey Rue
Ruth Sandner
Gerald Joseph Schwendeman
Mary Elizabeth Shinnick
John Carroll Shwab
Phyllis Joan Skaggs
Don Edwards Smith
Mary Carol Smith
Richard Louis Spellman
Laurel Lester Statharn
Robert Hays Steilberg
Barbara Jean Storm
Mary January Strode
Jack Warren Thompson
Virginia Lee Todd
Gloria Faye Travis
John Montjoy Trimble
Frances Patterson Vance
Joseph Taylor Waggener
Richard Jerome Walker
Joyce Wallingford
Karl John Warren
Thomas Newell Weide
Harold Garland Wells
Margery Brush Boughton Whisenant
Roger Williams III
David Bryant Wilson
William Richard Wintersole
Jack Evans Woodhouse
Henry Harold Wright

Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science

Godfrey Douglas Adamson,
Chandra Arnarasingham
Stuart Gordon Carpenter
Julia Anne Carter
Malcolm Arnold Cole
Stanley William Collis
Lawrence Reuben C rump
John Thomas Danforth
Frank Joseph Eschrich
Evalyn Georgene Evans

Charles Wayne Gross
Joan Audrey Healy
Victor John Hoff
James Emerson Hough
William Ernest Jackson
Barbara Jean Jones
William Jones, Jr.
David Woodrow Keeling
Robert Morgan Lathrop
George Murray Lawson
Austin Peay Leavell, Jr.




Fant Warford Martin
John B. Morris
Jerome Hunt Perkins
Lois Marilyn Petersen
Mary Ordell Ray
John Martin Reed
Jo Anne Sexton
William Bradford Snyder
Benedict Anthony Stan.onis

Kenneth Edwin Stoll
William Stanley Thomas, Jr.
Taneko Tsubaki
Prell Cornelius Vickers, Jr.
Martin Joseph Walsh
Eugene Dennis Wilhoit
Jack Caldwell Wilhoit
Paul Denhardt Williams

Candidates for the Degree of Bacheior of Science
           in Industrial Chemistry

Janmes Thomas Bradbury III
Wellington Epler Walker

Donald Dean Wilson

Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts
              in Journalism

Donald Leigh Armstrong
Betty Jean Baugh
Edwin Ray Booher
Fred Franklin Bradley
Leland Willis Brannan
Barbara Dwyer Hickey
Wesley Lynn Hudson

Henry Bowen Isaacs, Jr.
Paul Thomas Knapp
Merrill Thomas McCord
Charles Dunn Stinnett
Lealand A. Sullivan
Frances Cox West
Myron Isadore Zuckerman

Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Music

Anne Wynne Barker
Herbert Lewis Creech
Jane Exon
Patricia Eads Herren

Shirley Hewitt Karrick
Dorothy Jacqueline Senters
Jo Anne Thomas
Rhoda Ann Winn

Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science
            in Medical Technology

Wanda Nell Cannon
Barbara Cohen
Mildred Louise Hart
Molly Ann McCoulf

Mary Ann Murray
Santiago Miguel Perez-Benabe
Elizabeth Reid


   Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science
                  in Agriculture

Henry Otto Altenberg
John Dan Baldwin, Jr.
Charles Cousins Bastin
Joseph Benedict

Ellis Bishop
..iLliam Elmer Boggs
James Bowen, Jr.
John Francis Brewer



Howard Harbison Bright
Adlie Franklin Brown, Jr.
James Daniel Burks
Paul Barron Burrus, Jr.
George Edward Burton
Donald Ray Butler
William Walter Carlton
Cecil E. Carter, Jr.
Robert Leonard Carter
Jesse Daniel Caudill
John Caudill
Claude Otto Christian
Emery Clark, Jr.
Tony Barrick Cocanougher
Benjamnin Francis Collings
Harold David Collins
Elwood Sheridan Combs
Trosper Noland Combs
Marion Ely Cox
William Joseph Cox
Marlin Ward Crowe
Edwin Lenwood Cunningham
Joe Myles Davis
John Paul DeFevers
Larry Neil DeJarnette
William Clair Deweese
Stanley Smith Dickson, Jr.
Warren Kaye Dulin
Iven Allen Ellis
Walter Eugene Ellison
Leonard Edwin Farmer
James Paul Fehr
Ralph Edward Fehr
Lewis Carpenter Flowers
Rixie Duval Franklin
Morton Simon Fry
Harold Lewis Greene
Marvin Sigsbee Greer, Jr.
Jack Irvin Gregory
Dannia Millard Griffin
Frank Reynolds Guthrie
William Frederick Hale
Robert Hall
Charles Larue Hamilton
Paul Thomas Hamm
Merrill Rigsby Hammons
Henry Clifford Hartman
James Theodore Hatfield
Joe Haycraft
Marion Kenneth Hayden
Edward Boswell Hayes
John Henry Heller
Andrew Jackson Hiatt
Price Holbrook, Jr.
Walter Duvall Holbrook
Alexander Hargis Holliday

Thurman Ray Hopkins
William Marcus Hopper
Josiah Hoskins, Jr.
Ralph Eugene Huffaker
Howell Edward Jones
James Robert Jones
Emery Keck, Jr.
Harvey Lowell King
Philman Carlton Kingsbury
Oswald McMinnus Kington, Jr.
Edgar Warren Knight
Thomas Riley Langford
Malcolm Lee McCoy
Tom Chase McKenney
Bowen Givens McKinney
John Hunt McMurtry
William Irvin Marshall
Samuel Embry -bvstin, Jr.
Gene Arlen Mattick
Miles Philip Mattingly, Jr.
Dayton Merritt
Henry Alan Meyer
Jack Millikan
Gene Delmar Miner
Albert Morton Moffett, Jr.
Stanley Bruce Moore
Trevis Moss
Auttis Marr Mullins
John Raymond Norvell
Charles Thomas Perkins
Gamaliel Duard Phillips
Eugene Pryor Pittman
Audie Price, Jr.
Gene Dale Rawlings
Louis Carl Rebensdorf, Jr.
Billy Thomas Ridgway
Dick Norris Riley
George William Rishell
Hagan Denzil Ritchie
Benjamin Thomas Robertson, Jr.
John Connell Robertson
William Dyer Rodes
Billy Grant Rose
Douglas Ross
Joseph William Rust
Jean Lucille Saile
Charles William Sawyer
Charles Lawson Seithers
Robert Daniel Selvidge
Lloyd Verlen Shawler
James Edward Shelton
Paul Morgan Simon
Roy Donald Sims
Luther H. Small
James Byrum Smith
Lorendz Smith, Jr.



David Hollingsworth Spaeth
Junius Garnett Stapp
Robert Thomas Stevens
David Lee Strohmeier
John Mason Taylor
Louis Garnett Thornton
Harold Wayne Thurman
Frank Joseph Tucci
Granville Vernon Turner, Jr.
Joe Taylor Turpin
Dot Waldon

James Thomas Walker
John Brady Walton
John Anthony Wente
James Maurice White
Fielding Griffin Wil'iams
James David Willis
Jackie Lloyd Wise
Charles Hercules Witten
Richard Muse Womack
William Cahill Woodrow
Alvin Leslie Zachary

Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science
            in Home Economics

Doris Jane Amis
Mary Ann Barnett
Sara Ann Bobbitt
Gail Vivian Carmichael
Jane Dale Clark
Eloise Merle Cooksey
Marlene Rae Farmer
Nancy Jane Guilfoil
Nannie Margaret Haynes
Sarah Ruth Heaton
Elsie Marie Isaacs
Ruth Lea Longhurst
Eloise Lorch
Mary Jane Madden.
Jacquette Ann Maffett
Lucille Hurt Manis
Shirley Jean Maxwell

Joan Patricia Moore
Margaret Ann Myers
Ann Ward Officer
Marilyn Rose Patton
Martha Frances Raby
Jacqueline Lester Shoulders
Marilyn Edith Steele
Wilma Fay Sumpter
Joan Spilman Thompson
Jane Woodford Venable
Margaret Ann Wanless
Annette Westerman
Betty Mae Wheeler
Peggy Jane Wheeler
Norma Jeanne Whitworth
Mary Louise Wilhite
Mary Blanton Williams
Louise Marilyn Wilson


Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science
            in Civil Engineering

Wallace Truman Bennett, Jr.
Clyde Eldridge Brown
Robert Calvin Brummett
Bailey Hall Bryner
James Lee Carter, Jr.
William Malcolm Cochran
Milton Evans, Jr.
William Samuel Foy
Warren Eugene Howard
James Ellison Humphrey, Jr.
Ronald Lloyd Jackson
Victor Clark Jones

Charles Francis Latham, Jr.
Terrence Joseph Lohre
Thomas Young Martin
Earl Wright Meador
Walter Joseph Perisutti
Clarence Lambeth Range
Gerald Lee Stevens
William John Stutzenberger
George Thomas Weaks
Frank Dale Whitney
Paul Curtis Wright


Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science
          in Electrical Engineering

Bobby Olson Allen
Louis Eldon Catlett
Wayne Anderson Cornelius
Willard Dallas Dahl
Thomas Lee Denton
Matt Wylie Flannery
James Carroll Hastings
John Bayard Hudson
William Elwood Jewett, Jr.
Jerry Mitchell Jones
Leslie Joseph Kaiser

John Lee King
Henry Garnett Lay
Leonard Rosco McFarland
Glenn Sterling Mills
Robert Lee 0' Nan
Billy Lowell Pack
Ray Jackson Riley
Ralph George Sproston, Jr.
Joe John Wojtowicz
Paul James Wright

Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science
         in Mechanical Engineering

Jean Charles Bouchy
Arlie Wise Browning
James Henry Gilliam
Samuel Haywerd Horton
Henry Louis Krebs
Charles Wellington Burt Lansill
James Walter McCurry
William Benton Mabe

Hans Henri Meyer
Gene Miles
David Augustus Parry
Kenneth Ray Reynolds
Don Rule Richardson
Robert Eugene Rogers
Walter Clyde Shubert, Jr.
Charles William Sturgeon

Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science
         in Metallurgical Engineering

James Read Holland
William Lunsford Mitchell III

Dale Thomas Williams

Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science
            in Mining Engineering

Blucher Frank Allison
Harold Ernest Dolan
George William Hakkio
Paul Gene Hall
Jack Allan Hardwick

Rayburn Kenneth Hensley
Richard Bee Johnson
Orby Ray Sanders
James Robert Stewart
John Elmer Vaughan

           COLLEGE OF LAW

Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Laws

Norma Boster Adams
George William Allf
Charles Norman Carnes

William David Compton
James Francis Cook
Patrick Hayden Dickinson


Leland Beldner Franks
Julian Reid Gabbard
Lee William Hardesty
Forrest Leroy Hill
James French Hoge, Jr.
Jack Howell
Laramie L. Leatherman
Herman Edward Leick

John Keene Leopard
Robert Clyde Moffit
William Robert Ramey
William Asher Rice
Harold Taylor Rogers
Asa Myron Rouse
William Stephen Tribell


Candidates for

Lita Grey Cochran Ashley
William Francis Augustyn
Robert Harold Baldwin
Jane Calhoun B artlett
Helen Shockley Batte
Shirley Beverly Becker
Mary Lois Tichenor Beltz
Ruth Adelaine Bishop
Julia Isabel Blumenthal
Ann Davis Bohon
John Burton Brannon, Jr.
Betty Lou Brown
Albert Paul Bruno
Shirley Ann Bryant
Frances Virginia Byers
Thelma Jean Casey
Phyllis Ann Chatfield
Margaret Ann Perkins Chilton
James Earl Colson
Paul Combs
Edith Anne Cones
Arnold B. Cosby, Jr.
Claude Cheerington Cox
Emmy Glo Davis
Betty Lou Day
James Harvey Denney
LeeAhma Leslye Dillon
Phoebe Ann Elswick
Elizabeth Allene Fisher
Robert Duane Fitzgerald
Eleanor Rachel Gash Fothergil
Arthur Glenn Gordon
Robie Hackworth
Edward Haick
William Garrard Hall
Martha Jean Hardwick
Madeline Franklin Harter
Donald LeRoy Hartford

the Degree of Bachelor of Arts
   in Education

               Robert William Hoagland
               Martha Jean Howard
               Coleman Hunter
               Elizabeth Brewer Jayne
               Daniel Stephen Jeffrey
               Walter LaVerne Jones
               Barbara Ellen Justice
               Norma Jeanne Justice
               Elizabeth Josephine Kelley
               Barbara Kington
               William Allen Lancaster
               Anne Thomas Lawson
               Eddie Lee Lerding
               Leslie Daniel Lingenfelter, Jr.
               Shelby E. Linville
               Neville Simmons McCracken
               Marilyn Love McDonald
               Martha Elizabeth McKinney
               Jack Samuel Maggard
               Ruth Ann Maggard
               Elizabeth Jane Mallick
               Eugene Martin
               Joan Marie Martin
               Paulette Martin
               Betty Raye Meade
               Natella Howard Meador
               Lafe James Mefford
               Matilda Anne Metzger
               Lafe Miller
               Shirley Ann Miller
               Herbert Allen Moore
               Thomas Hamilton Moore
               Willard Clay Moore
               James Douglas Moseley
               John Henry Netoskie
               Charles Martin Newton
               Joyce Dale Newton
               Stanley Noxon Nielsen



Vito Parilli
George Washington Pendergrass, Jr.
Harry Dimm.itt Perkins, Jr.
Edna Kathleen Pettey
Anne Covington Phelps
John Richard Proffitt
Mary Joe Proud
Carolyn Grafton Rees
Marilyn Joyce Reynolds
Edythe Cox Ritchie
Luther Ritchie
Jane Weber Robinson
Elizabeth Ann Ross
Barbara Anne Routt
Charles Hal Rupured
Lola June Sandusky
Joyce Ann Scurlock
Miriam Jeanne Smith
Judith Laura Sonnabend
Vena Mae Southwood
Garnett Lee Stephens

Ann Wilson Stevenson
Ruth Louise Stilz
Charles James Sutherland
Suzanne Swavze
Carolyn Graham Taylor
Mary Annette Taylor
Louisa Thompson Toombs
Mary Helen Tucker
Martha Joan VanBeber
Patricia Coleman Wallace
Allie Marie Walton
Eddie Darrell Ward
Jean Bolton Welsh
Joan White
Alma Frances Mullins Whitehead
Bettye Blevins Williams
John Patton Williams
Carmen Lois Wilson
Marilyn Louise Wilson
Anne Summers Winburn


Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science
                in Commerce

Henry Oscar Abraham
Irvin Jay Abraham
Jack Emile Abraham
Payton Foster Adams
Anthony Joseph Amato
Almer Dewey Arrington
Hugh Orion Barber, Jr.
Jerold Morton Bass
William Morman Batsel
Joyce Elise Blair
Kenneth Lee Blevins
Samuel Allan Blythe
James Edward Boggess
Katherine Blue Bohon
Carroll William Bottom
Hugh Allen Bryson
George Thomas Burke
James Sherman Burns,
John Compton Butcher
Earl Edwin Caudill
Paul Eugene Chism
Joan Dee Claassen
William Thomas Clark,
Nancy Jo Clarke
Doris McHargue Conner
John Richard Cooper
Billie Payton Creech
John Joseph Cross, Jr.

Wayne Cecil Crow
Stuart Baker Dalton
William Coleman Dawson
Thomas Edward Densford
Elizabeth Ulmont Douglas
Robert Harry Dournas
Reva Elizabeth Duncan
Henry Coleman Durham
Francis Henry Ebling
Patsy Edmundson
Thomas Clayton Elswick
William Douglas Esenbock
Jean Craig Farney
Eugene Hardin Fontaine
Mary Katherine Foster
Mary Edwina Crawford Franks
Virginia Ann Goebel
Henry John Grall, Jr,
David Whitney Gray III
Thomas Mattingly Green
William Milton Greer, Jr.
Edgel Leon Grimm
Warren Charles Hale
Harold Lavon Hall
John Lawton Hall
Edmond Joseph Hamilton
Roy Allen Hamilton, Jr.
Louis Edward Hammack




John Oliver Hardin III
Juanita Jo Harris
Phyllis Jean Hart
George Harold Helton
Roy Helton
Mildred Carline Henderson
Arthur George Hendricks
Charles Ben Hogg, Jr.
Harry Williams Homeier
Clarence Calhoun Horine
James William Howerton
Conrad Estill Hubbard
Hyla McKee Hunter
Glenn Burt Johnson
Dennis Harry Jones
Robert Larry Joines
Donald Eugene Jordan
William Harvey Kenton
Curtley Wayne Kidwell
Arthur Paxson King III
Clifton Lawson, Jr.
Denzil Blair McPherson
Henry Maeser
Barbara Boulos Maranville
Fred Carlton Miller, Jr.
Thomas James Moore
Robert Mullins, Jr.
George McDonald Nall
Betty Jean Newlin
John Cassell Nichols II
Morton Carol Nickell
Frances Joanna Nunnelley
Nancy Ford Nunnelley

Joc Price Peden
Mary Jayne Pinson
Mary Evelyn Pollitte
Virginia Carden Preston
James Roy Price, Jr.
Earl Bennett Ray
Betty Jo Reed
Donald Edward Reed
Ann Walker Reichle
Lawrence Richard Riddle
John Baldwin Roberts, Jr.
Jean Prewitt Sanders
Donald Wenning Schardein
Robert Grainger Scherer
Arnold Schneider
George Dayton Schrader
William James Semonin, Jr.
Donald Edgar Slone
Norbert James Stein
Gus Swanson Story
Arnold Joe Tewell
Ethel Evon Thompson
Jane Turley Truitt
Carl Wilson Turner
William Duke Turpin
Jay Richard Wallace
Teddy Harold Ward
Shelley Frank Watson
Earl Thomas Wheat
Ronald Garrard White
Don Ira Williamson
Harold Daniel Wish
Richard Ivon Wohlstein
William Austin Yates


Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science
                in Pharmacy

Thomas Joseph Bilotta
Ralph Thomas Boyd
Charles Edward Breckinridge, Jr.
Robert Raymond Bronner
Robert Lee Curry
Robert Hyman Davis
Donald David Dick
Henry Seeley Dunbar
Billie Joe Earwood
George Gaines, Jr.
Terry David Grant
Donald Burgess Hill
James Henry Holland

Tom Ed Holmes
Edward Reid Holt
Norman Clifton Horn
Bernard David Hyman
John Morgan James
Thomas Alan Kemp
Robert Joseph Lichtefeld
Albert George Loeser
James William Lynch, Jr.
Elmer Evans McDaniel, Jr.
Thurman Ray McKinney
Lloyd Gene Masters
David Paul Meers



Gerald Erwin Meit
Robert Raines
Charles Farrell Richardson
Steely Arliss Rodgers
Harold Leonard Schmalhausen
William Dean Shelton
Edwin Doyal Snider
Edwin Graham Spalding
William Linder Spoo, Jr.

George William Taylor, Jr.
Richard Anthony Thompson
William Richmond Walker
Hershel Weinberg
Ralph Edward Whitehead
Arthur Byron Wilborn
Willard Eugene Wilson
Vernon Winkle


Candidates for the Degree of Master of Arts

William Beck
Richard Edward Belleville
Mary Jo Bishop
William Aylette Buckner
Doris Dean Elliott
Christine Duncan Forrester
David Dutton Jo