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The Cats' Pause
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Sutton's la says UK off want to fo 'Cat coach to give up his post
page 2
floo SU defense eys 99-80 er victory
page 4
ill*    I'll lw r*
Wildcats fifth straight loss, sixth at Rupp y score of 71-67
pages 14-15
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ORANGEMEN AWAIT 'CATSNo. 5 Syracuse and coach Jim Boeheim have a week off to prepare for the struggling Kentucky Wildcats. The two will meet this Sunday at noon in Syracuse's spacious Carrier Dome. For a preview of that game as well as the Tennessee-UK matchup, please turn to page 20.
Worth Repeating!
Kentucky coach Eddie Sutton says there was no cover-up, attorney McBrayer believes UK mentor is being forced out
Compiled by The Cats' Pause staff
Both the Louisville Courier-Journal and Lexington Herald-Leader came up with new development in the NCAA investigation.
Last Sunday the Courier-Journal reported, through the aid of an unnamed source, that head coach Eddie Sutton was named in a cover-up involving the University of Kentucky's response in Allegation No. 11.
No. 11 states that UK players Sean Sutton and Eric Manuel and assistant coach Dwane Casey provided false and misleading information to NCAA investigators. The allegation revolves around different reports of how Sean Sutton and Manuel got to the ACT test site in the summer of 1987.
Concerning Eddie Sutton, the Louisville newspaper reported that in UK's response, the Wildcat coach may have tried to cover up for Lexington Lafayette basketball coach Don-nie Harville, who drove the two students to take the test.
The Courier-Journal failed to mention where it got the response, which has not been released publicly.
Earlier this month, UK president David Roselle briefed the school's Board of Trustees in a closed meeting.
Last Monday, the Lexington Herald-Leader quoted Terry McBrayer, Eddie Sutton's lawyer, as saying: "They just want him out. Somebody is beginning to draw a line. I don't know who it is. But he's drawing some conclusions."
McBrayer blamed a UK official for leaking out the information. Although he couldn't name the person, McBrayer said the unknown UK official did this to put a "false tenor" on the current situation. Thus, hoping to make it easier to get Eddie Sutton out of the program.
Earlier this month UK sent its response in regard to the 18 allegations of wrongdoing charged by the NCAA against the basketball program.
McBrayer remained positive about Sutton's tenure at the university.
"There is a growing sentiment through out Kentucky to keep Sutton," McBrayer told Lexington Herald-Leader sportswriter Jerry Tipton. ". . This was an effort by somebodyin a rather twisted wayto drag him into something he's not involved in. There's not any question they're trying to quell that support."
And before Kentucky was schedule to play at Auburn, Eddie Sutton told Cawood Led-ford that in no way was there a cover-up.
"I've never thought the situation, as far as the transportation the day Eric Manuel took the ACT test, was very serious. What actually occured, they had two ways for Eric to get to Lafayette High School, where he was scheduled to take the exam. Sean and Eric had played ball early in the week and they had talked about it.
"Of course, Eric doesn't have transportation, so Sean said he would be happy to pick him up. In the meantime, coach (Don) Richardson, Eric's high school coach, had called coach (Donnie) Harville and also coach (Dwane) Casey to make sure Eric would be able to get to the test site.
"So what happened, the morning of the examination, Sean had driven in and he and Eric were about ready to get into Sean's automobile. Donnie Harville drove up in his car and he said: 'You guys jump in.' So, they did ride over to Lafayette High and he brought them back. When they did return, well they got in Sean's car and went to Hardee's and got something to eat.
"The First time the young men told the story they indicated that they had gone over in Sean's car. You must remember, this occur-
ed well over a year (ago). And I think anyone, if you were to ask them: 'Can you remember exactly what happened a year ago?' it's ;ry difficult to do.
"Later, after coach Harville told the NCAA that they had ridden with him and he had returned them to the Lodge. They amended their statements, they said: 'Hey, we made a mistake.'
"So. that's why it's no big deal. In no way was there anyone trying to cover up something, because it's not a violation for a player to ride with Donnie Harville. or if they had ridden together in Sean's car."
? ? ?
LSU's Tigervision erroneously reported last Monday evening (Feb. 20) that Eddie Sutton had resigned as coach of the Kentucky Wildcats. The report reached Louisville station WHAS while the Memphis State-Louisville game was going on.
UK color commentator Ralph Hacker, during the Kentucky-Auburn game, verified that the report was wrong.
? ? ?
The University of Kentucky Blue-White game is schedule for April 22 at Commonwealth Stadium.
Kickoff is set for 6 p.m. Look for further information on the Blue-White scrimmage in future issues of The Cats' Pause.
Practice begins March 22 and various scrimmages will be played on Saturday at Shively Field
? ? ?
Because of Monday night deadlines, TCP was unable to report on the Kentucky-Auburn basketball game, won by Sonny Smith's Tigers 77-75.
Look for the complete game story to be in next week's issue of TCP. OSCAR L. COMBS
What looks bad now will be good for the future
?Light at the end of the tunnel.
Perhaps this is the best way for Kentucky basketball fans to approach the remainder of this season which will become known for the most number of defeats in the history of this storied collegiate program.
Light because one can see a healing and rebuilding process just around the corner.
What appears to be bad (the number of losses and the very limited number of scholarship players on the roster) actually will become a plus for the future.
When you have a limited number of players and you're losing, then it's apparent you have immediate needs on the recruiting front. High school prep stars aren't very dumb when it comes to sizing up a situation as far as playing time is concerned.
And there's plenty on the hori/on lor future UK signees.
Speaking of such, several were in attendance for the Kentucky-Alabama game Saturday including Fort Knox's talented 6-foot-8 forward Troy Smith and Louisville PRP's fine junior guard, Andy Penick. Both would be welcomed additions to the UK program.
Smith could be immediate help by signing this spring although Penick must wait. Both are impressed with the UK fans and neither is brushing UK off because of the current NCAA investigation.
That isn't all that surprising. They're both home-grown products and as Georgia coach Hugh Durham once said (when his program was on probation), homestate kids tend to be loyal and are not negatively influenced by probation like out-of-state youngsters are.
Kentucky will obviously be in a delicate situation next season, regardless of what happens with the NCAA. Mike Scott, a senior, will be gone and that will leave only LeRon Ellis as a big manand that is, if he stays.
This will leave UK with its most vital need, a big man in the middle. Whether or not UK has anyone spotted on the junior college circuit is unknown.
Also unknown is what kind of shape UK will be in to recruit a junior college kid. You can bet the 'Cats' chances of signing a quality JC'er will hinge on the possibilities of escaping postseason tournament sanctions by the NCAA, and those aren't very good.
Perhaps Kentucky will pull a page from Vanderbilt coach CM. Newton's book and go with a three-guard offense which has been pretty kind to the soon-to-be UK athletics director this season.
Very quietly and efficiently, the Commodores have inched their way up to a share of the SEC lead at KM with just four games remaining. Speaks quite well for Newton and his band of players nobody wanted just a few years ago.
? ? ?
moaned and groaned about over-recruiting at Kentucky, that it wasn't fair to the numerous kids riding the bench. And those bashers would make comparsions with other clubs that, according to those experts, didn't over-recruit.
Care to take a peek around at Kentucky in comparsion with those other schools today?
It seems like the roles have reversed, but you don't hear anyone saying school such-and-such is over-recruiting and shouldn't be allowed to do so. Look and see which schools have all the prep All-Americans.
Perhaps when Eddie Sutton arrived at Kentucky, he paid too much attention to those who have long despised the Kentucky program.
Four years into a coach's tenure at a new school should provide stability, a vvdi-organized program, a positive attitude, a stable full of thoroughbreds ready for a run at the national championship.
What you have at Kentucky right now is. well...
Kentucky's vast wealth of quality talent has fallen off to just a ghost of what it used to be. Blame the system, blame the program, blame the coach, blame the fans and while we're at it. blame the media. Fact is, it is fact.
We hear what kind of a team this would have been had Rex Chapman and Eric Manuel been on the club, if Shawn Kemp had been eligible. Well, who's responsible for those situations? How good would Kentucky have been in the past if Poodles Willoughby went to UK instead of turning pro. if Rudy Macklin had honored his verbal committment and went to UK, if Sam Bowie hadn't missed two seasons because of injuries. The what-ifs could go on and on.
The difference back then and now is that others were waiting in the wings for the opportunity. There was enough talent to offset a tragedy. Bashers called it stockpiling, UK coaches called it being prepared for a rainy day. And there have been plenty.
When Eddie Sutton arrived he made it a point he wanted to get away from recruiting just the "paper" prep Ail-Americans. Well some are still around Ellis, Chris Mills and Derrick Miller but there aren't as many. Oh, there could have been more if Kemp, Manuel and Chapman were around and that's a valid point.
Perhaps if Sutton and his staff would have put more effort into recruiting and signing the best 15 players possible, UK would not be in the position it is today.
Take for example the names of Kevin Pritchard, Elliot Perry and Chris Jackson. Could either of those three kids help UK today?
I won't even insult you by asking for an answer.
Believe it or not all three had strong desires to wear the Blue and White, especially Perry, who originally was of-
fered a scholarship and then suddenly had it rescinded, ironically just a few days after he played so well in a prep all-star game.
Before and after that day he was informed he would not be allowed to attend UK, Perry told more than one reporter he really wanted to attend UK.
The unofficial word around UK is that the staff was afraid of Perry's academic standing and future status, apparently refering to coach Sutton's statement that he would no longer recruit any questionable Proposition 48 cases. The statement came after the infamous Johnny Pittman case. (However, one must be reminded that less than seven months later, two Prop 48 casesKemp and Sean Woodswere signed.
Even before the Perry situation was one which involved Pritchard (now tearing it up at Kansas), the Tulsa, Okla., star who fancied Sutton as a coach he'd want to play for and UK as a school he'd want to attend.
That was also during the time UK was holding a torch for the coveted Rex Chapman. UK said all along it would love to sign both, but when Chapman announced, the coaching staff forgot to follow up on Pritchard, figuring he'd have no desire to attend the same school as Chapman and perhaps having to compete with him for playing time.
Several weeks later, Pritchard said he was puzzled and upset that UK quit recruiting him and never even gave him a call until it was revealed that he would probably sign with Kansas in the spring. "I've always liked UK, as long as I can remember," Pritchard told an Oklahoma sports writer.
Case No. 3 (and one you probably won't want to read about) is that LSU's phenomenal rookie Chris Jackson considered UK as one of top choices until the 'Cats mysteriously stopped recruiting him in the spring of his junior year.
Again, sources around the program on an off-the-record basis at the time insisted the staff questioned his academic status. A couple others, however, point to the fact UK took a chance on Woods shoots down that theory.
During the past three recruiting seasons, Kentucky has signed three legitimate point guardsSean Sutton, Woods and Richie Farmer.
Everyone is acquainted with Sean, a hard-nosed over-achiever who gives it 110 percent every trip on the court. Woods, who didn't even make the top 100 list of juniors in Indiana, is considered a diamond in the rough who could develop into a very fine player in time, but probably not for a couple years.
Farmer was the boy wonder of Kentucky preps the past three years, but considered by many as being too slow, too short and too...well, you know what I mean. From day one, the UK coaches insisted Farmer is a second guard so perhaps we shouldn't even consider him in comparing the point guard situation
since he wouldn't have been signed for that position anyway. The Kentucky staff never liked him from day one and it has showed over this season. The staff either thinks he cannot play or doesn't intend to play him. Which answer is correct really doesn't matter.
I don't know if you get the drift of this column or not, but it's apparent Kentucky is in desperate need of quality guards. Thank the good man above that Miller didn't pack his bags and leave last year.
? ? ?
ZWHAT A RACE this is going to be for the regular-season SEC title. With a three-way tie for first among LSU, Florida and Vanderbilt, anything is possible.
With four games remaining for each team, it's impossible to tell which club has the best shot. Ironically, for the first time in a long, long time, UK will not have a direct impact in the outcome.
Not only is UK long out of the picture, the Wildcats also don't have any games remaining with any of the contenders.
LSU was the team riding high until the Tigers hit a buzz-saw in Nashville Saturday night, losing 108-74. The Commodores just might be on the verge of taking it all.
Vandy might have a slight edge, but for Newton's team to win, it'll have to pull off a big upset over its most despised rivalTennesseein the season finale at Knoxville.
Tangling the same day in Baton Rouge will be Florida and LSU. So if LSU can still be in a tie going into that game, things would be rosy for Dale Brown. For Florida to win the title, it'd better have it wrapped up before that league finale.
? ? ?
?IT MAY NOT be the prettiest SEC tournament in history, but it figures to be one of the most competitive and exciting one we've seen in a long time.
When you get right down to the nitty-gritty of it, only Auburn figures to be totally out of the picture. For that matter, the other three first-round teams most likely won't be able to survive four games without a loss, but any of the three are capable of beating anyone in the league.
Kentucky's stay in Knoxville most likely will hinge on a couple factors, the first being able to avoid a bottom-four finish in league standings. Prior to this week's play, the 'Cats were on the bubble, tied with Ole Miss in sixth place. Only Mississippi State, Georgia and Auburn followed the 'Cats and Rebels in the standings.
The second fester will be if Kentucky is able to avoid a total disaster in the final two weeks and bounce back to win a couple or three games in the regular season.
Losing at home to Alabama to set up a five-game losing streak has to weigh very heavily on everyone's shoulders. i77w Oa/s ' l/l,
LSU rains on UK's party 99-80
After a valiant UK comeback effort, flash flood of LSU steals, baskets in 31/2-minute period swamps Wildcats
By TCP associate editor Mike Estep
BATON ROUGE. La.  When it rains, it pours.
Most Kentuckians found that out the hard w ay last week as the skies opened up to produce the worst flooding in more than a decade.
In tim Boston, a community of some 400 in rural Nelson County, approximately 10 inches of the wet stuff hit the ground in a four-day period, leaving residents stranded Wednesday morning as floodwaters surrounded the town.
A few hours later and 800 miles away, at LSU's Pete Maravich Assembly Center, it was coming down, tooin buckets. LSU buckets. Kentucky's Wildcats were swept away in a flash flood of Tiger steals and layupsa defensively-sparked 13-2 run during a 3'/:-minute stretch midway through the second half that allowed LSU to swamp the 'Cats 99-80.
Water started spilling over the Wildcat dam early in the contest but, by sticking to the game plan, being patient on offense and controlling the tempo, Kentucky was able to stay dry until late in the second half.
LSU jumped out 22-13 with 10:23 to play in the first half, Kentucky drew even at 25-25 four minutes later.
The Tigers extended the lead again, going up by as many as 11 on three first-half occasions, the latest at 45-34 1:11 before the break. Derrick Miller's 21-footer at the :57 mark brought the 'Cats to within eight at 45-37 at the half.
"I felt good at halftime, even though we were down by eight points," UK coach Eddie Sutton said. "We had done a poor job of trying to jam the ball in to (LeRon) Ellis on the block, and we felt like (LSU) would have a tough time covering him if we were able to do that. We showed 'em a couple of things, how to enter the ball and get it to him, and we did that."
Tiger center Wayne Sims took a pass from forward Vernel Singleton for a layup that again put the LSU lead in double figures (47-37) to start the second half. But like the little Dutch boy, Kentucky, with Ellis doing most of the scoring, stuck its finger in the dike.
An aggressive Ellis, who scored 24 points and played what might be his best basketball of the season, went to war, scoring half of the Wildcats' next 20 points. And when he swished an eight-footer from the right baseline with 12:12 left to play, capping a 20-9 UK run, Kentucky led 57-56, its first advantage since the 15:53 mark of the first half.
It looked like the struggling 'Cats were on their way to possibly breaking a three-game losing streak in storybook fashion, by pinning a homecourt loss on the league-leading Tigers.
Instead, that's when the script hit the fan.
"I think at the point it was 57-56, I think they really had a lot of doubts whether they were gonna win the game or not," Sean Sutton said. "They were looking around at each other wondering who was gonna step forward and make the big play."
As it turned out, several Tigers stepped up:
Scan missed an 18-footcr, LSU's Ricky Blanton turned it into a layup.
Sean tossed an errant pass. Singleton got
a layup and a free throw.
Ellis was stripped by Lyle Mouton, Chris Jackson got a layup.
Reggie Hanson missed the front end of one-and-one free throw, Jackson got a layup.
Sutton slowed the bleeding with a 14-footer, but Mouton and Sims got a pair of steals, leading to back-to-back layups by Blanton and Jackson.
When the 13-2 run was over, LSU led 69-59. In the 3:24 after Ellis gave the 'Cats the lead, the Tiger defense forced four turnovers, shut Kentucky down on six of seven possessions and got a half a dozen layups. UK was never able to get within eight points the rest of the way. LSU outpointed the 'Cats 30-21 and saw its lead balloon to 22 before Tiger coach Dale Brown went with masse substitutions in the final minutes.
"We just lost control of the tempo there," coach Sutton said. "We're young, but it's late in the season and we know better. Even when the other team has a run...you might call a timeout and stop it, we tried to do that...but the one thing you can always do is put the other team on defense. Because if we have the basketball, they can't score. And during that stretch we didn't do a very good job of that. The game just got out of whack."
In addition to losing patience, Sutton said his club, which was outrebounded by only three for the game, forgot to crash the boards.
"There in that stretch where we finally did get ahead of 'em, I thought we were really rebounding well," coach Sutton said. "We
were doing a better job on the boards on both ends. We got some defensive rebounds and they weren't getting too many second shots.
"During that last...I would say 10 minutes of the ballgame, we quit rebounding and our transition defense was not very good. And .ill of the sudden they broke open the ballgame."
With the win, the Tigers, 18-6 overall, improved to 10-3 in SEC play and held to their one-game lead over Vanderbilt and Florida
Kentucky dropped to 11-14 and 8-5. and like those flood victims in Boston, was looking to access the damage of its four-game losing streak and find a way to rebuild.
"I thought our effort was great." coach Sutton said. "You know, a lot of people...the way this team's been battered around, it'd be prettj easy for them to quit playing. Bui 1 real I \ thought they played hard, so from that standpoint I was very proud of their effort.
"I can't do anything but just try to prepare the ballclub. And like I've said so man) times, they go out and play hard. Boy. they play hard. Gosh, you can't fault thai.
"1 don't like it either. I've never had a losing record before. And I haven't checked, but I don't know if any of those players have ever had a losing record. We're setting a lot of records you don't like to set, but we're trying...we're not going out there and intentionally trying to lose."
LK-LSL NOTES & QUOTES ?Although freshman Chris Jackson, the (Continued on page 10)
OFFICIAL NCAA BASKETBALL BOX SCORE yarrows(Lmmm*.f*w (lt-l>t)(L-T )
University of Kentucky
ie Hanson
421 Chxis Hills
LeBon Ellis
Derrick IliUer
Scan Sutton
Deron Feldhaus
Ox is Tone 3
-John Pelshrey
Jpff Cirjan
.l.'HP Rrnfr
TEAM FtEBOUNOS (included in TouH)
TOTAL FCJ %4 1M H*S 3-Pt. FQ X; 1HH _ FT*: 1IH_!
F7 {
m) 2ndH.ll=^
A	TOIBLK		1 S | MtN	
	A	0	1 It	
		1	a.	3$
J,	f		o	34
A	->	0	A	36
	I		A	3Z
1		1	o	II
		1 Y,		
0	i	7pr		R
0	Q	0 o		V
0	O	0	0	k
HQ Gm.f-/? l$2L
Oudbul -~ fiobound_
HOME (tart Nm, Firs!) (/d-b )jl0-3)
No	LXusiana St. UniwrsiLy		* to			FT	FTA				PF	TP 18
33	Ricky Blanton f			0	/	o	o	3		9	?	
:i	-iayne Suns *			0	o	A	3	o	5	5	6)	
rf	Vernel Singleton c	{?	to	0	o		f	9		13		0	I	&	?	7	3 o	it W
IS	Qir 13 Jackson 9	/3		3	//	5"	7	o	1	1		
4	Jason O^rmier									51	~~a	
12	Letter Scott	o		o	o	0	o	D				o
13	Dennis Tracev		a	o	o	o	o	/		5" 7		A
] j	Ky It*   ^KArt-r j f>	o	o	o	o	o		/	o			0
	ftissell Grant	o	/	0	o	9.	3		0		/	A_
	R t rh.i rH  Kr.i j/njclr i	0	o	o	o	O		O	o	o	7~ a	o A-
4 J	Cecrt fUprrunk	o	/	o	o	>		a				
	TEAM REBOUNOS (included In ToUI)							o	i		HIM	
	TOTALS                            1?/ Iff IV US' 1/3											
TOTAL FQ VIM H*l ,'L,.r,
3-Pt. FO *: tIHl FT*: tH*_,
ncfrt*.: Jonn Clougherty (H).
t^Poi 2nd HW&~*{ S 2ndHA?rfi.{
Allie Proscott. (UP,
	a1	0	/	
0	i	D	/	
0	/	0	a	A?
1	/	0	3	34
	4-	1	i	
0	l	0	i	I
 0	l	0	0	11
	0	0	0	I
6	o	4l	(>	i
T	~cr	"o		1~
	o	0	D	
Tcfmlci FooH
Kentucky 137 Uf3l -JET3Q. t^iatan^ri^X^LIrd?
UK-LSU play-by-play			
liim'	krntiH l,\	v on	isu
I'l .' 19:05	| Ellis 6 jump hook	1 2-3	lackson 21 ft.
1(1 ii'	Mills layup	4-3	
i in	1 l.mson dunk	6-3	
11, 1!		6-5	Sims .tllry-oop Liyup
1 . .1		6-7	Mouton layup, 1 TA
! , .11	Miller lb It.	6-7	
1-1 ,.'		8-9	Sims 14 ft.
1 1 M		8-11	Sinnleton 7 ft.
		8-13	lackson IB ft
12 ia		8-15	Singleton Kiyup
11:26		8-17	Sims layup
11:05	Miller 15 ft.	10-17	
 ;		10-19	Sims 6 ft
10:33	Miller 16 ft., FT	13-19	
10:2.1		13-22	Mouton 22 ft
10 07	Sutton FTA, FT	14-22	
i 11	Miller 20 ft.	17-22	
 , n.'	Scott follow Ijyup	19-22	
8:07		19-24	lackson 10 ft.
 .1 i	Feldh,ius follow layup	21-24	
7:27		21-25	lackson FTA, FT
6:55	Feldhaus 16 ft.	2 3-25	
6:13	Sutton Ijyup	25-25 25-27	Sims dunk
28		25-29	Tracey 19 ft.
1 28		25-32	lackson 21 ft
3:50		25-14	lackson 18 ft
3:07	Ellis FT, FTA	26-34	
j 3:02		26-36	Sims FT, FT
J -4 	Ellis layup	28-36	
		28-39	lackson 20 ft
 2:10	Ellis tip	30-39J	
' -1		30-41 i               Sims layup	
 .	Hanson layup	32-41	
1:28		32-43          lackson FT, FT	
1:22 j ,:"	Ellis dunk	34-43 34-45	Singleton FT, FT
0:57	Miller 21 ft.	37-45	
HALF		3?45	
19 46		37-47	Sims layup
19:23	Ellis 4 ft.	39-47	
18:54	Miller B ft	4M7	
18:18		41-49	Mouton lavup
17:52	Hanson tip	43-49	
17:29		43-52	Jackson layuj.. FT
17:09	Ellis layup	45-52	
|16:48	45-54		lackson layup
16:07	Mills follow layup	47-54	
15:10	Mills FT, FT	49-54 51-54	
14:21	Ellis tip		
13:58		51-56	Sims 5 ft. jump hook
13:40	Ellis 7 ft.	53-56	
12:57	Mills layup	55-56	
12:25	Ellis 8 ft.	57-56	
11 41		57-58	Blanton layup
11 27		57-61	Singleton layup, FT
inn		57-3	lackson reverse layup
10:17		57-65	lackson layup
9:59	Sutton 14 ft.	59-65	
9:28		59-67	lackson reverse layup
9:06		59-69	Blanton layup
8:30	Ellis 9 ft.	61-69	
8:16		61-71	Blanton follow layup
7:36 7:17	Miller layup	61-73 63-73	lackson 18 ft.
7:06		63-75	Blanton layup
6:31		63-77	Mouton layup follow
6:09	Sutton 19 ft.	65-77	
5:38		65-79	Blanton layup
5:12		65-61	Blanton follow layup
4:54		65-83	Blanton layup
1 I'l	Ellis FT, FTA	66-83	
i r,	Miller layup	68-83	
4:02		68-85	lackson 15 ft.
3:51 1:11 3:17	Ellis layup Miller 21 ft.	70-85 70437 73437	Mouton layup
2:57		73-88	lackson FTA, FT
2:50	Miller 16 ft.	75-88	
2:21	>	75-90	Singleton dunk
2:04		75-92	Blanton layup
1:41		75-95	Singleton follow, FT
1:10		75-97	Blanton 7 it.
0:44	Miller layup	77-97	
(1 III	Feldhaus FT, FTA	78-97	
0:09	Davis FT, FT	80-97	
1 0:08	180-991		Grant FT, FT
MNAI	80-9S		
Cits' Pause chart			
::::>::>>		*.-.-.-.-::x;:<	x<->x-:>w>x-:^-:-::-:
?Top left, clockwise: On course for the Wildcat basket, DerrfcJ Miller starts a UK break. Although the 'Cats played the SEC's top team close for a while, the Tiger-exploded past the 'Cats 99-80.
?Two longtime friends, Eddie Sutton and Dale Brown, exchange postgame greetings.
? Freshman Chris Mills got his first taste of LSU's feared Deaf Dome. Mills' initial trip to Assembly Center wasn't anvthing to brag about, as he hit on onlv three of 13 shots for eight points.
? LeRon Ellis makes sure that Kentucky gets two points on this behind-the-back jam.
UK-LSU photos by Matt Robbins
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