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State hnivCCCitv of Kentucky.

April l,l910.

The :Eacultv met in F“"UliT sees ion a 3:50 P.E. in the
Pro eident'e roomp in the gymnasium ouilding, those pCeP) ent

being President tt~1Con, Professors ”hite, Pottotson:
Pryor, Anderson, Fethewe, MilLezr ,Pence, ”nokonzio, Wilson,

Zeano , Rove, Prenkel, Povhuc1sr, LnfTeCtv, Hooper, Stout,

Preeigent Pottereon at the b3Eion1n of the mzetln mace
the statement tL:1t he huCL sent his re :3i; gnntion to GOVeCno:C
‘L’ille on in Tannery but the ice Govosnor thou;ht t Ct 61 Ceei gn
tion sent at that tine was eonlewhat ivCeggulmr one tLCLt it Chou
not be operative until July iir 3t. PCe sLLenu Patterson, howeve
thought uirferently, out the LoveLno.C requested Jurthor time
before acting upon the “CC1(outlon. Pra eident Pa torson Ce-



luegted that in View oL tleee Leote V1,,—Pve‘1Loqt White should
tuk 1he chair. In accordance :ith this request, VicemPCeeinent

White Hecumed the chair but expC seed his Wish that PCceioent

PettcCeon should Cesume his sent 35 prcszLoin; olfioer. Preeiaent

PettcCeon Leol1n d to do this on the p esent ocozoion, ulthoug
stating that he might he Willihfi=if it weCe dP“mbw beetLto


“.mune th3 c.uLLC at some subsequent meetings.
The minutes of the .Lnet m3cting were read. ond approved.
On mothon of Profeeeor AnieCson; eccondei ov P o:teeeor Yiller,
it WTG OCieCod that in nocoriunce with th=3 chuler procedure
the LACOCL‘ o? etenfiinc committees should be pCeeeoted in orce

Comv1it too No.1 upon Entrance Requirements ani Accreditoi

chool.e, Pvr“ceeor ”iller chairman, then made its Ccport as
L‘olLowe. Ae 1Column CV to the more specific report oi the

Ctflnitive PCotaeoOL Filler pC 3senteo to the fecultv the

4’ .L...


recommendation» 0: the Tacultv of tho Collewe of Arts and
Science that the pceeent irrinwotent of t'3rme ani examination 3
he CefeCzrod to a committee t'or cone iooCing the deeirahilitv of
any changze in our present term urcangem3nt. Prof3esor Iiller
then pCee ecnted a bCief etetement of the proceedings 01‘ the
Lletin ' of the D~enn95 of “ollego e of ACte Tflu Pwicncc of tho
TTniveCe itLie of the WOCth PentCr l A eociation, ChiCh he C
ttonded, e11u1min" up hie remarks by on PVU'belDl of opin,
{S to Curt'in Ch:—Ln5ee that were Liedoe in th. Stat; Wni
o~g1n1zntion H8 :‘ollore:

PiCet, that the St te UnivoCeitv no is n Cationel s1etem
of 3C1cing to 3; lace the pvossont =qui1uotei nothooe now in
vogue, which 1 c iLL e_1npted to our present 137 conditione.

Second, r13 L 3 ty shoulo adont n ,jJtiSt'jQL Am, r
etudvinfi Student activi e0 thue oemo BtCCtin, the msultés
upon "CholeCChil e.ni mo :le of l““toCn1t1uu, athletio, e, etc.

Third, the Unive Ceitv he on e registrar who SLHLll devote
all hie time to the duties of this office. Invo etig mation
of other un1VCL31+_~* ehove that thaa Cerixtrnr is one 01 the
mo t important netoeCec‘ the officiz-Ll ntei.f.

PouCth, the Univoveitgr will C=1u1_o a State .Ins pector of

Schools, thie being an ee.ential condition of nor. y3rehip of
thi , UnivoCe itV in the North Central Aeeociotion.

PiLth, he thouiht that we should continue to ju ch as
we have in recent yanCe orninst cCtCenee in tho onoption of
electives, LthouCh he belined a larget range night etil be
permitted ~1Lc1n ceCtLin Croupo of studiesa He thought,howevot

that tractionil couCeee occubfiinC one or two houCe no: veek
2511(3111Lc ‘ 1313 :L’L e«3<3111rt.g§!3cl.



1:5 ,3

911th, he “oelioved hit 1 zen Lt in the faculty ”hovld be
He mT Codto ollnvv»r_n of tha i1etrLC tional force, P+r1311nfi
we to the hence oL Lennrtnentu.

civi Ln-, votinfi or CJLCCC







 .. .wMW-vmwmm

vinu‘too of tho Frmultv April 1 19110.

(2:: 5

”I Se‘fl3>tl1, 1v3 111o11 Q 3 i‘»=t Iuoiluaro (31 1113 “or‘ 11*; iCL:1n3r
M011 go 01 Coo Univerirs Mt shun 1 have some 95% in the

:1 on of: no-V Moro C of 131114; .L‘aouiig‘r.

3 above oon.o_LU«3ioos we'o brood ianolV upon hio oonw
3 Co Vito officeco of ofihoC 91:10 WniVoroities in the
foCth CootCal Aoooointion.





_ ”Don motion of Jufije LM f‘er rty, ms
11 VI? QPuDC3L that PCOLosoo1 willor'

ft 1,514?

Wpon motion of Professor Miller, 89 oooio d bV Pro
ZombCod, it was oCnoCro tuni tho Cnoowrvno1110n 01 tho
of ACto wow Soionoo LLa hing to p03o11119 ohonrm 1 in 1h:
and ocavin1tioo CCrdngonfint shonlci be T“LOEL,H to the C
”90” Y\L’Lfl&t OHS, Of Whioh PCLH osoor ”aok3nzio is ohwiCman.

, oondod bV DC.T a1
5 Crayon be "Coooime an&



It Voo WCged UV PCofooooC ’othvrvs, and seconded bV Prooiw
dent PCtthooo, fihxt a qu3%tion 0L so CC3:1 Lt 1n7o te‘Lnoo as

1-3 ’


tho ComoCCoo~~C3n+ of toCxo : not be L1n111" so ttlod bV
tho flonm1.;?e upon ECaminCt n 1ohou1. b2cthor CotoLCno1 of
CCHLCV. BV oozm~on cons out this

+hoiC oonoiuoiono to the CI
ow W38 1dopto”, Vith who
10* to th-. LnfiultV Shooli 3 . 3
'C 1V .“211')7\*r‘<3. 73V which the Stufldi
3 “HQOD 'Cowxcino IVLtC 1%} ref 1

Cinfl that this CofCConoo
111h the arrangement
Littaes have power


, 1o Gommitt3o upon COU?S€S of StudV
~7v‘1'711'1‘3a1 ‘1'1'323 "opovjt of .1113 0011111111st 1.53 -o L10 5:

.1 ,1 J .J

PCoiroooC ”once foC t‘





J P-

" 2

The Committee on Con. W38 of Stud?



rffic. at 5:45 P.H. PC 35:o1, Proioe"':3 P31oo, iiiur,
Vnthowo, Tuttle “Gd ”TOG .
A moti oo qu Halo u: T?.Lu.LoaooC Kathe 8 1 mt tho WifK
73wo1o.1 oonroo in Arts Wflg LoV, OU't.Linoo ~V P t'ofosoor
1no indm>rfoo UV Juggo LnSJoCtV, U - 1L1; MO val
3onn; tea Tnio course '3 1‘0o112aL with the

‘éol ooflro o 1

N13 first two Vja‘s, tho stuoont spooi'u :Lzes
:15}, EC onomio.

, GovoC wont no Loxv durinfi tho Tunior


. 3r 3%3a'CS. It wvao 1M3intln1 o1u, cruit T1U3 110 13 B'”“v o.C
.L‘:71V0,'v'.'s_'; ouch moors; 3, :‘mf' that the Univo 81 11V 01" ‘n‘i' whigzm

givoo & SimilaC oonr. o to the one hoCo prop god. The motion
PCofossor ”‘LLHC pCosaontszc two courses on iin.
Diui’xmioill; one with 1115130. I or Tx’ujor, the oLhoC
~ 7r

D(3111117511 Science. "010533: uizoovo moved that the course
with H'LotorV >15 “H.301“ "C313 (11>: Covo .j bV 11m 001111113? The
CLoti.on onCCioi. Upon COIUJC1soo tho oonC go in PoLi'tiou

801 onoo pCovad iioo'i.o11 >1th 3mg combine pd owonrse in AC 5
and Law alCo11V oppCo vod, 1nd fOC thio Coason it a ooL3o
nnoooosonCV to inooCt it in it catalog. Ono or tVo oth3.C
flattDFfi W97? flioon.Fsod out no :otion wxo taken. The commmitteo
the nfijouCnod. .
T.T.Jonos, SaorotarV.
C to stimulate 'Luo movo1ont of ;;orod Coais and
ti on 10C khan puCpooo 31TJC tivo, tho Board
1:313 $3t:1t3 TIn1V~3Csii2V oi‘ EVA'ITNV‘K‘T have


In O'.- ."3

so make 18;;1
OI .|. 73110133395
osuao1 '1oh ra-1 u '3y'C1noou ot‘ lurL a1 anq HignVaV Lnbineoring
nno hnvo oonoouod and granto.1 Cho priviioge 01 free tuition
to two pCoporlLV 'o'Coparo1'tudon+ s from each oountV, 10C 3
yoriod of two ywars or so long a maV be 1303 )nurr to oomw
“Lofie +ho tVo Vaars‘ Couroo of L 1'wn.aV inginoorin;
iubLLahou in tha catalog of the


~ 1


Cato Univors CV. The
solootion 01 soon otuaoots onaii be maoo oV the fisoa.L oouCt

of each countv and the scholarship thus a.vrmr 3a fisua11 Du

tenable foC two vo C5 of VoCk, Viz, for Lho firrt 1nL second

‘7‘1"73 thfi DGTiOd L”LU12~M to L the? 33L d :ounLV Upgtn intment

15”? L uh compstLLiv= LL’LinLLLun
pA' the cones? which he fiCOpDGaS

fifle Lwo wan: éunrse iq Rurai ani fiiiwaLaV Engina¢rin¢

it; UQLL iLG’LJLCdi VILLLLanV <)I LLLJ conxwves In -n1gin«wx¢i g
pvoper in Lhw “nivornity, nrr i8 it a preparatory con_cso
Ear“ éildiflf‘ ur"Lnir 35 LL10?“

For «Aminsion Lo this course in Rural Engineering the
‘ iLid to have a 300g knowLeifle of English,


ACLuhldti‘ Hie an , Q J) a, Hiementury fihysics, Plano
7h;o*r‘w»~* 17:1. LatusifimL he iLL‘LLmLLLILtsal‘f 1311'~"3I)- )wreL‘L .1301: “731:8
{LLSL Y)fit VOYk, he WiLL obtain the necossary preparuLLOn in
the Laban7 wiLhQLL muvneqt of tutiLion fees buL :iLL be


7’3 1’17»? 1'31 LOJJE

_eflV Lue proposeu new A.DL 00fl1”8$b,
LG law course, Llio ing Lho two
L your varied; the seconi of Lie

3L Scie 93 aa the maJOL subjact.



.L L .- ‘Lii it ’38 4
t? 5? moiion, i3 VHS Uri “d upon moLLon 1L Prnoidafl
succnied bV D3.TerreLl, ”no Lt}, “LOHLTV proceed Lo LL
31d6"“tion of the rayoru umbmiLde DY proLé 7 c

l , .
peryanV Dlflde oeLovL ‘1 fflCulw
" .5 H




LLernn in Lnen “OQtlflH“1 Lha ejiuct Luat a certain
nmouni of filmsgju : misery in QVJCV coufse
'TViln' L0 fiLLELL/ :Lckenzie boLievad that the
Jével Jprent of h. stugics in Our finivgfuifiy
7:3 n03 Yfit 93”" Lflkiflg the?“ :Hbjegbs
major stuiies in , ' oxchwsai his judfment
alt saorm: ILa 15¢ h tin LVLLiCLL Lie :yfi?*§%i vviLLL P11)in>sSLLr 7kiclzerizf 9, arr} L 2L1
that he conLq not fully approve of LNG roerL in that Latig ceases
at the and of the Boyhoxuove 7,72’33711‘ in LLL-e 32*012037‘2Li ac‘LuL‘m L73” Lie M1”);
Hf. 121 3TH. 11m 311'1‘11-‘1'1-1‘1 r' f‘ I‘. 'f‘h a nra111§ wnv- \n+ ~< rx 5‘ i ‘1- r‘ w' ," ‘~' L ‘ \v‘ L. “4.2. a. A A _ '

* and alga beqanwg no glqotiOQS were ullovad in the Junior
and fieflior vearfl.



”Tb'fihe ffffififiefl OHRHQL.S inWLW3 01H>.mel COUCSG. H2 faLt $1-353
"fl“fi“3 Let :1 radi FLL ae7aru71rn EL onztmir prevdxmls ants LYVU“:“iBnt :uLL

he feL"


at least a v9 cu eful “unaiuoruuion >h0LLL L)“ jiJQ“

3,": L-r
’2 C‘"
_. Hg

Cit—hr} C;

to thi- » 30, be fore its Lina.L at Opf7on. Ho 3prtN 0a his eainvr
Lusica Lo 3 a the alas sic Ll cour:-)e itseLL strengthafir; a an¢ eLp: eased
' w

Lhe hope Lh Gambination With other uourses sn;ui a be maue Lnu'
figulu Loni 33 d0 +cinant of Lhu ciassicai eouuse whiLe lenLing
its strenth to the upbuiiaing of anv oLner UniversitV course.

LL. ;3






.hpiwg Lnwafty gravented his views £3¢Hrdiflfl Lno deSirabi.LiLV

of (L3fif})'i;fyiqn 'L' ho Leoyn1gin Li A nrhi Iwyv ’BO‘ICBO. He .-3L:LL mi LLLILL
0 vaL in OpevuLion at the UniveL sLtV o; Vinnigan, {aLo,
qflny otheLs 01' the Leading universities of tha couniry

Ville? nnL Ur.Prvor misc 8p0K3 in supgort of the “omo7n,4


 * and also because no elections were allowod in the Junior
and Senior years.



 “mm-(W vfiditwkflyrwhv-



Ifinutea of The FaculTy AT1TiL 1,199"o
UV The fiscal court
not we exnmyt [com

SLpOint- ,
anwln» '
llnxr {311'} (:3
COT", 0:)‘Li'L, iv



'2 ‘ .1


r of studV




w 311T TuTr
nth) Lou?
$133393, _i
rwlnT r f11p<

.. '2. .1‘ K _ . _:v . l
113 full 1368 xue L03 u




L.) w






0V a1m'1
student will
’h3omeTwfir. A
'LfiSt V‘ar‘S VOYK,
n all othe?

$0 coursa in
qqnired to h; a

“Wary Algebra,
tU1‘hl h? inadequataiV
ha Will Obtain T nae
I):'t‘f]’39:flu Oi t11U1LOT1 f N35



" )("V
". 4')



c: ~1-

1 "4'17


D1 iLLeV eqplained briefly the propos
one of to 09 followed bV tlie law course,

ted within a ””r1093








, laLr101La
counfiv VVVOTannnL man:


nn shall



Tin war

1 1 fly







L; U

‘ 7vulntmu
G axaminatinn
he pcoposes

C 011 CS ,3

n59 “,tne
e of English,



0111.; I

C3. 3
0 LL .L' L



an new n.31 as

the feconm 01




JouP3~ comple 511 yen: L, 01
’ new courses vith Historv or J’Oli ic:al Science as the major suiyject.
professor Mackenzia entered a nLaLest against clir Linating any
of thn classical stufiies in a Cousse .Thiéh leads to the legrzo of
,.B.Att3t10n being called to The faCT that a discussion of the
repocT VH5 out of ofddr until Tt was preparly placed before the fac ulm
tV bV mouion, it VHS oriernd upon motion of Presi¢=
:SJnonleu by D3.Tenvdll, The thn Lac JLtV wrocaed To take
3T_138“Lirw1 of tTuE ““JOFu :Hibmi ““= r“ f lence.
Undrenzie tnen continUVl his wifect t1a
nmounfi of nlnsaioal ,nnj acts gy in 9.
lefulinfi' " filfl7‘13f’“30 oi ‘.33 is Eyjli
leveley'e,t of hi storithl and gigs in
1&h not Vet cnvvied far enough y theme
major GtULiBG in a new ”oursn ensec n
at some langth in which he a: r HackeA
i tbnr T 1. * fuilV ”inrov n tnat
afi HOTAOHU"” var i Tchean
atte to fine culu & Efjrant
The ',?se and 361i 12 DO bat
thn ; . e on To @ wLng 1nuo¢ gor
, purvityi 0 f T;1‘;e r:vt1u3r tllfljl lgivin: Tsthl 3n
n of Three or Hour liffa’gnt seign
LQQT; PLTt rem at 5 Ga nis opposit~on
3] to $1 p08 ed Cunngns in HM . h2 felt tnesa
CdanT re a radio dL depart ous arrangevent anl
he f' That at 101.3 t a very ‘T fiion ShOULl be Divan
to t ubjecfi b01013 its £i;nl nu01>ti on. He exrrassea his eacnest
108$; see tho CliSEiCll oaurme itself Ptrengthaned and expressed
the that no combination with other courses should an mane tnat
woulu no the dotrinant of Lnu classin CKL conga) wh’le lending
it» ”uh to the upbuildinx of any otnnn Univer.:'tV Course
Jualge Lnfl‘zrty pTesantefi his ViBWB vcgnrdinw the desirability
of qvuaj'iadlng Tgne coznbin u A and Law eturso. Ha stated that
SW101 V couLse 'Vfln in onav"11 Jn nt the Tnivemszftv oJ "innigan, {aLc,
“' ~.. vuvr 01MJPV 01' tn lending nniv ea Jihies 0L the otmanrV.
"LL' Lev fink UruPrVor ulno Spoke in suplort of ans 0 Dmoined
—« “A J .— ._— A." ‘— —» «IF—w


 Yliru1trafi euf 'trme iflxcwlltjf. AIJCiJ. l, LSJI).

‘V‘. v, .. 1 ,Anfl' ,,..“. N ‘7, _, _ ,‘,.‘ xv. - ‘ ~.
Mutt—3.: >3-3‘f!.31.rL_L rummtma, m uh .. _, fury/«mo az‘nu; h
:11»; men 1::~?=>:sentm1., it .k"iw‘il? 9.2.1 upon 1110.,

r’!?«:;izrar-=sss(>a: Antiw‘e '3‘5’101'1, Serum 1:32). ‘0‘] 2L‘13r7‘gy,


L3'u../)’I1‘.L‘f3'5r 51131:: cove mm L"";}')OC' '2 :uCl‘U‘B‘».‘L"1.L’j 0C
\ fined mmcrse :1. H Um, ”."u‘ch are to be r011": Freq

new? "no 31m f",(');":“-xittk:e 1.730“: Courses; 01 Study at a meeting to
1m held on 9"U‘H1zfriav‘ Aya‘fiil. J ', fiznricfrl "IO?“PITitTME‘Z s-‘JhslfiL'
its conclwz ”1.1m to the .L‘fm'xltfr at In 11:13:01.1:er 31101331; ‘L
held 0V1 T'flndam AgzrrxiL 1.135 -'


t‘ 1". 'Z I"‘ "
. L

.... ,v . .4.

t o b «3

..- . > ‘_ 3r” ‘ a .. 7.3 .. ‘ , “A ,. '3
On motion Lhu’ «LmHLLv auwurnod to mus on mommy,

Aptil 11+, h.


r1” ‘
. / ,ML
W [I 1’ L of the “minivan-31
“by/M '
J /' /J
R~30£3t<1r3r 0i." Lure Ezmulz‘y.