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U K Gets National Recognition For Hmds, McNear Receive
EHGYTS To Educate I-\dUltS National Award From Obama
UK has earned national recognition for its eiforts to encourage David McNeat, an assistant Ptnfes- 4 ___·_ I __ ¤ · _
and support adult students to Hnish their college degrees. set in the UK Coucgc OfAg1-ICuI, _ 7 I
The American College Personnel Association (ACPA) has tute) and Btuce Hinds) an asseciate __] 1 =
awarded the UK Office of Adult Student Services the 2009 Out- Professor in tbe UK Ceiiege efbngi- A VN au? ag I
standing Adult Learner Program Award, specihcally for its success neeting) teceiyed ptesidentia] Eatiy gl `
in implementing Project Graduate, a statewide initiative to en- Career Awards {Ot Scientists and En-   ts   {
courage Kentucky adults to come back and complete their under- ginccrs during a cetenaeny at the `· _   9 .   `•, I,
graduate d€gY€€$· White House with President Barack at   _ ll?
Project Graduate has been very successful. “ Through university- Obama, a   I  °‘
wide efforts, ofthe 926 former students identihed as eligible par- qqae award is given to Scientists who   a as    
ticipants, over 460 have contacted us and 56 have graduated? says ate Within nye yeats Offccciving `'4'4   m l"   I I lll l:` `X
Cecile McKinney, director ofthe UK Office of Adult Student tbeit dbctbtates and demonstrate Bruce Hmds
Services. “The award must be shared by our team of academic ad- gteat Potential {Ot ieadetsbib in tbeit
visers in all the colleges and staff in enrollment management, and, neid efstndy McNeat Was nenai-
at the state level, with Kentucky’s Council on Postsecondary Edu- nated by tbe U S_ Debattinent ef
cation and other Kentucky public institutions who support Proj- Agticnitute and Hinds Was neini,  
ect Graduate,” said McKinney. “Through excellent collaboration, nated by the Natiena] institutes ef ,`   y y
many adult students have returned to complete their degrees.” Health) Debattinent OfHCaIth and i Z   U '
Human Services. ' W mw
• • Hinds performs research on ,   V
UK Nurslnq Professor   Presldent nanoscale device fabrication, McN- Q;    
Of lhtematlcnal Honor SOC|ety Car is Studying a fungal <·=¤d¤r>hv¤·=
_ _ that lives in the shoots of tall fescue. David N|qNgar
Suzanne Prevost, professor and associate dean for practice and
engagement at the UK College ofNursing, has been named _
president-elect of Sigma Theta Tau, the International Honor     of D€$|g n Dea n  
Society of Nursing. Prevost will take on the role ofpresident for I • I C • •
2012 and 2013. Sigma Theta Tau International is the second nternatlona Om petltlon
largest nursing organization in the world with approximately Dean Michael Speaks was one of seven judges for the Taipei Pop
125,000 active members representing 88 countries. Music Center International Competition, which looked for a cus-
As associate dean for practice and engagement, Prevo st serves as tom design for a large pop music performing center in Taipei with
the liaison between the College of Nursing and several clinical an outdoor performing plaza. The Republic of China plans to build
and educational institutions across the Commonwealth. She also the facility in northern Taiwan to support development ofthe pop
manages faculty practice and continuing education activities, and music industry with the goal of becoming the leading center of Chi-
teaches in the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program. Her back- nese creative music development and as an industrial experiment.
ground includes experience as an advanced practice nurse, nursing The winning design comprises an indoor performing hall with
administrator, researcher, professor and journal editor. 4,500 to 6,000 seats and an outdoor performing space with 15,000
standing seats.
Stay In Tou ch    ce Before arriving at UK, Speaks taught rin the graphic design depart-
ment at Yale School of Art, and in architecture schools at Harvard
Qf I ntg rn atio na I Affa I rg University, Columbia University; University of Michigan, Univer-
The UK Office of International Affairs (OIA) has welcomed sity Ofcallfomla _ LO? Angeles) Aft Ccnlcr Qollcgc OfDCSlgn) els
well as the Berlage Institute and Delft University of Technology m
students to campus from all parts ofthe world for more than seven thc Netherlands
decades and helps provide the opportunity of a lifetime for count- l
less US. students and other members ofthe campus community
who studied or taught abroad.
If you’d like to keep in touch with OIA, join its listserv to re-
ceive weekly e-mails about campus activities or e-mail your contact
information to David Bettez, director of external relations, via
For more information, visit w‘w\v.ukycedu/I11tlAHAairs
www.uka|umni.net 9 ((