xt7v6w968662 https://nyx.uky.edu/dips/xt7v6w968662/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky Williams & Co. 1881 directories  English Williams & Co. Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. Lexington City Directories Williams' Lexington City Directory, for 1881-82. text Williams' Lexington City Directory, for 1881-82. 1881 2013 true xt7v6w968662 section xt7v6w968662 .  QM, 1
 2  rl.  
  Lnxmerox [011,1] nrancronr. 47  
.      rs; 1 .
  Carty Mrs. M. E. widow, res 107 S. Broadway  
  Carty Rebecca, res 88 E. High b Limestone and Rose ”?~Pi 
QQ  Casazza G. clerk, s w c Main and Broadway, res Lexington Av  
'   Cass David (c), waiter, roo111s11 s \Vater near Mulberry g   v_
I,  Cass Harrison (0), hostler, res s s Church east of Upper  ill.;
imwn `   Cassell Abraham, salesman, Mvers & Crutchfield’s, 1·es e s Market b Me-  itil; l
  ‘ ehanic and 2d i      
  Cassell Maggie, bds Geo. E. Spencer’s    
T ·t  CASSELL, PRICE & CO., (VV. H. C., L. C. P. & V. P. Gibney)  
  Dealers ill Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, Silks, Wihite Goods,   j;_  
  Laces, E111l1roidery, Hosiery, Notions, &c., lG and 18 XV. Mai11 `   i
 ET, Cassell Thos. grocer, ll s 2d Frith house west of Broadway Q fi
,   Cassell Thos. J. grocery, 11 w c Main and Broadway, res Il s 2d b Bread-  
S   way and Jetierson     -
`“°“1`   Cassell Thos. L. salesman, Louis ri: Gus Straus’, res w s Mulberry b   `
  High a11d Maxwell  
*11 Of  ‘§, Cassell \·V. H. (C., Priec rh Co.) secretary Transylvania Printing Co. 51  
  E. Main, bds Frank A. Aitl{iIlS’    
_   Cassell XV. L. (Hughes ds C.} res n s Constitution b Mvalnut and Lime- ii? 
0].8011   . Stow}    
  Cassell \Vm. B. (McConathy &   res Nicholasville Pike Eve miles   ‘j`
 ji, south of Lexington ;‘.§i’  l
  Cassidy Jas. laborer, bds \Vestern Hotel  
5;  Cassidy Patrick, laborer, bds \Vestern Hotel   —
  Cassidy \\7l‘l]. laborer, bds \`TCSt01`Il Hotel .  
P_   Cassidy \Vm, H. eom111ission nierehant, res n   4th west of Smith ~’   girl .
me   Cassman Chas. farm hand, wks Jas. M. Moore’s _    ifi? `
ii  Cassman Lewis (c), waiter, rooms ll s YVater near Mulberry   '  r
  Castlernan B. T. salesman, 4 E. Main, res 69 ·leii`erson ~   rl
,1  Castleman Chas. NV. ll1Sl11`tll1C€ agent, res s s Maxwell b Rose and Lime-  ,  1
  stone iii; QV 
 Li Castlemau David, res Chas. XV. Castleman’s _ i.§i·;ii'l' il
  Castleman Lewis {c), waiter, Phoenix Hotel .  {lll
 ig" Caswell Samuel, foreman, Thompson rb Boyd’s, res w s Limestone near diy., 
`_  , Church  iiiiij
  Catholic Cemetery, Il s 3d h \Valnut and Dewcos  
 _r§§z Catholic Cemetery, s s NN. Main at Corporation Line  
lu  _,§; Caulder Ben, (e), farmer, res 208 Correll _ .   `
  Czrulder Dudley (c), farrner, res 208 Correll  
  Caulder Levi (c), farmer, res 208 Correll  
ll   Canlder Nathaniel (e), i`il1`l11Cl`, res w s Li1nesto11e north of Tth  ;‘
ln   Caulder Robert (e), driver, res w s Mill lst house south of Corp. Line  
  Caulder Russell (e_), hackler, res e s Market fd house north ot`Co1·p. Line  
  Ci\\`l\lltlllgl] Bridget, eharribermaid, Phoenix Hotel   lj
 gr Cavanarrglr John, grocer, e s Broadway b Bolivar and Cedar, res same  
  Cave Nancy T. widow, res SGS E. Sd  
B   Cawby David B. carpenter, res Il s Main 2d house east of Cox  
_`   Caywood Dennis (c), waiter, res ll s 3d, 2d house west of Todd   `
*0**   Cuywood Mollie (c), eharnbermaid, Ashland House   l,
{  Centenary M. E. Church, ll e c Church and Br·oadway    
, yi  Chau1berlai11 N. A. live stock dealer, res 348 E. Sd 4  
g  {6 Chambers fkllllic L; res s e c Maxwell and Rose  
  *0;  Chambers B. M. book-keeper, 13 E. Main, res s e c Rose and Maxwell ‘,§:1L1§' Q Q
__ f   Chambers Oliver (e), driver, res s e c Grant a11d Constitution  fi 
  ` *?—“’““ ‘ " ‘ "—` 1   if

 · i. lliil lf,  1  
· » ‘1· ~l wl'} ’l  ”
    1.211; ,1 l 1  
if all YY   1 
sl llllii   ei  1
‘$ `l;lt ` l   l ‘ ,· __-
li nfl? Q ,   1   —
  fjff t Chambers 'Wm. (0), porter, res s 0 0 Grant and Constitution   Chi
  mg ( 1 . Champ Angeline (0), servant, res e s Campbell 8th house north of 4th   Chi
  lglggj (; (‘ ‘ Champ Mary, wnlow, res s w c Ayres alley and ¥Vater   Chi
Q.,   y . _ Chandlers Geo. (0), hackler, res 11 s \Vater east of Limestone [mend, Ky 1  Q Chi
  ((5)   l ‘ Chaney J, XV, solicitor, -\/`tlll(}€l(`;l` tl.: \\rllS()l1 l\[anuf`aeturing Co. res Rich-   Ch]
_ `g. (Fw ¥ ghapmzi;   }§.(salesman Longs &(Gus Stra(us’; ips 63   Vine   Chi
‘   g§»4§¤ ( ' iase 1 we 0 . avorer, res 0 s roat way sonti o` `ori. ine .   Chi
  ((¤(‘;, , ·€ Chase Sallie (0), widow, res Abe Chase’s I E   _11. Ch,
~ ` IM Chasteen Bettie, res YV. R. Chasteen’s _j  Chi
ll   1 ` Chasteen C. M. assistant superintendent Kentucky Association Race   Chi
· K, »l2ili( :_ ` Course, res east end 5th gl  Chi
    . Chasteen Chas. M. painter, res WV. R. Chasteen’s   Chi
, All I ° Chasteen Jas. S. musician, res VV. R. Chasteen’s "  ZL Chi
J   e ~ Chasteen Julia, res WV. R. Chasteen’s   Cln
  A Z Chasteen Julia, widow, res Henry C. \\’liitnoy’s   Ch,
  (   }‘(e Chasteen Sallie G. dress making. res   s 2d, 2d house east oi` Jefferson . ji  Chi
_1g l lgii  l . i Chasteen WV. R. carpenter, res s s 2d, 2d house east of` Jefferson   Chi
  illllj `f ( Chatmon Peter (0), res 0 s Spruce opp \Vi0kliile   _Chi
    M l Chenault Amanda (0), rcs Louisa Chenault’s   Chi
  tri, (5 Chenault Amanda (0), servant, res n s 5th b \Voli` and Broadway  
E! _ ill] li Chenault Andrew (0), laborer, rcs s s Pine near C. S. R. R. 'l`raek   Chi
    , , · Chenault Edward (c), (Spear tls C.) res w s Mulberry b Cedar and  
tgj gl   Bolivar `,(:  Chi
_ tl; g   ; ,   Chenault Ella   cook, res Louisa Chenault’s  gig Chi
til l   ., * Chenault Jefferson (0), laborer, res n s Maxwell b Spring and Lower   Chi
      Chenault Louisa (0), widow, res s s Versailles Pike near Corp. Line YQ  Clu
Q1 ~_l¤( g' Chenault Pattic, widow, res 91   Upper   Cin
    lg I Chesney Jeft`. (0), servant, 348 E. Bd   CI
  1 f"(¥( ( Chestnut Charlotte (0), res 0 s Spruce opp 1Yi0kliH`c  
I _   . ( ( Chevalier Frances, res n 0 0 Bd and Lincoln  ly CI
(‘ ~ { Chevalier Frank, blacksrnith, 107 XV. Short, rea Ruesell’s Road 1 mile  
{   _ north of Corp. Line  fg"
  ‘ , Chevalier Jennie, res n e 0 3d and Lincoln   CI
T) ¤ ‘ ( Chevalier Jos. blacksmith, res n e 0 Bd and Lincoln  
el ( ( vj Chevis Hattie, salcslady, res s w 0 Jefferson and Todd  }{;`·
  1 |((*1l   Chevis Hattie E. rcs 89 N. Upper Y;  Cin
    (. ` Chevis Samuel, carpenter, res s w 0 Jefferson and Todd   CI
  It   `   OF POLICE, Ufllw, City Buildings; Benjamin McMurtry,   CI
¤‘· 1 ~r. ·1 ue it 
i1 ;   .l . Childs Chas. H. car inlyioetor, res s s 2d b Broadway and Jefferson l_;_ 
  l   1 l Childs Himllilll (0)- witlcw. TGS Prull west of Up Jer  ff CI
(g  (   ( Chiles Aileen, (Smith & C.) ros u w e Short ami Upper (  
· §     (V ( (1   gestlemona, res n w eS?hort {l1{(iUU))1JCl‘ -   CI
.,  t 3; ,. 1   1 1 es aseassus, res n w e i` tort ant p ier  
      rl Chiles YV. R. teacher of peninanship, Sayie Female Instituto   Cit
i t l will Y ·. Chillis Jacob. fwrcmnrt, ws 273 N. Broadway lt 4th one 5th   CI
        ` Chillis Michael, blacksmith, res 213 N. Broadway b 4th and 5th  
1    ml} * Chilton Frances, widow, res 146 Constitution   CI
 i g |‘Qi;.‘ ((‘ ‘ ,·Chilt0n Geo. VV`. expressman, ros 146 Constitution Z il 
 ( l   ($1, 1 1l Chilton Lucien, laborer, ros s s Constitution 5th house east of Dewees   CI
ll *;l‘lz·  1 . j Chim A- B1 (Dtwis it C.) its w S Limt·sttme b 11.tx111c11 mia 1-11,,1. 51 
e z     1 A g Chinn kXl31'3ll1lm (0). laborer, res Brisbin near Versailles Pike g   City
    ll.} *Chl““ All>¤1‘¢(¤)1 l10¤¥l¢>1'. ICH B B DGdg0’S Row 2d house west of Big  Qjtf CI
 ( _ will (ln;] _1 l Sandy R. R   2; 
> #11% · ·,.‘      
 .  fh Fltlswsl at   
,1 app [rp; z1( ( é.( 
L l; 1i'1l!l$ lilillll 2  ii;
  lt   l [  

    Iii)? ,
F?    r
,;  _ ,,3;,; 
 :,_.~  i Lili:
 5, Lsxmorox [err] nmneroar. 49 ill; 
i · .5    mi  l,
l   Chinn Jos. (0), laborer, rcs Andrew Jaekson’s  
4th   Chinn Robert (0), laborer, res Andrew Jaekson’s  
~   Christ Church (Protestant Espiscopal), n e 0 Church and Market `    
id, Ky » t“f  Christ P. E. Church Horne, s w c 3d and `Walnut c"   l 1
Rich- {   Christ Church Seminary, s s Maxwell b Rose and Limestone   wi`,
,   Christ P. E. Church (colored),   s 4th b Upper and Limestone ii?  i ,
  Christian Church (colored), s s Constitution b Mulberry and VValnut    
  Christian E. P. clerk, bds \V. G. Darnaby’s ft; EE; 
{A  Christian Edward B. bar keeper, bds Ed. Darnabyfs   iii
Race   Christian Harriet IV- widow, res 97 E. Sd     .
  Christian Harry, res 93 E. Sd -    
 ;y‘. Christian Jas. VV. res 97   3d   I  
  Christie VVm. messenger, Northern Bank of Kentucky, rooms same j§   
  Christrnan Jake (0), farm hand, res Spencer Talbott’s y _gi¤_% `
  Christman Thos. (0), res Spencer Talbottts    
‘SOH .   Christopher Eliza (c), res Henry Elzer’s   iii
  Christopher Ernina (c), res Jos Christopher’s ,    
  _Christopher Enoch (0), servant, 104 Burr gi, 
J  Christopher Jos. (0), carpenter, res n s alley b Short and IVicklii’i`e and  
  Wlulnrut and Spruce    
  Cln·istopheriKatie (0), servant, n s Main lst house east of L., C. & L. fig 
.r and ,   R, R V  gg; l
  Christopher Sallie (c), res Jos. Christopl1er’s    
  Christy Chas. cooper, res e s Todd Gth house north of Sd    iii, _
>1‘   Christy Jesse T,. cooper, res Todd b Sd and 4th  
G `   Church Street School (colored), n s Church near Upper     j
  Cincinnati, Harniltton & Dayton Railroad, ofiice, S Cheupside  
»   Agent, ·()iliee, *8 'Cxheapside     Q i'
rnile ft  DEPOT, foot of‘S. Broadway; J. E. Keller, Freight and Passenger `lliiiil y  ,,
,   Agent ",i{i; g 
  I)El.’()'l`, foot of S. Broadway; J. E. Keller, Freight and Passenger  
  3 A rent ha 
  Cincinhuti Southern Railway Round House, C. S. RR. East of Broadway  
  CIRCUIT COURT, Court House; B. F. Buckner, Judge; Jaincs A. _   ,
urtry, {L  Headley, Clerk  
ll  CITY ASSESSORFS OFFICE, City Buildings; Frank Bissieks,  
  City Assessor  
  CITY ATTORNEY’S OFFICE, 42 E. Short; H. B. Higgins,  
_ {  City Attorney  
j,  CITY AUDITORIS OFFICE, City Buildings; Frank Bissicks,  jg,
  City Antrim  
  City Buildings, b Vine and \Mater.and Mulberry and Upper  
  CITY CLERK’S OFFICE, City Buildings; R- J. O’Mahony, City  
i   CITY COIrLECTOR’S OFFICE, City Buildings; James F. Rob-  
g lj}  inson, jr., City Collector    
we   CITY ENGINEERRS OFFICE, Court House; J. M. Corbin,  (1,;;,
  City Engineer -  
  City Market House, b Vine and YVater and Mulberry and Upper V   . `,
t` Big   CITY MILLS, Hayman & Co., Proprietors; Manufacturers and Deal- i    
  ers in Flour, Grain and Mill Feed, s iv c Mill and Vine   ii,
ls?  ~   l
ri:  ·gr¤&?f  .·
r f; 1‘ £ ~2 J
" .  V

 A A-VN. ....,.,.,. ,.,_t, _,__ ..   ~— r·. » » —* · ~ ··— · No ·¤ F ···" ’ “` " `7*'P'V•,@
 ’· iFl l¤·ll’
  all %?t§Ni L , 
W illtl "` l`¤ I  ifi
    li     Ti  _-_
  till   50 Lsxmerov [em] maaoromr  
Mi $:2% L * ° la  _
il` ld? ~ ; li? 
I HPS: = ` City VVork House, s xv e Upper and Bolivar A   (elm
_;   1 . Claiborne Bettie (0), waiter, res 163 E. Main   Qld?
¤§‘ §,§;l,§   Claiborne Georgia   waiter, res 163 EV. Mai11   (ill"`
  ,l=l$i. .` ' Clarer Mar r, widow, rcs n e c High and Lower   (Jim
·1 —~»· · 1 b . . ~ . . .,  Cl, .
    { . · Clark Mrs. A. 1). widow, res 96 E. High b Limestone and Rose ,1  _ dl
    3 . 1 Clark Agustine J. res n w e Broadway and \Vater  fp] (jhu
. ` `_$ @5};; y, · Clark Albert (c), porter, res w s \Valnut b Main and Short ·,  Qliw
  Q QU ~;   Clark Alex. (c), brick molder, bds Ann \Vallaee’s ~  .§ ga"
_ i iff; l   2 Clark Alice (e), bds Mollie Irvin’s   ` ar
.  , I   ; ,. i Clark America (0), widow, res w s Lincoln 2d house south of Correll   Calm
g {lil . il . Cla1·k Augustus, coal and carriages, s s Vi11e opp Market House, 1·es 199   gil"
il `lliil l`   1 B3·1`1‘  if if mv
A ig}; L   io Clark Bryant S. clerk, s e c Vine and Upper, res 35 E. Vine   (gjlm
Z 1lY;~l‘ 1 f' Clark Cam ybell C. e , fence builder, res w s Lincoln 2d house south of "=  (Jim
E till `L   c ii i  our-
.‘; tl ‘ .1 — orre  K '
l * ‘l ~· . ’=  1 . .
~· I .`.=Q ·‘ .` “ Clark Chas.   mash hand res Daniel Clark’s  -i¤~ (#1**
_.. ,_ , yy , _ . _ ‘  
l I     A Clark Daniel (c), iarm hand, res s s Howard 2d house east of George-   Cl _
_p E'] .t ¤l‘¤‘ . ,_ · ·
g. 'ir·1{ ia", . town Pike  gl **1
      X Clark David fc), carpenter, res Prall west of Upper  { _
V!.   li   l Clark Ellen, res n w e Broadway a11d \Vater   {jh"`
it   *l|§; V Clark Emily fe), servant, 25 YV. Main ;°  Qhly
  ‘ i;?,‘i` `.,. _ Clark Eveline, servant, 152 N. Limestone =i  Ejiay
,*<   J   Clark Geo. R. plasterer, res S6 E. Main   j ily
,·i ,'   G 1 Clark Harriet (e}, res Daffney Tinslcy’s   (jlaff
·l {   ,` A Clark Harriet (c), widow, res Frances Johnson’s [\Varnock   (day
  lllldyx {13 Clark Henry H. (e), blacksmith, res s s Constitution 4th house east of   (jlily
    ` { Clark Jackson (e), laborer, res Parker’s Row   Qluy
[li `   I,   Clark Mrs. Jas. grocery, n w e Broadway a11d WVater, res same  ri- Qlily
gi Q. €`%·1·!i l   Clark Jas. (e), laborer, res Parker’s Row  5. 3%**-Y
` YP _ Clark Jas. R.   driver, res Patsey Clark’s     ily
  T   A i Clark Mrs. Jennie, grocery, w s Limestone 2d house north of 5th, res same   yler
§, M. i' Clark John fe), engineer, res e s Jeilerson b Short and 2d _;  élily
ji , . ‘ Clark John (e), laborer, res Parker’s Row     “Y
fl; , W. ` Clark John E. carpenter, res s s 2d third house west of Georgetown   ;:j:"Y
  - . . . Cl ·k L C. ·l ·k, E. E. Ez ·rl—",   10915: ··   J ily
    l   Clzdik Lbeitie (Leif servant, 11O1$.hSpi·ing ul   QIHY
    °` t 1 Clark Luke fc), stone mason, res w s Campbell fifth house south of 5th   ijluy
  » Will { , Clark Mrs. M. E. millinery, S6 E. Main, res same   din?
Q_   .~ , Clark Maggie, servant, Mrs. XV. A. l)udley’s   all
    `j lf Clark Martha, widow, rcs s e e Georgetown and Gill’s alley   Cl
L —     r Clark Mary, res ll w c Broadway and \Vatcr   1 BY
Y  I   ‘\   Clark Mary, widow, res s e c Georgetown illl(l Gill’s alley .   gid},
ji  . lF,lL5` · » s Clark Mary (e), widow, res Parker’s Row   Clfly
° ,       Clark Mary A. (c), servant, s e c Mill and High   Clay
        Clark Mary Ann (c), widow, res \Vinslow b Rose and Limestone  Q Clay
V {       Clark Matthew (cr), laborer, res 191 Lower south of Pine   Oily
 . ’§     lil Clark Millie (c), res alley b Spring and Lower and Pine and C.   R. R   éldy
Q    r` ~ l Clark Nelson c), whitewasher, res s s `ViltC1'4i)ll house east of Ayres alley   Oily
 1   Q; , g`; Clark Patsey e), widow, res s s Todd eleventh house east of Georgetown  it; (.,1*-Y
 {     Clark Pinkey (c), widow, res 191 Lower south of Pine ,_  616},
 g ,   |;";f’l1 Clark Richard (e), labore1·, res w s \Varnoek fifth house south of 3d   Cldy
y l illiilg {3.11 " Clark Robert (0}, laborer, res n s Mechanic Tt}1 house west of Limestone     Clay
      Clark Samuel (0), painter, res alley b Spring and Lower and Maxwell E   ar
{ + jlgif ,gE21;gj, and Pam gg;  Clay
li :?£1i§?“z¢·§@5.vei   5 :
1_    |l’1:`|  
    lil: I fi
x, ` ' _
it- . · lr . ~

 M M4
 2»ll’¤ , 1
E  Trl;
F. · 3,.  »
"_1 5 41 {1.11 ·
——     .311  cz: I
—-     52;%. 
  Clark Sarah (Icj, servant, res s s Goodloe third house east of Lincoln `  
‘   Clark Sarah · . (cj, res 21 E. Cedar ,  
if  Clark Silas (cj hostler, res Mill near Corp. Line .  
ESQ  Clark Thos. (cj, laborer, res 21 E. Cedar _:'.1 
M;  Clark Violet (cj, servant, 127 E. High Ill;. 
§   Clark \Vashington (cj, laborer. res 162 S. Spring     ¤
 ifi Clark W'cslcy (ej, driver, res Beverly Johnson’s   1 ·._i
L.},  Clark Wm. (ej, gardener, H. H. Gratz’s A11   
  Clark \Vm. (cj, servant, res north end Dewees  .i-{Wl,
l `   Clark NVill F. vegetables, s s Vine opp Market House, rcs 109 Barr    
199   Clark \Vm. H. twine finisher, res s e c Georgetown and Gill’s alley   VQ: .
  Clark Wvilson (cj, waiter, res Nelson Clark’s `    
  Clarke Augustine, (Geo. C. dz Bro.j res High east of Drake    
11 Of `  " Clarke Edwin, carpenter, res Augustine Cltl.l‘l{C’S     .
pf,  Clarke Geo. (Geo. C. & 13ro.j res High east of Drake   l
  Clarke Geo. & Bro. (Ceo, C. & Augustine C.j carpenters, s s Main west    
ygc-  Qi of Rose    gl
 gj Clarke Thos. clerk, Pearson, Roberts dz Co.’s, res n w c Broadway and    
  Clarkson Jas. S. bar keeper, res n e c Pine and Mill  
  Clay Amanda (ej, servant, John C. Young’s  
  Clay Anderson (ej, servant, res n w c High and Limestone i1·fj1§ 
  Clay Ann, res Samuel E. Clay’s    
  Clay Ann (cj, res Laura Payton’s     _
Oc];  1;* Clay Annie, rcs Mrs. Cassius M. Clay’s _    
1 of f  Clay Belle, res n w c High and Upper     _
 ;. Clay Cassius (cj, porter, res south end Lower  
  Clay Cassius (cj, coaehnian, 51 S. Spring  lvlll
  Clay Cassius (ej, laborer, res Shad. Jackson’s . if 5  
  Clay Mrs. Cassius M. res e s Broadway second house south of 2d _{_i  l  ‘
mw   Clay Clarissa   res n s \Vater east of Limestone  
  Clay H. C. (Stoll, C. dz Co.j 1·es n s High b Limestone and Rose    
  Clay Henrietta (ej, widow, 1·es Maria 1’aync’s _  1.1
 j" Clay Henry (cj, carpenter, res w s Limestone 3d house north of Mechanic  ll
  Clay Henry, distillery, 1<`ranki"ort Pike west of Corp. Line  
 Q, Clny Henry (cj, laborer, res w s Upper b Cedar and Pine  
111  @$1 Clay Henry (c , laborer, res east end slth V 1-igf iéil
 yy, Clay Henry (c , porter, res 249 E. 4th   ‘
  Clay John (cj, laborer-, res alley b Short and 1Vickliii"e and 1Valnut and  *’§1`
 lip Clay Julia (cj widow, res \Vater b Lower and 1\10l‘ll1O  
Qi  Clay Laura, res Mrs. Cassuis M. Clay’s  
VJ  Clay Lewis (cj, hustler, res n s \\'ater east of Limestone  
  Clay Lizzie   cook, Phoenix Hotel  
`   Clay Marshall T. (ej, painter, res w s Dcwees opp Correll °  
`  gl Clay Mary E. res Samuel E. Clay’s  
_ R jj  Clay Minnie, bds NValdemar Mentelle’s    
1Cy 2  Clay Nannie e res n s \Vater east of Limestone ·   ~
Wn 1   Clay Osborn c farmer, res rear 169 N. Upper  li.
§   Clay Phillis (cj res n s Colfax west of Upper     ly
  Clay Sallie, res Samuel E. Clay’s  
Dm, [ij  Clay Samuel,   distillery, res n w c High and Upper ` 1.iéE¤ 
·€11   Clay Samuel E. res n s Main third house west of Wvalnut g,   ` 1,
  Cla-y Samuel E.  res Samuel E. Clay’S  =`.··lil
_ re    . was   
e r  il   *
  . ]- U 3 .:.1) .2    
I I  l il;]

 To lio ww ”`
i   ygjjg yqélagd . ` A
A ill wi. . ;
·l   we o  2
it at       ·’
fl   A A o2 1.EX1NeToN [cor.] nmncronv. ,.5 
    ` · Clay Scott (cj, haekler, res n s WVater east of Limestone   Cole
.g rjgglzé. * 1 Clay M1·s. Thos. widow, bds Waldemar Mcntelle’s fi  Cole
    { ‘‘_· · Clay Thos. H. res s w c New and Mill `   Cole
    * , Clay `KXTIH. H. solicitor, VVheeler dr \Vilson Manufacturing Co. res Q   UOM
  35;,   g j Millersburg, Ky ,   Cole
      Clayborne Amanda (cj, widow, res s s Pine b Spring and Lower Y   Cole
    [_   Clayborne Bettie   servant, Mrs. M. J. Terhune’s ig  QUE
_   M; Af   glayboge Hemp (cj laborcpylpps soutlfiend of Knoble   3*)%
j   I ~ ( eary essie, c 18111 ermair, A iocnix otel yi  O U
`  i   A e, glcary Block, n w e Main and Broadway ll,  gv?
i _{ {fla :‘ :,* ileary John VV. cooper, bds Mrs. M. J. Tcrhunc’s   0 €
Ap   , » 1 A Clem A. T. engineer, res 243 N. Broadway north of 4th -  .. C*’l€
      l , Clemens John (cj, laborer, res n e e Spring and Pine AY{  Cole
iA   Q;   Cleveland Alex. (cj, laborer, res Adams west of Rose   ({01%
A   l. r; ( Cleveland Belle (cj, servant, res Jos. Cleveland’s   (j*’l*
I 1     l Cleveland Frances (cj, servant, res Jos. Cleveland’s   (10k
lA llulii   i Cleveland Jane (cj, servant, res Adams west of Rose   €’*’l*
  {Till;}   fj Cleveland Jos. (cj, res e s Mill third l1ouse north of 4th   UOM
        V (éjeveland %clso1? (cj, laborer, res e s Mill third house north of ·lth   9)%*
. j yl,   ` eve ant r m. c , laborer, res w s U 1 wer b Cedar and Bolivar   `O *
  [ill? llli Clifton Chas. G.   servant, s w e Sdlzind Grant A   U*’l*
  `   { i Clifton Johnson (cj, farmer, res s s Goodloe fifth ho11se east of XVarnock   Goh
#1 Lip; .1g·_ Climes Maggie, widow, rcs e   Georgetown second house 11ortl1 of 3d   Qvli
. Qi ·   E~; gf Clines \Vm. E. (cj, porter, res Constitution b Limestone and `\Yalnut   (*0]*
V I l ,{5§_§l   A Cloak Richard (cj, laborer, res Pine 11ear Versailles Pike   (201*
      » g{O{l0S€Y 1_?;1Vi" (1**l*
l J   Z. ` ( Cobb Catharine (cj, boarding house, GO E. '\Vater, res same  { (job
  A     Cobb E. S. fsipperintendent Lexington Stock Yards, rcs Versailles Pike  5. 2;**%*
  i' i south ·o ‘. S. R. R   ,:0*
;;, . 1 Cobb Lewis (cj, laborer, res 60 E. \Vat.er N  9**]*
  ’ A ` , ` Cobb Samuel, carpenter, 1·es 122 VV. Main if  U*’l*
  . ; L {
 ‘i ~ 5 ·. .2 . COCHRAN J. W. & SON James YV. C. & Nathan P. C.  afi ("°l‘
    Q   — Insurance Agency, s e c Uppeidaiid Sll0l'l'. )   Q"l*
ji   V. ‘ , Cochran Jas. VV. (J. WV. C. & Sonj res n e e Short and Mill  Sy (jon
. I A     ~ Cochran John, clerk, Foushee & Bro.’s, res n e c Short and Mill   ((01*
g   y     xi COCHRAN NATHAN Pu (J. XY. C. dm Sonj General Agent La-   (;j°l‘
    1 A_ Confiance TU.SIll`8.I1C() Co. of France, and New York City Insurance   (wh
.i f   Y   ggboig New York, Ppice, s e c Upper and Short; Residence, s s NV. ?·  C H
 1   rj: _ ·` A roac way ant . cfferson (  ‘*’
  , 'i 1;; E, ` { { Cochrane Mrs. Kate, res n e e Sl1ort and Mill   ({0]]
.  i   T   Coffey Jane, widow, res n s alley b 2d a11d 3d and Evans and Lee   ((01]
  (@1}*   , Coghill Lucy, res 165 S. Mill   (QOH
 Q!   j; .   Coghill Richard T. clerk, N. E. Hobbs’, res 165 S. Mill l   QOH
2  I       gogwjn Charlotte A. (cj, widow, rcs Caroline \Vashington’s   Coll
rl Uigiw i ~ ora os. con ectioner , s s VVater east of Mill, res same I  
      ‘ ~ Colclazier Amelia, resyJos. L. Groomes’ ~ _‘`r Ag. QOH
 {     Colclazier Jas. harness maker, res w s Lower b Maxwell and Pine   fl  (QOH
  iiljilg (_- l_ Colclazier Robert, stone mason, res Pine near C. S. R. R. Track     gel]
1       IL Cole Edward (cj, driver, res w s Lin1esto11e third house north of Mechanic     CO;]
    ilf€{VY_1 Cole Emma (Cj, servant, res 7th 11ear Limestone 1   Coll
  g     M lCole Haggins (cj, res alley b Cedar and Pine and Mill and Upper   Q
  Zlfl? lla:.   ls 
 *L `E,i*iQ  lllllliillll iv 
1T { 'I1.l1';li.¤l- S21
F»   11   (  
ly , -

. ‘   `i
  ,,lil~;j J
:   ii;. =
— .     ·
.._ ,.    —£,i$_" 
ii  Cole Harriet c), servant, St. Nicholas Hotel ‘*3ii£i 
  Cole Nannie c), cook, res Brooks Diggs’    
  Cole Peter (e whitewasher, res n s 7th east of Limestone ",.;i 
ms   Cole S1d11ey (cj, hostler, res 30g E. Short b Limestone and Wlalnut   ’
fj  Coleman Agnes (c), res 10 S. Spring ,    
if  Coleman Agnes (c), servant, James F. Drake’s gg}     
  Coleman Agnes fc), widow, rcs 259 E. 5th   if Z
  Coleman Alice (c), servant, 60 S. Broadway    {if
l   Coleman Ann fc), widow, res Adams west of Rose gt} 
i   Coleman Arthur   fireman, res Parker’s Row    
if;.  Coleman B. L. physician, 30 N. Mill, res 136 S. Broadway   3 
.   Coleman Chas. (e), laborer, res James Coleman’s :,__    
  Coleman Daniel fc), gardener, res Peter ELl\\’21l’(lS’    
  Coleman Eliza   servant, res Geo. Coleman’s       -
`   Coleman Elvira fc), servant, res ll s \Vater b Mill and Broadway   Q_,,,, V
  Coleman Emeline (c), laundrcss, res w s Lee sixth house north of 2d    ·-.  
.   Coleman Emeline {c), widow, res n s 7th east of Limestone if,  
  Coleman Fannie (0), servant, res Emma Monroe’s    
  Coleman Geo. (c), laborer, res w s Mill f`ourth house south of 5th A   i  
  Coleman Henry (c), hackler, res s s King second house east of K. C. R. R  
  Coleman Hiram (c), farm hand, res e s Smith eighth house north of 4th  
lock  is golernan   gc? driver, rcs alliy b Sd {rind 4th 3.l;`(lUU})P0l' and Limestone  
  to eman as. c , a iorer, 1·es 11 ontmo in west o pper    
4  Coleman Jas. H. c , laborer, res 208 VV. Short {Qi al; »
t   Coleman Jane (el, ividow, res Jane Allen’s  
  Coleman Letitia (c), res Howard Scott’s ‘  L .   .
,.50,,   Coleman Lydia A. (c), servant, res Hiram Cole1nan’s   '
 ; Coleman Mary (c}, servant, res ll s Sd fourth house west of Todd  gil:
  Coleman Samuel fc}, laborer, res e s Lower b High and Maxwell §j  
  Coleman Sarah fc), servant, res w s Mill eleventh house north of` 4th   2; , ,   ~
pikc   Coleman Sister Agnita, teacher, res St. Catharine’s Female Academy    
  Coleman Solomon (0), painter, res Henry Clay Hightowcr’s    
  Coleman Squire (c), laborer, res 209 Correll i.    
  Coleman Virgin (e), servant, res Hiram Colen1a11’s  ' ijjrg
C.)   Coleman `/VIII. (nw), lilacksmith, res Thos. McGce’S  l j}.,
  Colerain Morgan (c), plasterer, res s s Correll seco11d house east of Grant  
  Colerain Rosa fe), k11itte1·, res Dow K. \Villiams’ [  
  Coles Leland c , laborer, res e s Mill fifth house south of 5th Qian? iill
LT  my Coles Sidney gel, hostler, res I1 s Short second house west of Vlalnnt  
{mm V  ,2, Coles \Villig (e), expressmau, res alley l1OI`l'.l].l`1`OI11 4th and West of Chest-  
g  11ut . Q     3
NV'   College of the Bible, b 3d and 4th and Broadway and Upper   `V ', ,; 
` ;_  College Young Men’s Christian Association, 11 w c Main and Cheapside   it {
j 51*  Collier Aaron W. cooper, bds Mrs. M. J. Tehune’s  
  Collier Sallie, widow, res 156 S. Mill  
lr;  ColIi11s Bridget, res 8 N. Broadway  
  Collins Cornelius, watchman, C. S. R. R. res w s Spring second house  
  IlOl‘tll of Railroad Track J  
  Collins Daniel, clerk, C. S. R. R. Freight Depot, res 216 S. Spring   l,`
  Collins Daniel J. laborer, res 216 S. Spring    
{Qi,  Collins Evan fc), shoe maker, 1·es Chas. Henderson’s   Iii? 
mic   Collins Jas. fc), laborer, res 83 Dewees second house south of Correll  
  Collins Jerry (c), rag peddler, res s s 3d second house west of Lee Y, Q§i;{@§·  , L
  Collins John, ice deliverer, res Cornelius Colli11s’   '°I *2.
  · Til i *
  y  g 2,
 y l]

  ¤••···*···* ' A P """
 r " J   arm (
    ?lM‘iI V
ll   i?¥lJV¥la J ii
     A l  "i —
      54 LExrNo1·0N [con] 1>1nEctro1zY. ,3,  ___
t i sir? it     ig  o
`   " ( Collins John, laborer, res 216 S. Spring   Oml
  ¤jlll¥i§` · * Collins John F. laborer, rcs 216 S. Spring   Com,
    .; (Z ` Collins John G. engineer, res w ·s Lower b High and Maxwell     Colm
it   fr Collins Kate, res Cornelius Coll1ns’ [  pg Com]
    flif Collins Laura, servant, 58 E. Main   Umm
J`:   l` ‘ . Collins Mary E. widow, res 162 E. High b Mulberry and Rose g   Com,
2 will!     Collins Matilda c` , servant, 147 E. Main I   ~,
  , .. (,onn
  J }'l* Y   .; Collins R-. T. roofer, rcs cor Spring and High     Cum)
5 ` l   fr ji Collins Sandy (cj, gardener, res 83 Dewees 2d house south of Correll 3   Com)
·  A I lll   gl, Collins Thos. (cj, engineer, res cor 2d and Jefferson Q,  Com)
,   J f ·‘ fl Collins Thos. policeman, rcs e s Broadway b Bolivar and Cedar (   COIN
    Z . i ’ Collis Mark, res n e c Maxwell and Broadway -   G
          iv Collopy Miss Katie, attendant, Eastern Kentucky Lunatic Asylum    
,   ly; _. Collopy Wm. attendant, Eastern Kentucky Lunatic Asylum (f,  COIN
j   `   S Colston America (cj, res Raleigh Colston’s  ag, Umm
      (Q     gojgton gjolin Tigcj, yes Ra¥{ei?h ?