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6 > Image 6 of Biography Series, Volume 3- A Dictionary of Prominent Women of Louisville and Kentucky, edited by Bess A. Ray

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

}`FE}`fa CE The present work is the third volume of the Biography Series of the LGUISVILIE LIBRARY COLlECTlTS, produced under the KETTLCKY WORKS PROJECTS EDTFYISTRHTIOY, Official Projects Nos. 54-1-45-l30, 665-43-5-576-E, and 465-43-5-l8-5, spon- sored by the Louisville Free Public Library. like its companion volumes, "Kentucky lrtists" and "Kentucky Authors", the present volune represents a coopera- tive undertaking. The Library has furnished material, general supervision and advisory assistance, but the work of research, compiling, writing and editing is to be credited the Works Projects Administration and its staff headed by Mr. James S. Craik, Project Supervisor, and Drs. Hess A. Ray, lssistant Project Supervisor. lt was lhs. Pay who originally _ 39 suggested a volume to be devoted to the women of Kentucky, and it was due primarily to Mrs. Rays untiring efforts, ) long patience and skill that the present work has been brought to successful completion. LQQO The project as planned is designed to bring together into a single volume available biographical information relating to Kentucky women who have achieved prominence in many fields of activity. The contents include names of 3S) women engaged in such a wide range of activity that it we ld be difficult to group them accurately by subject. A orocess- ion of women is presented including exponents of woman suff- rage and temperance, actresses, state office holders, civic leaiers, musicians, and many others active in various pursuits. ill oeriods of Kentucky history are represented is the bio- eraohies start as far rack as the prerevolutionary oeriod in Kentucky and come down to the present day including many women living and active in contenporary aff irs. A partictlar- ly interestina and romantic account of the oioncer period is found in the sketch of Febecca Bryan Foone, wife of Taniel Boone. The scope and orcanization of the work ues oricinally determined under library direction. To initiate the project a list of names of o`tstanding Tentwcky worer was coroiled by the Reference Departnent fron its extensive Tentuckiana materials. Research workers and writers then proceeded with their work, utilizing library catalogs and indexes, bound newsnapcrs of past years, newspaper clirpinrs which are class- ified and filed at the library, biographical encyclopedias, histories of Louisville and Kentucky, all avai*able in the Louisville Free Public library. Occasionally, when these sources failed to furnish sufficient iniorration to make a connected accounts of events in the biocra hy, personal intervievs with the subject or with descendants or relatives were arranged and often resultid Tn securin? the jnfJr;aii n