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LOCAL "5'3 One way you can help support BSD is by becoming a oenber.
Heoberships are now $10.00 a year. He will be announcing
0" ”ETC“ 315A: ”9 “111 be having 3 wine and Cheese party at special privileges and bonuses for our members in the near
the Unitarian Universalist Church at 3564 Clays Hill Pike frow future. If you would like to join, send your check or money
7:00 to 11:00 pm. Live piano music will provide a quiet order to:
- atmosphere. Admission is $5.00. BSD
I I I I 3 P.D. Box 11471
On April 2lst, we will have our first Square Dance. Music Lexington, Ky 40511
will be provided by the Reel Horld String Band. The fun will
start at 7:00pm and continue until 11:30pm. Admission will be Help us to continue to serve the Bloegrass Say and Lesbian
sliding scale from $5.00 to $10.00. community by joining today.
I t X t t
Our regular monthly potluck will be on Sunday, April lst. As National News
the newsletter goes to print, the location is still not
resolved. Call the numbers on the calendar to find out where Both Gary Hart and Halter Mondale, the top two contenders for
the potluck will be. the Democratic Presidential candidacy, have stated that, if
If you are interested in hosting a future potluck, please elected, they would issue an executive order banning
call Mac at 269-8766. discrimination based on sexual orientation in federal hiring.
t t t t 1 Neither, however, would promise the same for discrimination in
The BSD Office is no longer at St. Stevens Church on American the military or in the granting of security clearances. The
Avenue. The building was sold in early Harch to a new church candidates responses were from a questionnaire sent to all
that was unwilling to provide us with office space. Until a new presidential candidates by 5 national gay rights groups.
office can be found, we will be meeting at various places. i t t t t
Check the calendar for the location or a number to call to find New cases of AIDS in San Francisco continue to be reported at
out where we will be meeting. a rate of over I per day.
I I t t t t t i I 0
Due to our losing the American Avenue office, the Gayline A survey of bathhouse patrons in San Francisco by 3
will be temporarily su5pended until a new location is found psychotherapists showed that while most respondents were aware
where we can install the phone. watch the calendar for times of the AIDS risk guidelines, few were putting them into
and dates when the Sayline resumes operation. practice. In particular, posters placed in the baths last
. sooner, explaining what sexual practices are most likely to be
890 Potluck ' risk factors, have had little effect on patrons, less than half
Potlucks are just one of the activities that 850 offers for gf whom said they had even seen them. And, three fourths of
P90919 t0 QEt ADQEthET and 50C131139- N0 CODAADQ 5k1115 are those baths patrons interviewed stated that they would continue
"EPAEAE potato chips, SDAt drinks, EtC- 3’9 always WEICDAE- 50 their same behavior elsewhere if the baths were closed, a move
EVE” if YOU can’t 500k: YOU C3“ Still C059 and EDIDY the 900d some AIDS researchers have suggested as a way to slow the spread
tines. of the deadly disease.
Check the calendar for information on the April Potluck. t t t x 1
Many thanks to Larry for hosting last month’s potluck. The CDC AIDS totals as of February 3, 1980 lists 3409 known
cases, of which 76.42 (2432 cases) are Bay or Bisexual oen.
In order to raise money for BSD, we have been collecting Supporters of the California Gay Rights bill, vetoed by
aluminum and newspapers for recycling. In March, we raised over Governor George Deukmejian, marched in protest and vowed to work
$40.00 fros aluminum cans and newspapers that we recycled. If for the defeat of the governor and conservative lawmakers who
you have would like to help us and help stop the waste of our opposed the bill. San Francisco nayor Dianne Feinstein, first
natural resources, contact any 850 Board oeober for details on elected to office with the help of gays but who lost standing
when and where you can deliver the goods. when she vetoed a gay-oriented ordinace, also spoke against the

DIRECTORY You say have noticed that the newsletters are getting smaller
""""-" and saaller. There are two main causes for this. First, it’s
550 Savline . . . . . . . I I . I . . . . 231_0335 expensive to print the newsletter (the newsletter is the largest
550 Newsletter I . . I I I I I I . I . . 269-8766 item on the BSD budget, running over $1800 last year) and by
530 Recreational Events I I . I . I I . . 299_0352 keeping the newsletter small, we cut our operating expenses when
Say and Lesbian Democrats I I I I . I I . 266-3934 funds run low. Secondly, and the reason I’m writing this, is
Dignity/Lexington I I . I I I I I I I I I 269-8500 that I an only an “acting" editor. I do not have the time
Louisville Crisis Hotline . I I I I I 502-637-4342 necessary to produce a large newsletter. 558 is currently in
Cincinnati Gay Switchboard I I I I I 513-221-7800 need of volunteers to help with all phases of the newletter. If
National Bay Task Force CrisisLine I 800-221-7044 you are interested in helping with the newsletter, please get in
NGTF AIDS CrisisLine I . I I I I I I 800-221-7044 touch. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
APRIL, 1984
Harch 25 26 27 28 29 30 890 dine and 31
Cheese Party
at the Unitarian
Church, Clays
Hills Road iron
7:00 to 11:00pm
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Potluck 1:30pm 680 Business otg Cards and Sales
Call 299-0352 8:00pl at the Call 269-8766.
or 269-8766 Comprehensive
for directions. Care Center. Call
299-0352 or
8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Bowling at South- First day of 9th Hr. Say Kentucky Hr. Gay Kentucky
land Lanes iron Annual Southeast- contest at the contest at the
4-6po (299-0352). ern Cont. for Loft, Louisville. Loft, Louisville
Lesbians and Say
' Hen, Biroinghao, Cards and Sales ,
Alabaoa Call 269-8766.
15 16 I7 18 19 20 BSD Square 21 .
Rainy Day Last day to Cards and Sales Dance with Reel
Rap/Discussion sub-it itels to Call 269-8766. Horld String Band
Sroup appear on Hay at Arts Place on
Call 269-8766 Calendar. North Hill from
' 7:00 to 11:30po
22 23 24 25 26 27 28
Bowling at South- Newsletter and Cards and Sales
land Lanes iron Calendar nailing Call 269-8766.
4-6pl (299-0352). aeeting, 7:00po
Call 269-8766
for details.
29 30
Rainy Day
Group .
Call 269-8766