effort that has been made to strike it down ! I say
Christians, because the churches have jurisdiction
only over their own members-those without will be
judged by the civil and military tribunals of the
  Political governments are organizations ordained
of God for the punishment of evil-doers and for the
praise of them that do well, and are to be faithfully
and religiously obeyed as such. And no one can
have any reasonable apology for raising his arm to
strike them down, unless they fail of these great ends.
Then, and then only, may they be abated as public
nuisances. But in a representative democracy, like
that of the United States, with a written constitution,
which makes provision for any change or amendment,
which experience or advancing civilization may re-
quire, the better to adapt it to the great ends of free
government; and where the rulers are elected for
short terms by the people, and then returned to their
constituents, to give an account of their stewardship,
I can not conceive of any defect in the constitution
that could not be better remedied in a constitutional
way; nor of any wrong or oppression by the tempo-
rary rulers, that could not be better redressed by an
appeal to the people through the ballot-box than by
an appeal to arms. An insurrection in such a case
is attempted suicide-is an insurrection of the peo-
ple against themselves-a rebellion of the minority
against the majority, in utter disregard of the great