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June 23, 1868

of June 23,

D.S. Goodloe
W.T. Withers

            Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky. June 23, 1868
                   Morrison College. Ky. University.
                                              June 23, i868

    The Board of Curators met at 12 N. Present, Andrew Steele,
Joseph Wasson, G. W. Elley, J. S. Woolfolk, Joseph Smith, A. G.
Herndon, R. C. Ricketts, J. P. Tarbitt, Benj. Gratz, and Enos
    In the absence of the President of the Board, on motion
Curator Wasson, Curator Andrew Steele was chosen President pro teal.
    The minutes of the last annual meeting having been read, on
motion the Board adjourned to meet at 2 P. M.

Afternoon Session 2; 4. M.

Report of
the Exec.
Commit tee

Report of
the Regent

Report of
the Exec.
on the
order of

    The Board met pursuant to adjournment. Present in addition to
those recorded in the morning, Curators A. H. Bowman, C. T. Worth-
ington, and J. B. Bowman.
    The Report of the Executive Committee was then read, it being
in fact the full record of all their proceedings since the last
meeting of the Board. On motion the report was received, and after
some discussion laid on the table.
    The Report of the Regent was read, and on motion was accepted
and approved.
    The Executive Committee presented a report on the order of
business which is as follows$ namely *
    "By resolution of the Board of Curators at the last annual
meeting, it is made the duty of the Executive Committee to prepare
business for the action of the Board at its meeting. In accor-
dance therewith they present the following brief schedule.
    1. There will be needed some reconstruction of the Faculty of
    2. One or more Professors, and a Principal of the Academy are
to be solected.
    3, To this end we suggest the immediate appointment of a Com-
mittee to report on these matters in conjunction with the Finance
    4. That a Committee on Nomination of Curators to fill vacan-
cies in the Board be appointed.
    5. That a Committee of Officers of the Board and members of
the Executive Committee be appointed.
    6. That the existing Standing Committees be continued.
Which report is respectfully submitted by the Executive Committee.
                                     Joseph Smith
                                          Secretary Ex. Com.0




Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky.
      June 23, 1868

Corn * on
structi on

Com. on

Con,. on
Nomi nation

    This report having been received, the Chair proceeded to
appoint the following Committees.
    Committee on reconstruction of the Faculty and selection of
Professors, in conjunction with Finance Con.
    Curator Joseph Smith, Chairman
            Joseph Was son,
            Chas. T. Worthington.
            Wam. T. Withers.
    Committ on Vacancies in the Board Curators.
    Curator A. H. Bowman, Chairman
           Joseph Woolfolk
       "  Benj. Gratz.
    Committee on Nominations of Officers of the Board.
    Curator G. W. Elley, Chairman
       "    lR. C. Ricketts
       I'  Joseph P. Tarbitt.
    On motion the Board adjourned to meet at 8 A. M. tomorrow.

Meeting of
June 24, 1868

Wilkes, Lard
& Yost appoint-

Report of
Exec. Cor
ratified in

Curator J. E.
Thompson' s
weet vacant.

         Morrison College, Ky. University.
              Wednesday, June 24, 1868

    The Board met at 8 3/4 A. M. Present, Curators Andrew
Steele, Joseph Wasson, D. S. Goodloe, G. W. Elley, Jas. S.
Woolfolk, Joseph Smith, R. C. Ricketts, J. P. Tarbitt, A. T.
Withers, Benj. Gratz. A. H. Bowman, En&SCampbell, A. G. Hern-
don, C. T. 'Torthington.
    The Committee on vacancies in the Board of Curators made
their report, where upon on motion Lunsford B. Wilkes and Moses
E. Lard of Lexington, Ky., and G. W. N. Yost of Pennsylvania
were appointed Curators, the former in the place of D. T.
Morton deco i.
    The report of the  xecutive Committee was then taken from
the table and on motion Curator Worthington the report was rati-
fied except that portion which relates to the dismission of
    On motion of Curator A. H. Bowman, the Chair of James E.
Thompson Curator from Mercer Co. was declared vacant.