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A Publication of the Lexington Gay Services Organization Volume 32 Number 3
, ’ ~ , GLSO Raffle:aWeek atthe Beach
' ' 7/ ' ' 7' GLSO invites you to consider a
The Imperial Court Of Kentucky vacation week at the beach in October,
continues an amazing year of fundraising 2010. We will be selling $10 raffle tick-
With over $50,000 raised in Reign 28- ets for this beautiful four bedroom liv-
March is full of fun and exciting things to ing space
mark on your calendars. The first big located at - ~
event is new; Wags and Drags wil be Pawle ’5 _"' 7i 7‘
March 20 at Bellini's, 115 West Main Island Soith ”All-" _
Street. Tickets and information available Carolina. \. .r f: i I fi
at www.imperialcourtkentucky.org A t 1 a n t i c :2 4, '1 .Q As i ' , a
The second March event is one of Ocean waves (7,3 . r": 1’ ';;,;ij‘pi‘jf..= ., ~ "‘1
our most popular events. The Academy of out the .t' I l Willi]. ', "37,4
Drag Arts and Sciences will be 1105‘ng front door, salt water creek with a clock
the Annual Falsie Awards on March 30, out the back door.
at the Kentucky Theatre. Special Guest The house can accommodate eight
and recipient 0f the 2010 Lifetime to twelve people with views of the water
Achievement Award will be The Lady from every bedroom. There are two
Chablis from Savannah Georgia. porches, a kitchenette, ping pong table
That's right, The Lady Chablis from and a flat screen TV. In October the
the movie Midnight in the Garden of water is still warm enough for swim—
Good and Evil will be here to entertain. ming and the beach is great for walking.
Come support your local community as Last fall we watched some baby turtles
various awards of accomplishment are emerging from a nest, saw dolphins
honored that evening. Make your plans swimming by and amazing birds in
now to be at this event, it will be one that every direction.
you Will not want to miss. Here is a thank you from last year’s
Emperor W“ and Regent Empress winner: “2009 was a tumultuous year
Nicole along with the Board of Directors for our family, at least until June 28,
continue raising much needed funds for 2009. That’s the day I received a call
the charities of the Bluegrass through t on 2
various events. Come out and join in the g ' Pg-
fundraising efforts of our community by ,,,,7__ ..,
supporting one of the ICK's upcoming Sponsor 0ft!“ Month
shows. Check out our events on our W. .
website and on our Facebook page and ‘ 3' Debra HenSIey .
MYSPnce PageS- . '7 State Farm Insurance I
A big Thank you to the community j N’ ’
for this past month of fundraising. Em— .r,, J 859-276-3244
ress Nicole's Birthda Extrava za '. . .
faised over $5,200 thariks to evegyatline 1513 NIChOIaSV'He Road
cont. on pg. 2

 Win a Beach Vacation cont. from pg. 1
GAYand from Mary Crone telling me I had won the
' 0 Pawle ’s Island raffle tri . M mother was
L98blan smces with die that day and anti" excfttement could
' ° not be contained. I knew immediately I
organuahon would be taking my entire family, mom,
brothers and sisters.
Incorporated as Our family’s journey through the first
The Gay Services Organization half of the year included the loss of our
father, the progression of mom’s Alz—
p.o_ Box 1172 Lex., Ky 40533 heimer’s and mending fences with each
other. I am convinced the trip was meant
WWW.ng0.0l'g to be. The house and scenery were perfect
and projected harmony and calm to each of
6150 New us. It was the perfect vacation. Thank you
GLSO and a special thanks to Mary for this
Volume 32 No. 3 special gift.” Betty
Tickets will be $10 and the number of
News Editors and Staff tickets is limited to 250 so your chances are
. , good. You could get a group together and
Jackie CObem’ Editor pool your money to buy tickets. They will
Mary Crone, Judy Sutter be for sale at the Pride Center and from
Ginger Moor e-Minder , GLSO Board members starting in mid
Dennis Wheatley Sarah Phillips, March. The drawing of the winning ticket
David Spencer will be at the Pride Festival on June 26 in
_—___— downtown Lexington. You can see more
Office Administrator pictures on our web site by the end of
Bill Chandler Mmh'
859'253'3233 Imperial Court cont. from pg 1
coming together and working as a commu—
GLSO BOARD nity. We particularly want to thank Cross—
ings for hosting this event and making us
- - always feel so welcome!
grilfisagvggfilfiyi/fgsdsggt The Mardi Gras Ball was a fabulous
Jane Minder, Secretary event with tasty food, silent auction, a Dix—
Ginger Moore-Minder, Treas. ieland Band and dug Performances' It
Mary Crone, GSA was wonderful. to have the Court, AVOL,
Jackie Cobern Editor GLSO and Fairness working together on
Mark Johnson this event. We know the weather kept
Jessica Sucik some of you away, we hope you will join
. us next year.
Sgglggtfigjgcrfigs The First Annual Comedy show was a
huge success, even with some last minute
Next meeting Mar. 11’ changes. Thanks to everyone who came
7pm at the Pride Center out and laughed and partied with Clayton
and Michelle at this show. What a great
evening of laughs and socializing!
Page 2 cont. on page 3

 $22: ‘ . ‘1
fir-M ‘ i ‘l [D
~‘ r'ZT'
Imperial Court continued fi-om pg2 GLSO YARD SALE
, , , ' GLSO NEEDS YOUR unwanted items
Congratulations to Christina Pose fi d . l .
. _ _ you n in your c osets or in your ga-
being crowned Miss Gay Valentine S .
, _ rages. 0 get a head start on spring clean-
2010. What an amazmg night of fund— . d l k . . ,
, , , ing an 00 in Aprils Newsletter for
raismg for the Imperial Court of Ken- morei f .
, _ n ormation.
tucky as Jacqueline Storm, Miss Gay
Valentine 2009 stepped down. A spe— LGBT Radio Show
cial thank you to Pulse Nightlife for
their continued support of the ICK and Announcing Kentucky’s only
for hosting this amazing event. LGBT radio Show, OUTIoud. The
Remember to mark your calendars show airs on Wednesdays from 8am to
the weekend of June 4 — 7 2010 as 9am on WRFL, 88.1 fm. You can also
Coronation weekend — The Pride month stream the show online at WWWWIfl-fm.
kick—off as three nations come together It Will be based on a talk Show
under one roof for the 45th anniversary model but they are not yet able to take
celebration of the International Court calls on air. Listeners can phone in
System. Special Guest Speakers to in— comments off air at 859—257—9735.
clude Stuart Milk and Judy Shepard. Congratulations to Vincent Purcell, Bo
Thanks again for you continued Burnett, and Watson for getting this
support of the Imperial Court of Ken— underway. www.0utsourceoutloud.org
tucky as we strive to raise much needed for more information.
funds for our community.
_ PFLAG . SisterSound is rehearsing for their
, There ls a group working t? estab— May concert. This is a non audition cho-
hSh a local PFlj‘AG (Parents, Friends & rus. For more information send an email
Family _Of Lesbians and Gays) chapter. to info@sistersound.org.
They Will be meeting tw1ce a month on
Sundays at the Pride Center, 389 Waller
Ave. Email Sandy Linville at kylin— .1 “I’m“
villesS@insightbb.com if you are inter— * ‘xcdlantnrtliztrofilxrye-M
ested. Once they are organized, this '1 . "pm ”'Ilyou alone den"..—
group will be a great resource for peo— 3’:- .
ple who need information and support 7 Teresa Combs
as well as a way to give support to V RealmnABR, GRLQSC
LGBT friends and family members. A
Cell/Text: 859489-1150 W
Office: 859-422—2000
Lexington Pride Festival W0 Mgg
www.lexpride.org in ‘-
Page 3

 P ride C en te
Hours |0am to 3pm M, Tue, Thur, & Fri.
389 Waller AVE., Ste. '00 Phone 859-253-3233
Btble Study Gmup #403ka
A gay affirming Charismatic Christian TransKentucky is a support, social,
bible study will be meeting every Sunday and resource group serving Lexington
at the Pride Center at 10:30am. You can and Kentucky. The group provides a
email Karen at ktaylor@fewpb.net, or safe place for transgender individuals
call the Pride Center at 859—253—3233 and people who feel they do not fit into
for more information. the standard gender norms to express
their true selves.
DIICUIHON GROUP While the group is not therapeutic
Every Wednesday at 7pm in nature, we can provide information,
Pride Center 389 Waller, Ste. 100 advise and share resources from our
All Are Welcome unique experiences. Family and friends
are invited and encouraged to attend
Inslght Group meetings to gain understanding and be
Mar. 5th at 7pm Potluck 8C a Movie / supportive 0f their loved ones.
March 19th at 7pm Games Night. TransKentucky meets on the first
BYOS For more info call 253-3233. Saturday of each month at 7:30pm,
doors open at 7pm. Meetings are free
and you may dress however you feel
Young AdUIt GI'OUP comfortable. For information contact
A group for young adults is starting to TransKentud(y@grnail.com or all 859—
meet at the Pride Center, 389 Waller 963.6606.
Ave. They will meet on the First and
Third Sundays at 5 pm. Contact Tyler Bluegrass Women’s Network
at trumpetbnddork@gma11.com. The Bluegrass Women's Network
is a social group for women who iden—
GLSO News On-Line tify as lesbian. Membership is free and
To receive the e—newsletter send an email there are no obligations. We use
addressed to: newsteam@glso.org. Put a Yahoo group webs1te to announce
“on-line newsletter” In the subject line. events. We also have a phone [ISL _ ,
There is a re uest for a $20 a ear . Members plan a variety 0f act1v1-
‘l Y
donation but you can receive the e- ties .such as potluck dinners, plays,
newsletter with a smaller donation or mov1es, parties, card games and what—
free. ever else we manage to dream up! Our
goal is to enrich our lives with great
Lex. Lyons Levi & Leather Club Interested in wining g” ‘° http‘”
Monday March 8th at 7 pm at thebluegrasswomensnetwork/ and ap—
The Pride Center, ply to join. Facilitators are Debby
389 Waller Am, 3... 100. Hemstock and Lynn Madock.
Page 4

f r , V. > :9 For your insurance and
L: T" 4" financial needs, see your
Q 5'” State Farm Agent:
‘ 'd 5 Debra A Hensley, Agent
”‘7 , i, 1513 Nicholasville Road
' f «a,» Lexington, KY 40503—1409
Bus: 859-276-3244
‘ Q debra.hensley.b1n1@statefarm.com
Providing Insurancjzrnd Financial Services
P026038 State Farm Insurance Companies . Home Offices: Bloomington, Illinois 9/05
Page 5

 . . and Lexington Pride Festival. We all
Lexu‘gton Falrnes‘ work together for a wonderful cause.
By Craig Cammach But, in order to reach out to more allies
Lexington Fairness has been active and supporters, Lexington Fairness is
in the community 18 years We have venturing outside our safe zone.
seen a lot change throughout those th LWelare “CK: {0 be mFOIVEE “nth
years and are proud of the service we’ve e . exmgton eague or e up —
been able to offer. But, as time coming Passing: Fashioning Drag ex-
changes, so does the responsibility of hibit.andtlperlf;(i)rtmance:l:t T5118 gen;
our community organizations. Now is ExaminesK : s oryfh t2: hcr b o
the time for Lexington Fairness to find rag m en “ley' e s e as een
partners and allies and spread the word deeply steeped m drag history and the
of fairness further into the Central Ken— “1.11th an: performances are about
tucky region. bringing t e knowledge. and craft for
Over the past year Lexington Fair— the general public to enjoy. Not only
ness has worked with, likemin de d or— will this be an entertaining event, but, it
ganizations through the Statewide Fair— Will 315.0. be extremely educational, as
ness Coalition. The goal of this group most Citizens do not understand the
is to bring together voices from around :ackgrwtlll Kentucky Ilia}: Wilt? this art
the state to work on broadening the orrm. the (3313:?“ W d e :f e to sup -
rights of the LGBT community in the po . :5 Le . l a: [P :3 ormances,
commonwealth. Other founding group comigdfii exafiigton :2 f 12111.11?"
members include ACLU of Kentucky, . , on y’ ”.P . 0 eXington
Fairness Campaign Kentucky Fairness Fairness membership With the State—
Alliance and Kentu,cky Commission on wide Fairness Coalition, we were able to
Human Rights meet with African delegates during a
Through organization of the State— World Affairs Counctl. Talking wuh
wide Fairness S it in Fr l fort, the. 20 representatives from across the
young and old were able to come to— African continent, all coalition mem-
gether and share thoughts and visions bers were surprised .how few rights these
on what issues need to be tackled and represented countries prov1de to their
confronted. The organization is also LCti'BTaiommunity. Itftruly wasban edu-
putting together the Kentucky Advo— ca ion experience or .us, ut, we
cacy Day on February 24d.) which will found that the representatives were also
include training on how to be a citizen edicat ed m how we are able to form a
lobbyist, as well as a rally being held at cohilitifon from digerent organizations,
the Capitol Rotunda. Lexington Fair— W .e ocusmg on istinct go s. Again,
ness is excited and proud to be a mem— Lexington Fairness ls proud to be a part
ber of this on of this coalition and have the opportu—
As hug; MI; t as partnerships with nity to learn from such educational ex—
other LGBT-oriented groups are, Lex— P erit‘igiceji L . F . . l k
ington Fairness also recognizes the need . m y’ . exmgton airness 15 00 _
to connect with complementary com— ing to continue community partner—
munity groups We truly have our ships with churches, arts organizations,
heart committed to collaborating with social work organizations 3'.” others
local high school and college Gay who share £0mplenientary Visions. We
S . h . , . . are curren y examining ways we can
1;;in :1 gifjf ELTfkyal‘K‘vggf m. m... .1... Kentucky Classical Thea—
JustFund KY, Moveable Feast, GLSO "e C‘msemmr” ‘ com. on pg. 8
Page 6

 Winner ofLo 0 Contest
. 3 . DRA 561M IN DINNER!
Receives Prize
, t; Coming Sunday, March let, The
Last month 7' . 3.71; Volunteer Committee of Lexington's
at our Market— : %€; '5 , Pride Festival, "A Horse of Every
ing and Public— 2 ' Color," cordially invites you out to
ity meeting for ‘- Club Caliente, 1209 Versailles Road,
2010 Lexington ' f i: .3 and witness us "DRAGGIN' IN DIN-
Pride Festival 3" -~ NER!"
Anthony Mejean received his $100 prize A donation of $5 grants you full
check from the Chair Chad Hudley. access to an all You can eat Chili SP3-
Anthony was Picked out of several ghetti and Salad dinner With Garlic
design artists. We are very proud of his Bread and dessert! In addition to the
design and can’t wait to see it on our t— dinner there will be a number of female
. shirts. We will once illusionist's for your entertainment
i I 1 '; again hold another con- pleasure. Where else can you and your
: ’ ; test next year as soon as friends enjoy dinner and a show for the
' ‘ we decide on the theme. low, low cost of 5 bucks? There will also
So be sure to be ready be a 50/50 raffle. Doors will open at
.Il‘l to sign up for the con— 5pm, Dinner served at 6pm with the
“EVERY test. We hope to be able Show starting at 7pm. Please contact
1 . , q to make the prize even Thomas Collins for additional informa—
. 6 I n I . better next year. tion at 859-576—6837.
‘Rough Creek Farms’
lo specialize u out: orders to our caste-are
specificationsuueh as all natural gran fed, etc.)
we offer quarters, half: or whole beefs.
Loally raised on the family farm in quality and
banana conditions. We are certified All Natural. We
use no growth hormones, no antibiotics, and no
“MOUTH artificial mum
W ATERING Pricing is based on the cur-mt market plus
‘ . additional factors, dry-aged Met does cost a bit
ANGUS BEEF” more. However, if you have ever tasted the captain
flavor, you know the cost is worth it.
AND For additional information
‘1 t
OPERATED gm! : “1; m...
or call: 606—682-9261 ,
Page 7

 cont. fi'om pg. 6 Fairness
SummerFest program and looking to see v ‘-
how we can reach the faith communities , ‘
to support our fight for fairness. We
look forward to working with the Lex— ..
ington—Fayette Urban County Human
Rights Commission, as well as educa-
tional and social work organizations, in “ .
continued development of Lexington Keep the Love you ch’l}
Fairness’ Speak Our Project, which is Get the L0ve yOu Want-
examining and developing anti-bullying
awareness educa‘mn' Jessica Bollinger, LCSW
We look for new and creative ways I R l . h. Th .
that can create in-depth partnerships mago e atlons 1P eraplst
with community organizations. Mean— EMDR Trauma Work
ingfi'l work in the community will con- Couples, Family, Individual
tinue to provide a deeper understanding Imago connecti on com
and support from the general public. '
The longer we can sustain this image, 859552-6533
the stronger we can fight for fair and
equal rightS- We 110p'3 to hear from you Monthly Workshopsfor Couples
500m Feel free to connect With “3 at check web site or call for information
GLSO Pride Center Update News/aficr5u55CflPtlbn
The GLSO Pride Center has again Name
seen an increase in use during February.
There were two meetings of the new _—
group organizing a PFLAG chapter. Address
(see page 2) A new group is starting in
March for young adults (see page 4). City
Some of the organizers are former
member of out Gay Straight Alliance ——-——— .
for youth. They will be doing outreach State Zip
for other GLBT people in the twenties.
Lots of GLSO committee meetings
meet We always need volunteers inter— Em a“,
ested in serving on committees. The '
newsletter committee needs writers (see ———————
Page 10) and S‘fmwne ‘0 take newslet‘ 1 yr.$20 Couple or individual
ters to local bufmejsses‘, . — membership and newsletter,
Our web Site ‘5 buddmg every day. additional donations welcome.
Go to www.glso.org for the current
calendar. Details about upcoming . . .
events can be found there. We are also Please sendthisform Wlth payment to.
on Facebook. GLSO P.O. Box 1172
Lexington, KY 40588
Page 8

 e 61.50 INBO W
Th RA W 51’ 50k
The lmperial court 0f Kentucky ............ImpCtKY@aoI.com
MperralCourth-mdy. 013
SisterSound... ....859-806-0243
Diverse Music for All Women
Richardson Vision Center ...........859-278-4201
1757 Alexandria Drive, Gardenside Shopping Ctr.
KCHIP 877-524-4718
Debra Hensley |nsurance...... ...859-276-3244
1513 Nicholasville Rd.
Mohua “Mou” Das... .......859-554-5090
Financial Advisor
Lexington Lyons ......1-859-468-6371
Levi and Leather Club
Lexington Fairness...... .....859-951-445O
. www.|exfair.org
Moveable Feast... ..........859-252-2867
474 Silver Maple Way
Unitarian Universalist Church... ...859-223-1448
3564 Clays Mill Rd.

To become a monthly sponsor of the Newsletter and have your group or
business advertised here for a year, have a fill] page ad once a year, plus
other ways to advertise here and online please email us at
Sponsorships@glso.org, or call 859-253—3233 and leave your contact
information and we will send you a sponsorship packet.

Page 9

 , . Downtown Pride Festival 2010
flXCOMMUNlW We have heard some wonderful stories
{A ’ ’ UEWI’S COME about how people are enjoying our still
fairly new downtown GLBT Pride festi—
\\;. TOGETOWFHER! val. If you would like to share with us
_ "’ your impressions of that day this year it
The GLSO News is always looking would be great-
for contributors. Some people write Reviews Of a book movie 01' TV
news stories, reporting on their particu- ShOW- What do You love, what do you i
lar community group or organization. hate? l
Other people write feature articles. A GLBT HiStOI'Y Write about an ‘
few People have sent in pictures. We event or a person from our collective i
love having contributors and want past. There are many sources 0f infor—
more! mation on line and in the history books
We plan to print more pictures; if in 0111' Pride Library-
you would like to contribute yours, be Hate Speed! We have printed a
sure you have the permission of the number of articles about the effects of
PeoPle in the picture. Send the names hate speech, and there is still much to
of those pictured and some information say- You are invited to add your
about Where and when the picture was thoughts and opinions.
taken. We do not promise to print all Interviews] PIOHICS Ifyou WOUJd
pictures. like to write about one of our local
If you would like to write for us, GLBT activists, leaders or volunteers
we can accommodate a wide variety of that would be great. It could be in the
writing. If you have an idea for an arti— form ofan interview 01' a profile.
cle, just give it a try and send it in to Straight Allies We are interested in
articles@glso.org. stories from straight allies and family
Here are some ideas from the members.
Newsletter Team. We do not often include articles
Letters to The Editor These can about National or International GLBT
be about articles you have seen in the issues, but if there is one that is of inter—
newsletter good or bad, something you est to you that you believe our readers
would like to see changed added/ would enjoy, we will be glad to consider
deleted to the newsletter format, a cor— it for the newsletter.
rection that may be needed. We reserve We 35k that all articles come in by
the right to edit and will not necessarily the 15th of the month. That gives the
print everything we receive. stafi time to read and edit your work.
Coming Out Stories Always a We also have to shorten articles occa—
favorite, can be from the perspective of sionally. We Will send your submission 5
straight allies. back to you for approval if we make any ‘
Being Out Stories There are major changes. Changes of spelling and 7
many situations that arise in our lives grammar will not be returned. The j
that call for a creative responses. How length 0f articles can vary, but in gen—
did you handle anew coming out situa- eral, one page, such as this one, is a
tion? How did you come out at work good length.
or ev:ln it} a job interview? What do th 6,15”
you 0 1 someone assumes you are .
straight and asks you for a date? Edit” GLSO Newsletter
Page 10

 _. N E a - ' _, 2010 after the storm. The Lex. Humane So-
; .1 l .4 ,f Film ciety will sponsor a reception.
1.51:”- -- -~ 24-14313; Festival In Search of Our Fathers
5-: _ ' Thursday March 18, 5 and 7:30pm
:: . , \g 2 fit . ‘ ‘5: Kentucky Theatre
'1‘ ‘ > '. ‘ ‘ 42‘.- a"? Free In Search of Our Fathers is a first—
.31:'11:,‘....!;§-“.3_: A d . . person story of Marco Williams’ seven-
, 515.115....‘1 "air-"E? mimon year search to learn about his father, to
' uncover the circumstances surrounding
1 There will be receptions following his birth, and to come to terms with
I the first showing of each film. what it means to grow up fatherless.
The Garden Frozen River
Thursday March 4, 5: and 7‘30Pm Sunday March 21, 2 and 4:30pm
Kentucky Theatre Lexington Public Library Theater
Filmmaker Scott Hamilton Kennedy’s On a Mohawk reservation on the Cana—
Oscar—nominated documentary follows dian.border, Ray Eddy (Oscar— _
a group of low—income families strug— nominated Melissa Leo) teams With
gling to protect a 14-acre urban farm in widowed tribe member Lila Littlewolf
the South Central Los Angeles to smuggle illegal immigrants into the
Holl United States. This riveting drama was
Sun dz), March 7 2 and 4'30Pm nominated for multiple Independent
Lexington Public Library Theater Spirit Awards, including Best Feature.
A young Vietnamese girl is sold into Lemon Tree
prostitution by her family, and then Thursday, March 25’ 5 and 7:30pm
tries to escape her dismal life by begin- Kentucky Theatre
ning a platonic relationship with a 40— Palestinian Wldow fights to keep her
year—old American named Patrick (Ron lemon grove from being destroyed
Livingston), a stolen-artifacts dealer. when Israeli security forces declare it a
The Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center will threat to the Israeli defense minister
lead a discussion after the 2pm showing. living next door. Teaming With a young
’A t H In in U t ia lawyer (Ali Suliman), the widow takes
Th :1) eNIar h 1(1)P5 d 7 30pm her case to the Israeli Supreme Court.
urs ay, c , an : .
Kentucky Theatre GOOd Ha"
In the mid-19205, thousands of Jewish Sunday March £28, 2 and 4:30pm
immigrant garment workers pooled Lexmgton Public Library Theater
their resources and built four coopera- Chris Rock travels from beauty salons
tively owned apartment complexes in to science labs to comb through the
i the Bronx. What happens when immi— mystery ofAfri'can American hair in
l grants, factory workers, and Commu- director JeE Stilson s insightful and
i nists find the American dream? hilarious documentary. Comments
i M, from Ice—T, Nia Long, Rev. Al Sharp—
me ton, Raven—Symone’, Maya Angelou and
Sunday March 14’ 2 and 4:30pm others on just what it means to have
Lexington Public Library Theater "good hair."
Explore the devastating effects Hurri— VISIT OUR WEBSITE!
cane Katrina had on the lives of dogs .
and dog owners separated during and www.0neworldfilmfestival.org
Page 11

 g 55' if M the? 5.! {w I I i your. faiyoritegt charitiabl: aorganization
ere in exm onan w y.
DW: “The Imperial Court of Ken—

This column shines the SPOtlight tucky. This organization has been im—
on people in the community that de- portant to me for many years as it
serve recognition. Beauty is not always should be for any gay, lesbian or trans-
skin deep and these “beautiful people” gendered individual in our community.
either devote their time and energy to a This organization has a long standing
worthy cause 01‘ just plain make 001' record of raising much—needed funds i
lives better by entertaining us Either for other non—profits in our region and
way, it is time that they are recognized beyond, all while providing great enter—
for their talents and efforts. tainment. Very few charitable organi- ’

O tl' ht f 5.,» v meg, zations have such an impressive record
the m:iitsliwoflgMar:l: ii" ‘ 0f financial credibility. MOSt .Of our
. “ fl~ . ona ions are raise a a ime
is on Daddy ‘ ,,:.~ ‘ d t d $1 t t by
Wayne” who was g j individuals who give of their time and
raised on a farm 5 43%.. talents to help us raise money.”

. (5:2: The Imperial Court has a Board
miles from the town , f , . d f . . d'
of Benton, Kentucky. \ 0. Directors comprise 0 nine in i-

- 4 Vlduals who work tirelessly planning
He moved to Lexmg— in. A ._ N d k _ h . _
ton in 198 4 to go to W :7 , events. an esping t e ciiganizaiion
UK and remained . operatiilig as a usmess. Eac . one fies
after obtaining a Bachelor of Architec— s; Withoutmagl); comp eliisation (3 er
ture Degree in 1988. Daddy Wayne 2 an t e k” mint t ey g,“ om
has been partnered with Wayne Swope EN“? B2211 t? t”? czumiiéunity. Isn t
for nearly 17 years. They currently t at‘w at arity ,15 a out. ,
have no ts Most people in our community
PC ' .
may not know that the Imperial Court
DW: “A Pf: woul: probably not of Kentucl‘kly isI part :1; samethisng much
surv1ve at our case ecause we are ‘ '
, greater. e mperi ourt ystem is
never home long enough to provide the one of the oldest and largest Predomi—
proper care for a pet- My community nantly gay organizations in the world.
involvement includes being the current The Imperial Court System was
President of the Board of Directors of founded by Jose “The Widow Norton”
the Imperial Court of Kentucky; Em— in 1965. Currently there are 66 court
peror 27 of the Imperial Court of Ken— chapters in the USA, Canada and Mex-
tucky, 311d also the Imperial Crown ico. Each chapter works to raise money
Prince 26 of the Imperial Court Of for their communities. However, last
Kentucky. While reigning as Emperor fall all chapters combined their efforts '
last year, I Chose to .dress in Renais— to raise over $90,000 for the Matthew
sance—themed attire inspired by the Shepard Foundation which is dedicated
Showtime Series “The Tudors”. There to eradicating hate crimes in the USA,” «,
is. a wonderful designer in New York “The Imperial Court of Kentucky
Clty, Dav1d Menkes that created my was a huge contributor to this effort
initial lOOk- Thereafter, mahy Of my raising $8,000 for this cause. This just
outfits were deSigned by Patthk HOW- proves that we have one of the hardest
ell, here in Lexington.” working and dedicated group of indi—
HH: What would you consider viduals right here in Lexington as well
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 as a very generous community that approachable. I am basically a quiet
helps us reach our goals. This is espe— person until you get to know me. Hav—
cially true this year, as the Imperial ing been an Emperor, I was forced to
Court of Kentucky has currently raised come out of my shell a little. Growing
over $50,000 for our charities (as of the up, my older brother always told every—
publication of this article). To recog- one that I only spoke when I had some-
nize our accomplishments, the Interna- thing important to say, then watch
tional Court Council has honored Lex— outll”

“ ington as the .host of the 45th Anniver- HH: Daddy Wayne, complete the
sary IGala this year. This event WIII next 3 sentences... The world would be
spotlight our community and recognize a better place if...

’ gay fight: “was“ from all over the DW: Everyone would treat others
country. ,

With the respect and courtesy that they
III-I: I am sure people want to expect for themselves.
know more about Daddy Wayne, the ,
individual. Tell me about yourself. HH; I strive to make the world a
“ . . . better place by. . .
. DW: My favorite music to listen DW: Doing everything I an to
to is dance, R8CB, Jazz, Pop and some . f h GLBT _
_ . raise awareness or t e commu
Country. My favorite color is purple. nity and raise funds for those in our
As far as a favorite movie, Beaches is .
, , community that are less fortunate.
still at the top of my list. I have a few
favorite TV shows: The Tudors, Broth- HH: The thing I would most want
ers & Sisters, White Collar, Drop Dead to be remembered for would be...
Diva, Project Runway (Thank God for DW‘ Shortly ”It“: Wayne and I
DVR). My favorite actor is Jonathan met, his Father told him that I was a
Rhys Meyers and my favorite actress is hard worker and a good person. That
Sandra Bullock. is good enough for me!!! In all honesty,
“The book I am reading right now I really do not require much praise. for
is The International Building Code, anything that I have done. I believe
although if you are not an Architect or that truly charitable acts are done so
Engineer this is not a book I would without "83“! .to oneself or expecta—
recommend. My dream vacation would “0‘15 0f recognition.
be to go to Greece to tour the remains HH: Daddy Wayne, I know you
of Ancient Greek Architecture.” are a busy person so it means the world
“What attracts me to a man mostI to me that you took the time for this
suppose would be a man’s smile but interview. I honor all that you do to
then I would work my way downward! make the city that I live in a better

_ If I was stranded on a desert island, the place. I wish nothing but love and suc—
three people I would want to be there cess for you always. Thank you Daddy!
with me would be my partner of 17 Miss Helena loves ya.
years, Wayne Swope. If there has to be ' _

» two more, I’ll go with Jonathan Rhys *** If there is someone in the com-
Meyers from The Tudors and Eddie munity that you feel deserves to be
Cibrian from CSI Miami. I’ll design us honored in this column, send your re—
a hut and watch them build it!” quest to AdvicefromHelena@aol.com

“The biggest misconception or and let’s be myspace friends. Look me
false rumor about me is that in the past “P at http://www.myspace.com/helenah
people have implied that I am not very

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