MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TR0USTEES,Jun.6, 1906 Page lll(contld)

    Upon motion of Mir. McChord, duly seconded and carried the
Board went as a body to inspect the various buildings etc.,
at this time.  The Board returned in about an hour.

     It being next in order of business, the Secretary read
the minutes of the last meeting of the Board. Upon motion
duly made & seconded & carried the minutes were adopted as

     The Secy read minutes of Ex. Com. since last meeting of

     Thereupon Judge Barker offered the following resolution:-
     Resolved that the action of the Executive Committee in
appropriating money for buildgings be ratified and confirmed,
and that this Board endorse the action of the Executive Com-
mittee in making these appropriations; and that the Executive
Committee be further authorized to borrow a sufficient sum
to complete and equip the two buildings, Normal and Mechanical
Engineering Building which were begun under the direction of
the Executive Committee.

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     Said motion was seconded by Mr. McOhord, and after dis-
oustion being put upon its passage the vote stood as follows:-

     Ayes- Messrs. Barker, Hopkins, McChord, Nicholas, Frazee,
Kinkead, Lafferty, Metcalfe, Terrell, and. Patterson;-   10

     Noes- None

     Motion unanimously carried.

     Upon motion of Judge Barker seconded. by President Patter-
son and duly carried, it was Resolved that a Committee of three
consisting of Judge Kinkead, Chairman, Messrs. Clay and Me- .
Chord, be appointed to draft a resolution construing the sec-
tion of the Oharter defining the power of the Executive Committee
and report same at next meeting of the Board.