Office of the President
                                                    April 7, 1970

                                                           +t2[     2 A

Members, Board of Trustees:


Recommendation: that the Board of Trustees authorize the Vice President-
Business Affairs and Treasurer to execute, on behalf of the Board, any and
all real property easements over, under, or upon property owned by the Com-
monwealth of Kentucky, for the use and benefit of the University of Kentucky,
which (1) directly benefit the University of Kentucky, or (2) involve a considera-
tion of less than $1, 000. 00.

Background: Presently, all easements are presented to the Board for approval,
with the Vice President-Business Affairs and Treasurer receiving authorization
to execute the easements on behalf of the Board. The easements are then for-
warded to the Department of Finance for approval by the Governor and execution
by the Commissioner of Finance. The above recommendation, if adopted, would
enable the University to expedite easement requests by eliminating the loss of
time presently involved in getting Board approval, thereby enabling the requesting
party (usually one of the utilities companies) to proceed without delay or interrup-

Action: Approved     X      Disapproved


Date:      April 7  , 1970