xt7vhh6c4p6n https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7vhh6c4p6n/data/mets.xml Tennessee United States. Works Progress Administration 1936 p. 4001-4068 : chart ; 27 cm. Loose-leaf. At the head of title: Works Progress Administration. Harry L. Hopkins, Administrator. Corrington Gill, Assistant Administrator. Howard B. Meyers, Director, Social Research Division. This bulletin is one of a series intended to present in abstract form the public welfare provisions of the laws of each of the states. UK holds archival copy for ASERL Collaborative Federal Depository Program libraries. Call number Y 3.W 89/2:35/T 25. books  English [Washington] : Works Progress Administration This digital resource may be freely searched and displayed in accordance with U. S. copyright laws. Tennessee Works Progress Administration Publications Digest of Public Welfare Provisions Under the Laws of the State of Tennessee text Digest of Public Welfare Provisions Under the Laws of the State of Tennessee 1936 1936 2015 true xt7vhh6c4p6n section xt7vhh6c4p6n         _:
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Paennao av ROBERT C. LOWE Ann Snr; .
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11  This bulletin is one of a series intended to present in abstract
E form the public welfare provisions of the laws of each of the States.
  The purpose of these bulletins is to give a brief review of the
provisions for public assistance under the laws of the several juris-
v dictions, and of the administrative agencies set up by law with reference
_ y ji thereto. A chart showing the organizational relationships of the admini- ·
l   strative agencies is included.
    The possibility of error in attempting with a limited staff and
E   in a limited time to assemble and digest the formidable mass of material
9 ,5 incident to such a study is frankly recognized. The cooperation of those
  who have occasion to use these digests in reporting any errors of omission
1   or cqumission ncrted, or in suggesting improvement in fom or content, is
i   invited and will be greatly appreciated.
  Meanwhile it is hoped that those interested in considering the
  reorganization or strengthening of public welfare services in the several
i   States may find the digests of practical value.
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  ` ~
) "
( Public Welfare Provisions Page
) General Poor Relief. . . . . .... . . . . .............. 4001
Care of Dependent Children in Their Own Homes .............. 4002
Dependent and Neglected Children (Institutions and Agencies) . . . . . . 4004
_ Veterans' Relief ........... . ................ 4006
· Administrative Provisions
  Commissioner of Institutions (Department). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4009
Confederate Sold1ers' Home. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4015
( Home and School for Feeble·m1nded Persons . . . . . . . . .... . . 40l5
» Central, Eastern, and Western State Hospital and Hospital for . . . .
·. Criminally Insane. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . 4019
A State Training and Agricultural School for Boys ........... 4025
(Reformatory for White and Colored Boys)
Vocational School for Girls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..... . 4050
I Vocational School for Colored Girls . . . . . .... . . . . . . . . 4055
State Penitentiary and Brushy Mountain Penitentiary and Mines . . . . 4056
Board of Public Welfare .... . . . ................. . 4042
" Advisory Board of Pardons ..... . . . . . . ...... . ...... 4044
Board of Pension Exami ers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4046
Te nessee Industrial School ..... . . . . ..... . . . . . . . . . 4049
Commission for Crippled Ch1ldren's Service . . . . . ...... . . . . 4055
County Courts. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .... . . . . . . . . . 4057
~ Note on Provisions for the Blind and Deaf. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4066
Note on Tennessee Tuberculosis Hospital Com ission . . . . . . . . . . . 4067
_ Note on Tennessee Ch1ldren's Home Society. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4068
Chart Showing Public Welfare Agencies

I 4

 T ) Tennessee 400l
K} (a) Description of class
» F Poor persons who ma  become chargeable as paupers. 1/
A X (b) Procedure for determinipg eligibility
g The commissioners must examine all applicants for admission
l to the asylum, and admit or reject any applicant. If rejected, an appli-
cant ms  appeal to the county court. 2/
I (c) Measure of responsibility
Care in poorhouse, direct relief, apprenticing of orphans,
( hospitalization, and medical care. pj ·
, (d) Qualifications imposed
I One year's residence in the county. 4/
) (e) Incidence of financial responsibility
• County. 2/ (Cbligation mandatory)
(f) Taxes
A No specific provisions. (County general fund. Q/)
(g) Administrative agencies
Com issioners of the Poor. pj
Superintendent of the Asylum. 2/
- I County court. 8/
(h) Supgrvisory controls
The superintendent of the asylum is under the supervision of
l the Com issioners of the Poor. The Commissioners of the Poor are appointed
) by and report to the county court. 2/
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 4002 Tennessee — Digest of Public Welfare Provisions
(a) Description of class
Children of mothers whose husbands are dead or in the State
Penitentiary, or of unmarried mothers, or of mothers who have been deserted
by their husbands, or whose husbands are mentally or physically incapable
of supporting such children, when such mothers are unable to support su h
children, and when such children are under the age of l7 years. lf
(b) Procedure for determining eligibility
Allowance may be made after a public hearing by the judge of
the Juvenile court, or if there is none, then by the county judge or chair-
unn of the county court. Ihere an allowance is made a judgment for it must
be entered, and it is the right of any taxpaying citizen at any time to
file a m tion to set aside or modify such judgment. An appeal lies as in
ordinary civil cases. gf
(G) Measure of__g_e_spL>ns1b1lity ‘ ‘ a
Allowance mmst not exceed $15 per month for one child and $10
a month for each additional child. §/
(d) gual1fication¤_lmpgsed
Child  ; children must be living with their mother., 2/ ·
Allowance may be made only to prevent children suffering from 4
haproper care because of the inability of the mother to remain at home with
them or properly provide for them. if
Applicant must have resided in State for at least 2 years amd
in the county 2 years. if
Child must have no property sufficient for his support. if ·
Mother must be a proper person, morally, physically, and V
mentally to bring up her child or children, if
Payments can be stopped by the juvenile or county judge or
chairman for failure of the mother to report to them. gf
(e) Incidence of financial responsibility
County general fund. gf (Obligation optional)
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 , ( Tennessee - Digest of Public Welfare Provisions 4005
( (f) Taxes
( The county court may levy a tax not to exceed one-half mill
( annually on each dollar of taxable property; or instead may make a direct
( appropriation out of the general fund, but not to exceed the amount a tax
( would raise; and the fund must be known as the "Mothers' Pension Fund" and
¥ must be kept separate from all other taxes. 2/
( (g) Administrative agencies
( Juvenile court, or if none, the county court. gf
(h) Supervisory controls
No provision.
7. Code (1932), Sec. 4925.
8. Ibid, Sec. 4924.

 4004 Tennessee — Digest of Public Welfare Provisions
(a) Description of class
Children under l7 years of age who for any reason are desti-
tute, hom less, abandoned or dependent on the public for support, or have
not proper parental care or guardianship or who are found begging or (
receiving or gathering alms, or living in any saloon, disorderly house,
or with any vicious or disreputable person, or whose home by reason of
neglect, cruelty, drunkenness, or depravity is unfit. 1/
(b) Procedure for determining eligibility
Any reputable resident of the county may file e sworn peti-
tion with the clerk of the juvenile or county court. Thereupon a summons
must issue to the person having custody of the child. Failure to answer
summons is treated as contempt of court, and where necessary an attachment
may issue. On return of the summons or attachment or other process the
court must proceed to hear and dispose of the case in a summary manner.
When the child is found to be dependent or neglected, the court may make
an order of com itment. 2/
After the assumption of control by any orphan home, the
parent or other person in whom legal custody would be, may file a petition
in chancery to secure the custody of the child and may appeal from the
order of the court. gf
(c) k1e_as*uie of responsibility · _
Commiunent tc institution, citizen, or association. if
(d) Qualifications imposed
No provision.
(e) Incidence of financial responsibility ·
state; cenerai fund. (obligation mnduto1·y)g/
Court costs are paid by county. gf
l• Code (1952), Sec. l0269, l027C. However, Sec. 4712, describes the class
as persons of either sex under 16 years of age.
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 » ) Tennessee - Digest of Public Welfare Provisions 4005
) (2) gig;
) No specific provisions. (State and county general funds. 2/)
) (g) Administrative agencies
V. Juvenile or county court. §/
` (h) Supervisory controls
Department of Institutions. 2/
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 ¥@UG Tennessee ~ Digest of Public Welfare Provisions
(a) Description of class
Disabled soldiers, Federal and Confederate, enlisted from the
Stats or Tennessee in Tennessee regiments, or citizens of this State at the
time of their enlistment in regiments of other States, who are residents or
this State; or citizens of other States who enlisted in Tennessee or other
States, but who are or have been resident citizens of this State for the
requisite period, Their characters as soldiers must have been free from
dishonorc lf
All Confederate soldiers over 75 years of age who served 6
months or more as bona fide soldiers in the Confederate Armwe gf
All soldiers yet living in Tennessee, who were in the Merton;
War who were soldiers in the war between the States, and who were honorably
Colored men who acted as servants or cooks in the Confedersié
lis? 1; the War between the Statess jp ,
Widows of deceased soldiers of the War between the States, ri¢»
married sash soldiers prior to 1900: gf
Confofsrate Soldiers‘ Home is for indigent and disabled soldiers
‘2bC volunteered in the service of the State, or Confederate States, their
widows and theiig <'PLYf[Jh8.Il children. §_/ ·
(b) grgggggrs for determining eligibility
Appliention is made to the Board of Pension Ezaminerse ff
np;-»;_1e.sslen must set forth in an affidavit the applicanve &2z>1iii7
· sunrise and manner of discharge, and said affidavit, when supported by
Vaifidavlts of 5 disinterested persons living in appllcant’s community who »
testify solely to the applicant's good character and to his repute for trrth
and rerozitw, meet constitute a prima facie case and entitle him to a penziis
unless said siyice it is rebutted or disprored in a hearing before the Ponzi;
Bonrdu gf
The Board must designate one of its members as a special pea len
examiner to investigate the pensioners, 2 
Th; Cpnmissioner of Institutions must make due investigation
concerning all applicants for benefits of the Soldiers’ Home, and must adc;*
none except those of good character, and who faithfully served as soldiewee g _,,r
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za-   $;~ri_  
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ln'), lbitl 56.2- QSO} ;

 (1 Tennessee — Digest of Public Welfare Provisions 4007
%’ (c) Measure of responsibility
Mi Illness and burial expenses. 11/
E Confederate soldiers are paid $40 a month. 12/
wg Colored servants and cooks are paid $10 per month. 1E/
)t Widows are paid $20 per month. 14/
ii Care in So1diers' Home. 15{
»S (d) Qualifications imposed
' Q It must appear that recipient is not entitled to a pension under
g the laws of the Federal government (except soldiers of the Mexican War), or
,> of any other State. 16/ _
g A soldier over 75 years of age is not entitled to a pension if
( he owns property assessed at $10,000 or over. 17/
) Applicant must have a residence of 5 years provided that one
( year shall be sufficient for a resident or fonmer Tennessean who has
( returned from another State. 18/ Temporary absence not exceeding 6 months
} . does not affect his right to a pension. 19/
( A widow must be a bona fide citizen of the State and an actual
resident for 5 years before filing application. 29/
) A widow m st not be drawing a pension from another source. 21/
) A widow's husband must have had an honorable record as a soldier
( and be pensionable if living. She must not have married since the death of
( her soldier husband, and must be of good moral character. 22/ Remarriage
) forfeits pension. 25/ The Board has power to appoint a guardian or trustee
, for a  incapable widow. 24/
L (e) Incidence of financial responsibility
Services and pensions - State general fund. 25/ (Obligation
, mandatory)
Soldiers' Home — nearly self-sustaining, aided by State general
fund. 15/ (Obligation optional)
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, , ....4-A ’

 4008 Tennessee — Digest of Public Welfare Provisions
VE'I'ERANS' mm (comm)  
(f) Taxes P
No specific provisions. (State general fund. 26/)
(8) gguistrative agencies (
Board of Pension Examiners. 27/
Superintendent of Sold1ers' Home. 28/
(h) ggrvisog controls A
Cemissiener of Institutions supervises the Sc1d1•rs' Home 29/,
and is assisted by an advisory board representing the affiliated United
Daughters of the Confederacy. 50/
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 _ `\
Mi Tennessee QCOQ
N (Statutory Body)
N I. General Powers and Duties
Q (l) The Commissioner of Institutions has im ediate charge of the
Q management and government of the institutions under the Department of
Q Institutions, i.e., all penal, reformatory, and charitable institutions of
_ 5 the State as follows: l/
E (a) Confederate Soldiers’ Home
Q (b) Home and School for Feeble—minded Persons _
j (c) State Hospitals for the Insane
Q (l) Central State Hospital
§ Hospital for the Criminally Insane
F (2) Eastern State Hospital
V (3) Western State Hospital
A (d) State Training and Agricultural Schools for Boys
V (e) Vocational School for Girls
I (f) Vocational School for Colored Girls
( · (g) State Penitentiary
Erushy Mountain Penitentiary and Mines
1 (2) The Commissioner of Institutions must make rules for the prosecu-
t tion of his powers, and may require the performance of additional duties by
` the officers of the several institutions. In case of an apparent conflict
between the powers conferred by law upon any warden or superintendent and
( those conferred by this Article upon the Commissioner, the presumption is in
3 favor of the Commissioner. Ef
) (3) The Commissioner, after conferring with the managing officer of
J each institution, determines the number of officers and employees to be
appointed therein and fixes their salaries and wages in accordance with the
scale set by the Commissioner of Finance, when not otherwise fixed by
statute. §/
(4) The Commissioner must approve all contracts covering the sale
or disposal of the output of the State mines, factories, or industries, at
which time such contracts will become effective. 4/
(5) The Commissioner may make such investigations as he may deem
necessary in the performance of his duties, and to that end he has the same
power as a justice of the peace to administer oaths and to enforce the
attendance and testimony of witnesses and the production of books and papers.
He must keep a thorough record of investigations. §/
· l. Code (1932), Sec. 37l, as amended by Public Acts (1935), Ch. IB6, and
Code, Sec. 376.
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V Tir 77..1 ,

 40lO Tennessee — Abstract of Administrative Provisions
I. General Powers and Duties (Cont'd)  
(6) The Commissioner receives, for criticism and suggestion, all
plans for new jails, public infirmaries, and hospitals before adoption of
same by the county or city authorities. §/
(7) The Department of Institutions must receive into State guardianm
ship all children com itted to the State Training and Agricultural School for
Boys, the Vocational School for Girls, or any other State institutions under
the authority and management of the Department. Such children are wards of
the Department, and must be properly cared for, definitely classified, and
reassigned or dismissed, at the option and under the direction of the Depart~
ment or its accredited agents. Z 
(8) The Department may file a certificate with the Secretary of State
for the issuance of a license by the Secretary of State to any corporation
organized as a child~caring agency, society, or institution. All such agencies,
societies, and institutions must obtain annually from the Department a certifiw
cate of approval authorizing their worke It is the duty of the Department, by
its agents, to inspect and supervise all such institutions at regular intervals, I
and it may recommend the suspension or revocation of an institution's license I
for failure to correct abuses, derelictions, or deficiencies, Children in any
of these institutions may not be adopted or reared in private hom e without
application to and examination by the Department of Institutions. Qf
(9) The Commissioner, or the secretary under his direction, must
keep a record of tb transactions of the Department. 2/ Q
(l0) The Commassioner must tabulate statements prepared by the super~
intendents and wardens, concerning the financial needs of the institutions
for thenextappropriation period, and must submit the tabulation to the
General Assembly with his recom endations. 29/
(ll) The Commissioner must keep in his office a private record,
complete and detailed, of every inmate, patient, or pupil in the several
institutions of the Department. These and such other facts as the Commdsm `
sioner may, from.time to time, require, must be furnished by the managing
officer of each institution within l0 days after the commitment, entrance,
death, or discharge of an inmate, patient, or pupil; and the managing officer
must make a special report within 24 hours thereafter, giving the circumw
stances as fully as possible. llf
II. Composition and_gppointment of Governing Body I
The Commissioner of Institutions is appointed by the Governor to
serve for a term coeval with that of the Governor, or until his successor is
appointed and qualified, at a salary of $5,000 per annum, plus traveling
expenses incurred in official business and itemized and approved by the
Governor. The Commissioner, in order to qualify for office, must have been
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 Y] Tennessee - Abstract of Administrative Provisions 4011
    II. Comgsition and Appointment of Governing Body (Cont'd)
t" a resident and citizen of the State for at least 5 years prior to the time
>t of his appointment, must not be less than 50 years of age, and must be a
QQ man of good character, with training and experience in institutional
QQ operation and management in similar activities. lgf
A   111. Reports
i kg Whenever the accounts, contracts, books, and other records of
Q the various institutions under the Department are examined and audited, which
M examination and auditing must take place at least once a year, reports must
E be made in duplicate, one copy of which must be filed with the Governor, and
h the other with the Comptroller of the Treasury. 15/
H "`
_ i A report of any investigation by the Department of Institutions,
i upon order of the Governor, must be made to the Governor and then submitted
Q by him, with his suggestions, to the General Assembly. ljf
F Every public and child-caring agency, or institution, must make
i an annual report of its work to the Department, in such manner as the Depart-
t ment may prescribe. And, from such annual reports and reports of the Depart-
? ment's inspectors and visitors, the Department must prepare a comprehensive
*{ biennial report of child welfare work within the State, accompanied by special
i, com ents and recommendations, and such reports must be published at State
|· expense for the information of the Legislature and for distribution among
· · the people. l2/
X IV. Executive
k See ”Comp0sition and Appointment of Governing Body".
F v. starr
1 Am Assistant Commissioner is designated by the Commissioner to
R act as Com issioner when such vacancy of office occurs and until it is
; filled. The Assistant Com issioner serves within the Department as an
i officer, or as the head of one of the divisions within the Department. His
A salary is fixed by the Commissioner upon authority of the Department of
y Finance and Taxation and with the approval of the Governor. léf
Such superintendents, supervisors, and mechanical engineers as
may be deemed necessary for the various institutions under the Department
are appointed and their salaries and titles are fixed by the Commissioner.
He may also employ an architect or architects skilled in methods of sanita-
tion and the preparations of plans, specifications, estimates, and details
for buildings, betterments, and such items of equipment as may be required
in any of the institutions. lzf
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 44012 Tennessee - Abstract of Administrative Provisions
v. starr (comm)  
A secretary and stenographer and such other employees as may be
necessary to enable the Department to efficiently discharge its duties are
appointed by the Commissioner. Each receives a salary. 18/
VI. Financial Provisions _
The Department of Institutions is financed by appropriations out
of the State Treasury. 19/
Amount of Appropriation:
The sum of $29,008 is appropriated for the biennium beginning
July 1, 1935 and ending June 30, 1937. 19/
Limitation of Funds: 19/
Comm1ss1oner's Office Biennial Expenditures
Salaries and wages . . . . . . . . . . . $ 21,264 ,
Supplies and  aterials . . . . . . . . . 612
Communication and transportation . . . . 3,798
Printing, binding, and advertising . . . 280
Repairs and replacements . . . . . . . . 42
Rents and insurance . . . . . . . . . . 8
Total . . . . . $ 26,004  
General Welfare {
  I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I *  
Supplies and materials . . . . . . . . . 75
Communications and transportation . . . 1,109
Heat, light, and water . . . . . . . . . 10
Rents and insurance . . . . . . . . . . 10
Total . . . . . $ 3,004 V
Grant Total . . . . . . . . . $ 29,008
18. Code (1932), Sec. 378.
19. Public Acts, Extra Session (1935), Ch. 19, Sec. 1.
The State Treasurer has charge of all funds under the jurisdiction of the
Department of Institutions. Moneys collected from various sources such as the
sale of goods, farm products, and all miscellaneous articles produced in the
several institutions must be transmitted to the State Treasurer, and a detailed
statement of such collections made to the general manager by each managing
officer. Code (1932), Sec. 405.

 )) Tennessee - Abstract of Administrative Provisions 4015
E? (Statutory Body) 20/
M I. General Powers and Duties
EQ (a) Supgrpntendentz
lf The Superintendent of the Confederate Sold1ers' Home has
€ charge of the farm and must look after the welfare and comfort of the inmates
. Z and, in addition, he must perform such duties as he may be called upon to
Q perform by the Commissioner. 21/
f (b) Commissioner of Institutions: _
L (l) The Coundssioner of Institutions must devise and put into
{ execution the most available, effective, and economical ulan of providing for
{ deserving persons who come under the jurisdiction of the Confederate
Y Sold1ers' Home. 22/
) (2) The Commissioner must make due investigation concerning all
• applicants for benefits to the Sold1ers' Home, and he may admit none except
( those of good character who faithfully served as soldiers. 25/
) (5) The Commissioner must operate the farm and all appurtenances
( to its full capacity in the cultivation of crops. And for this purpose
I inmates of the penitentiarles may be employed under such rules, regulations,
) and conditions as the Commissioner may prescribe. gg]
) (4) The Commissioner has power to construct all roads that may
( be found necessary or of value to the property, and to construct, build, or
[ repair buildings and appurtenances which, in the opinion of the Commissioner,
I may be necessary or proper in the conduct of the Home. 24/
) II. Compgsition and Appointment of Governing Body
See ”Compos1t1on and Appointment of Governing Body' under
"Commission of Inst1tut1ons"
20. The property belonging to the State of Tennessee known as the ”Herm1tage”,
consisting of e farm of about 5OO acres, less that conveyed in trust to the
Board of Trustees of the Ladies Hermitage Association, is conveyed in trust
for a term of 45 years to the Department of Institutions to be used for a
Sold1ers' Home. Code (1952), Sec. 4976.
The Legislature can terminate the trust at any time when its purpose is
accomplished. Code (1952), Sec. 4983.
. 21. Code (1932), Sec. 4980.
- 22. Ibid, Sec. 4979.
23. Ibid, Sec. 4981.
' 24. Ibid, Sec. 4978.
  . ..#..-~.*—·l, I '"7"""""" " "   ’ 7 V

 4 4014 Tennessee - Abstrast o1` L‘£J;xi.;1· ezzivatfvze P1**<;»v§.s2.ons
II. Comnosition and__§f;_lga;;jg;gg;.·;s_;7j;A_Q_<;g#;;m1nh> Begg; (Cenifu)  
lg; gl;·z··_;y 5* ti4;yhma,t¤¢s, t:ens§_s+;1;1g oj? 5 memb ;·v. :;::1    :><»1‘I:it.;4v;;;
the affiliated Uniized Deng) .e4. ¤;.»= ei? the ¤Jonfede1·ac5··, is created to :<;<;;viss and
cooperate with the Cormnissiozteer of Institutions in the management of the Home
and in the eurpendiwatvs wi" gra   aj>j.»?·.·¢.‘:t·i·;)atiQons as are made by    Meet; {*01*
maintaining the Home. The 1`u;2e‘é,1on oi the Committee is to servo om.? in eu;
advisory capacity. l.Te;.;lr   l<:t;·‘¤*<. 4·--gw uw '*(2T.’1D.i? e;n lmao; ., :po:·ts as I
the Governor on the .`:,;z:i1 Q2 ;g of ;.‘ahua,1@· of each §`f3£LI‘ gilvingg a full t.;tatemen‘¤‘;
or the progress and c~p¤··1·mtf» a  sj   <:T $1,200 per enmm.   v
See ‘“?·z·pe;v<;r1rn+; of j.Ilf$I}Zi.1}l?.'l¥jliliwt, "Genemll Pc~·wez;·;i.    
Duties", 5*5.
V'I. Fl na_;ygg_g1 Pro`<;1_:g5·p;,; ‘
73.:; f¥c;;1;’ede;rate Vets 2#ans” Home is financed by sggr+;;;=:a*3.e.t1ons
out of the State T;·ees:e.1"j*..  
1¤,¤z;<>.s£>._ .021  ILL  my
{,}].13;;   <*:? :_il5;156   agaproprlated for the %»»i.<»?<.;  begginnihg
July 1, 1955 and euciing; June LO, 1957., 28/ -
f..11m* ?r13l.Oll of Imnds: 2_E§/ Biennxal l1t;:h  
’§m¤Q1.  s·;»i_1le1·s at $3425 per annum . . ., t. . 10,2520
Burzi;}. etswveuses ov? 12 soldiers not to
e‘:1Jeed..%"’5 each , J , . . . . . . . . . A 900
Religlous services , ...... . . . . . . 400 1
Ji;>l:en;> <:a1e>e.1i¢ Q , . ..,. ‘ C . . . . Y, .  
;k>nt.lT;_.r ;l1ysran=:e, $5 each per month for
Total ...... $15,2-56
25. Code (1952), Bel:. 4934, 4985, ·L9‘3»5.
26. Ibid, Sec. 4932,
2’7. Ibid, Sec. 49930,
28. Public Acts, Bhmra Sesslon (19155), Ch. 19, Sec. 1. O

 %  @ennessee ~ Abstract or Administrative ?rovi2i¢n< €Ol5
it r   r   .
  O sU:;RlN'i‘Ei»oEijQ
    !2Ei.Qi.§;§§.O.OL. .@-..FE§B.T~E.·~£.£%;“252*   ‘ ,`    ; * l Qi
Q (Statutory Body)
‘        ,.;    
{Q {l) The Superintendent, who is the e illil e ,.‘ o. the Home
i and School for Feeple~minded Persons, has the direei ranugonitz .;* iomtrol
. g of the institution, under the supervision and gene;;l rogogemgn oi tn;
Q Commissioner of lnstitutionss Egf
    ___,,, ,__._,_,,i,,_,_,_,,,.,_l,,,,,_l,,,,,,l,__,,_.,..:,.,,.....,,..‘¤...,.........‘......,,...`.¤,,....=...,s,.V¤. .·i on .i . s s V - —-VW ‘ »- · . » , A  _s.=m,-.-ss...
V     once (ieee}, Sec; 4525U
i gommgtmgnti Eligibility ~ any person witn sion a iEL~`/ ~. isiiil dnfec»
tiveness from Birth or early age that he is unable to csi; is: himself and
{ manage his affairs sud is a menace to the hsppinsss or ;af.t i’_‘ wi L rsolr or of
i others in the commvniti is considered feeble~minded unacy nb: vrsrisions of this
L lout No patient or inmate Amy he received under the age of J ye; s or over the
t nge of 5O years, No feehle»minded person accused of e xrims fvlanri or mis~
  • demeanor may be armxmitioedi to any institution in   Sr iz   ci<`·;;2= raise; *2i;: home
t and School for Feehle~minded Persons, provided this section is not lrylicablo
to any person charged with murder or rape; Code ii*E2) Seo, ifni eilb, 4554e
npplication ~ The father or ;;they, ii livi;_ 3;; the S or the
y guardian, any health officer, school official, court, or WQO?V;T ne; custody of
( the child may epply to the Commissioner of Institutions gr superintendent of the
y Home for the admission of any child, male or female, to the Hons. supplying
such data as the Superintendent and the Commissioner reguir;. if, in the judg~
ment of the applicant, the child is feeble~minded, Heletivcs ma? make applicae
tion to here e person adjudged feehle·minded, out ii they neglect to und allow
I the person to go at large, then any reputable citizen may dr sos Itigr Sec}
_  5% , 453.0:,
  Hearing » The chancery, circuit oourwj, cri p r“·ie courts
l here concurrent jurisdiction in all cases of legal ingnizs iu iegeri to
feebleemindedness and applications for commitment