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Published by THE DIBDIN CLUB 1901 
   Copyright, igoi


William Harvey Miner. 

HE following list   in preparing which

the.method adopted by the lateT. W.

Field in compiling his valuable "Essay Towards an Indian Bibliography" has been followed   includes all that could be found, after a lengthy and exhaustive search, that deals in any way with the life and adventures of Boone. The numerous school and general histories of our country have not been included, because, with the exception of Bancroft, Winsor and Hildreth, it would avail the student but little to turn to these for information. Bancroft may be considered to have made the only attempt at research above the average. Histories of the State of Kentucky have little value, as a rule, for material contained in them usually is nothing more or less than borrowed statements, and even as such of little worth. The notable exceptions are: Humphrey Marshall's "History of Kentucky," Mann Butler's "History of the Commonwealth of Kentucky," and Lewis Collins's "Historical Sketches of Kentucky."    Of   the   more   recent works



Shaler's is probably the best. Among the histories of Tennessee and Missouri, John Haywood's two works, "Natural and Aboriginal History of Tennessee" and "Civil and Political History of Tennessee," are probably of the most value, though published as early as 1823. James Phelan's "History of Tennessee" ranks with Shaler's on the adjoining State. Paul Allen's "History of the Expedition under the Command of Captains Lewis and Clark" also contain much information on the subject.

The library of Colonel Reuben T. Durrett at Louisville contains a great deal of valuable material of great interest; his "Life of John Filson," (No. I, Filson Club Publications,) and his "Centenary of Kentucky," .(No. 7, Filson Club Publications,) both refer indirectly to Daniel Boone, as does the paper by Thomas Speed, "The Wilderness Road," being No. 2 of the Filson Club Publications. Col. Durrett's collection of portraits and relics of Boone is probably the most complete in existence. Among the papers of the late Lyman C. Draper of Madison, Wis., is much valuable Boone material, chiefly autographs, letters and documents. These are now in possession of the Wisconsin Historical Society, and were eventually to be published in a volume to be


entitled "Border Forays and Adventures." Henry B. Dawson's paper on the siege of Fort Boone, August 8-20, 1778, is excellent, as is also the introduction to William L. Stone's "Life of Brant," which touches on, the border wars. Abiel Holmes in his "Annals of America" makes but one reference to Boone. Lord Byron eulogizes the American pioneer in "Don Juan," viii., 61-65, (1821.) Cooper has used him as a model for the hero of the "Leather Stocking Tales," though under different conditions and circumstances; and others, without change of name, have brought him before the public.

An adequate and trustworthy life of Daniel Boone, however, must yet be written. In spite of the many references to his life in books and periodical literature, and a few so-called biographies, we know but little of him and his real life. Active during that period which, historically, was so vital to the growth and strength of our country (1735-1820,) his existence must always be one of intense contemporary interest both to the historian and the student.

The few so-called biographies of Boone give but little information concerning the real man, and no two seem to agree on any of the vital points in his life.   According to the


best and most recent authorities Boone was born October 22, 1733, in that portion of Philadelphia County, Pa., that is now known as Berks County. Dr. Peter G. Bertelot had in preparation at the time of his death, in 1865, a work which was to be published under the title of "Oley and Vicinity," the manuscript of which is now in the possession of the Pennsylvania Historical Society. In this Dr. Bertelot asserts that "it is beyond a doubt that he [BooneJ was a son of Berks, born in Oley township, and the house in which this occurred is partly standing yet." John F. Watson in a paper read before the Pennsylvania Historical Society, Tuesday, May 17, 1853, made the same statement.

Boone's migrations extended over Pennsylvania to Virginia and West Virginia, in his day one State, thence to North Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee, Transylvania, or Watauga, as it was then called. Ohio and the Illinois County, and at last to Missouri, where he died at Charette village, September 23, 1820, aged 85 years, 11 months and 4 days. In 1845 his remains, with those of his wife, were removed to Frankfort, Ky., and on that occasion, August 20, the Hon. J. J. Crittenden, delivered a fitting eulogy.

The compiler acknowledges- his gratitude


to Mr. Hugh A. Morrison, Jr., and to Mr. J. G. Morrison, both of the Congressional Library, for their valuable and courteous assistance ; also to Mr. John Skinner, of Albany, N. Y., who has voluntarily furnished aid. To the student of American pioneer history the library of Col. R. T. Durrett, of Louisville, Ky., is invaluable, and to its owner the undersigned wishes to publicly express his thanks for the invitation to avail himself to his heart's content of all its treasures. To Dr. J. P. Hale, of the West Virginia Historical Society, must the compiler also feel himself ir debted, as a Boone enthusiast;. and lastly, to Mr. Adolph Growoll, of the Publishers' Weekly, who has taken such a kindly interest in the work throughout.

William Harvey Miner.

"The Forest," Glenndale, Md. July 25, 1901.


Abbott, (John Stevens Cabot.) Daniel Boone, the pioneer of Kentucky. N. Y., Dodd, Mead & Co., 1872.    331 p., i2mo.

Contains nothing original.

Abbott, (John Stevens Cabot.) History of the State of Ohio, from the discovery of the great valley to the present time. Detroit, Northwestern Publishing Co., 1875. 8vo.

Devotes nearly seventy-five pages to Daniel Boone and his exploits, which is in reality merely a condensation from his life of Boone, published in 1872.

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Also included in trie Kentucky Geological Survey Reports under the direction of Prof. N. S. Shaler. Contains references of historical interest to both Daniel Boone and Nathaniel Boone. An excellent work.

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Contains the usual amount of biographical material to be expected in such work.

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Volume I. contains a chapter on "The Kentucky adventures of Daniel Boone."

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Another and much more sumptuous edition of practically the same work was issued by the Scrib-ners in 1897, (8vo, 2 vols.,) and edited by Dr. Elliot Coues. The works contain two or three anecdotes of Daniel Boone and Audubon often found elsewhere. Audubon's description of the man is interesting, but, we fear, inaccurate.

Audubon, (John James.) Ornithological biography, or, an account of the habits of the birds of the United States of America . . . and interspersed with delineations of American scenery and manners. 5 v. Phila., E. L. Cary and A. Hart, 1832.   Large 8vo.

Audubon met and conversed with Daniel Boone, and gives us an excellent account of the episode.

Barber, (John W.) Incidents in American history. Boston, G. F. Cooledge & Bro., 1847. i2mo.

A small portion of the book relates to Boone. Of little value.

Barber, (John W.) and (Elizabeth G.) Historical, poetical and pictorial American scenes . . . being a selection of interesting


incidents in American history. . . . New Haven, published for J. H. Bradley, [1850.] l2mo.

Rather a new edition of the preceding title with some new material. The woodcuts are really interesting. One of these representing "Col. Boon's First View of Kentucky," together with eight stanzas by "E. G. B." commemorative of the event, is the extent of the book's usefulness in this particular line.

Bass, (Florence.) Stories of pioneer life for young readers. Boston, D. C. Heath & Co., 1900. i2mo.

The whole of chapter V. is given to Daniel Boone.   Intended for the youngest readers.

Bateman, (Horatio.) Biographies of two hundred and fifty distinguished national men. 2 v. N. Y., John T. Giles & Co., 1871. i2mo.

Biography No. 95 of one page is given to Daniel Boone. Valueless.

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Contains a three-column article on Daniel Boone and a steel portrait from Harding's painting.

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Also to be found with the imprint, N. Y. and Auburn, 1836, 464 p., Boston, 1850, 464 p., and N. Y., 1864. Now published by Lee & Shepard and entitled "The Border Boy."


[Bookstaver, (James N.)] Indian massacres and tales of the Redskins: an authentic history of the American Indian from 1492 to the present time. N. Y., A. D. Porter, 1895. i2mo.

Chapter VIII. "Reminiscences of Daniel Boone, his hairbreadth escapes" is of little value.

Boon[e], (Daniel.) Life and adventures, written by himself. Brooklyn, N. Y., (for C. Wilder,) 1823.   36 p., i2mo.

The first edition of this pamphlet of which Field's "Indian bibliography" notes the second. (Brooklyn, 1824) and Sabin describes a third, (Providence, R. I., H. Trumbull, 1824.) The C. I. Bushnel sale at Bangs', in 1883, catalogues one with the date 1828, but this no doubt wai erroneous. The first edition has been seen with Lord Byron's eulogy on Boone and also his "Choice of Life" appended. It sold at the Brin-ley sale for $55.00. Copies of the Providence edition, which is the same as is contained in Imlay's "Description," q. v., have sold for five and seven dollars under the hammer.

Boone, (Daniel.) Life and times of, including an account of the early settlement of Kentucky. Phil., G. G. Evans, [n, d.] i2mo.

According to Sabin (6374,) this is a reproduction of some anonymous book, with a new title-page. As Evans was the publisher of Hartley's "Life" (1859,) and his title in many ways resembles this, it is probably the same book.

Boone, (Daniel.)   Life of Daniel Boone, tjie pioneer of Kentucky.   Boston, E. O. Libby & Co., 1858. i2mo. Sabin, 6373.

Boone, (Daniel.)   Report on petition of heirs


of Daniel Boone, House of Representatives select committee, July 2, 1838. Reports of Committees, No. 1039, 25th Congress, 2d session, V. IV. Government Printing Office.   1 p., 8vo.

.Recommends  allowance  for  services  in tht army.   Bill reported.

Bright, (John M.) Donelson and the pioneers of Middle Tennessee. Washington, Globe Printing and Publishing House, 1880. 8vo.

Excellent, though brief.   References to Daniel Boone and Kentucky.

Bryan, (Daniel.) The mountain muse: comprising the adventures of Daniel Boone. Harrisonburg, (Va.) (the author,) 1813. 252 p., i2mo.

A lengthy exposition in verse, of the daring deeds of this valiant hero.

Butterfield, (Consul Willshire.) History of the Girtys, a concise account of them and their part taken during the war of the revolution. Cincinnati, Robert Clarke & Co., 1890. 8vo.

Contains   occasional   references   to Daniel Boone.

Cattermole, (E. G.) Famous frontiersmen, pioneers and scouts: the vanguards of American colonization . . . lives and marvellous exploits of the most renowned heroes, trappers and explorers . . . including Boone . . . Brady, Crockett. . . . Chicago, Coburn & Neuman Pub. Co., 1883. 8vo. Five chapters of unusual interest including the


first sixty-five pages of the work. Written with an attempt at authority, and worthy of perusal.

Clark, (George Rogers.) Sketch of his campaign in the Illinois in 1778-9, with an introduction by Hon. Henry Pirtle of Louisville and an appendix containing the Public and Private Instructions to Col. Clark and Major Bowman's Journal of the taking of Post St. Vincents. Cincinnati, Robert Clarke & Co., 1869. 8vo.

Contains a selection from Daniel Boone's autobiography or narrative as contained in Imlay.

Cody, (William F.,) ("Buffalo Bill," pseud.) Story of the Wild West and camp fire chats ... a full and complete history of the reuouned pioneer quartette Boone, Crockett, Carson, and Buffalo Bill. Chicago, R. S. Peale & Co., [1888.] 8vo.

The first quarter of the work, which is devoted to Boone, is extremely interesting and readable, and contains all the essential facts, though without new ones, and shows but little original research.

Collins, (Lewis.) Historical sketches of Kentucky . . . with anecdotes of pioneers and more than one hundred biographical sketches . . . Maysville, (Ky.,) and Cincinnati, J. A. & U. P. James, 1847. 8vo.

Contains considerable material relative to Boone and the Boone family. Other editions in 1848 and 1850. Copies with the imprint of Phila., 1847, are occasionally seen.

Dawson, (Henry B.) Battles of the United States by sea and land. 2 vols. N. Y., Johnson, Fry & Co., 1858. 4to.

Volume I. contains six pages relating to the


siege of Fort Boone, Aug. 8-20, 1778, and a brief sketch of the individual. Another edition of the same work with title changed to "Battles of the war of the Revolution" was published at Mor-risiana, N. Y., in 1867.

Day, (Sherman.) Historical collections of the State of Pennsylvania. Phila., George W. Gorton, [1843.] 8vo.

Contains notices of Daniel Boone and his followers.

De Bows, (James Dunworthy Brownson.) The industrial resources, etc., of the southern and western states. 3 v. New Orleans, (the author,)  1852-53. 8vo.

Volumes I. and II. contain references to Boone. A third edition of the work was published in New York in one volume, 8vo, 1834.

Dodge, (J. R.) Red men of the Ohio Valley; an aboriginal history. Springfield, (O.,) Ruralist Publishing Co., i860. l2mo.

.About a quarter of the material in the volume is devoted to Boone and worthy of perusal.

Donaldson, (Thomas.) The George Catlin Indian Gallery in the U. S. National Museum, with memoir and statistics. Washington, Government Printing Office, 1885. 8vo.

Contains a sketch of a visit to Boone in 1806 by Babasheela, an Englishman. Three pages of great contemporary interest.

Drake, (Daniel.) Life of Daniel Boone. [Cincinnati, 1825.]   230 p., l2mo.

The above, with the exception of the place and date, is from Sabin, No. 20820. The only other reference which I have found is in Thomson's "Bibliography of Ohio," which is a mere mention.   None of the six sketches of Dr. Drake


give the slightest clew, and my information as to the date and place comes from a friend in Cincinnati. The publisher I have not discovered, if, indeed, the book ever existed.

Drake, (Francis S.) Indian history for young folks. N. Y., Harper & Bros., 1885. 8vo.

Chapter XIV., of twenty-two pages, is entitled "The Backwoodsmen of Kentucky" and gives some very readable and interesting facts concerning Daniel Boone.

Drake, (Samuel Adams.) The making of the Ohio Valley States, 1660-1837. N. Y., Charles Scribner's Sons, 1894, 12  .

Might readily be termed a history of the early northwest.   Valuable, though elementary.

Drake, (Samuel G.) Biography and history of the Indians of North America, from its first discovery. Boston, B. B. Mussey & Co., 1851. 8vo.

An excellent work with several lengthy references to Daniel Boone, though the work claims to give but little attention to others aside from the Indians. Drake devoted his life to the project. First edition published in Boston in 1832 by Josiah Drake and entitled "Indian Biography."

Duyckinck, (Evert Augustus.) National portrait gallery of eminent Americans, from paintings by Alonzo Chappel. New edition. 2 v.   Johnson, Fry & Co., 1864-67. 4to.

Volume I. contains a biographical sketch of Boone, by Duyckinck.

Egcleston, (Edward.) Stories of great Americans for little Americans. N. Y., American Book Co., 1895. l2mo.

Seven pages of elementary material concerning Daniel Boone.


Ellet, (Mrs. Elizabeth Fries Lummis.) Pioneer women of the west. N. Y., C. Scrib-ner, 1852. i2mo.

Contains a chapter on Rebecca Boone, wife of Daniel Boone, and many references to him in domestic life. Now published by George W. Jacobs & Co., Phila.

Ellis, (Edward S.) In the days of the pioneers. Phil., Henry T. Coates 6k Co., 1897. i2mo.

Volume II. of the Boone and Kenton series. (Juvenile.) Introduces Boone as one of the characters.

Ellis, (Edward S.) Life and times of Colonel Daniel Boone, the hunter of Kentucky. N. Y., Beadle's Dime Biographies, No. 2, i860.  96 p., i6mo.

Also two editions of 269 pages each at Phila., 1864, and one of 267 pages at Cincinnati. Now published by H. T. Coates & Co., Philadelphia.

Elson, (Henry William.) The story of a wonderful hunter; Daniel Boone. Phila., J. M. Stradling & Co., 1809.   72 p., l2mo.

Another contribution to the now numerous and equally valueless juveniles.

English, (William Hayden.) Conquest of the country northwest of the River Ohio, 1778-1783, and life of Gen. George Rogers Clark. 2 vols. Indianapolis and Kansas City, The Bowen-Merrill Co., 1896. 8vo.

A lengthy and valuable work, giving much of contemporary interest concerning Daniel Boone and the Boone family.

Everett,  (Edward.)    The Mount Vernon


papers. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co., 1869. 8vo.

.Paper No. LII. of nine pages devoted to the life of Daniel Boone.

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Contains much valuable material concerning Daniel Boone.

Filson, (John.) The discovery, settlement, and present state of Kentucke ... to which is added an appendix containing the adventures of Colonel Daniel Boone, one of the first settlers. Wilmington, (Del.,) printed by James Adams, 1784.   118 p., 8vo.

French translation by Parraud, Paris, 1785, 232 pages, 8vo, also an English edition, London, r793- This is Boone's own account as dictated to Filson. The Wilmington edition has sold for $120.00.   See also Imlay.

First Century of the Republic, (The,) a review of American progress, compiled by Theodore D. Woolsey, David A. Wells, Francis A. Walker and others. N. Y., Harper & Bros., 1876. 8vo.

Contains two references to Daniel Boone.

Flint, (Timothy.) Biographical memoir of Daniel Boone, the first settler of Kentucky. Cincinnati, George Conclin, 1833. 267 p., i2mo.

The above was reprinted in 1834, 1840 and 1841. In 1842, 1846, 1849, 1850 and 1851 it was again reprinted by the same firm in editions of 252 pages. Applegate & Co., of Cincinnati, also issued an edition with the same number of pages


in 1855. The work later reproduced by this firm as "The First White Man of the West; or, the Life and Exploits of Colonel Daniel Boone, the First Settler of Kentucky," 1856 and 1858, 252 pages. In 1868 U. P. James issued an edition to which was added "An Account of Capt. Estill's Defeat," map and three plates, 256 pages, 160. This is now to be had of Hurst & Co., N. Y., in 120. The 1841 Conclin edition sold at the Brin-ley sale for $2.25.

Flint, (Timothy.) Indian wars of the west . . , biographical sketches of those pioneers who headed l