The college’s faculty remain committed to providing a world-class phannacy education. And the
college’s alumni continue to serve as change agents and economic development engines in
communities across the Commonwealth.
The dean took time to applaud the college’s community-based faculty. Phannacy
students are on campus receiving their classroom and laboratory education for the first three
years of school. During their fourth year, they are putting those lessons to work in communities
across Kentucky. The UK College of Pharmacy has more than 300 community-based faculty
across this state.
Those faculty members help the College of Phannacy live UK’s land-grant mission of
serving Kentucky communities every day. The college maintains a presence in communities
across Kentucky, with UK phannacy alumni working in 119 of 120 Kentucky counties. College
of Pharmacy faculty, students, and alumni are working every day to create healthier and
wealthier Kentucky communities.
Dean Tracy discussed how UK PhannD students are number one in the nation in first-
time pass rates (99.6 percent over the past 6 years) on the NAPLEX, the national licensing
examination. But that figure tells only part ofthe story. Eighty-six percent ofthe college’s
students are from Kentucky. They are Kentucky’s sons and daughters — the products of Pikeville
and Paducah and everywhere between. And every year, they show the world that they can
compete — that Kentucky kids are just as academically talented as any students in the nation.
The college is home to some of the top phannacy researchers in the word. Phannacy
researchers are currently ranked fourth in the nation in research productivity measures, and they
generate annual research expenditures of more than $11 million. Dean Tracy mentioned that the
college is in the process of hiring a high-profile researcher who will bring total funding of about
$13 million to the university.
Finally, Dean Tracy provided the Board of Trustees a glimpse into where the college is
headed in the months and years ahead. He said the college is putting the finishing touches on its
strategic plan, which will focus on four maj or pillars:
Innovations in Education
Research Enterprise Expansion
Practice Enhancement, Enrichment, and Engagement
Recruitment, Retention, and Academic Environment Refonn
Dean Tracy concluded his remarks by thanking the Board of Trustees for this opportunity
and opened the floor for questions.
In response to a question from President Todd, Dean Tracy commented on Phannacy’s
tradition of entrepreneurship. The college has one ofthe broadest intellectual property portfolios
in the university. It has multiple drugs that are in clinical trials, as well as drugs that are
receiving royalties for the college. The faculty show an entrepreneurial spirit, but they do so as