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Vol. XCV ”No. 25

University of Kentucky. Lexington, Kentucky

Independent since 1971

Kentucky Kernel

_ Established 1894 Wednesday, September 30. 1992


Officials: Many reasons some minorities leave school


By Amy Rogers
Contributing Writer


Minority stttdent enrollment at
UK is on the rise. But tio students
stay after they get here‘.‘

Most freshmen who receive fi-
nancial aid frorii Minority Student
Fiscal Affairs remain at the Univer-
sity past the first year.

But in the spring 1901 semester,
56 out of the 4-17 students who res
cerved scholarships or grants from

the minority affairs ollrce III the fall
semester did not return.

Joyce Beau). director oi Mtnori»
ty Student FISCUI :\ll;Ilr\‘, said there
are a number oi reasons why stu<
dents do not return.

Some sttrdeuts lose eligibility for
grants or scholarships becatrse of
poor academic periorrnance. she
said. Scholarships and grants re
quire students to maintain a certain
grade-point average.

Other students simply carniot af-

ford to pay expenses that linancial
aid does not cover.

“It’s a matter of personal budget
and personal problems,“ Beatty
said. “Financial aid is there. The
fact is, not everyone is eligible."

The minority affairs oiitce pro-
vides support for students in aca~
dernic trouble.

The learning Services Center. a
unit of Minority Student Fiscal Af-
fairs provides academic and person—
al counseling for students.

The center also proitdes tutorial
services, goal setting workshops
and peer counselors.

In addition to these services,
there is a learning specialist who
helps students with time manage-
rnetit. study skills and writing.

Small grotip sessions are a part of

the program, as well.

The most requested service at
learning services is tutoring. The
tutorial .ser\ tc es are iree.

If a tutor is not available for a

specific subject. one will be provid-
ed for the student.

Students who retene scholar-
ships and grants from Minority Stu—
dent Fiscal Al‘fatrs rtteet with coun-
selors from learning Services three
times durtrig the semester to review
academic perfonnance

“Take .i\cademtc Control" is a
program involving students and
their counselors. .-\t the meetings.
students are encouraged to study
and ask counselors questions".


K azaklrstan’s
study at UK

By Brant Welch
Senior Staff Writer



Thirty college professors frorn
the iorrner Soviet republic oi Ka-
Iakhstan are trying to Ieam every-
tlittig there is to know about free

market economies in orily a
months time.
The professors are attending

classes at l'K for iour weeks to
gather information about the [Init-
ed States“ economic system.

I'K oiftcials. as well as the KaA
Iakhslan professors who arrived
on campus Sept. l2, said the eco-
nomics classes will greatly benefit
the Marxist republic.

The professors attend econom-
ics classes each morning and take
trips to Kentucky businesses or at‘
tend special sessions in the alter-

“These are all professors who
teach economics at major universi-
ties in Kazakhstan. anti their train-
ing has all been in Marxist eco—
nomics." said Richard Furst, dean
of the college of business and eco-
nomics. Farsi helped set up the

“What we are doing is introduc-


Free Market 101: Crash course



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i \N IMongolia

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Kazakhstan ti


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