"The most Wonderful Book ever Written.


               Interior Science of Ian
A  Czmprhensive      and COefidntia   l Treaies an the Strmctre au( Puntens,
  PaiOWal attractios      and Prresions; Trie ad False Physical and Social
  Conditions, and the most intimate relations of men and omen. By T. L.
  Nichoh, X. D.    482 pages, 1 engraving, eloth.
  Tips BOOK IS ALI MA ITS gTIm  IiDwcATgs.-It treas .q of the generation, formation, birth, infancy
youth, manhood, old ag-., and death of  anof  alth aijd diowase, marriage and celibacy, virtue
3nml vice, hapinc-s annl misery; of education, development, and the laws of a true life. It Is ini,
tended to an. wer all qustions, and to give the fullest and most r.li;.ble information on every subject
of a physiulogicti or medicAl natur-to be k-faithful friend in health and disease, nnd in all th"
conditions of lite, especially to the young of both sexts, and tmose who are about to enter upon new
  It contains the highest and deepes trutha. in Human Physiology, with their individmil and social
application; the true nature and hi4den causes ox diwease; the condition of health, phyiical and pas-
o4onAl; all that inftrmnati.,n which ev.sty human being needs, which few dare to ask for, or knovt
how toolbtain, but whichl, amnid Ute diaes& lances of civilization, is of priceless value.
  The portion of di.' w.ork on the geneistive systei. is written with entire frankness and fully illus-
  roteand is unqueitionably the most  minarkalylk vxrxp-imion of thie physical, spiritual, and passional
latu.e oi lofan  i vir written-o remarmiqlile nWCeCA, thlat it h1s seemed to many peerso=ii to be the re-
sult of d.r,'ct i .t;in.tiot. The whople sw4j.;tc of thb& relaniotns of the sexes, or love, marriage, an.'
putztriiiiy; I.t iia open, as it never lias kx-,un "Iy any other author. A ioiseelialleous chafjter, fnrninnv
anl alIpenlaix to this portion of the work, is als) of a vcrv remnarkakl character. It ha.s been tr
said " There con .careely be any important question, whiah any man or woman can ever ineed to A
a phy-ician, to which tl;is Iook does not contain an answer."  The diseases of the generative sys-
tem, phyic.dl and passional, ar- treated of with great ft mness.
  .. Jreds of viduntitry tetinuoninIs to the extraterwdnauv character and merits of this book lhavt
bLen received from persuas eminently q ualitied to judge, Among which are clergymen, physicians
lawyers,eollege ljroiessors, etc. We select the following:
0I look upou it," says Ds. rpruasp, of tForest Cits, dev,'op. and ennoble the minndsiof tbe.people.'
. Y..  a the al.st w.'mlderful book ever written. It 1 D r. FASIRA, of Portland, Me.. says, - Poterie Au
maio a imew era in lmteratuee and lit."     i thropolgy is vital ineverypart.refrelsingavery man's
  "What a pit," 'ays Wr. 'iCUuLL, of ld., - tbat a a-d wolan's soul that reads it with a most gratefu,
COpy cGanot be found in every faanily iu time bbole vel," oI Its truth and importance. I know ofo wqao
wori ! '                                     EI the wOTl'l lIke it. or comparable with if."
   'lb iabook.,'says Dr. Doves. of Owego. 11 Y."- cn -  I- I ha .r read ' EIOTYhTIC .-ANTfiHOPOLOGY
taftls more that is wsi,,hty il f4ct, -od sound ii. p1x.o'- idb a I I.e. .e 1' arne-tn sa and a hsi- inic interer
sophy;  ore that is udefui in miedisaI scimiace andi willt wi.t. h I i-tve!ver pei;-.ed the mo.'L wAnlllant r
efiectivo in niedical art; more thatia purilative aid miniance. It hi-s sired nobler eemiotiois.i and deepri
elevative of man than any one workis volumes few  pletarsne. ' Trulh' is more atiractive than I fiction.
or many that has ever graced le 141RARISm  M3cAL. oft The wn k, 1 btlieve to be eninently- true to nature-to
civilization."                           . I her us.erring laws; I liestate. not, therefore, to prio-
   It contains," ways Pr. Rassx. of RaIlne, Wi.. jufst miounce it a noble work. It will be' great blessing to
uch kneowiedge" awuerimg world seaia,toetligbten. bamanity."-Ptor. ALLEN. 01 Anti.ch College.
  Theenthusiastie lect res ecting it, received, would fill a volume, larger than hook itself. Sac-
rificing every personal consideration, and changing his first intention, iwhich wnaf to keep it as
strictly privatn  aud profeesounl work, a physiological mi'sttW as its title indicates-the autho
offers ESQWENIC A'muaors'ouoy to tue whole public of readlrs; satisfied that no permanent evil as
result to any human being from the knowledge of the deepest truths, and most sacred mvsteries o
the science of life.
t XACK TlfI.-Nearly every oiet work on this subiect directs the realder to apply to its authoi
fora plresription in ease of sickness, accompanied by a fee; while thiis, although its author is
ractissing plysician, contains not a lin"n of this kind; its whole tendency being, to place ever
rader, whether male or female, entirely above the need of a physician.


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   The attention co  Lecture  d  Book Agents is especially called to this work at being
like,'y to give more asatiactim   to th tho gh//ul and inqUsirin  'eader than almost and
odier tVey could introduce.