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                    UNIVERSITY  OF KENTUCIKY

                          May 8, 1918.

      The Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky met

in call session at 11 o'clock on the above named date in the

Trustees' room on the University grounds, with the following

nresent: Messrs. J.I.Lyle, H.E.Froman, R.C.Stoll, P.P.Johnston

Jr. , Rainey Wells, J.M.Turn-er, J.M.Elliston, V.O.Gilbert,

R.P.Ernist, Matt Cohen, R.G.Gordon and President McVey. Governor

Stanley telephoned that he had been delayed about an hour and

came into the room later. In the meantime Mr. Stoll called the

Board to order and acted as chairman until Governor Stanley


       Ur. Stoll explained that the old Board having been

abolished by recent act of the Legislature, the Board now sitting

constituted the new Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky.

       The Board proceeded to organize by electing the following:

       R.C.Stoll, Vice-chairman

       Wellington Patrick, Secretary

       John R. Downing, Treasurer.

       Executive Comnmittee R.C.Stoll, chairman, Lz!essrs. Ernst,

Gordon, Elliston, Johnston.

       It was announced in this connection that the retirement

of Mr. Grehan from the secretaryship was at his request in order

that he might give all his time to the Department of Journalism.

       At this point Governor Stanley arrived and took the chair.


       The minutes of the previous meeting of the Board of

Trustees were read.

       The minutes of the Executive Committee were approved.

       Mr. Stoll stated that as the meeting of December 10 was

a meeting in which the business of the Board was transacted by a

Committee of the Whole it would be desirable to adopt a resolu-

tion making the minutes of the Committee of the Whole the action

of the Board.

       On motion of Mr. Gordon, seconded by Mr. Lyle the

following resolution was adopted:

       "Be it resolved, that the minutes of the Mleeting of

December 10, 1918, be approved as minutes of the Board of Trustees

and be made the action of said Board."

       The President then made the following report consisting

of a resume of activities of the University under his administra-

tion up to the present time.  He reviewed the financial situation

at the University, indicating that the University will receive

from the State this year more than .,200,000 in excess of what it

received from the same source last year; that the income from the

State and the Federal Government to the University will be

approximately more than .450,000 from the general fund; that the

Experiment Station will receive from the State and the Govern-

ment 4185 ,000; that the Extension Fund from the State and

Government will amount to ~197,617.22; that the Board of Health

Fund will add another tl18,000 and that $42,000will be received

from the Government for special training of men now at Camp




       In response to a question by Mr. Lyle concerning the

housing of draftees from Tennessee now being trained in military

service by the University, President McVey reported briefly that

the men were being quartered at the Fair Grounds where kitchen

and dining room and general living arrangements had been prepared

under contract with the Government covering a period of 60 days

for which they had been sent to the University and that these

men would receive training in mechanical work in automobiles,

carpentering, blacksmithing, radio-signaling.

       The total estimated income, the President said further,

for the University and Experiment Station including money for

Extension work, Board of Health work and military training of

drafted men will be approximately $940,000.

       President McVey indicated in a general way what the

University expects to accomplish in the way of construction for

the forthcoming year.  Owing to difficulties in procuring

necessary labor and building material he said the building

program for the year would be curtailed. He said it would be

confined to the probable construction of a third floor over the

rear of Patterson Hall, rejuvenation of dormitories for meon, a

new shed for mechanical engineering, repairing of the chapel,

erection of a temporary home for home economics and the con-

struction of a heating plant adequate to take care of the situa-

tion at present.  The President indicated that owing to the war

it would be out of the question at present to consider a heating

plant such as had been previously discussed.



      President NcVey reported to the Board, that acting

under authorization of the Executive Committee he had pro.

cured the services of Olmstead Brothers of Brookline.

Massachusetts, foremost landscape architects of this country,

to make plans for the campus and recommended that Arthur

Cooledge of Boston be employed as advisory architect to work

jointly with Olmstead Brothers.

       The President further reported that he had been strongly

urged recently to consolidate with the University' the schools

of medicine and dentistry at Louisville. He indicated that he

had discussed the matter with Dr. Henry S. Pritchitt of the

Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Teaching, Dr. Flexner

of Rockefeller Institute and Dr. John G. Boling, Secretary of

the American Institute of Medicine and had come to the con-

clusion that if anything were done regarding consolidation of

these institutions with the University it should be done with

full knowledge and consent of the State Legislature.

       On motion duly seconded the Board adopted a resolution

accepting the President's report and ordering a digest thereof

spread upon these minutes.

       The President offered for the consideration of the

Board the budget for the University for the year 1918-19 which

was discussed in full.

       Mr. Stoll moved that this budget be approved and adopted

tentatively as the basis of expenditures by the University for

1918-19.  Mr. Cohen seconded the motion.  Upon call of the roll

the budget was adopted by unanimous vote.



      Upon recommendation of the President, on motion duly

seconded, the Board adopted a resolution establishing the

following departments:

       Art and Design
       M5us i c
       History and Political Science
       German Language and Literature
       Romance Languages and Literatures
       Ancient Languages and Literatures
       Economics and Sociology

       The Department of Botany was transferred from the College
of Agriculture to the College of Liberal Arts.

       On recommendation of the President and on motion duly

seconded, the Board adopted a resolution by unanimous vote

adding the following members to the faculty in connection with

the beforernentioned departments:

       Dr. C.A.Shull, PhD Cornell University, Head of the
Department of Botany.  Salary $2500O

       Dr. C.B.Cornell, University of Nebraska, Assistant
Professor of Psychology.  Salary t1800.

       E.C.Mabie, Assistant Professor of Public Speaking.
Salary $1800.

       W.D.Funkhouser, PhD Cornell University, Head Department
of Zoology. Salary $2500.

       Carl Lampert, Head Department of Music.   Salary $2500.

       Dr. Glanville Terrell, Head Department of Greek, trans-
ferred to Head of the Department of Philosophy .

       In Physical Education Andrew Gill, Head Coach. Salary

       Florence M. Barrett, M.A. Chicago, instructor in Romance
Languages. Salary $1200.

       Professor W.L.Summers, J.D. now Professor of Law at
University of Florida, to be Professor of Law. Salary $2500.



       E.3.Gott transferred to the Department of Bacteriology.

       Engineering.  E.E.Bureau, Assistant Professor.   Salary

       Miss Mabel Pollitt, Ancient Languages,   one half time

       The President stated that he would later submit a roster

of all salaries of the University.

       President MIcVey said that it had been suggested that

some sort of brief program of installation of the new President

should be prepared and that while he felt a delicacy in making

any suggestions along this line, if such a program were given

he would advise that it be held on the afternoon of June 4.

       On motion made by Mr. Gordon and seconded by Mr. Cohen

the Executive Committee was instructed to act in conjunction

with a Senate program committee in the preparation of such


       On motion duly seconded the Board adjourned.

                         Respectfully submitted,

                                Enoch Grehan