xt7vq814nr5p https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7vq814nr5p/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky (Fayette County) University of Kentucky 1938 yearbooks ukyrbk1938 English The Kentucky Kernel, Lexington, Kentucky Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection The Kentuckian text The Kentuckian 1938 2012 true xt7vq814nr5p section xt7vq814nr5p                 i- 9    96                    V
Kentucky vaunts its women in the face of the world. And justly has she earned that right. For factnot fancyleads the proud Kentuckian to boast of those who equal in fame the Thoroughbred.
In its men, descended from the venturesome "Leatherstockings" who first blazed a trail through the "dark and bloody" territory, the gawkiness of hardy forebears is a diminishing characteristic, yet the gentility of the sturdy pioneer has been retained. Kentucky manhood of today may be termed the fruition of an illustrous past.
The Univ'ersity is the Mecca of Kentucky's finest examples of both sexes. Thus it is inferred that the student galaxy stands unrivalled among the centers of learning of the nation.
The Greek organizations of the campus choose a goodly number from this tribe of "favorite sons and daughters." It is our privilege to present them to you in this, the Fraternity and Sorority Section. Boles S. Renaker
Payne Roberts Davis
Skinner Phillips Griffin J. Renaker
Alpha Delta Theta
35 Chapters
SENIORS Joyce Roberts
JUNIORS Sarah Renaker
SOPHOMORES Anna Clifford Boles Peggy Payne
PLEDGES Frances Skinner Marjorie Griffin
Nancy Davis Janette Renaker
Anne Phillips
ALPHA DELTA THETA social sorority was founded in 1922 at Transylvania College being the outgrowth of a local group, Alpha Theta, which was established in 1921. The sorority colors are Turquoise, Blue, Silver, and Scarlet; the flower is the Sweet Pea; and the publication is "The Portals."
President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer
 			mm 'Jmm					
Q					o	I m iB f '	*	
			o	%				
^ i		          "* ft Sr.	A		1	1 s		
Orrell Sellers Coyte McAlister
Riddell              Godbout           B. Shipp Payne Shearer Barker Harkness Smith
Porter                Rentz             M. Jones E. Moore Ferguson Wilson Stiltz Taylor
Chambers          B. Mitchell        M. Mitchell Hodson Payton             Bishop Riley Robertson
Alpha Gamma Delta 47 Chapters
EVELYN McALISTER.............President
DOROTHY BROADBENT.........Vice-President
JEANNE BARKER...........Secretary
MOLLY ACREE..........Treasurer
Marie Barclay Sally Pence
ALPHA GAMMA DELTA, national social sorority, was founded at Syracuse University in 1904 and the Ep-silon chapter was installed on the Kentucky campus in 1909. The flowers are Red and Buff Roses; the colors are Red, Buff, and Green; and the national publication is the "Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly."
38 Dyer Lisle Lewis
Grain M. Moore Acree
B. Murphy C. Jones White Perkey
Kash Parks Shrock Klingholz
M. Shipp Murray M. Clark Ford
Potter Bertram Wolfe Allen
Lee F. Murphy Mitts
Hegarty L. Clark Anderson
	Epsilon Chapter
Mary Helen Barrett	
Dorothy Broadbent	Evelyn McAlister
Helen Lee Hegarty	Eleanor Mitts
Catherine Jones	Elizabeth Moore
Eleanor Ruth Jones	Frances Murphy
Molly Acree	
Wilhemina Bishop	Martha Wood Lee
Ann Chambers	Bettye Murphy
Ellen Coyte	Roberta Payne
Mary Ellen Ferguson	Jane Potter
Jeanne Barker	Gladys Harkness
Lucille Bertram	Mildred Kash
	Martha Mitchell
Marjorie Allen	Jane Godbout
Mary Louise Anderson	Ruth Hodson
Lillian Berry Clark	Annette Klingho'.tz
Marion Clark	Jane Lewis
June Crain	Elizabeth Lisle
Billie Dyer	Betty Mitchell
Alice Ford	Martha Moore
	Aimee Murray
Mable Payton Martha Louise Shipp
Frankie Smith Mary Grinter White
Sarah Wilson
Helen Riddell Martha Riley Barbara Shipp Mary Ann Stilz Betty Jane Sellers
Fannie Belle Pirkey Helen Shearer
Nancy Orrell Lois Garner Parks
Mary D. Porter Leonna Robertson Marjory Shrock Helen Taylor Dorothy Wolfe
39 4
Lipscomb Benckart
Stewart Clay Evans Sparks Long Matlack
Ferguson Greene Lewis Dye Giltner
Bailey Sutherland
Alpha Xi Delta
56 Chapters
President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary
ALPHA XI DELTA, national social sorority, was founded at Lombard College in 1893. Xi chapter was installed on the University of Kentucky campus in 1908. The sorority colors are Double Blue and Gold; the flower is the Pink Rose and the publication is the "Alpha Xi Delta Journal."
40 Xi Chapter
Eva Clay
Virginia Ferguson Ruth Clopton
Jean Gloster
Elaine Allison Alice Bailey
Florence Greene Jean McElroy Sue Sparks
Margaret Stewart Anne Wyatt
Evelyn Ewan
Edith May Giltner Nancy Lipscomb
Lovaine Lewis
Mary Virginia Benckart Emily Clay Marjorie Doyle Nathalie Dye Laura Graham
Llewellyn Holmes Anna Louise Johnson Betty Lee Helen Long
Mary Catherine Luigart Mary Matlack Alice McGaughey Marjorie Sandford Mamie Snyder
41 4
V    " V	
B. Jackson     M. Day
Stark Lowe
Garred Phillips
Kelly Koppius
Hinton       Anderson Burton
Quigley     Ammerman       Rush R. Pile       M. S. Pile
Burks      D. A. Young Crump
Miller       Richmond     Coombs      Warwick    Branaman   S. Jackson    Harrison     R. Atkins   M. Tuttle
Chi Omega
91 Chapters
BETTY BEWLAY...............President
MARGARET BRUCE CRUISE........Vice-President
ELIZABETH DANIEL.........Secretary
CHI OMEGA, national social sorority, was founded at the University of Arkansas in 1895. The Lambda Alpha chapter was installed on the Kentucky campus in 1914. The flower is the White Carnation; the colors are Cardinal and Straw; and the national publication is the "Eleusis of Chi Omega."
42 1 1
i to		
Harriss Bronston
Amberg Vivinn J. Day
J. Jackson       Daniel      N. Jackson     L. Atkins Haley Parker Hannah       Saunders       Blanton    B. C. Jackson McKee
D. Young    Worthington       Lair Piggott Donoho Kirkman
Beckett      M. E. Hoyle     DeMaro       E. Cruise       D. Lair Hill
Titsworth Hicks
Kobert P. Hoyle
Smith A. Tuttle
Carter A. H. Davis
Lambda Alpha Chapter
Martha Ammerman Alice Amberg Betty Bewlay Margaret Bruce Cruise Elizabeth Daniel Pauline Hoyle
Katherine Crouse Clara Belle Haley Harriet Estes
Ann Louise File Jane Day
SENIORS Mary Elizabeth Hoyle Molly Day Lida Lee Atkins Roberta Atkins Mary Elizabeth Koppius
JUNIORS Nancy Harrison Martha Lowe
SOPHOMORES Susan Jackson Martha Kelly Mary Stuart Pile
Betty Jackson Mary Ellen Saunders Mary Lou Stark Austine Tuttle Lila Titsworth Emily Quigley
Betsy Allen Alice Blanton Nancy Ann Jackson
Ruth Richmond Dorothy Young
Jean Beckett Betty Bronson Helen Burks Glenda Burton Betty Branaman Babs Carter Glenn Coombs Jane Crump Mary Ellen De Maro Ann Harding Davis
Dorothy Donoho Lyda Garrett Joyce Hicks Edna Hill Ann Ward Harris Natilie Ward Hinton Billy Jackson Martha Kirkman Martha Lair
Dorothy Lair Levianna Miller Ida Jean Phillips Claire Piggot Ruth Pile Mary Frances Parker Taylor Bess Rollings Mary Jane Smith Marguerite Tuttle
Loulie Ruth Vivion Lyl Warwick Lorraine Worthington Chick Young DeeDee Castle Frances Hannah Nancy McKee Lucy Anderson Jean Jackson
		-IS B	
M ~ ^\ Jm 1 a       IHMIHHIII11		IHH Hi	
Pennington Tate Lang Boland             Redmon Hillenmeyer B. Elliott
Moore D. Elliott Stagg Short
Ralston Overstreet        Rhodemyre Worchester
Delta Delta Delta
Dillv Anderson Todd Mercer
"   Conley Weakley Dawson Bakhaus
Vance Hope Baker ^urne
Rhodes Stoll Covington McCreight
87 Chapters
President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer
DELTA DELTA DELTA, national social sorority, was founded at Boston University on Thanksgiving Eve, 1888. Delta Rho chapter was installed on the University of Kentucky campus in 1923. The flower is the Pansy; the colors are Silver, Gold, and Blue; the national publication is "The Trident."
44 M. Jackson               Flowers           A. Redding Black Croft               Colliver Scott
Davidson Eversole            Hardwick              Gary                 Evans              Crutcher              Guyn Stewart
Mason J. Elliott           McCarthy             Myers                Lewis                Young              Sowards Denny
Roszell               Justice               Nisbet              Buchart              Cottrell               Trent                Walton Dann
Susan Anderson Elizabeth Black Ruth Dilly Mary Castleman Dawson Evelyn Flowers
Betty Bakhaus Mary K. Boland Mary Evelyn Conley Charlene Davidson
Delta Rho Chapter
SENIORS Mary Elizabeth Gary Margaret Mercer
Ann Lang Nell Pennington Isabel Ralston
JUNIORS Virginia Alice Eversole Martha Jackson Mary E. Mason June Lassing Susan Smith
Margaret Redmon Winnie Tate Mary Todd Wanda Berry Joy Moore
Ruth Stewart Frances Woods Betty Denny Dorothy Love Elliott
Sara Biggs Betsy Covington Vi Crutcher Betty Elliott Ann Guyn
SOPHOMORES Gertrude Gauntlet Dorothy Hillenmeyer Fay McCarthy Ellen Overstreet
Mary Scott Elizabeth Smith Peggy Weakley Mary Worchester Susan A. McCreight
Eileen Baker Frances Buchart Dorothy Colliver Lucy Cottrell Mildred Croft Jean Elliott
Jane Evans Mary Lee Hope Ann Trent Eudora Vance Laura Walton Alice Redding
Martha Hume Florane Justice Estalene Lewis Anne Catherine Myers
Louise Nisbet Betty Carol Rhodemyre
Margaret Anne Rhodes Katheryn Roszell Betty Short Betty Sowards Dorothy Stagg Anne Lee Stoll
4.5 3
Schroeder Vosmer
Jayne Holladay
Curtis Santen McKinney Rich
Wood Massie
Pruitt Irvine
Delta Zeta
58 Chapters
President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer
MEMBERS IN FACULTY Mildred Lewis Verna Latzke
DELTA ZETA, national social sorority, was founded at Miami University October 24, 1902. The Alpha Theta chapter was installed on the Kentucky campus May 26, 1923. The sorority colors are Old Rose and Vieux Green; the jewel is the Diamond; and the national publication is the "Lamp."
"IMir  -
	j ~ 1		
Herring Mehler Hellmers Roberson
Bryant Harmon Houston Phillips
Hungaiiand Noble
Percival Meador
Alpha Theta Chapter
Dixie Abram Dorothy Santen
Charlotte Percival
Winifred Jayne Virginia Roberson Rachel Irvin Ruth Bryant Julia Wood Anne Todd Dixie Helmers Jessie Wilson
Marian Mehler	Ruth Schroeder
Margaret Massie	Mary Elizabeth Curtis
Marie Snyder	Mary Frances Holladay
Florine Hurt	
Nancy Noble	
	Dixie Gower
Verna Mae Meador	Mary Evelyn Phillips
Edith McKinney	Hazel Harmon
Jane Houston	Edna Herring
Frances Britten	Betty Vosmer
Helene Rice	Margaret Pruitt
Evelyn Warren	Dolly Hungerland
Virginia Rich	Roberta Wilson
 Kappa Delta 71 Chapters
President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer
Anita Gardner Willie Hughes Adams
KAPPA DELTA, national social sorority, was founded at the Virginia State Teachers' College in 1897. The Epsilon Omega chapter was installed on the Kentucky campus in 1910. The sorority colors are Olive Green and White; the flower is the White Rose; and the national publication is "The Angelos."
48 Sanders C. Adams
Park Horlacher
Mitchell Markley
May Plummer
Denton Sledd Ball Woolfolk
Cassell Daugherty A. Kendall
Ligon Scranton B. Smith
R. Johnston Jones Phelps Williams
Edgerton Corbin Hubbard McCauley
Caroline Adams Amelia Denton Joy Meredith Edgerton
Virginia Batterton Mary Jane Braly Natalie Corbin Ada Daugherty Matilda Denton
Mariam Gardhouse Mary Margaret Johnson Mary Louise McFarland Barbara McVey
Adele Ball Mary Frances Bradley Mary Frances Cassell Virginia Chase Catherine Crawford Katherine Dawson Cordelia Forrest Virginia Fowler Helen Horlacher
Epsilon Omega Chapter
SENIORS Carol Flohr Audrey Forster Leslie Wilton Jones Margaret Markley
JUNIORS Marie Eba Ruth Jonhston Mary Byrd Kendall Elizabeth Ligon Betsy May
SOPHOMORES Helen Myers Jean Ann Overstreet Virginia Pettus Bettie Phelps
PLEDGES Jean Hubbard Carol Keeton Allie Garnet Kendall Lorraine McCauley Anne Walton McDurae Wilhelmina Nagel
Avis Norman Mary Lou Park Ruby Plummer Elizabeth Rand
Eleanor Randolph Mary Scranton Helen Brown White
Jane Mitchell Frances Sledd Dorothy Torstrick Dorothy Woolcott Frances Young
Sarah Ransdall Erna Sahli James Charlotte Sanders Louise Watts
Barbara Smith Geraldine Stapleton Thelma Taurman Nelle Marie Thornbury Virginia Way Margie Williams Irene Willmott Alleen Wolke Marjorie Woolfolk
49 1
mm ~&	0				
		a		f *	
IT-				I** *~ Kf	
		gsam		AW	
Bush Webb Lyle
Alsop Bryan Wiedeman Smith
Murrell Hawkins Ware Rodes
Lyons Montgomery
Turck Donaldson
Babbitt Mahan
Naive Richey
Gay Peak Wanless
V. Smith
Kappa Kappa Gamma 72 chaPters
DOROTHY BABBITT.............President
MARY DAINGERFIELD...........Secretary
DOROTHY CLEMENTS.........Treasurer
MEMBERS IN FACULTY Dean Sarah Blanding Mary King Montgomery Ruth Mumford
KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA, second oldest national social sorority, was founded at Monmouth College in 1870. The Beta Chi chapter was installed on the Kentucky campus in 1910. The colors of Kappa Kappa Gamma are the Blue of the Sky and the Blue of the Sea; the flower is the Fleur de Lis; the jewel is the Sapphire; and the publication is the "Key."
50 Freeman Richardson Cooper
Jillson              McLean            M. Webb           Clements            Zimmer L. Elliott
M. Duncan            Mills               S. Clay          S. R. Estill        Mendenhall Dimock
S. Cannon         Henderson          M. Gay           Thompson           Taylor           Van Meter N. Duncan Lyons
	Beta Chi Chapter	
Clara Bush	Jane Freeman	Katherine Richardson
Wilma Bush	Martha Hawkins	Rosemary Taylor
Naunerle Calhoun	Elizabeth Jewell	Josephine Tunis
Martha Chauvet	Anne Law Lyons	Mildred Webb
Clementine Cooper	Dorothy Murrell	Mildred Wheeler
Virginia Alsop	Mary Daingerfield	Mary Louise Naive
Dorothy Babbitt	Gladys Dimock	Pattie Field Van Meter
Jeanne Pat Belt	Ruth Gay	Lillian Gaines Webb
Dorothy Clements	Sarah Gaitskill	Elizabeth Zimmer
	Genevieve Montgomery	
Leigh Brown	Lucy Elliot	Sarah Elizabeth McLean
Mildred Bryan	Fritzie Jillson	Ruth Peak
Laurie Cannon	Jean Mahan	Mary Gore Rodes
Eliza Brent	Mary Frances Gay	Virginia Richey
Sallie Cannon	Mary Henderson	Betty Smith
Susan Clay	Harriet Lyle	Virginia Smith
Margaret Donaldson	Laura Lyons	Josephine Thompson
Mary Duncan	Mary Ellen Mendenhall	Emmy Lou Turck
Nancy Duncan	Mary Elizabeth Mills	Ruth Ware
Sara Revell Estill	Anne Otter	Mary Weidemann
51 mm
Dennis Shephard
Montgomery Long
Rankin Waters Richie Moore Becker
Fouts Benelli
Palmer Fisher
Zeta Tau Alpha
SENIORS Lorenen Long Ella Waters
JUNIORS Esther Rankin      Louise Shepard Esther Montgomery
SOPHOMORES Hattie Richie
PLEDGES Margaret Becker        Kay Fouts Fannie Bennelli       Sara Fisher Barbara Dennis      Evelyn Moore Lyda Palmer
ZETA TAU ALPHA, national social sorority, was founded at the Virginia State Normal College in 1897. The Alpha Chi chapter was installed on the Kentucky campus in 1924. The sorority colors are Turquoise Blue and Steel Gray the flower is the White Violet: and the national publication is the "Themis."
71 Chapters
ESTHER RANKIN.......... President
HATTIE RICHIE.......Vice-President
ESTHER MONTGOMERY    .... Secretary LOUISE SHEPARD     .... Treasurer
52  miMmmm
S**^ MSkx
Pettus H. Binkley
W. Binkley Price
Fowler           DeLong Stokes
Hanna             Webb Gatton
McCrosky Harmon Hadden Budd
B. Clark Quisenberry
Alpha Gamma Rho
3I Chapters
DAVID PETTUS...............President
CHARLES E. BARRETT..........Vice-President
JAMES QUISENBERRY......        Secretary
ROBERT CONNOR........Treasurer
W. S. Anderson J. O. Barkman
Fordyce Ely A. T. Ringrose
E. J. Kinney J. Holmes Martin H. B. Morrison E. J. Wilford
ALPHA GAMMA RHO, national agriculture fraternity, was founded at Indianapolis in 1908 by the union of the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity of Ohio State University and the Delta Rho Sigma of the University of Illinois. Omicron was installed on the Kentucky campus in May, 1920. The fraternity publication is the "Sickle and Sheaf"; the flower is the Pink Rose; and the colors are Green and Gold.
54 Sutherland Judge
Gay Williams Blakeman
Culton Cox
Omicron Chapter
C. E. Barrett Charles Gatton David Pettus James R. Price	Eugene Warren Maurice Williams W. E. Shanklin Leon McCrosky	James White Harold Binkley Wendell Binkley James Smathers
Robert L. Connor Sidney DeLong William McConnell	JUNIORS R. W. Rudd Campbell Miller SOPHOMORES	James Quisenberry Fletcher Clark Marvin Harned
W. C. Blakeman Robert Booton	John Gay Louis Clarkson	William Smoot George Gibson
Paul Hanna Harold Simpson Homer Hagman Harry Lindberg, Jr. Lyle Harmon J. T. Coots	PLEDGES Frank Cox William Judge Carl Hadden Robert Barkman Bernard Clark	Berl Fowler James Sutherland Howard Webb James Stokes Thomas Culton O. D. Hawkins
55 		i			
^^^^^^^^^^^^	Bp lift				
		W\.			****                 '  *% || mmr m
Tingue Hollister
Gibson Hotaling Fields
Saunders Barbeau Plumby
Dooley Reynolds
Alpha S igma phi
34 Chapters
President Vice-President Secretary
Lyle Croft Lester O'Bannon L. C. Robinson David M. Young
ALPHA SIGMA PHI, national social fraternity, was founded at Yale College in 1845. The Sigma chapter became organized on the University of Kentucky campus in 1917. The fraternity colors are Cardinal and Stone; the flower is the Cardinal Rose; and the publication is the "Tomahawk."
Pi v 	g   4I
i	2 a
	Sigma Chapter	
Charles Saunders	Richard Hotaling	W. J. Holbert
Beriah Magoffin	H. C. Satterfield	Kenneth Downing
James Gibson	William Hund	Edward Venters
C. O. Elliston H. L. Bethel, Jr.	JUNIORS Thomas Culton SOPHOMORES	Sam Cannon William Merton
Oscar Corbin	W. E. Darnaby	Arnold Barbeau
Thomas Rees	PLEDGES	William Fuchs
Don Plumby	Walter Hollister	Thomas Gherman
Mark Cochrane	Robert Monaghan	William Green
Ernie Barbeau	Robert Harness	Joe Dan Seed
Harold Miller	Thomas Downing	Elwood Watson
Leroy Holtzclaw	Charles Tingue	Raymond Schlacter
Lester Reynolds	Alfred Vogel	Robert Dickerson
Thomas Bowman	L. C. Hunter	Alfred Hood
Jack Dooley	Lawrence Corbin	Sherril Daugherty
.If -		mm	
		o  ^ A i- ' Mi.	
Rapp Rankin Leonard
Fowler Booher R. Williams Posey
Meers P. Ledridge Nickerson Cook
Johnson Dorner Redd Scott
R. Brown Congleton Martin Stapp
Garrison Creason Warf
Alpha Tau Omega
96 Chapters
President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer
MEMBERS IN FACULTY L. J. Horlacher        Bart Peak Niel Plummer       F. A. Hughes
J. W. May Watson Armstrong L. E. Nolleau   H. M. Merriwether
ALPHA TAU OMEGA, national social fraternity, was founded at Richmond, Va., in 1865. The Mu Iota chapter was installed at the University of Kentucky in 1909. The chapter was the outgrowth of a local fraternity known as the "Midnight Imps." The flower is the White Tea Rose; the colors, Azure and Gold; and the publication, "The Palm."
58 Tooms Mahan Willmott Fischer
Buckley            M. Brown Moler               Walton             Beasley Shaw
H. Williams           Collings Landrum              Elder A. Angelucci Lewis
Wyatt            H. Mullins         T. Ledridge Foley J. Clark              Mains McCartney E. Mullens
	Mu lota Chapter	
Roger Brown	SENIORS	Paul Ledridge
Ralph Congleton	Lloyd Mahan	Fred B. Fischer
David Dorner	K. E. Rapp	Sam Walton
Charles C. Guy	Paul Slaton JUNIORS	Jess D. Willmott
Sid Buckley	Joe R. Johnson, Jr.	Carroll Rankin
William Elder	Dave Lewis	Cliff Shaw
Merle Fowler	Carden Meers Elliot Garrison SOPHOMORES	Roy E. Tooms
Phil Angelucci	Charles Landrum	Robert Nickerson
George Booher	Tom Ledridge	Harold Redd
Joe Creason	Charles Moler	Roy Williams
Armand Angelucci	PLEDGES	James Scott
Virgil Beasley	John Keller	James Strapp
Meade Brown	Kyle Leonard	Walter Warf
Jack Cave	Walter Mains	Jack Clark
John Clark	Elmond Martin	Al Kirkland
Lowell Collings	Elmer Mullen	Ellsworth Bellinger
Jack Cook	Harry Mullins	Phil Jenkins
John Cooper	Howard G. McCartney	Harold Williams
Bernard Foley	J. Cabell Posey	George Wyatt
59 #r, ^ & r*
fc*.   I    ("; /Art;
a o o o ^
K. Raynor Hicks Carroll Hagan Smee Arthur
Craig Kees Allen S. Raynor Blanton McBrayer
Farris Nash Reynolds Browne Kerr Bryant
Delta Chi 34 Chapters
FREDERIC G. McLEAN.............President
EDWARD RECANO .........Vice-President
JOHN W. W. KERR..........Secretary
ANTHONY J. DUBAN.......Treasurer
MEMBERS IN FACULTY ' v'"'^|^ ^"^^
60 ^ f**
Sievw right Cobb Parda
Kentucky Chapter
Kenneth C. Raynor James Smee Joseph Hicks
Francis Pusateri Edward Recano Joseph Hagan
Milford Niles William Jobe James S. Carroll
Anthony J. Duban Alexander Kazanovich Frederic G. McLean
James Downing Loren Lillis
Robert W. Reynolds Edward Kee James Allen
Frank J. Kees
John W. W. Kerr
Ambrose Arthur Edward Bittenbender Sylvester Nash George Browne William Beatty Roy McBrayer James Farris
Sinclair Raynor Anthony Frezza Henry Reynolds Charles Stidham
Charles Aitkin Edward Sydnor Ralph Jackowski
Edward Fritz
Peter Kurachek George Kurachek William Craig Richard Sievwright Nick Lutz Alexander Parda Clyde Blanton
61 Wisner
Beck Wisner               Dean Duncan Parrish
Dyer Hale               Holmes Blevins Smith Muehsler
Mylor Wooton             Haynes Batterton Berry Davis
Day Schlotman         D. Adams Triplett Mikolasy W. Adams
Delta Tau Delta
75 Chapters
President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer
MEMBERS IN FACULTY Robert D. Hawkins Edward Johnson R. D. Miller Carroll Weisinger James Shropshire
DELTA TAU DELTA, national social fraternity, was founded at Bethany College in 1859. The local chapter of Tau Delta Alpha became Delta Epsilon chapter of the national or-ganiaztion in 1924. The flower of the fraternity is the Pansy; the colors are Purple, White, and Gold; and the publication is the "Rainbow."
62 	ft 1  1 - w
	^ 7 ^
' f. ss-f.      V. ^
4\ ^ ^Mi^lTW
Skaggs Tatum Kittinger Jones
Tudor Barron Horn
Shropshire A. Bryson
Faulconer Bohmer Ellison Taul
Boiling W. Bryson Bullock Bleidt
McDonald Moore Albert Fryman
Delta Epsilon Chapter
Merrill M. Blevins Charles Bohmer Edwin K. Beck Arthur T. Bryson
Roy J. Batterton, Jr. Frank F. Davis E. C. Wooton
William L. Tudor
Eugene H. Combs Wendell R. Skaggs Robert G. Travis John Holmes
Oscar Wisner Carrick Shropshire F. Kennedy Dickson Harlowe F. Dean, Jr.
Lester B. Smith Neville J. Tatum Jamie Thompson
John D. Davis George E. Duncan Louis Haynes, Jr.
Walter Berry
Lee Allen Heine
Robert Ellison Morton Kelly Robert E. Fish Harry S. Hale
Edwin H. Muehsler Orville M. Patton Charles M. Parrish
George A. Scott
Glenn W. Carl
Clayton Bullock
Jack Mylor
Williams Adams Vernon Albert
Jack Bleidt James Bowling Charles Bradford William Bryson Carl Combs
Elbert Cooper Jerome Day John Featherston Melford Garrison Emory Horn Robert Jones Lytle Adams
Kenneth Rush William Karraker Curtis Reynolds Thomas Kendrick
Cecil Kittinger T. H. McDonald Wynne McKinney
William Moore Clarence Murphy Bruce Sullivan James Taul James Waddlington Manville Fryman William Mikolasy
James B. Faulconer
n		f    J    ' ' I
		^  /.//V:'
ft ,~ ^ ~	Wife	St** A.
Johnston Cloud
Allen Gvoseclose Robinson
Higdon Stevenson Hart G. Colbin
De Roode Shepherd Brummal Tolbert
Sweeney Miles Lusk Satter white
Spears Tuttle
Kappa Alpha
68 Chapters
President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer
MEMBERS IN FACULTY C. C. Carpenter William Freeman Garrett D. Buckner Joseph W. Pryor
KAPPA ALPHA, national social fraternity, was founded at Washington and Lee University in 1865. The Theta chapter was established in February, 1893, as the first social fraternity on the University campus. The national publication is the "Journal"; the flowers are the Red Rose and the Magnolia Blossom; the colors are Crimson and Old Gold.
64 	Wedding	Grinstead          De Haven	McMakin	
	Proctor	Green Moffett	Wallace	
Whayne	Breckenridge	Gough Turner	Fishback	M. Beard
Maxwell	Hoskins	E. Beard King	Gillig	W. Coblin
		Theta Chapter		
John Shanklin		Keith Shepherd		Benjamin De Haven
Rudolph de Roode		Robert Sweeney		Henry Wallace
Chris Grinstead		Wirt Turner		Phil Miles
Dwight McMakin		Ernest Wedding		Harris Rhodes
		Tom Yokum		
Elbert Allen		Walter Stevenson		Elliot Beard
Marshall Beard		Scott Breckenridge		Robert Gillig
Marshall Hart		Robert Brumal		Jack King
		Charles Higdon		
Granville Coblin		Loren Williams		Jack Maxwell
Albert Moffett		James Codell		John Tuttle
		D. L. Proctor		
Wilce Carnes		Robert Cloud		Weldon Coblin
Robert Fishback		Joseph Greenwell		James Groseclose
Albert Hoskins		Wickliffe Johnston		William Lusk
Scott Miller		Hugh Owen		Shaw Robinson
F. L. Satterwhite		Esten Speers		J. Davis Tolbert
Roy Whayne		William Worth		John Gough
65 ? y'TO   <> f lgs*   *t- '
Barker Plummer Schoberth Moreland Davis Shipe Knaebel Jackson
Welch Hodges Phillips Hargett Lewers Bennett
Kapppa Sigma 109 Chapters
ARTHUR W. PLUMMER.............President
HAROLD E. HUBER...........Vice-President
HARRY L. READ...........Secretary
JOHN H. WAY, JR.........Treasurer
William D. Funkhouser L. L. Dantzler
KAPPA SIGMA, national social fraternity, was founded at the University of Virginia in 1869 and the Beta Nu chapter was installed on the Kentucky campus in April, 1901. The flower is the Lily of the Valley; the colors are Scarlet, Green, and White; and the national publication is "The Caduceus."
	R : (				
66 iitfl I ill 0''Am\  H j
L. Huber Thomas
Samuels H. Huber Hardymon
Melloan Dotson Way
Steele Bean Ream
Hodson McNamara
Reynolds Harned
Kenneth A. Barker Walter C. Botts
Arthur J. Dotson Glen Hardymon George L. Jackson
Beta Nu Chapter
SENIORS Jasper D. Hodson
Robert R. McNamara Harry L. Read Bethel V. Ream
Harold E. Huber Arthur W. Plummer
E. Beamis Samuels David B. Thomas John H. Way, Jr.
Herbert P. Hargett
Frank A. Shipe
L. Vimont Bean Donald S. Bennett Howard C. Davis Armfield H. Hammond Hal Harned Henry S. Hodges
Lee G. Huber William E. Knaebel Jimmy D. Lewers Barry E. Melloan Frank Moreland Willard Overstreet
Ewan Phillips Fred N. Reynolds Thomas Shelley Harry A. Schoberth Billy Steele John Welch 4
Reininger E. Martin Stevens G. P. Martin
Blount Montgomery Ward Scott
Block Tallichet Cayce S. Simonton
Lambda Chi Alpha 90 Chapters
ALLEN P. REININGER.............President
CHARLES BYRD WILLIAMS........Vice-President
HERSCHEL WARD..........Secretary
WILLIAM SIMONTON.......Treasurer
Frank T. McFarland Wellington Patrick Verne Robinson Earl G. Welch
LAMBDA CHI ALPHA, national social fraternity, was founded at Boston College in 1909. The chapter was established on this campus in February, 1930. The fraternity publication is the "Cross and Crescent"; the flower is the Purple Iris; the colors are Purple, Green, and Gold.
 Jones Hinton C. B. Williams W. Simonton Arnold
H. Williams Campbell Lobb
Epsilon Phi Chapter
Allen P. Reininger
SENIORS Edgar Stephens
Ollie W. Montgomery
George Martin William Simonton
Lee A. Bowling, Jr. Herschel Ward
Charles Byrd Williams John H. Morgan
SOPHOMORES C. P. Johnson Robert Scott
Harry Buttermore Aubrey Campbell Sam Simonton
William D. Tallichet George Cayce Walter Blount Walter Arnold
Dukie Jones William Lobb Harry L. Hinton
 fm, f0~*\
^7 Ji     / *
Wilson Bohon
Vogeler Wallace J. Owen Riddell
Flippin E. L. Brown Ensminger
McDonald Ramsey H. Hillenmeyer
Haggin Evans Creech
Hall Wood L. Caldwell
Depp McFall
Phi Delta Theta
105 Chapters
LOGAN BROWN...............President
CLARENCE McCARROLL.........Vice-President
WILLIAM DUTY...........Secretary
WALTER FLIPPIN, JR........Treasurer
PHI DELTA THETA, national social fraternity, was founded at Miami University in 1848 and Epsilon chapter was installed on the Kentucky campus in May, 1901. The flower is the White Carnation; the colors are Blue and White; and the national publication is the "Scroll and Palladium."
Kin	i 
	Whittinghill	Hieatt Brewer	McCarroll	
	Duty	Taylor Ellis	Vance	
Greathouse	Eddie	Hansen Swope	Houlihan	J. Caldwell
R. Lewis	Rogers	Backer Dexheimer	Courtney	Doggett
		Epsilon Chapter		
Dossett Reid		Donald Brown		Allen Hieatt
Logan Brown		Terry Taylor		Worthington Ensminger
Richard Bush		Allen Vogeler		Edmond Thompson
Taber Brewer		Charles Duerson		Charles Vance
Hugh Brent		Frank Ellis		F. T. Whittinghill
		Walter Flippin, Jr.		
Robert Houlihan		William Hall		Thomas McDonald
Lewis Haggin		Robert Lewis		Clarence McCarroll
Herbert Hillenmeyer		Frank Dutton		Bethel Murray
		Larry Harrington		
William Duty				Jack Owens
Lisle Bohon		C. G. Depp		John Walsh
Logan Caldwell		John Greathouse		Harry Wilson
Watt Backer		Dan Doggett		John McFall
John Courtney		Dameron Davis		James Ramsey
James Caldwell		Pat Eddie		Gene Riddell
Bill Cassell		Jack Evans		Les Rawlins
John Creech		Robert Hansen		Dick Swope
John Dexheimer		Joe Houlihan		Rollins Wood
		Walter Hodge		
 f^k r%
Combest Ralney
Lewis O'Neal Young
f ~s>	\^	c Ik jjjfc.	v. , m.	1 ' Mm*	
O	p.*				
Ramsey S. Taylor Bruce Reeder	Tabeling Stephenson Voss Treanor	Kellond Coe Muncey David	Mills Stone Keeton Baker	Terrell Clinkenbeard Oliver	Johnson Wheat
Phi Kappa Tau
robert l. mills
belmont ramsey . s. paul taylor sam Mcdonald
MEMBERS IN FACULTY O. T. Koppius Roy Moreland Bob Baker C. S. Crouse Maurice Seay Hank Moore Frank Freeman
PHI KAPPA TAU, national social fraternity, was founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio in 1906. The chapter was established on this campus in November, 1920. The fraternity publication is "The Laurel"; the flower is the Red Carnation; the colors are Harvard Red and Old Gold.
44 Chapters
President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer
ft c	ft	ft
	Lucian McDonald	
Thomas Johnston Lamb Jacobs Bowles	Schofman Hand Holcomb	Sauer M. Mountjoy Hickey
v if
Ellis Nuxol
Evans Furdy Davis Morris
House Fanelli Conrad
	Kappa Chapter	
Sam McDonald	SENIORS	Frank Ellis
James K. Kellond	Belmont Ramsey	Robert L. Mills
William H. Evans	John A. Lucian	Julian Young
John E. Clinkenbeard	Robert Tabeling	Vernard Voss
John E. Stone	S. Paul Taylor	Manual Schoffman
Walter Slater Coe	Garth House	Philip E. Jones
	Francis J. Halcomb	
Jack Nuxol	Elwood Stephenson	Thomas Rusk
John Stanley Boles	Glen Purdy	Daniel V. Terrell
Morris Johnson	Cyril Dannenhold	Kenneth O'Neil
	J. T. Muncey	
Edwin David	Stanley Hand	Roland Lamb
William Davis	Albert Thiel	Byford Treanor
Holeman Morris	Billy Baker	Mark Jacobs
Jack Reeder	Jimmy Bowles	Charles Bruce
Orville P. Wheat	Sam Rainey	William Keeton
George Jesse	Ralph Thomas	H. K. Johnston
James Montgomery	Richard Lewis	Guy Wainscott
Murrell Hickey	Charles Combest	John Conrad
Earl Oliver	Vincent Fanelli	Morris Mountjoy
Thomas Mountjoy	Morry Holcomb	Walter Sauer
73 Lathrem Dorsey Allen
Kelley Ross Combs Cantley
Rogg Bertram Penn Moore
Phi Sigma Kappa
50 Chapters
EDWIN SWEENEY..............President
ROBERT RANKIN...........Vice-President
EDSEL PENN...........Secretary
ALONZO DORSEY........Treasurer