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By J. W. Buxton and T. E. Pope
Progress Report 161
Department of Horticulture

J. W. Buxton and T. E. Pope V
There has been a rapid increase in the use of garden annuals during the last ‘
20 years. The trial gardens at the University of Kentucky offer the opportunity for I
interested persons to compare the numerous varieties of garden annuals, growing
side by side and under Kentucky's climatic and soil conditions.
The seeds used were supplied by seed companies who are interested in the
results of these trials. The seeds were sown the first of April except for marigolds
and zinnias which were sown near the middle of April. Seeds were sown in flats filled Y i
with vermiculite and were then covered with a fine layer of peat moss. Black poly-  
ethylene plastic was placed over the seed flats to prevent excessive moisture loss,
until germination. Flats were placed over a heating cable with the thermostat set at .
70OF throughout the germination period. When the seedlings had developed two true _ .
leaves, they were transplanted into 2-1/4-inch peat pots. Beginning in mid-May, the
plants were transplanted into the test garden. Plants were placed in 6- x 5—foot plots,
laid out in rows, with a 5-foot walkway between rows. Generally, 30 plants were
placed in each plot; however, some plots had more or fewer plants, depending on -
the growth characteristics of the variety. Water was applied by a sprinkler system,
as necessary, and a 20-20-20 soluble fertilizer was applied twice during the summer.
The varieties were evaluated on July 30, 1965. Most varieties were at their
best at this time. Each variety was given a rating of E-Excellent, G-Good, F-Fair,
or P-Poor, based on uniformity, general appeal, flower size and number, and disease

Blue Blazer (B)* G Height 7"; rich mid—blue
Blue Mist (B) G Height 6"; darker blue than Blue Blazer .
Moonbeam (M) F Height 6"; silvery white
Early Splendor (S) l P Height 2%-3'; mixed red and deep red
foliage; poor disease resistance
Double Camellia (BP) F Height 2—3'; double blooms; mixture
Color Parade (B) P Large double blooms; mixture
Ext. Dwarf Tom Thumb (S) P Height IO"; double blooms; mixture
Dark Opal Orn'l. (V) E Dark purplish—bronze foliage
Cristata Nana Dwf. Coral
Garden Mixed (S) G Mixture `
Empress Imp (S) G Crimson red
Fireglow (G) G Cardinal red
Kardinal Imp (S) F Red
Rose Empress (M) E Bright rose
Fiery Feather (V) E Fiery—red
Golden Feather (B) E Golden yellow
Forest Fire‘Imp (S) E Fiery orange scarlet with bronzy red
*Seed companies supplying seed for these trials:
(B) George]. Ball Company
(BP) W. Atlee Burpee Company
(G) Fred C. Gloeckner Company, Inc.
` (M) Henry F. Michell Company
(S) T. Sakata and Company
(V) Vaughan's Seed Company
(AAS) All-American Selection Trials

 -4.. i
Red Monarch (S) G Scarlet red; large leaves
Master Blends Rainbow, Super-
Fine Rainbow (S) G Mixture
Volcano (S) E Scarlet red
Coltness Single (BP) G Mixture; dwarf, single flowers
Extra Dwarf Double (B) E Mixture; double and semi-double ·
Mignon Mixed (G) G Mixture; double flowers
Pompon (BP) F Mixture; double and semi-double
flowers _
Univin Dwarf (BP) E Mixture; double and semi-double flowers ' ¥
Baby Doll (B) G Mixture of reds, pinks and whites
Bravo (V) P Brilliant red
DUSTY MILLER (BP) E Silvery gray foliage
Best Dwarf Mixture (B) E Height l2"; mixture
Brittany (G) G Height l2"; deep mahogany with golden
yellow tip
Brownie Scout (G) E Height 8"; golden yellow with flecks of
reddish brown _
Color Magic (B) F ~ Height l0"; yellow and orange marked
with dark red
Crackerjack (V) F Height 2'; shades of orange, gold and L
Cupid Mixture (B) F Height l0"; yellow orange to creamy I
Double Eagle (G) E Height 2§—'; deep orange, double flowers
Dwarf French Double
Mixture (B) G Height l'; mixture
Dwarf Master Blend (V) G Height l'; mixture
Gold Coin Mixture (B) G Height 2§'; yellow orange, gold A
Gt. Mixed (BP) G Height 2%-32 mixture

Gypsy (BP) E Height 8"; mixture
Petite Mixture (B) G Height IO"; mixture of oranges and
Red and Gold (BP) G Height 2'; solid red to combination of l
red and gold
Spry (BP) G Height IO"; golden yellow centers with
mahogany guard petals
Spun Gold (M) G Height I2"; bright golden yellow
Yellow Pygmy (BP) E Height 8"; lemon yellow
Improved Rusty Red G Height IS"; rust red
Sparky (G) E Height IO"; light golden yellow to
Yellow Nugget (BP) G
Alaska (M) F White; ruffled edges; Grandiflora
Appleblossom (AAS) G Light to intense salmon pink; Grandiflora
Blue Magic (B) G Medium deep violet blue; ruffled edges;
Blue Mantle (S) F Violet blue; Grandiflora
Bonfire (S) F Deep salmon scarlet with golden throat;
_ Grandiflora
Brass Band (V) E Creamy~yellow; Multiflora
Capri (B) G Deep blue; Grandiflora
Cardinal (B) P Bright scarlet red; Multiflora
Cavalier (B) G Rich salmon and white; Grandiflora
Cherry Tart (B) E Cherryterose and white; double; Multiflora
Cleopatra Imp. (S) G Scarlet: Multiflora
Color Parade (S) G Mixture; Grandiflora
Coral Satin (M) E Coral rose; Multiflora
Dawn Satin (V) E Light rose pink; Multiflora
Dorothy Favorite (G) G Salmon rose; double; Grandiflora
Dreamland (S) P Deep crimson and white bicolor; Grandiflora
Fire Bird (S) G Orange red with gold throat; Multiflora
l Flirt (S) F Light salmon pink; Grandiflora
Glitters (M) E Bright red with white stripes; Multiflora

 -6- f
Hawaii (M) F Soft salmon pink; Grandiflora »
Hi—Fi (M) G Bright deep rose; Grandiflora
Highlight (S) P Deep salmon; Grandiflora ‘·
Honey Bunch (B) E Salmon; double; Multiflora  
Lyric (V) G Salmon pink; double; Grandiflora
Meteor (B) G Scarlet and white; Multiflora
Paleface (B) E Pure white with small cream throat; '
Pink Cascade (V) G Bright clear pink; ruffled edges;
Pink Cheeks (M) _ E White throat with pink edges; Grandiflora i
Pink Mascot (S) G Rich rose pink with light throat; U ‘
Grandiflora ~ (
Pink Profusion (S) G Pink to rose; Multiflora
Pink Velvet (B) E Rose—pink; Multiflora
Plum Double (G) E Orchid pink penciled and shaded a rich
orchid purple; double; Multiflora
Popcorn (B) P White; Grandiflora -
Red Ensign (M) F Scarlet red; Grandiflora
Red Satin (G) G Scarlet; Multiflora
Sabre Dance (G) F Deep burgundy crimson with white
throat; Grandiflora
Snow Cap Imp. (S) F White; ruffled edges; Grandiflora
Starfire (B) G Scarlet red and white; Multiflora l
Star Trophy (G) F White stars on blue; Multiflora
Sugar Pink (G) E Light pink veined with deep pink;
Sunburst (B) F Deep creamy yellow; Grandiflora I
Sungleam (S) F Scarlet red; Grandiflora
Touche (B) E Deep rose; ruffled edges; Grandiflora
Velvet Queen (S) G Purple crimson; Grandiflora _
Vesuvius (S) G Deep rose red; ruffled edges; Grandiflora
White Cascade (V) F White; ruffled edges; Grandiflora A
White Magic (G) F White; ruffled; Grandiflora
White Satin (V) E White; Multiflora

 t ·7·
· Double Flowering Mixture (M) E Mixture; double
·· Double Mixed (V) E Mixture; double
Double Mixture (B) E Mixture; double
Brazier (G) E Height 6—8"; scarlet red
Evening Glow (H) E Height IO"; lavender rose
Fireball Imp. (S) G Height IO"; scarlet red
St. John's Fire (B) G Height 12-15"; scarlet red
Rose Wonder G Height 12-15"; rose red
Bright Butterflies (AAS) G Height 2-2§'; mixture; open faced
Color Guard (BP) G Height 2-Zé'; mixture
Floral Carpet (M) G Height 8"; mixture
Floral Carpet Rose (BP) E Height S"; rose
Knee High (B) G Height 1§—2‘; mixture
Magic Carpet (M) F Height 8—12"; mixture
Redstone Rocket (B) G Height 2%-32 red
V Rocket (B) G Height 2%—3‘; mixture
_Topper (BP) G Height 3*; mixture
Bronze Carpet (S) E Height 8"; bronze
Formula Mixed (S) G Height 2-Zé'; mixture
Amethyst (AAS) G Medium blue
Dwarf Master Blend (V) G Mixture
Ideal Florist Mixture (B) G Mixture
Michell's Exhibition (M) P Mixture
Bonanza (AAS) E Height 30"; golden yellow
Cupid Mixture (B) E Height I2"; mixture
Firecracker (H) E Height 30"; scarlet red
Lilliput Formula Mixture (B) G Height l8"; mixture
Lilliput Mixture (M) E Height 18"; mixture
 ugh black plastic to facilitate the weeding problem.

Old Mexico (B) G Height 18"; deep mahogany red edged
with bright gold shades t
Pink Buttons (AAS) P Height l2"; rose pink and salmon `
Red Man (B) E Height 30"; scarlet red
State Fair Mixture (B) E Height B0"; mixture
Thumbelina (M) G Height 6"; mixture
Tiny Cupid Mixed (BP) E Height l2"; mixture 4
Yellow Zenith (AAS) E Height BO"; clear yellow