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     Minutes of the regular monthly meeting of the Executive
Committee of the Board of Trustees of the University of ten-
tucky, for Wednesday, February 12, 1930.

     The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of the
University of Kentucky met in the office of President McVey
it their regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, February 12,
1930 at 10:30 a. m. The following members were present: Judge
R. C. Stoll-,  2rr. J, B. Andrews, and Mr. louis Hillenmeyer,
a member of the Board. Meeting with the Committee were
president Frand L. .IcVey and Wellington Patrick, Secretary
to the Board.

     1. Bill of Hubbard and Cutr   for lDrurs.  President
McVey presented to the   nrariitee a 'ball i'or $130 submitted by
Hubbard and Cu--ry, a druggist of Lolcington, for drugs furnished
the Hygiene Delartment during the tiime Dr. Dush. was head of
the Department, and for whicha no requisitions had been made.
The matter was discussed and a motion was made, seconded,
and carried o:dering the bill paid.

     B. Insurance on Education Building and Dairy Building.
Motion was made, seconded, and carried that additional
builderst risk insurance on the Dairy building and Teacher-
Training building be authorized.

     3. Report on Memorial Building. President McVey sub-
mitted a report on the status of the Memorial Building and
the final settlement of the J. T. Jackson Lumber Company
for the construction of the building. Motion was made,
seconded, and carried that the matter be referred to Mr.
3. P. Johnston, attorney for the University, and that the
Business Agent be directed to make no payments on the
building without the advice in writing from- Mr. Johnston.

     4. Rqort of the Business Agent. The report of the
Business Agent was read and ordered incorporated in the
Miniutes. The report was as follows:


                                 EXHIB3IT "Bil

Statement of Income and Expenditures
       Month of Januaty 1930

General Pund Incomu
  Federal Apprcpriation
  Ed.Bldg.-State Appro.
  Ed.Bldg .-Gern.EF-L.9card
  Special A-r' .ApoPo.
  State Tax
  Interest on Liberty 53&s.
  Int.on Endowment Bonds
  Student Fees
  Student Fees-Summer Sch.
  Student Feeos'..niv.H. S.
  Student Feec-Univ.Exter.
  Miiscellaneous Receipts
  Men's Dormitories
  Dairy B13dg.-Stn.e Appro.
  Summer Sch.-State ApprQ.
  Vocational Ed.Board
  Inst ruc ti on
  Adm.Exp.& Maintenance
  Add.& Betterments
  Excess of Exp.over Inc.

Patterson Hall Income
  Miscellaneous Receipts
  Room Rent-Summer Schi.

  Add.& Betterments

Previou sly

42, 750.00
75, 000.00
148,347 .o0
2I' 908,',  
423 564.57
 37, 652.43
 33, 65cU0O
 L3. 676.67?
 10, 0.00.00

 881, 539.14

 181,409 .77
 341L, 98.47



Exeess of Inc.over Exp. 11, 950.14
General Fund Income       922,016.78  1
General Fund. Exp.        963,471.41  l1
  Excess of Gen.Fund
    Exp.over Income        41,454.63
  Excess of Rec.over Exp.
    for Gen.Ledg.Accts.     8,943.39
  1928-1929 Accts.Pay.Liqu.
    during Current yr.     45,406.78
  Excess of Exp.over Rec.
    for the Fis.yr.to dE.te-
    General Fund           95 804.80
  Excess of Exp.over Rec.for the fiscal
    year to date-General Fund
  Ca sh in Bk.,July 1,1929-Gen.Fund
  Cash in Bk.Jan.31,1930-General Fund


Fiscal Year
To Date

            75, 000.00
            20, 908.73
V5,510.82  502,075.39
 6,861.12   74,513.55
   (14.40)  36,643.10
 .. 813.00    4,067.00
 ijl1.72    15,588.39
 5,534.65    12,299.12
   320.00     1,665.00
   721.12    10,650.51
11,679.90   25,996.43
   6,01,     _021.1;R

-38645 .76
159 60.83
49. 450 .7 8

503, 276.40
  210, 833.11
.L294,553 .74
  102. 855.55

3,225.00   38,843.14
3,225.00   43,702.64

6,809.91   33,943.58
  619.30     2,013.13
7,429 .21   359 956.71
4,L204 . 21  7,7454,93
L3,384.05 1,035,400. 83
57Q39.04 1,130,510.45

53,654.99   95,109.62

36, 947.77  57,904.38

         45,__   0_6._78

13z,192.78  82, 612.02

             82, 612.02
             72,11 .10
             _1, 300.92



     5. Cafeteria Eagiment in the Teacher-Training Buildina.
president McVey submitted bids for cafeteria equipment in
the Teacher-Training building. Motion was made, seconded and
carried referring the matter to the president with power to act.

     6. Pending Legdation. President McVey made to the Com-
mittee a brief' report regarding pending legislation affecting
the University. INo action was taken.

     7. Paintings and Grading at the Dairy 3uildin-. Mr.
            ____  _ _ _ _     _  _ _ _ _     __ __ S
Crutcher presented a request for authorization to paint and
do some grading and road construction around the Dairy building.
The matter was discussed and a motion w7as made, seconded and
carried directing M:r. Crutcher not to do any vwork- until the
contractors are throunh.

     8. Purchase of Coffield Property.   It was reported to the
Committee that the Coffield property on South Limestone Street
in front of the Memorial Building was offered for sale to the
University at approximately $6500. The matter was discussed
and a motion was made, seconded, and carried authorizing the.
President to purchase the property.

     9. Portraits of presidents Patterson and Barker. Motion
was made, seconded, and carried authorizing the president of
the University to have portraits painted of former Presidents.
James K. Patterson and Henry S. Barker of the University at
a price of $900.

    10. Gold Checks from Students.   President McVey reported to
the Committee that students registering at the University
frequently give checks in payment of their regular fees without
accounts in the bank on which the check was drawn. He indi-
cated that so much trouble in this regard had been experienced
that some regulation in the matter should be made. The matter
was discussed and a motion was made, seconded, and carried
that any student who gives a check in payment of fees on a
bank where he has no funds shall be dismissed from the
University, and may be reinstated only on the payment of the
amount of the check in cash and late registration f'ee in

    11. Printin_ of TaGs. A suggestion was made that tags for
fertilizer which are used in large quantities be miraeographed
instead of printing. The matter was discussed and no action

    12. Purchase of Uniforms. President McVey resorted to the
Board that the matter of the purchase of uniforms for students
was being studied and he indicated also the progress in the



     13. Annointments and Chant'es of ajatus. The following
list of anpointments, changes of status, resignations, leaves
of absence were recommended by President McVey and approved.

     Increase of salary of Mr. Wesley Brooks, field agent
in cream grading, from $125 to $150 a month effective February
1, 1930.

     Appointment of Mr. Russell J. Plue, apprentice teacher
in vocational agriculture, February 1 to July 1, 1930 at a
salary of $100 a month.

     Apoointment of Mr. Edward Duval as assistant in Ancient
Languages for the second semester at a salary of $50 a month.

     Temporary appointment of Mr. W. B. Collins as assistant
in the Department of Farm Economics at a salary of $120 a
month, effective February 3, 1930.

     Appointment of Miss Elizabeth Sloan as clerk in the De-
partment of Administration, Teaching Division, College of
Agriculture, at a salary of $110 a month effective February
2I, 1930.

     Continuation of employment of Mr. C. E. Miller as County
Agent of Bogle County at a salary of $258-1/3 a month effective
January 1 to December 31, 1930.

     Continuation of employment of Miss Mildred OtIaver, Some
Demonstration Agent, Fayette County, Kentucky effective
February 1, 1930 to January 31, 1931.

     Leave of absence for the first semester of 1930-1931 was
granted Dean Sara G. Blanding on one-half pay.

     14. The Joseph F3anklin Musselman Scholarshin. A
scholarship of $100 to be awarded annually to a student In
the college of Engineering at the University was accepted by
the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees under the
following conditions.

         "The Joseph Franiclin Musselman Scholarship is
     established in memory of Mr. Joseph Franklin Mus-
     selman by his widow, Mrs. Susan Metcalfe Musselman.

         "This scholarship of one hundred dollars in
     gold is to be awarded annually to a. student in the
     College of Engineering of the University of Kentucky


- 5-.

at the completion of his junior ye.-:r upon the
recommendation of the Do.an of the College of
Engineering. TVe ba.sis of award to be scholar-
ship, character, and the need of financial
assistance in defraying the expenses of the
course in engineering at the University of

    "TWle junior eligible for this scholarship
shall be named by the Dean of the College of
Engineering and announced on Commencement Day
following the completion of the junior year
in engineering.  The presentation of award
shall be made at the beginning of the senior
year when the winner reports to the University
of Kentucky for the purpose of completing 'his
college course in engineering.

    "The first recommendation for the Joseph
Franklin Musselman Scholarslip shall be made
at the tTniversity of Kentucky June Commence-
ment, 1930.  The award will be made in
September, 1930, when the winner returns to
the University of Kentucky IFor the completion
of his course in engineering."

                     Respectfully submitted

Wellington Patrick