rich, educated individual. It is for every
THE KENTUCKY FAIRNESS All/ANGIE 0 g A concerned citizen. One must never forget
Q: What is the Kentucky Fairness Alliance that a legislator needs and wants to hear
doing in preparation for the coming from his or her constituents. Your voice
legislative season? does matter.
A: KFA has already carefully studied the pre- Q: What if a person is intimidated because
filed bills, begun to anticipate bills that he orshe does not know howto lobby?
legislators are sure to file, and created A; We will give people the tools they need
strategy. to lobby. We have already scheduled
Q; What bills are on the plate for this several lobby trainings around the state.
legislative season? The first training will be Wednesday
A: Sofar, the most detrimental one is Stan January 10 from 6 to 7:30. pm m the
. . basement of the Central Public Library in
Lees Ban on Equal Healthcare. Titled BR . .
. . . . . . downtown Lexmgton. KFA lobbyist Wes
102, the bill seeks to prohibit institutions of . . .
. . . . Wright Will instruct people on the proper
higher education from offering domestic .
. way to lobby and insure that every person
partner benefits to its employees. On the . .
. . . . feels comfortable approaching a legislator.
other hand, KFAIS supporting M'ke Cherrys Thereisfree arkin inthe Libra ara e
School Bullying Bill. BR 326 providesapath . p g ryg g ‘
. to stop bullying in school. This bill is of Q: Even if a person learns to lobby. why
particular interest as teenagers within the ShOUld he orshe d0 80?
LBTG community frequently suffer from A: The primary reason can be summed up
prolonged, undue bullying. As Of this in the idea of strength in numbers.
moment, nelther a StateWIde FalrneSS BI" Legisiators respond with greater emphasis
nor an Anti-Fairness bi" has been filed, when a larger number of people Contact
however, KFA expects different legiSlatorS them regarding a certain issue. ifwe a” go
that'KFA hopes'to see come to light is the the GLBT community is substantialand it
FOSP'ta' patient over the age 0f 1 8 to create a the legislators will sit up and take notice.
relations and allowed entrance. as much as anyone else's, and every
Q: What strategy is KFA employing this legislatorwants as many votes as he or she
year? can get. In fact, your presence in Frankfort
A: The answer is quite simple: lobbying. iS often more persuasive than that of a
KFA has already been in contact with pro- professional lobbyist. The paycheck of a
fairness legislators, but beyond those professional lobbyist depends on his or her
communications, KFA is planning a huge continued on page 12
rally. The rally will take place February 22"d . .
in Frankfort. Peoplewillconvene Kentucky Fairness Alllance
start lobbying face-to-face with legislators. TRAIN/N6 FOR [OBEY/N6
Later, KFA has reserved the rotunda for a
full-scale rally between 1 and 2 pm. KFA January 10 " 6 Pm
hopes to attract between 200 and 500 Central Library _ Lexington
people to the rotunda that day.
Q: How can the average person who has [033), IN FRANKFURT
neverlobbied before get involved? February 22
A: Another simple answer: Go to Frankfort 8 am __ 2 Pm
February 22 . Lobbying is not Just for the
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