- 2 -

     WHEREAS, under the leadership of Coach Rick Pitino and his
     assistants the team has been successful in capturing the hearts
     of Kentuckians all across the state, and UK fans everywhere, and

     WHEREAS, the UK Wildcats captured the Southeastern Conference
     tourney championship and the Southeast Region Championship of
     the NCAA, reaching the NCAA Final Four, and

     WHEREAS, the University of Kentucky Wildcats, through their
     talent, grit and determination have brought a fantastic amount
     of pride and national attention to their University,

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the University of Kentucky
     Board of Trustees officially gives its highest commendation and
     registers its greatest appreciation to Coach Rick Pitino, his
     staff, and the University of Kentucky Wildcats for the wonderful
     job they have done this past year and for the honors they have
     bestowed on their University. This Board, and the citizens of
     the Commonwealth of Kentucky, shall be forever grateful to the
     1992-93 team for its special achievements and accomplishments.

          Mr. Wilhoit moved adoption of the Resolution. Mr. Wilcoxson
seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.

          Mrs. Sims said that she had attended every game and praised
the athletics staff and players for having brought good attention to
the University. She stated that these young men were a good model for
other young men who observe their behavior on and off the court.

          Mr. Clay acknowledged the leadership of the Athletics
Director, Mr. Newton, and praised him for the environment and tone
which he has established. He asked that the Minutes reflect Mr.
Newton's efforts as well.

          Governor Breathitt agreed that the Athletics Director, the
Athletics Department, and all of the teams that have represented the
University have displayed fine leadership and brought credit to the
University. He said that the caliber of the student-athletes is a
reflection of the support of the president, the administration and the
athletics representatives.

          Mr. Rose recognized the contributions of the Athletics
Department to academics. He said that athletics had contributed
approximately $6 million over the past several years to academics and
that it is remarkable and wonderful that the University's Athletics
Department can do this.

          Mr. Newton was asked to stand and be recognized, following
which he received a round of applause.

          President Wethington added that Mr. Newton and his
leadership role in athletics have been a major factor in the kind of
exemplary program at the University. He noted that it is a
broad-based program and one that is getting good recognition all
across the country. He said that this begins with the oversight of