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     John D. Whisman Papers 
       Whisman, John D., 1921-1995 
       375 Cubic Feet 
       Boxes 1-397 (entire collection) sent to KUSI April 1996; reinterred at same October 21, 2005
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     Biographical/Historical note 
 John D. Whisman was inspirational force behind the creation of the Appalachian Regional Commission. He, along with Kentucky Governor Bert T. Combs, Maryland Governor J. Millard Tawes, and a few others were instrumental in establishing the federal-state agency in 1965. Whisman was born in Indiana in 1921, but was reared in eastern Kentucky, the homeland of his parents. He attended local schools in Indiana and Kentucky, graduating from Powell County (Kentucky) High School in 1940. He attended college, then served in the Army Air Corps during World War II. After his release from the Army, he received a degree in journalism from the University of Kentucky in 1950. For much of his career, Whisman was on a mission to eliminate poverty in Appalachia. He started principally with his work in Junior Chamber of Commerce. It was as president of the Kentucky Jaycees in the 1950s that he started forming the concepts that would be the structure for the ARC. He pursued his goal of implementing a comprehensive development process as executive director of the Eastern Kentucky Regional Planning Commission, as special assistant to two Kentucky governors, as staff chairman of the Conference of Appalachian Governors, as a member of President Kennedy's Area Redevelopment Task Force, as executive secretary of the President's Appalachian Regional Commission, and as the first appointed States' Regional Representative of the Appalachian Regional Commission. After leaving the ARC in 1976, Whisman continued his passion for planned development both as a consultant and as a civic leader. He died in 1995, in Frankfort, Kentucky, leaving a wife and two sons.    
     Scope and Contents note 
 These are the papers of regional development planner John D. Whisman. The collection documents his involvement in the Lexington, Kentucky and United States Junior Chamber of Commerce, the Eastern Kentucky Regional Planning Commission, the Kentucky Area Program Office, and the Presidents Appalachian Regional Commission. The collection also covers his later role as a consultant to other development and planning commissions in Kentucky and Maryland. The materials contain office records, memoranda, meeting minutes and agendas, publications, correspondence, speeches, bills, newsletters, reports, photographs, clippings, and news releases relating to each of the organizations with which Whisman was involved. Also included are the personal papers of Whisman and his second wife, Anne.    
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 Appalachian Regional Commission Archives,  1965-1988, 1989-1997.     Bert T. Combs Collection  1959-1990.        
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     Whisman, Anne. 
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     Eastern Kentucky Regional Planning Commission 
   EARLY LIFE SERIES, 1936-1958 I Scope and Contents note The Early Life Series consists of the following sub-series: Kentucky House Page, 1936; Early College, 1942; Father, 1919-1958; Military Service, 1942-1957; University of Kentucky Student, 1946-1950; ADCO, 1948-1960; Kentucky State Division of Publicity, 1946-1957; Political Activities, 1949-1955; and Irving Air Chute, 1954-1969. This material reflects Whisman's activity before he became Executive Director of the Eastern Kentucky Regional Planning Commission in 1958. The period is primarily seen as the time, which prepared him to launch his career in regional development. KENTUCKY HOUSE PAGE, 1936 i Drawings, Caricatures by John D. Whisman 1 1 House Bill 1, House Bill 1 Substitute, Roll Call Roster (Autographed by Governor A.B. Chandler), Seating Chart of the 1936 Kentucky House of Representatives, Article by John D. Whisman 1 2 HIGH SCHOOL ii Report Card, Program of Graduation Commencement EARLY COLLEGE, 1942 1 3 Newspapers of Eastern Kentucky State Teachers College 1 4 Manuscript Notes, Newspaper Clippings, Letters, Pencil Sketch, Postcards-Pre 1950s 1 5 FATHER, 1918-1958 iii Federal Court Action, 1957 Military Personnel Legal Action Business Enterprise, Correspondence, 1949 1 6 World War I Military Newspaper 1 7 MILITARY SERVICE, 1942-1957 iv Air Reserve Correspondence, 1955-1957; The Air Reservist 1 8 Correspondence, 1945-1951; Orders; Air Reserve Forces Review 1 9 Extended Active Duty, Application and Correspondence, 1946-1951 1 10 Sketches by Whisman, 1947 Calendar, Articles on French Artists, Post-1945 English Art 1 11 Exhibition Program, War Department Pamphlet for Soldiers Writing Home, Flight Maintenance for Mickey Operators 1 12 Mileage Ration Stamp Book, Veterans Allowance Determination, 1945 Edition of The Eastern Progress, Granted Leaves, Hospital Invoice, Individual Issue Record, Entries for Pepsodent War Bond Contest, Maps 1 13 Separation Papers, 1945 1 14 Orders, Correspondence, Marriage Certificate, Personnel Forms, Medical Records, 1944-1953 1 15 Military Pamphlets, Orders, University of Kentucky Grade Report, Correspondence, Bombardier School Grades, Instructor Flight Reports, Equipment Forms, Newspaper Clippings, Bombing Mission, 1944-1949 1 16 Individual Flight Records, Combat Record, Reassignment Orders, Flight Time Summary, Bombing Summary, Return home Flight Itinerary, Appointment to Officer Corps, Personnel Orders, 1944-1949 1 17 Personnel Orders, Special Orders, 1944-1947 1 18 "Bombs Away, Carlsbad, NM, 1944-1945," Correspondence 1 19 Special Orders, Personnel Orders, Personnel Records, 1944-1945 1 20 Letters, Drawings, Short Stories 2 21 Special Orders, 1944-1945 2 22 Pilot Rating Book, 1943 2 23 "A Mother's Prayer," by Flora Whisman 2 24 Army Air Force Patch, Letters of Recommendation, Informational Pamphlets, 1942-1945 2 25 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY STUDENT, 1946-1950 v Veterans Association-Journalism Class Assignments, Items for The Post Warrior, Cartoon Sketches, Photograph and Layout of Cooperstown Apartment Assignments for Club Members to Sell Advertisements 2 26 Veterans Association-Club By-laws, Manuscript of By-laws, Campaign Material for Club Officers, Newspaper Clippings 2 27 Veterans Association-News Releases 2 28 Veterans Association-Issues of Post Warrior, Drawing, Humorous Sayings 2 29 Veterans Association-"Report for Veterans" 2 30 Veterans Association-Veterans Voter Registration Campaign Material, Drawings, Advertising Sketches, Photograph, Newspaper Mats (Matrixes) 2 31 Veterans Association-American Veterans Committee Local Chapter Organization, Newspaper Clippings, Organization Newspaper 2 32 Veterans Association-Organization of Veterans Club 2 33 Student Business-Correspondence, Draft of News Release, Business Forms 2 34 Student Business-Miscellaneous 2 35 Class Work-Bibliographic Note Cards on Historical Works 2 36 Class Work-Compositions 3 37 Class Work-Pencil Drawings 3 38 Class Work-Art Sketch Book 3 39 Class Work-Pencil Sketch Book 3 40 Class Work-Art Sketch Book 3 41 Class Work-Short Story Fragment, Scripts for Radio Skits, Campaign Plan 3 42 ADCO, 1948-1960 vi WKLO/WKLO-TV(1953) 3 43 Correspondence, Invoice 3 44 Ads for "Signews" 3 45 Bookkeeping, 1952 3 46 Campbell House Advertising, 1952 3 47 Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, 1951-1953 3 48 Financial Records, 1951-1953 3 49 Lexington Trots Association Account, 1951 3 50 Type Faces, Engraving Rates, Newspaper Directories, 1951 3 51 Client Files: New Finance Company, The Central Bank 3 52 Bradley's Restaurant Menu 3 53 WKLX Brochure 3 54 New Finance Company, 1950-1960 3 55 Financial Records, 1950-1951 3 56 Kentucky Business Magazine, 1950-1951 3 57 New Finance Company and Miscellaneous 4 58 The Nicholasville News, 1950-1951 4 59 Sample Letterhead, Correspondence of Vear Mann, Kentucky Division of Public Information, 1949-1952 4 60 Joyland Casino Account, Official Program for the 1949 Cincinnati v. University of Kentucky Football Game 4 61 Payment Schedule Contract, 1948 4 62 Advertising Layouts, 1948 4 63 ADCO Letterhead Sketches 4 64 Miscellaneous 4 65 Typefaces 4 66 KENTUCKY DIVISION OF PUBLICITY, 1946-1957 vii Advertising-Brochures, Posters, Letters-Camera Ready Advertising 4 67 Advertising-Proposal, Ask Mr. Foster, 1950-1953 4 68 Agricultural and Industrial Development Board, 1952-Letters, Newsletter, Poster 4 69 Proclamations ("Bear" Bryant), 1952 4 70 Kentucky First-Bookmobile Project-A Brochure to Raise Funds for Bookmobiles throughout Kentucky 4 71 Kentucky Chamber of Commerce-Copies of Kentucky Business 4 72 Covered Bridges-Maps, Memoranda- 1949-1954 4 72a Displays and Exhibits-Letters, Sketches, Brochures-1950-1953 5 73 Kentucky Colonel Image-Drawings and Design 5 74 Highways-"Highway Herald"-1950 5 75 Highways-Kentucky Safety Council-Letter, Newsletter-1952 5 76 Highways-Memoranda, Brochures, Term Paper: "History of the Kentucky Department of Highways"-1954-1955 5 77 Highways-Kentucky Department of Highways-Letters, Memoranda, Publications, Miscellaneous 5 78 Highways-Kentucky Department of Highways-Sketches, Invitation List, Notes-1951 5 79 Highways-Letters, Sketches for Brochure Designs, Maps, Press Release, Reports, Seating Charts for 1950 General Assembly 5 80 Specifications about In Kentucky Magazine 5 81 In Kentucky Magazine-1953-1955 5 82 Kentucky Colonel Image-Letters, Clippings, Drawings-1952 5 83 Kentucky Colonel Image-Developmental-Articles, Drawings, Clippings, Camera Ready Images-1952-1956 5 84 Kentucky Colonel Order and Image-Letters, Drawings, List of State Officials, Images, Manuscript on Kentucky Colonels, Draft Kentucky Colonel Certificates-1944-1952 5 85 Kentucky Colonel Image-Booklets, Letters, Drawings-1945-1953 5 86 Kentucky Colonel Prototype-Letters, Brochures, Reports-1953 5 87 Kentucky Colonel-"Howdy, Colonel" Scrapbook of the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels 5 88 "1954 Legislative Directory" 6 89 Mammoth Cave Brochure-1953-1954 6 90 Middlesboro, Kentucky Tourist Packet-1952 6 91 Department of Highways-Movie, Tourism-Manuscript Notes, Typescript Draft 6 92 List of Kentucky Newspapers-1950 6 93 Newspaper Clippings- 1951 6 94 Office-Drawn Plans, Letters, Report-1953 6 95 Kentucky State Parks Brochure-Sketch 6 96 1953 Parks Brochure-Booklets, Reports, Clip Art, Brochures- 1949-1953 6 97 Drafts of Comments on Robert Allphin, Kentucky Commissioner of Revenue-c. 1953 6 98 Personnel Letters, Position Descriptions, Resumes, Policies-1952-1955 6 99 Division of Probation and Parole--Conference Program, Report, Newsletters- 1949-1951 6 100 Publications-Magazines, Brochures, Manuscript Draft and Layout- 1949-1955 6 101 Brochures, Publication Covers, Pamphlets, 1955 Kentucky Highway Map-1955-1957 6 102 "Kentucky Executive Budget, 1954-1956" 6 103 Reprographics-Letters, Type Faces, Kentucky Highway Herald-1952-1953 6 104 Sketches-c. Early 1950s 6 105 Speeches, Brochures, Letters, Manuscript Notes-1950-1954 6 106 Kentucky State Fair Exhibit-Letters, Pamphlet, Sketch-1949-1953 6 107 Saturday Evening Post Magazine and Kentucky Advertisement-1955 6 107a Tourism Promotion Ideas- 1954 Derby Day Tickets, Brochures, Manuscript Notes, Typescript Drafts-1952-1953 6 108 Tourist Brochures 6 109 Tourism-Brochures, Booklets, Programs, Report Covers, Clip Art 7 110 Tourism-Brochures, Manuscript Notes-1951 7 111 Tourism-1955 Kentucky Travel Packet 7 112 Tourism-Brochures, Booklets, Programs, Menus- 1954-1955 7 113 Tours-"1955 Food and Travel Editors Tour of Kentucky" 7 114 Tours-"1955 Press Tour of Kentucky"-Early Vintage Photographs, Printed Text 7 115 Tours-" 1954 Travel Editors Tour of Kentucky"-Plastic Ring Bound Book, Photographs 7 116 Tours-"1954 Press Tour of Kentucky"-Drafting Copy, Manuscript Notes, Mutilated Pages 7 117 Tours-" 1953 Outdoor Editors Tour of Kentucky"-Maps, Reports, Brochures, Programs-1951-1953 7 118 Tours-"American Automobile Association Tour of Kentucky"-Plastic Ring Bound Book, Photographs-1952-1953 8 119 Tours-"1952 Press Tour of Kentucky"-Disband Photographs, Text 8 120 Tours-Governor's Tours-Brochures, Booklets-1950-1954 8 121 Publication Designs-Watercolor Drawings-1955 8 122 Poster Announcing State Employees Picnic- 1955 8 123 POLITICAL ACTIVITIES, 1949-1957 viii Campaign Brochure of State Senator Clay Shackleford-Mercer v. Shackleford Race- 1949 8 124 1955 Combs Campaign for Governor-Stationary, News Releases, Brochure Designs, Biographical Information, Drafts of Statements, News Clippings, Manuscript Notes and Drafts-1954-1955 8 125 Young Democrats-Convention Programs, Campaign Literature and Publications- 1950-1952 8 126 1955 Combs Campaign for Governor-Camera-Ready Campaign Literature, Negatives for Brochures 8 127 IRVING AIR CHUTE, 1954-1969 ix Advertising & Publicity-Brochures, News Release, News Clippings-1958 9 128 Advertising & Publicity-Letters, Memoranda, Drawings, Brochures & Advertisements, Periodical, Clippings-1958 9 129 Advertising & Publicity-News Release, Publication, Newspaper Clipping-1957-1958 9 130 Annual Reports-1956-1958 9 131 Charity-United Cerebral Palsy Campaign-Newspaper Clipping, News Release, Pamphlet, Photostat of Clippings, Newspaper-1957-1958 9 132 Correspondence-1957 9 133 Expense Records-1958 9 134 News Releases-1958 9 135 Newsletters-1958 9 136 Personnel-Resume, Correspondence, Newspaper Clippings-1958 9 137 Personnel-Resume of Virginia Whaley-1958 9 138 Products (Parachutes)-Report-Mid-1950's 9 139 Products-News Release, Drafts for Ads, Drawing, Swatches, Brochures-1958-c. 1969 9 140 Products-Brochures, Information Sheets, Publications-1956-1957 9 141 Safety Belts-Operation Lifebelt (Reference Material)-Booklets, Off-Prints- 1952-1955 9 142 Safety Belts-Operation Lifebelt, Automobile Seat Belt Campaign, Jaycee Kits-Folder of Brochures, Final Version of Material Sent by Jaycees Nationally-1954-1955 9 143 Safety Belts-Operation Lifebelt, Automobile Seat Belt Campaign, Jaycee Kits- Manuscript Design Folders, Dummy Brochure, Drawings*-1954-1955 9 144 Safety Belts-Operation Lifebelt, Automobile Seat Belt Campaign, Jaycee Kits- Brochure, Speech Notes, Booklet, Poster-1954-1955 9 145 Safety Belts-Operation Lifebelt, Automobile Seat Belt Campaign, Design and Reference-News Clippings, Manuscript Drafts, Drawings, Designs, Accounts-1954-1955 9 146 Safety Belts-Operation Lifebelt, Automobile Seat Belt Campaign-Brochures, Periodical, Letters, Memoranda, Manuscript Notes, Drawings, Newspaper Clippings- 1954-1955 10 147 Safety Belts-Promotion & Sales-Letters, Memoranda, Newspaper Clippings, Manuscript Drafts-1956-1958 10 148 Safety Belts-Report, Brochures, Draft Ads, Newspaper Clippings, Periodical, Promotional Material-1954-1963 10 149 JAYCEES SERIES, 1950-1959 II Scope and Contents note The Jaycees Series covers the period when John Whisman was active in the Lexington, Kentucky, and United States Junior Chamber of Commerce. He joined the Lexington Jaycees while a student at the University of Kentucky. The Jaycees was seen as an organization for ambitious young men to be involved in the community, to learn and exercise leadership, and to make contact with established leaders in the community. Whisman used the Jaycees to develop and implement a program of comprehensive development for communities in Kentucky. The program became a pilot effort that was eventually used for regional development by state and federal governments. The records show that Whisman was involved in many major activities during his time with the Jaycees. He organized and coordinated a seat belt campaign nationwide, helped organize and direct Wendell H. Ford's campaign for the presidency of the national Jaycees, created a community development program in Kentucky, and directed the national version of Kentucky's community development program. While Ford was vice president of the national Junior Chamber of Commerce in 1955-1956, Whisman formulated and directed "Operation Lifebelt," a program that promoted the use of seat belts in automobiles. It was promoted at the community level throughout the United States, and legislatures were lobbied to enact laws requiring their use. During his last year of eligibility, Whisman served as president of the Kentucky Junior Chamber of Commerce. His primary initiative was to initiate a program by local chapters to take an inventory of community resources, which would then lead to ideas for development projects. Whisman was also active in organizing and directing Ford's campaign for the national presidency of the Junior Chamber of Commerce. After his year as president of the Kentucky Jaycees, Whisman served as chairman of Program Number One at the national level. This was the national version of the community development program he had prepared as president. The sub-series in this series are Lexington, Kentucky, Whisman's presidency, United States, National Chair, Jaycee Community Development (1957-1958), Jaycee International, and Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. The Lexington through United States sub-series are generally divided into Publications, Organization, and Community Outreach, and then chronologically. The other sub-series are chronologically organized. LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY i Publications-Directories-1958 11 150 Publications-"Blades of Bluegrass" Newsletter-1959-1961 11 151 Publications-"Blades of Bluegrass" Newsletter-1958 11 152 Publications-"Blades of Bluegrass" Newsletter-1957 11 153 Publications-"Blades of Bluegrass" Newsletter-1956 11 154 Publications-"Blades of Bluegrass" Newsletter-1955 11 155 Publications-"Blades of Bluegrass" Newsletter-1954 11 156 Publications-"Blades of Bluegrass" Newsletter-1953 11 157 Publications-"Blades of Bluegrass" Newsletter-1952 11 158 Publications-"Blades of Bluegrass" Newsletter-1951 11 159 Organization-Awards-Typescripts of News Releases, Biographical Information-1952-1953, 1957 11 160 Organization-Committees-Lists-1951-1952 11 161 Organization-Constitution- 1954 11 162 Organization-Correspondence-1952 11 163 Organization-Directory-1950-1951, 5/1/1963 11 164 Organization-Politics & Elections-Brochure Paste-ups, Manuscript Notes on Programs & Skits-1953, 1959, 1960? 11 165 Organization-Politics & Elections, Committees-Newspaper Clippings, Campaign Literature-Committee Reports, Activity Reports, Etc.-1951 11 166 Organization-Projects & Planning-Project Lists & Descriptions-1950-1954 11 167 Organization-Social Activities-Inaugural Ball Program, Skits-1952, 1959 11 168 Organization-State Chairman's Kit-1968-1969 11 168a Organization-Social Activities-Typescripts of Pre-convention Program & Skit-No Date 11 169 Community Outreach-Programs-Christmas Pageant Programs-1957, 1960 11 170 Community Outreach-Programs-1957 Christmas Programs-Manuscript Notes, Program Script, Sketch, Newspaper Clippings 11 171 Community Outreach-Programs-Christmas Programs-Program Script, Manuscript Notes & Sketches, Christmas Card Contest Rules-1956 11 172 Community Outreach-Programs-Christmas Pageants-Program Scripts, Skit Scripts, Programs, Sketches, Correspondence, Manuscript Notes, Program Drafts-1952-1957 11 173 Community Outreach-Programs-Christmas Pageants-Newspaper Clippings-1953-1957 12 174 Community Outreach-Lexington/Fayette County Community Chest Campaign- Program, Scripts, Manuscript Notes, Brochure, Manual-1952, 1953 12 175 Community Outreach-Homecoming Parade Day-Manuscript Bulletin, Parade Position Sheet-1950 12 176 Community Outreach-1953-1954 Plug Horse Derby-Cutline 12 177 Community Outreach-Fayette Committee for Citizenship-Kentucky's Election laws- Correspondence, Resolution, Manuscript-1955-1956 12 178 Community Outreach-Sports, Baseball-Information Sheets, Dedication Program- 1953 12 179 KENTUCKY JAYCEES ii Publications-Annual Reports-Reports, Drawing, Tracing, Camera-Ready Ads on Kentucky Tourism, Publication Cover Design-1949-1957 12 180 Publications-Directories-Kentucky State and Local (1959-1960), United States National and State (1957-1958) 12 181 Publications-Kentucky Jaycees-"The Colonel"-1964-1965 12 181a Publications-"Kentucky Jaycee" Newsletter-1958-1961 12 182 Publications-"Kentucky Jaycee" Newsletter-1957 12 183 Publications-"Kentucky Jaycee" Newsletter-1956 12 184 Publications-"Kentucky Jaycee" Newsletter-1955 12 185 Publications-"Kentucky Jaycee" Newsletter-1954 12 186 Publications-"Kentucky Jaycee" Newsletter-1951-1953 12 187 Publications-"This Month" and Other Newsletters-1957,1958,1959 12 188 Publications-Local Chapter Newsletters-1951-1959 12 189 Publications-Other States Newsletters-1956-1959 12 190 Organization-Awards-Geissenbier Memorial Award-Community Nominations- 1957-1958 13 191 Organization-Awards-Bob Mansfield Award-Etching Bob Mansfield Leadership Award, Lexington Jaycees Roster, Manuscript Notes-1958-1959 13 192 Organization-Awards-Certificate Forms, Letters, Information Flyers- 1953-1956 13 193 Organization-Awards-Chapter Awards Nights-Printed Programs-1954 13 194 Organization-Clubs-Chartering New Clubs-Correspondence, Circular Memoranda, Printed Programs-1953-1957 13 195 Organization-Chittenden, Russell-Correspondence-1957-1958 13 196 Organization-Clubs, "Extension"-Constitution, Letters (a few by JDW), Brochures, Circulars, Booklets-1955-1956 13 197 Organization-Committees-All State Meeting (Danville)-Minutes, Agendas, Report Forms, Financial Statements, Constitution/By-laws-1957 13 198 Organization-Committees-Executive Committee-Minutes, Directory/Constitution/By-laws, Financial Records, Membership Contest Results, Chapter Officer List-1954-1959 13 199 Organization-Committees-Executive Committee-Minutes, Circular Memoranda, Agendas, Brochures-1955-1958 13 200 Organization-Committees-State Committee Appointments-Lists, Letters, Report- 1954-1955 13 201 Organization-Committees-Ways and Means-Letters, Financial Records-1955-1962 13 202 Organization:-Constitution/By-laws-Memoranda, Drafts, Proposals-1957-1960 13 203 Organization-Conventions-State Jaycee Convention-Speeches, Skit Scripts, Typescript Programs, Parade Position Instructions-1951 13 204 Organization-Convention-State Jaycee Convention-Information Kit, 1958-1959 Constitution/By-laws, Minutes, Typescript Drafts-1955-1963 13 205 Organization-Convention-1955 State Jaycee Convention-Memorandum, Caravan Time Table, Chittenden Letter-1955 13 206 Organization-Convention-1957 State Jaycee Convention-Minutes, Officer Assignments, Committee Reports, Financial Statements, Goals, Memoranda-1957 13 207 Organization-Convention-1958 State Jaycee Convention-Letters, Programs (Printed and Mimeographed), Annual Report, Jaycee Campaign Literature, Circular Correspondence-1958 13 208 Organization-Convention-National Jaycee Convention-Correspondence- 1955 13 209 Organization-Kentucky Jaycees-Conventions-National Packet-1954 14 209a Organization-Correspondence-1955 14 210 Organization-Correspondence-Also: Circulars, Minutes, Brochures, Printed Programs, Financial Reports, Lists, Manuscript Notes, Agenda-1953-1974 14 211 Organization-Directories-Lists-1957-1958 14 212 Organization-Dues-Delinquent-1956-1961 14 213 Organization-Politics-Wendell Ford Campaign for U.S.J.C. Vice President- Correspondence, List of Kentucky Delegates to 1955 National Convention, Tally Sheet, Convention/Campaign Organization Chart, Newsletter, Program-1955 14 214 Organization-Politics-Whisman Campaign Material, Campaign Material, Correspondence, Stationary Design, Ohio State Convention Packet, Resolutions, Poster, Manuscript Campaign Card Design-1955-1958 14 215 Organization-LEM (Leadership Training, Extension, Membership)-Correspondence, Circulars, Minutes, Packet Material -1955-1958 14 216 Organization-Membership Recruitment Poster, Parade of Cities Information and Data, Membership Material 14 217 Organization-Non-Kentucky Jaycee Minutes, Printed Programs-1955 14 218 Organization-Policy-1954-1956 14 219 Organization-Project Idea Information-Jaycee Booklets, Circulars-Mid-1950s 14 220 Organization-Publicity-Brochure, Correspondence, Circulars, Printed Programs- 1954-1957 14 221 Organization-Publicity-Newspaper Clippings- 1954-1960 14 222 Organization-Publicity-Newspaper Clippings-1952-1954 14 223 Organization-Publicity-Newspaper Clippings-1957 14 224 Organization-Regional Meeting, Eastern Kentucky, September 19-20, 1959-Jaycee Directory (1959-1960), Agenda, East Kentucky Officer List, Minutes, Correspondence- 1959 14 225 Organization-District Reports-1958-1959 14 226 Organization-Planned Activities Reports-Letters, Circulars-1955 14 227 Organization-Resolutions--Typescripts, Manuscripts, Letter-1953, 1959 14 228 Organization-Award Certificates to John D. Whisman-1954-1958 14 229 Organization-Letters to Editors, Campaign Literature, Drafts of Speeches, Notes, Program of 10th Governors Tour-1952 14 230 Organization-Drawings and Notes, Letter-1957-1958 14 231 Organization-Newspaper Clippings About Whisman-1953-1954 14 232 Organization-Design Drawings for Publications-1958 14 233 Organization-Whisman as Vice President-Lists, Circular Memoranda, Manuscript Notes, Letters, Local Chapter Newsletter, Minutes, Financial Reports, "The 'One Man' Plan", Governor's Proclamation, Manuscript Drafts-1954-1955 14 234 Community Outreach Programs-Kentucky Air Tour-Correspondence-1954-1957 15 235 Community Outreach Programs-"Project Top Flight"-Correspondence, Information Circulars, Program Booklet-1954-1956 15 236 Community Outreach Programs-Bookmobile Project-Correspondence, Manuscript Notes, Information Circulars-1953-1956 15 237 Community Outreach Programs-Boy Scout Promotion-1953-1954 15 238 Community Outreach Programs-Community Development-Correspondence, Committee List, Program Information Booklets, Speech Texts, News Release-1951-1961 15 239 Community Outreach Programs-Community Development-Elizabethtown, Kentucky Community Development Brochure-No Date 15 240 Community Outreach Programs-Community Development-Seminar Material-1961, 1965 15 241 Community Outreach Programs-Community Development-Manuscript Draft of Manual-1950s 15 242 Community Outreach Programs-Community Development-Bowling Green-Warren County "Sparkplug" Survey-1958 15 243 Community Outreach Programs-Community Development-Reference Material- Booklets, Correspondence, Legislation, Information Sheets-1956 15 244 Community Outreach Programs-Demographics-Kentucky-c. 1953 15 245 Community Outreach Programs-Public Health-Information Circulars, Circular Memoranda, Manual-1954-1956 15 246 Community Outreach Programs-Highways-Report of Governor's Coordinating Committee for Highway Safety of Kentucky-1947 15 247 Community Outreach Programs-Highways-"Proceedings of the Governor's Conference on Highway Safety"-1947 15 248 Community Outreach Programs-Highways*-Causes and Cures of Problems Besetting Kentucky's Roads, By John Ed Pearce-1953-1954 15 249 Community Outreach Programs-Highways-"History of Kentucky State Highway Organizations, 1792-1939"-c.1940 15 250 Community Outreach Programs-Kentucky Junior Chamber of Commerce: Your State Organization-1957 15 251 Community Outreach Programs-Leadership-Manual for Leadership Development 15 252 Community Outreach Programs-Leadership-Training Program-Booklets, Instruction Material, Report, Circular-1955-1959 16 253 Community Outreach Programs-Kentucky Library Campaign -c. 1956-1958 16 254 Community Outreach Programs-Kentucky Jaycees-Miscellaneous-1958-1961 16 254a Community Outreach Programs-Outstanding Young Men Awards-Correspondence, Circular Memoranda, News Releases, Whisman Manuscripts, Printed Programs, Ford National Presidency Campaign-1953-1956 16 255 Community Outreach Programs-Outstanding Young Farmer (Includes Letter Nominating Whisman Outstanding Young Man)-Correspondence, Circulars, Information Circulars-1955-1958 16 256 Community Outreach Programs-Plug Horse Derby, Jaycee Inaugural Balls- Manuscript Notes and Drafts, Inaugural Ball Program Drafts, Drawing-1952 16 257 Community Outreach Programs-Plug Horse Derby Pix-1951 16 258 Community Outreach Programs-Kentucky Jaycees-Public Issues-Eastern Kentucky Flood, Tax Research, Veterans Bonus Bill, Highway Bond Issue, Reappointment, Constitutional Revision-Memoranda, Research Papers, Booklet, Resolution-1957-1960 16 258a Community Outreach Programs-Public Issues-Committee on Public Issues- Booklets, Manuscript Notes, Correspondence, Draft Letters, Lists, Policy Positions, Minutes, News Release, TV and Radio Program Formats-1956-1958 16 259 Community Outreach Programs-Public Issues-Lists, Bumper Sticker, Proceedings of First Governor's Conference on Education, Resolution, Newspaper Clipping, Know Your Government Program Notes-1956-1958 16 260 Community Outreach Programs-Public Issues-"A Right-To-Work Law for Kentucky"-c. 1957 16 261 Community Outreach Programs-Public Issues-Voice of Democracy Program- Circular Memoranda, Information Sheets, Lists, Correspondence-1953-1956 16 262 Community Outreach Programs-Public Issues-"Get Out the Vote" Campaign- Manuscript Notes, Public Service Message Scripts, Information Sheets, Circular Memoranda-1956 16 263 Community Outreach Programs-Religious Activities-Correspondence, Information Circulars, Circular Memoranda-1953-1959 16 264 Community Outreach Programs-Safety Programs-Resume of Whisman Activities in the Jaycees, Information Circulars, Circular Memoranda-1952-1955 16 265 Community Outreach Programs-Safety-Automobile Safety Belts-Note from Wendell H. Ford, Information, Circulars, Correspondence-1955 16 266 Community Outreach Programs-Safety-Seldon Waldo Memorial Award-Manuscript Notes, Reports, Financial Statement, Correspondence, Program Proposals, Information Circulars, Newspaper Clippings-1955-1956 17 267 Community Outreach Programs-Safety and Healths-Correspondence, Teen Age Road-E-O, Budget-1954-1957 17 268 Community Outreach Programs-Safety-Publications, Booklets, Information Sheets, Pamphlets, Whisman Memorandum, Circular Letter-1954-1957 17 269 Community Outreach Programs-Safety-Correspondence, Manuscript Notes and To Do Lists-1958 17 270 Community Outreach Programs-Safety-Safe Driving Brochures, Drawing Designs for Promotion Material 17 271 Community Outreach Programs-Safety-Teen Age Road-E-O-National Motion Picture Project-Script, Story Line, Letter-1956 17 272 WHISMAN'S PRESIDENCY, 1956-1957 iii Organization-Action, JDW-Whisman's Notes, Meetings Schedule, Circular Letters, Correspondence, Lists, Booklets, Pamphlets, Newspaper Clipping-1956-1957 17 273 Organization-Activity Calendar-1956 17 274 Organization-Awards-Giessenbier Memorial Award, Plus Other Awards- Nominations, Letter-1957 17 275 Organization-State Chairmen-Letters, Circular Memoranda, Manuscript Notes, Report Forms-1956 17 276 Organization-C