Dr. Snapp of the Georgia Federal licious over 10 percent and only 3  `
· Peach Insect. Laboratory. Propyl- mentioned Delicious. Golden Dr., .
ene dichloride is much like ethyl- licious stole the show, with 25 to  ·
enc dichloride, but is said to be till percent of the total planting;  ‘ ,
safer and costs less per tree. Rome. (lrinies tloldenl, Wealtlng QJ;
.....;- Polly liades, (Pano, am 'l`ranspar- i
Dr. Snapp also has good news ent all carried il good poll.
about cat—facing of peaches. Both _ _ .
DDT dusts (5 to 10"}—) and DDT Nl`*""l’O*"`Y ("OP LOSSON rr "
sprays (1 or 2 pounds of actual A combination of April frosts anrl V  
DDT per 100 gallons), put on dur- wet weather in late April and I\1a;
ing full bloom, reduced the num- reduced strawberry yields by 5i ·
ber of cat-faces from -12.4 percent percent. and E10 percent in extreiizt- S
to less than 12 percent. crises. Many small {garden patclits ur
;.—.. tiat were coverei during colri  » .
Trunk sprays are being used in nights. however. made fine yield~ B
the Pacific Northwest to kill over- _ H _ V ·
wimering coaimg mom 1iii—»=at·. KEN'i`U€`KY NWN LXIUBITS c il
Yothers and Carlson of the Federal with ,l rip TU) Ur ,l ) JW ,_ r · rr
Bureau of Entomology killed from _   _“ l· ( l_ fil _i_   Q
_ . other liuits bein: pioduterl, x1sit»·:.— ~‘
84 to 99 percent of the codlmg _} NH <___ Q _ ri r r_ -t Nr . _ jr
moth worms with a single March Nl(r_lr(_ ft *`°_lil°, pi. _lliHrVl(r"_mj;` _
application pr ri 4,6-dinitro-o— if " ‘_ri‘{"Q‘}‘ l_·;_l}‘. _“7"   V *‘ r·" :8 V.
Cresol Spray. The spray concen— Xlllliu `A _` mlb ._".ll_ Tl};     Ni (.lj‘_`_`
me is mr On the mem £‘r"i‘..‘£l‘£El-Ei‘ll?‘1t¤lit‘l1Z.“i..lr‘i"(it};%E§`.r"¢<¢‘ c ~—
HINTS ANO OBSERVATIONS till} SlQ`[i`llti—`.KL.€`S"i§”tSXlliilif Sl}Z§`l`Z`f£ i ii
\V· Vu MAGILL their fine t`ruit and to share in rim ll
Apple Segib premium awards. I I . $4
This was not a had year for a - l·Z:u‘ly ttpeuinu app es. suei .»< .
ple Scab. yet I visited two neglectpd l‘olly l·Z:ides. l‘aducali and \\`eal=t`·.  
orchards this week where scalu and some peaches and grapes v.··l` V .
had completely taken the crop of have to he kept on cold storaue for . V I
Delicious, Winesap. and Stayman. short time ahead of the fair. l·`;J‘  
Over half the leaves are now cover- apples such as Jonathan, (}riin¤~——.  
ed with scab or have already been Red Delicious and (lolden llelieioix I
dwarfed. and winter varieties such as Stay,
Peach Leaf Injury man. Home. Turley,. \\`inesap ami I
No, lime sulfur is not the same mtwk ITN I)u\`lS. will llmlilh gm.?} · Y
as wgttablc Sulfur_ I Vishcd rr color and can be picked and lririticrh V I
Small peach Orchard lust Wcrtk directly to the exhilut. rlhe-saine i~ T E
which had Carried Er nice Crop Of true of late peaches. QlZl}lt‘>. llllllllx · (
fruit. A neighbor had told the (l*"]l$‘"l‘ amd l°"*‘l`T·. ,_ r l
Owner to spray with hmc Srdhrr For the'State lair entry blanas V r
]_150_ It did 3 S»W€H jOh Of burh_ stating \\'lll(`l\t‘Xl1llJ.llS(lllt‘llltt‘ll(lf to {
ing Off the leaves and thc fruit nrake should he inzuledrin to the lair- Z J
dropped. Wettable sulfur would <>tf;<‘<· l"'_All¥l‘_‘S: All Hl“`S" ;’l““lj: ` l
have Caused HO injury anc premium iss can pe rar npr:.
written request from the lxy. State  _ l
Om`P;;i)l;lS;)fé§?3%€   “m] Fair ollitre, llouisyiflle. litx'. lr ·r e
· ~ ' ·~ · M a ·° `o· ·xnut ‘ ‘
DDT in the b1OSSOm SlOgO Of sh§tilI;l(lli·)(l`i·ef~hol` luliitlilitses loi·linscrt  
peaches for cat-face control looks hud rirsrrm, mhrrr Shnrrhr hr. ng . T
Very promising WC Shall gil? you averaee sire and y color for the if
8 Complete mpmt at hmvcst tlm°· variety should be uniform in size l
Apple Varieties for the Future shape and color and such kinds as
We made a poll among ;i group apples. pears and plums should hayc
of our experienced Kentucky ap- stems in place. _ .
ple growers, asking "Whgt vnrioty There is a great deal of satisfac-
of apples and what percent of each tion in winning hluc ribbons on ones
would you set, if planting a new t`ruit. Try it and see. If you cannot
apple orchard in Kentucky?" bring your fruit. sent it carefully
Neither Winesap nor Black Twig packed and labeled and the fruit de- l
were mentioned. No one gave De- partment will exhibit it for you. .
‘ 8