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Morrison College, Kentucky University,

Lexington, Kentucky, June 8th, 1880.

of June 8,

     The Board of Curators met in regular annual Session this day
President Sweeney in the Chair, when the following curators answeredto
their names:

R. M. Bishop, D. S. Goodloe, W. T. Withers, Jno. Shackelford, Horace
Miller, A. M. barnes, R. X. Gano, Samuel Coleman, Tas. M. Graves,
T. A. Crenshaw, Jno. K. Viallace, Robt. McMichael, John L. Cassell.

     A quorum being present after Prayer by Elder Gano the Board pro
ceeded to business when Curator Tibbs and Ricketts came in also
Curator Munnell.

  of the
Report of

  Report of
  the Exec.

Motion to adopt.

of the

     President White now read his report and also the report of
Professor Allen of the primary department. President White also
presented the report of the Commercial College.

     Which reports were received and filed. President White in the
absence of the Treasurer now read his report.

     Curator Withers now moved that the report be approved by the board
of Curators which motion was adopted.

     Curator Zinnaird entered the room while these proceedings were
took his seat.

     Curator Tibbs now read the report of the Executive Committee.

     Curator Bishop moved the adoption of the report.

     Curator Ricketts moved that the last meeting, of the Executive
mittee be not accepted which was adopted and the report of the executive
Committee including the election of President Loos and Professor lMyers
was included.

                      The ayes and noes being called for the election of President
(417)            and Professor resulted as follows.
                 Those voting in the affirmative were:

R. MI. Bishop
D. S. Goodloe
Horace Miller
'U. E. Rogers
J. G. Kinnaird
A. LM. Barnes
R. M. Gano
Sam'l Coleman
W. T. Tibbs
Tho. munnell
Jno. S. Sweeney
J. M. draves
T. A. Urenshaw

R. M. Mc Michael
W. C. Ricketts
G. 'i. Givens

twenty-one in the affirmative


Wlill Mitchell
Jno. B. Willace.
Ino. L. Cassell
Jas. L. Neale
W. T. W.Jithers


Jno. Shackelford.


Report called
  for on the

  of Bonds

the endow-
ment Fund
can be
for paying

      On motion of the subject of the salaries be referred to the executive

      On motion of T. U-. Kaird the executive Committee be requested to
make a report upon the whole financial condition of the Kentucky Uni-
versity adopted.

      On motion of Curator Munnell that a Committee be appointed to
this Board the propriety of issuing Bonds and funding the debt of the
University at a lower rate of interest adopted.

      'When D. S. Goodloe, Will Mitchell and Thomas Munnell were appointed

      Curator dithers offered the following
Resolved that a Committee of three be appointed to examine the Charter
and ascertain and report to the Board whether the Board of Curators can
use or borrow the endowment fund or any part of it for the purpose of
paying  off the indebtness of the University to the Northern Bank
secured by mortgage on the Ashland and Woodland estate.

      'Which resolution was adopted andl Withers, Bishop and Kinnaird
were adopted.

Adjourned until tomorrow morning 9 o'clock.

                          Wednesday Liorning, June 9th.

Session of
June 8th,
Exec. Com.
adopted in

Leave of
granted to

fee reduced.

       The Board met pursuant to adjournment after prayer by Elder Munnell
       Minutes read and corrected as follows that Curator Withers moved
 that the last meeting of the executive Committee be now adopted which
 motion was adopted.

       The Minutes were then approved.

       Curator Tibbs offered the following resolution

       Resolved that Professor A. R. Milligan be granted leave of absence
during the early part of the next session of the University to complete
his trip to Europe on condition that his place be supplied at his expense
with the concurrence of the Executive Committee - adopted.

       On motion of Curator Munnell the matriculation fee be reduced
to ten dollars.
                    Which motion was adopted.

417. (Contd.)