(Top six teams excluding Tennessee)
ALABAMA - Defending co-champs with Vandy. . .
Tidesmen are saying "you ain’t seen nothin yet". . .
Could be contenders for national honors. . .
Charles Cleveland, Leon Douglas and Ricky
. Browne are a few names to remember.
AUBURN Had best recruiting year in
conference . . . Top signees were Wayne Bracey,
Mike Mitchell, Myles Patrick, Stan Pietkiewicz
and Jim Krivacs . . . Eddie Johnson and league's
top rebounder Pepto Bolden are valuable
FLORIDA - Second year for Coach John Lotz . . .
*6 To Gator should be Chip Williams . . .Bruno
l Cal)dwell and Gene Shy are other quality players . . .
Gators are a sleeper.
GEORGIA .. Another team which has recruited
itself into the title picture . . . Bulldogs lost two
big men (Foster and Johnson) due to academic p
problems . . .Bum'per crop) of newcomers includes
Tony Flannigan, ackie orsey, and 6’10" Jim ,
TENNESSEE — Vols could qualify for Medicare by
seasons end. Rodney Woods, star guard and team
leader, has not fully recovered from a baseball
inju . Seven footer Bob Brykalski is sidelined
indegnately with ankle problems. . .and now,
Emie Grunfeld, Vo1’s team scoring leader last
year as a freshman, may be lost or the entire
season with a broken wrist. Tennessee will have to
rely on sensational newcomer, Bernard King,
and coaching expertise of Ray Mears.
VANDERBILT — Lost Van Breda Koff, Compton,
Ligon and Fowler . . .Jeff Fosnes is a class
performer . . .Joe Ford and Butch Feher are
veterans of S.E.C. wars . . .Commodores may be