xt7w9g5gcr0h https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7w9g5gcr0h/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky University of Kentucky. Libraries 19890324 The title, The Green Bean, was not used until December 14, 1973. During 1992-1993 some issues were sent via email with the title: Green Screen.
Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean, March 24, 1989, no. 547 text The Green Bean, March 24, 1989, no. 547 1989 2014 true xt7w9g5gcr0h section xt7w9g5gcr0h ·—S.·-·a:.;.:.a...a.J- 
VVorks by the late Lexington artist Victor Hammer, including "The
Resurrection" and other religious works are currently on display at the
University of Kentucky Art Museum in the Singletary Center for the Arts. The
exhibit opened March 19 and will remain up until May 28.
An exhibit of the works of the painter and printmaker Harlan Hubbard will open
at the Art Museum on Sunday, April 2 and remain on view until June 4. There
will be an opening reception and a lecture by Wendell Berry, the Kentucky
writer, on Sunday, April 2, at 3:00 p.m. The exhibition is presented in
conjunction with Mr. Berry's 1989 Blazer Lecture on Harlan Hubbard.
QTune 1, 1989, is the deadline for application for the 1990 NEH Fellowships
for scholars in the humanities. Applications are invited from independent
scholars at museums, historical societies and research libraries. Guidelines
and applications are available from the National Endowment for the Humanities,
Room 316, 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20506. The
telephone number is 202—786—O466.
V ZX panel on national information policy for librarians will be featured on .
. Wednesday, April 5, at 2:45 p.m. at the ACRL annual conference in Cincinnati. g
2 Speakers will include Susan Martin, Executive Director of the National §
Commission on Library and Information Science; D. Kaye Grapen, Dean of T
Libraries at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, U.S. Representative Pat m
Williams, Chair of the Post Secondary Education Committee, and Hiram L. Davis, `
Dean of University Libraries at New Mexico State University.
'I` N ‘ ·
he ewsletter of the Umversnty
of Kentucky Lib ar`

· The Ohio Valley Group of Technical Service Librarians
(DVGTSL) annual conference will be hosted by the University
of kentucky in Lexington at the Hyatt—Reoency on May l5~lbth.
The theme of the conference is "Links: Within & Without" and
will include presentations on the Links System Project (LSP).
OCLC New System. and a panel discussion on database
Since the University of Kentucky will be hostino the
conference all library staff are invited to attend the
meetinos (no meals included) free of charoe. Qny staff member
who wishes to attend the conference is asked to please
reqister with Kate Seaoo (E57~S3S5) by Qpril 23rd. The Local
Qrranqements Committee needs to know the number of people
attendino each meetino in order to reserve meetino rooms. If
anyone wants to attend the entire conference, please contact I
Nazee Depp. Central Serials Record (257—B3S8) before April
May 15th Nay loth
1.;2:¤i¤ -— 1.:1.5 8:C¤Z> —~ 9:<2>C»
lunch .... & Welcome Continental Breakfast
1:15 — 2:3O 9:OO ~ 10:00
Sally McCallum. Chief. Network Liz Hishoff
Dev. & NQPC Standards Office. LC "The New Online System and
"LSP and Library of Congress" Impact on Database
2:30 — 2:45 Break
10:OO ~ 10:15 Break
2:4E ~ 3:15 '
Lia Bishoff. Nanader. Catalooind 10:15 ~ 12:00
and Database Services. OCLC Panel Discussion:
"LSP and OCLC" "Database Maintenance in
Local Systems"
$:15 — 3:45 Noderator: Dr. Lois Chan _ I
Martin Joachim. Principal Local Systems Covered:
Catalooer. Indiana University LCS W Ohio State Univ.
"ISP .... and Indiana University" VTLS ~ Ohio Univ.
NCTIS — Univ. of
$:45 — 4:30 Louisville
Questions & answers LS/EOOO ~ Ohio Wesleyan
University ·
Reception and dinner to
follow Lunch and tours to follow
I wish to attend the followino
May 15, 1:15 ····· 3:45 LSP presentation __" _____,__ _,______ N_m 4,__ ____,_,_____ M__ _____
May ia. *7:C>¤I>   1.:rZ> OGLE; NEW 5*/STEIM ______ ___
Nay 16, 10:15 ~ lE:OO Panel Discussion Lwmw_W __‘____·_____A n__WW _______ __'_
Please return to Kate Seago. 301 Hind North. 0039

The LIBRARY STRFF URGANIZATlGM'S annual membership drive is now in full
swing! LSD sponsored a full and exciting roster of events in 1988, thanks to
the combined efforts of many, many participants who worked together to make
things happen.
Some of the projects/events which LSD sponsored last year included:
memorial donations, retirement gifts, sending condolences, acknowledgments,
and get well wishes, sponsoring craft and bake sales, the Summer Picnic, a
Tree Walk, a Fall outing. LSD also assisted with the Honors Day exhibit, the
book sale, and purchased supplies for the Staff Lounge. Special holiday
functions included solicitation and delivery of food and donations for
Thanksgiving baskets and God's Pantry, donations for the U.K. Hospital’s
Pediatrics Hard, toys for the Salvation Army, and of course, sponsorship of
the Library's annual Christmas Luncheon.
For those of you who may be new to the system, LSD is a social
organization open to all library personnel, both classified and professional.
It is designed to enhance the personal and working experiences of staff
_ members through social events and programs. Membership dues for the calendar
year are five dollars. A
The operating budget of LSD is totally dependent upon membership dues,
profits from fundraising events, and admission to events from non—members.
Without these incoming funds LSD's activities would be sorely limited. ,
LSU has already sponsored its first fund—raiser of the year, the _
Valentine's Day Bake Sale. The next event will be the Book Sale to be held in
The officers for 1989, Mary Geyer, Treasurer; Patty Hornback, Secretary;
Judy Brown, Vice President (President Elect); Mary McLaren, President, are
looking forward to another successful year. This can only be realized through
high staff participation and attendance. We hope all previous members will
renew their memberships at this time and all non-members will consider
becoming members. Please plan to join us for another eventful year.
_____ Here is my check for $5.00 payable to the Library Staff Organization
for my 1989 membership dues. Please mail me a membership card.
Name _______________________ Department __________________________ I
_____ Yes, I am interested in serving on an LSD committee and I have
indicated my preference below.
____ Departmental Representative ____ Staff Rm. ____ Acknowledgments
____ Bake Sales ____ Book Sale ____ Social Committee
Return to: Mary Geyer, Acquisitions Dept., M.l. Ming - North 00391
3g A

 D °   =¤» P
@0 ll €I§`&@$  YW
°· e m _
@Uf\ .   0 @@1 @`£fR @ZP
L"  lf
W dl A   "
°m@§° A “ °@& 0
(5 .pf iq j t,
A         .»  c; _
.   T-;_ 
·  #1  ,   ` "* ` ` \
Come join us! We will meet at 9:30 in front of the Library. We will walk over to the
Hospital and first tour the Pediatrics Ward. As most of you know our Libraries donate
money each year at Christmas to help purchase items for the children in the Hospital.
This will give you a chance to see how your donations help meet the Hospital's
needs. After touring the Pediatrics Ward we will tour the Medical Center Library.
If you plan to attend, please contact Penny Greenwell in the P/N/M dept at 7-8393
or sign the coupon below and send to Penny Greenwell, P/N/M Dept., King-South. THANKS!·"
I plan to attend the Pediatrics Ward and Medical Center Library Tour on Wednesday April 5,
1989 at 10:00.

PERFECT ATTENDANCE a new air conditioner and new
shelving. Thanks also for going to
bat for us for improved copy service.
At a ceremony held on March 10 to
recognize service and perfect We know it sometimes might seem that
attendance for employees of the few people appreciate the work that
Information Systems sector, three each of you does. This is just to
library staff members received give you our thanks for all of that
perfect attendance awards. Diana good work.
Feinberg, Circulation, received a 4
year award; Tom House, Special
Collections, received a 3 year award, —---— `
and John Walker, Government
_ Publications, received a I year
award. Claire McCann, Special Collections,
received the following letter from
A Karen Patricia Smith, assistant
professor of library science at
ABOVE AND BEYOND Queens College:
I wish to thank you and your staff
The staff of Administrative Services for the marvelous assistance you have
(Pat Lloyd, Rick Garrett, Cecil given in helping me to obtain a copy
Madison, Teresa Smyth and Melanie of Felissa: gp php Life gg Opinions
Sowder) received the following letter g g Kitten 9; Sentiment. I cannot
from Dan Hodge and Julie Moseley of tell you how much I appreciate your
the Architecture Library: cooperation and swift attention! I
have already praised your institution
We'd like to take just a minute to most highly to my colleagues and the
communicate to you something other students in my children's literature
than our usual requests for money, class.
pencils, information, favors, paper
clips, pick—ups and deliveries, Additionally, the book surpasses my
copies, computer diskettes, etc. , expectations and will greatly enhance
etc. the work I am doing.
What we want you to know is that we It is not every institution that is
appreciated the service that you all willing to cooperate with the
perform. We know from our own requests of an "outsider". Those of
library experience that it isn‘t easy us who are engaged in historical
trying to meet the demands of so many research find ourselves at a
people needing and wanting so many continual disadvantage —— always
different things. Your cooperation chasing butterflies which are
and efforts on our behalf have helped inevitably always in other people's
to keep things running smoothly here. gardens.
Pat, we especially appreciate your Again, I thank you for helping me to
help this past year in getting us capture this very rare "butterfly".
such desperately needed equipment as -—----

 Lillian Blackburn, Microfilm Center, Bonnie Cox, Special Collections,
A received the following letter from received the following letter from
Q Jan Marshall, local history librarian Sally Bingham in reference to the
at the Lexington Public Library: interview published in the Winter,
1988, Kentucky Review -
Thank you for the fine microfilming P
job you and your staff did with our I did want to let you know how very l
Local History Index. I have scanned useful your interview was during my W
through several sections and the recent book tour. In fact, of all  
quality of the filming appears to be the things in the press kit, your pt
uniformly excellent —- even in cases interview was the one most people  
where the type on the older cards was read. It really helped to break  
very light. through some of the miasma and E
prejudice and misunderstanding E
We are very relieved to have a surrounding the book. I am so F
microfilm copy of the Local History grateful to you for having done such  
Index and to know that there is a a good job.  
negative copy stored off—site. The STAFF DEPARTURES fz
librarians at the Lexington  
_Herald—Leader are very pleased with ‘  
their set of microfilm; they have Geraldene Gerke ....... Microfilm {
offered several positive comments. Center y
` I will get in touch with you about Cherri Sebree ....... Microfilm Center  
the filming of additional copies of $
the index for other institutions one {
we have settled down from our move A
and grand opening. NEW STAFF  
Thanks again for the excellent job. ;
Marcella Ducasse ...... Bibliographic   ·
· é
Nicholas, David, Kevin Harris, and Gertrud Erbach. Online Searching: Il;_s ’
Impact gn php Information Users {British Library E _Q Q Report 5944. London:
Mansell, 1987. (Call number Z699.3 .N53 1987). ‘
March 24: Chamber Music for Cello and Piano: Suzanne McIntosh, cello; Lucien
Stark, piano, School of Music
6 ,7

 March 31: Magic Spell: The Words and Images of Witchcraft, 1450-1650: Jeannine
Blackwell, Department of German, Women's Studies.
April. 7: Movie-Going in Lexington, 1896-1906: Greg Waller, Department of
Diarch 29: Phase Transitions in Particle and Condensed Matter Physics: Gyan
Bhanot, Florida State University.
A CT CD E3 CD I? EE Zhi ]E IJ C5 E5
Library Technician III, grade 7, Director of University Libraries,
Cataloging, Medical Center Library. Howard University. Salary: none
listed. Deadline: April 1, 1989.
‘ Romance Languages Librarian,
University of California, Irvine. The position of Head of Social
Salary: $25,380 - $44,676. Deadline: Sciences Department, University of
May`1, 1989. Georgia, Athens, previously listed
has been withdrawn.
Assistant/Associate Director for
Reader and Technical Services, San
Francisco State University. Salary:
$45,000 - $62,500. Deadline: May 31, HAWAII
1989. ’
Monographic Cataloger, Bibliographic
Control Unit, San Francisco State Head of Acquisitions (Monograph
University. Salary: $31,680 - Department),lk¤versity of Hawaii at
$43,896. Deadline: May 31, 1989. Manoa. Salary: $28,524 — $51,396.
Deadline: May 1, 1989.
Chief Librarian, Catalog Department,
Stanford University. Salary:
$39,400 $57,600. Deadline: March 31,

   "V__·"—t * 'i V " I I
1. Chinese Catalog Librarian/
@ Bibliographer, Washington University,
Head of Reference Department, St,. Louis. Salary: none listed.
Northwestern University, Evanston. Deadline: May 1, 1989.
Salary: $23,000 minimum. Deadline: Humanities/Social Sciences Librarian,
April 28, 1989. Washington. University, St. Louis.
H i s t 0 r y a n d G e 0 g r a p h y Salary: none listed. Deadline: May
Bibliographer/Government Publications 1, 1989.
Librarian, Northwestern University,
Evanston. Salary: $23,000 — $28,000.
Deadline: April 28, 1989.
Assistant Law Librarian, University
. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Salary: $21,000 minimum. Deadline: Cataloger, Monographs/Music,
May 30, 1989. University of Nebraska, Lincoln.
Assistant Law Librarian (Foreign Salary: $19,500 minimum. Deadline:
Law), University of Illinois at April 15, 1989.
Urbana—Champaign. Salary: $21,000 ‘
minimum. Deadline: May 30, 1989.
Cataloger, Romance Languages Team,
Princeton University. Salary: none
Assistant/Associate Librarian, listed. Deadline: April 21, 1989.
_ Reference Department, Indiana
University at Kokomo. Salary:
$21,000 - $27,000. Deadline: March
31, 1989. NEW MEXICO
' ` Science/Engineering Librarian,
MASSACHUSETTS University of New Mexico,
Albuquerque. Salary: $20,000
Cataloger, University of minimum. Deadline: April 15, 1989.
Massachusetts, Amherst. Salary:
$25,000 -$37,000. Deadline: April
15, 1989. ‘
MISSOURI Reference Librarian for Instructional
Services, New York University.
Salary: $26,000 minimum. Deadline:
Librarian/Supervisor of Undergraduate April 30, 1989.
Library Instruction Program,
Northwest Missouri State University, Science Librarian, Syracuse
Maryville. Salary: $26,5000 minimum. University. Salary: $20,000 minimum.
Deadline: April 10, 1989. Deadline: May 15, 1989.

 "\ .
OREGON Libraries, Vanderbilt University,
Nashville. Salary: none listed.
Deadline: April 10, 1989.
Reference Librarian, Science emphasis
(2 positions), Oregon State
University, Corvallis. Salary:
$20,000 minimum. Deadline: May 1, TEXAS
Catalog Librarian, Oregon State ‘
University, Corvallis. Salary: Music Librarian, Rice University,
$20,000 minimum. Deadline: May 1, Houston. Salary: $22,000 - $28,000.
1989. Deadline: April 15, 1989.
Head of Government Documents, Oregon VIRGINIA
State University, Corvallis. Salary:
$20,000 minimum. Deadline: May 1,
1989. Assistant Music Librarian,
` Serials/Acquisitions Librarian, UniVersity‘ of Virginia,
Oregon State University, Corvallis. Charlottesville . Salary:
Salary: $20,000 minimum. Deadline: $22,000 minimum. Deadline:
May 1, 1989. April 17, 1989. `
Head, Serials Unit, University
of Virginia, Charlottesville.
PENNSYLVANIA Salary: $25,000 minimum.
Deadline: May 10, 1989.
International Documents Librarian, Catalog Librarian, Bibliographic
Penn State University. Salary: none Services Department, Virginia
listed. Deadline: May 15, 1989. Commonwealth University, Richmond.
Salary: $22,000 minimum. Deadline:
. June 1, 1989.
Director of Central and Science