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‘I` H E I D E A  
N * Y
B   Vol. lll LEXINGTON, KY., FEBRUARY 9, 1**11 No. 22  
VICTORY AT LAST. BASKET BALL TEAM AWAY. provided the men turll out and train FRESHMEN DEFEAT "PREPS." IN
-—- 1- faithfully, and the students support BASKET BALL.
’ 'N BREAKING THE HOODOQ THIS WEEK, good team. There are a number of Final Score 31 to 12.
—- good men lll school, who could make j
""" Hard Game; gn Trlp, good at track if they only tried. Be· Searchers for history, arise! Learn
B°tn°"Y Beaten 24‘11‘ ---- gin now and get into condition. Cut ye that last Saturday night after the
  lf Kontnokym fivg can bring back out smoking and drinking and do not varsity game, the Freshmen defeated
  TW" the majority of vtotortee on this trip keep tall hours, and when the season the Academy team 31 to 12. Prof.
_ the Students can tee] prond_ Thg opens you will be surprised at what Patterson’s boys fought tenaciously
On last Saturday ntgnt tne basket' nrgt game in with (jhjo wenjynn to- you can do. It you want any kind but with ,battered armor and scarred
bell team wen tretn Betnany Cenege night and the following dey they play of yadvloe, see Coach Iddings and; helmet, they fell in the hands of Capt.
'~ eve in w¤lrlwl¤¤ style The game Otterbeln. On Saturday the team will be WIII do what he can for you. lf Noel’s five. Please sing some old fa·
is was Innen eleaer than the aeere in` tooo the toot (ghrtet Church qntntet you can run, jump pole vault, hurdle. miliar hymn.
  diCet°s’ as the vl=l¢<>r¤ rut up 8 stub' and lf they can hold this team down £hr0W the hammer or discus or put Freshmen’• Line-Up.
  b°rn ngnn they have done something to be proud the shot. Why get b¤SY Bhd If h0I. W00ds0h Bhd W00ds0h. gUBrdS-
Bethany was handicapped, by being OL learn herei Gayle, cemen
witn°“t the Services °t B"adt°"d· tneir Harrison has not been out for prac- Noel, (Captain), Cottrill, forwards
°°nt°*in· wn° sustained an lnlurr tn tlce all week as he is troubled with —j···•·•·•—-—-—— Academy.
the E°m° with T"°“SyI"°¤*’*· TM abad lmeeaudlrlt lu not thoroughly sallee, ·raylor and Taylor, rz. B,
vlev w¤¤ ¤l•¤¤¤ ¢¤¤>¤s¤¤¤¢- e¤¢¤¤¤¤e well. Beatty wm ge ln at center. The $°°S°”"’T'°"S "°” ’°" ""E"· guards.
° little argument that Marx and rest of the men are in good shape and TUCKIANN Neal, center.
Wens n°d· °“n ’°" whlch they “’°"° with an even break or luck, they "_ - McDaniel and Heath, forwards.
put off the floor. Preston played left Should fam Well- At B meetlhg of the staff it was de-
guard and kept his man well covered. cided to extend the limit for receiving , .
Hart did most of the scoring for State ________•___ subscriptions to February 18. After
making a total of 14 points. Marx that time no more subscriptions will RELATION OF THE SECONDARY
made two beautiful fleld goals from CROSS COUNTRY RUN, be received. No more books than SCHOOL TO THE UNIVERSITY-
difficult positions, as he was very   have been subscribed j·for will {be] -·····-·
closely guarded throughout the game. cooo souao our ron l=lns·r nun. printed. If you have not signed up do THE APPBINTMENT 0F PRBF-
Bethany lost their best man in -—-- so at once. See Emmett Becker who M’HENRY RODES ONE OF
Bradford, who was troubled with a More Men wanted, ls subscription manager or Lee Moore IMPORTANCE.
bad knee. Wells played a consistent 1.. or Llts Adams for signing up. -——
game at guard and made the only On last Monday the season for cross Business Manager. Will Cause Secondary Schools to lm-
fleld goals made by his team. Um- country runners opened and about ...L.,.•.,._, prove.
benhower kept his guard busy by his thirt men res ended to Coach Iddln s' ———
floor work. On the whole this game calI.y This folltm of athletics is new SENIOR CN"' BANQUETZ Al tne present time tne retatten
was very good, with the exception of here, but judging by the interest man- ········ that should exist between the second-
a few hot tempered remarks that ifested, it is here to stay. Any men On last Saturday morning the Senior ary schools ami a State University
were soon forgotten. who wish to try out for the track clvils gathered around the festive is a mucll mooted question and one
Kentucky Llne·Up. team next spring alld who intend to board and made merry. The guest of far from a solution of universal ac-
Hart, forward. run any distance over a quarter of honor was Miss Bessie Hayden, who ceptallcc. There are those who maln-
Marx, forward, a mile, should come out as this ls is dear to the heart of one and liked tain that the relation should be an in-
. Barnett, forward. the best way of developing your wind by all. Hexible one; while there are others
Harrison, center. and hardening your muscles. You The feed was prepared by the Roy- Wll0 claim, and justly so, that the
Gaiser, guard. nlay not be as handsome as you would al Chef Mr. E. L. Becker, whose equal secondary school should be twofold in
Preston, guard. like to be in track suit, but do not as a culinary expert is yet to be found. its purpose—to prepare for collegiate
Bethany Line-Up. let this keep you indoors, It will be Mr. "Arful" Taylor acted as toast- work and to prepare for life. The
Bradford, forward. this squad that the Coach will look master and the following toasts were wisdom of the latter and the folly of
Shropshire, forward. to next spring for his milers and responded to: the former course is plainly evident
Umbenhower, forward. half mllers. Any kind of a suit will "Dreamlng" ........... Mr. Merchant when we notice the surprisingly small
Kerfoot, center. do. Wear rubber soled shoes. Get "Loves Labor Lost" ........ Mr. Lytle percentage of the graduates of the
Bradford, center. the "Kentucky" spirit and come out. "Hlckman" .......,.   Mr. Naylor secondary schools who ever pursue
Wells, guard. ........_...,...____. "GIrls" ............ . ..... Mr. Becker a college course. lf the majority of
Smith, guard. TRACK TEAM. "Boys" ................. Mr. (`olllngs the graduates enter at once Into their
Goals: Hart, 2: Marx, 1; Harrison, ——— "\Vhy l Came to College" ...... Iife’s work, then it ls the duty of
2; Gaiser, 2; Wells, 2. STATE’S PROSPECTS IN DOUBT. ......... . ...... ..Miss Hayden such schools to give them the best
Foul goals: Hart, 10; Bradford, 5; ······· Menu. possible training for such duties. It
Shropshire, 1; Umbenhower, 1. Team Wlll Go to the Southern Inter- Olives is also just as evident that the sub-
l'•‘ouls—Kelltucky, 15; Bethany, 16. collegiate. Cheese Twlxt Crackers jects necessary for entrallce into our
Referee—EllI0tt, Y. M. C. A. —; Figs ala "Iky" Newton colleges and universities are not the
Umplre—Van Meter, Y. M. C. A. Tl·ack work has never had the "Seedless" Bananas Oranges bent to prepare the student for his
'l‘lmers-—McMuller, Fitzpatrick. proper support here, that it deserves. "Fuzzless" Cakes lit’e’s work.
Sc0rer—Beckor. With a good coach this spring and ““’R(Pl‘ lll Bottles" A university has no right to demand

Ask Your Grocer for- of the sevondzary schools that they A MID-WINTER NIGHTS DREAM. I A
  shall pursue :1 schedule that meets ‘
AM   their entrance requirements with »—- i
Don’t Forget H0, cake Mn; those Students who can never hope L L
Mndn BV to secure a college education; but it On a bleak snowy night in the not
' can demand, and rlzhtlv so, that. this distant long ago three wanton and %
‘ _ D 11 ‘ · · V ,
Lcxlmrwn ° n` Mlns ¤°· schedule be carried out with the forlorn youths, seized with the  
" ‘—··—·-‘-‘_"“’-‘ Students who SPG goin: to enter col- "\Vander1usr," were wandgrin Hi ). " @1
sc pn _ \  
lege. ward where in their fancy they might 1*
Nl A R < : H lin our own State the State Univer- roam in fairer regions. C};:E'{%N B?q§%l$lD  
sity smdnds at th? head Of the gram` As they were strolling along a pir- UI W    
GOOD FURNITURE, m" ““ “"°°“d“‘y *’°h°°‘“· This °°“ turesque and enchanted bcunivsm, ° cw  
Flinfstxr realized ;'h°“ we nom that suddenly they all of one accord not- $[0lch    
Carpets, Wall Paper and Stoves. lnnmn 6 more anu ems pursuing °°]‘ iced a noble knight and his lady mir 1I•..Hm·¤•· C1¤ett.Pc•b¤dy&Co..M•ke¤ i QQ
    n thmurses em than there are t0 emerge from one of its stately I  
zu: h_u;;;:°;r:;°§_i;:t:?“S °°mbi;“°’d(i mansions. As the distinguished cou- _ __ I ,  
BI       ` ’ ‘ vu Y "ecogn ze ple proceeded with dignity and grace RW
this fact when they appointed Prof, the nn ` ’ 1  
A _ _ , · ger eyes of the aforesaid heav-     _
"TM T“1°r That S't"i°" x§1E$;ricl?£0i;° tgrge {ssh (gf Ti? enly triplet followed them with the if
~ · . GS D G i 1 f   v » 1,;* 
STEAM wd DRY CLEANING- discharge of his duties will naturally priiliyonnzd n;Fr;;;;b1:;rea;:%;€y€'    
159 Smith 1·i¤¤¤¤t<>¤¤ King ibmit a bstiilr ligation between if by magic the lady enraptused IT;    
e scnoos an e tate Universi- ’ ·~.*?·
-   ,•.
ues. A cmrun study of work of the fm  “°d °°“"°’“°“°“ °’ *‘°’ "“‘g"*· m C°· [  
UNIVERSITY LUNCH STAND graduates or the various schmxs sem ;;th“ t “ 3**;* cj *‘°;I *""“°“°"““““ p  
First Class Llmch and their swam hm, sud, if the sm. n°“ 1 “° °“g *· €‘“*°’ dm ”° THE LEADING t EM
Hot M€a]S dents of any one school be found no C6 t for I think he must have) SPECIALTY HOUSE ,,.
t been talking about the motions of the  
A1 ALL HOURS deficient in any one subject this stars the beautiful harmonies ot nat ° Jr;
A_ B_ Bn/1RRETT school will be notified of the det1cien· urn, nr thc poetry on motion as seen    2;
it. There is in vo i K t k ’  aa 
8 uniform enwani? gequfgggnz °*ppl°· and other Ph€¤°m€¤8 of every- Styles in
EVERYTHING FOR TE day lite. Science was his favorite  
' among the various colleges and univer- IN ¤ 
K0DAK’ slties. Prof. Rodes’ work will cause theme and h°bby’ as dear to him °'l` HIGH GLASS rt 
D,,,l(,Pi,g md p,mm_ a better nnnnnnnnnn nn tnn nm of most ss ure itself; and he wss sc- 0UTER_ GARMENT8 AND ¥, 
_ Some of than n I b n wi customed to weave its intricate beau- Mu,In[N‘ERY_ ‘1:j’
L°xmgt‘°¤ Ph°t'° Supply °°' them that the; gigdzzses sie sosquzi ues imo the wh°l° w°°f and “W°b" v 't‘ 
. ' b { 
°*·* ¤¤*·v· T·¤ °·¤* Sm- ified to sm the mgm insmutttus of °* ms me- Fon tt
  the sum; as unconditigued freshmen The dainty article that had fallen `  
Thia is but a start toward the ro;]- was gawd ¤D0¤ by the Y0¤tb¤ with  
AIIIOOII N"- ization of a system similar to that in Jealous and longing eyes. They ap-        
ICE CRE:\M PARLOR vogue in Germany; and which is the proached it with deference and timid- . , { 
T , m0St complete system known. In cou- ity and at the “m° time with 8 ¤0¤‘t Full Lmc Now on Dlsplay .  
Al\D LUB CH STAND clusion, let us remember that it is Of ¤¤°¥'€d ¤¤·l¤¤ ¤`6¤D60f· (The 1110011-    
South Lime and Winslow Streets not the university that makes the man was S Witness to this ¤0l€m¤       it
  secondary schools but that it is the BDGCMCIB.) They saw it crouching up- • S - 
secondary moons um make me um. ¤¤ the ¢r<>d¤¤¤ ¤¤<>W1ik¤ ¤¤m<= w¤<>¤v· Main street nm  
J. J. FI'1'ZGER.ALD VB,-sity by furnishing mit each yen,. wild live thing; but to their joy they ‘  
PLUMING an ever increasing number gf fresh. :011Hd tglltiif. Y/8B only Her furs, harm- ---—-———-....;..._..—. Q4
msu to replenish the matriculation <=·¤¤ ¤¤ W th ifs ¤¤=¤¤<=*¤- K¤¤s¤t¤<><><1 t 
· °*'t·» ‘ · L°¤i¤Kt°¤· K1- tion. there arose a great contest among L 
  It would be well in thig connection the noble college youths, as to who ajc
to consider some of the functions of Should *`“t°*`9 the mst fm`! to U16   M    A. 
KINKEAD COAL COMPANY A State Umv€,.sity_ It is its primary lady, who was fast disappearing in B  
OTFICE and YARD- function to be the center or high and the dim hwy light- N0 doubt they  
N0_ 157 N_ Brondwa _ lofty ideals for the State; and gm- were prompted and inspired by the _  
RAN ROAD YAP S F ynt D, this end it must assemble the material ”·m° gallant Bpmt which 166 Sir Our Sem!-Annual Cut ` n
' __ ` ° ' r°{g ° equipment and scbolariv men nocese F`¤`¤¤°i¤ in d¤Y¤ 0f Y0¤`6» to d¤¤¢¤¤d Price Sale is now gglng {  
pot, b. Broadway and Chnsty Sta. sary for the accomplishment of these into the fearful arena of lions to re- _ · ‘°*
  idals, and the propagation or the beg- Swre the fallen glove, drawn to the OH in FLlI’I`llShil1g Goods Y  
t i l 1 11 _ . ground b it , t hi 1 d -1 K . . 
'IIO ollldlll pirnzz Zunztilcingiss sg; txsgrggly C‘°"° (Y';   y¤°t (;¤· :¤¤?¤‘ yigs and HatS°   ? 
, in tn iv t it t d t _ cence was a viler one than this. They .5 1 = 
sousuom s onmv xrrormu K ° ° ° “ “ °“ ” “ °°°°°°°* each knew mst an heroic act like cm GRADDYQ BRADLEY » 
cally and as effectively as possible ·
119 South Upper SL · would bring them into eternal favor 140 W t nm . 8 *
Lnninntnxn _ _ _ _ Kentucky the learning and ideals which have a with this godly knight of the "Gnad- “ t`  
genuine significance for the common- inshen." and might. perchance. iur- i
    of the present and fut,\|I'€, nigh them solid hope for 8' upalsingn    
• • _ future.
  m   The third, and last to be considered, _ n
function f St t U i i n At length after long, violent and bur- a shnpment of _ 
emu 6 nt; isn a 6 t n vers ty iq to ried consultation, they chose the very ’
Everything 'I'h•t's Good in t g u°l;°°’ ° °°°mb°t*’ us fleetest of the three, as the task was WHIT“AN’S E
!‘6•S¤reB. not on y to those who en- great and momentous and the time but The Best
Chocolate d
F R I N T I N G enter its doors. but also to those who short, to mmm the treasure to it, Connections Mad; an
cannot, or are not disposed to do go, owner. The courier lost no time but `
140 South Limestone In other words it must react unm at tremendous speed ran towards the
F P society by nninnmn nnnlt imo inummn vanishing ones and at last tell pros-     CO.
lyétié h0¤e 537-X and vnnl com t I h I trate at their feet, "The deed accom- Pharmacists
ti t ac wu} [ ° iw °f uw plished, the victory won, the glory N W Con Mnin and Lim
Lnxinntnn _ _ Kentucky mes. vanished, the moon had come." ' ' ‘ °‘ I
’ Both Phone-123. ·
t 1

. __ __ ___ rwtig ; . .j.;i_;;‘i'i;i .. J.; .";’.TJ. M'- . itt
A Penny Saved t N it
E m£1QPI°Il1£It1 DIPE l
[1 a Penny Made I é at A D  
We can mere you many pnmiee `     ·  
o by _t'[[j"g you     S  
, • 3 YJ,
· l ··— Gu] ans <>'*` Balyo ( ‘    
‘l The     Misses Elizabeth Farris and Naomi W Thcvvofldm Sum}-  
  , Ballew spent a few days with friends     "d_ Tone cle`:. {ua"`    
pl C0 j' in Georgetown.   5}: mellow and very ($7*, '°¤" vb t .’!§,~
‘·l •   powerful W. ' ea `
  Sint, of Miss Linda Dodge, of Paris. was the '¢ :_.     |t·ltt:::;ut,$lg'.?i.:r.:.°:t;lt:licl.;:r .,   O
  guest °’ Mm R“bY T“““°’· 1·   P3;l»l¤fl;:`hl1|1l·:%:`l;l¤¢ ~ »  Q ,
‘ ·'_‘_ ·     ‘ Catalogtot ema cr!. ,   ‘_
I tf-   Miss Mattie Morgan spent the week- .`h .   For :::;yd:|1:::·di¤t     i  
` '·l ·‘ S A end at her home in Corinth.   Duh Dug:  
.=` . _; ~ J‘
1   PERF UMES e   Lyonanuny .. _. J’t.é ; .m
  TALCUM POWDERS Miss Gladys Bryankhas as hher ' ; ·   -•  ht"., V t .`!; O f,
  T COST guests the past wee her mot er,   t
  A brother and sister of Ashland. `; _
    Miss Louise Warford spent Sunday `  I 'W ...,....
l_   The Beg! Hot C/iogo/gte zn with her father in Millersburg. ‘“’
rl tit ·
*' it the City Miss Corinne Horne, of Texas, arriv- MAKERS OF LYON AND HEALY PI
»-. ._... ed Monday to enter school here.
Q? f t. Th t' t ·as exceptionally '
    ° t D C Rev. Ashley Johnson, of Cumberland JSS hehafefatii? {Sew 8 lime nep
Y.   l       0* ;*e*ehtie·· raennixrasdrijssed the Stu` vous toward the last on acocunt of   I I  
Qt i ents n c ape urs ay morning. . .
  ’ Y { the continuous buzz of the machine. wants your picture since you len
1. 1 Phone 154 }0ur Ateareyt Drug Store .
_A V — _ _ The pictures were very satisfactory hom S0 does your
[1 —-——————————;— ltléieei Bermee tiettieretti ere free- and ..h.,.....d oa. thg .,.,.6 was not
Tl? 9 ` nep enslm tm Pr a ee a QW caused bv any foreign matter but that  
  P E E R I E S S friends et leeeheee Saturday e*’te·‘· the bone was in a diseased condition. -—————~·—
·$ n°°n‘ This is probably the first time that CALL AT
A 2; th X-ray ·as ever used for such a I '
.   ] A | | N D R Y Ms. B. A. L....n..... ..,..m the week- puim “ Humphrey S Stud")
  end with friends in Versailles.
1 ‘. _ . . d let him help you make mother
r r ` ~ Th 1 . bl . . r. ee
‘¢ Bt-ST Bl The'? Mss new osbom gmt from rn. . """ ‘S “° “‘“““‘ 9 °`“`“S" '?Y ““ happy mi also help you to win
  W C WH QON ACT agricultural student to become dissat-
  ` ° " ` , I day umn Monday et her here in isfied with his course especially when your
` it Georgetown studving animal husbandry Cven if    
i       & C0. H C   EI;’};N6l`;23RE` he has no natural inclination to study with some of those
l E agerman /0 egg' Q ‘ ' ` ‘ there are all kinds of inducements in
it leeeereeretee .L...•........ this course to make him study At    
l ._ ___ 1 1 · sui t n mt.
tf • AGRICULTURAL NOTES. the Chicago stock shows there are [Pe a ra es 0_su ms
{ · · --—-- prizes. such as, cups, money, and 341 WLST MAIN ST ht" Pl‘°"‘I635"
  W111 do your Society and Com- _ ———————
t. Quite 3 number of our fellow (·iti· S(‘hOl&l‘ShlpS offered fOl‘ the best Stll-  
  menoement Invitations and Pro- zens are prone to take a pessimistic dent judging team, the best individ- OV5(RP:5 YE2RI’
gt view of scientific agriculture, but the ual judge in all the teams. and a MEN I
I grams better than °th"s· number is gradually decreasing on ac- tl`ODllY is usually offered by the Va-
count of the numerous convincing ex- rious breeders associations for the
` ' r ’ b . ` l ‘ " * .
    152 Wet   Sees BEL`? ‘$.7lIi..I“Zi..TI° .EZ1“i.’.2ZZf` ZLEZ; °·?LZ"f§.i.T.Z§2"£.ELZi(`.2ZZ.Y;L°§£2l.Z§.
‘ Lexington, Ky. branch Of Sgigntwg jg l)t·a(5ti(—g_] in agri- PPS, ASSO(‘l(»1tlOll llO“' Ol’l`(‘l'S 8bOlll 3. THAUI MARK.
  culture. Even the X-ray may be used hundred and fifty dollar tronhv at the Demons
l   “d{?“'Z$€?."“" °“ °“”f‘1¥.’““;».. SIE;] (Ellis Zf"I..3"£..?2°§;€§ .2,'l"..°.f ...t:·.t·;··.·:.:z·:::::e.·:.:.—:·t:t§€?·Y·:?é‘?£*1§.€";;SC·=*?.¤
.   1r..oes,ownero e ac en ’ P ~ 1 bbl " ‘ l_ M
,       wnkos Stook Fspm_ and a noted best judge of saddle horses. under  
{   b   breeder of trotting horses, has a very twenty-tive years of age. There is con- ”_t?tt·¤t¤:::t‘t:lr:rtnt0;o¤;t]l;r£ut¤;¤tg°Co. racein
{         valuable young stallion on his farm Sldérilble money also offered at the     IH E
_t j _ . _ that was in some way hurt in the Stat? Fal? bi' th? St3.l’€’ Fal? ASSO(‘l8,- n c    
  The only hut Clues Shell *¤1·€x*"t<‘°" pastern or his right hind root. thas- tion for the best Student judge at our £l.l‘.3El€lT‘l¥¥°J5}'§‘é?§K2f3S JFSEELK; %‘;l-‘L?§},%";
et Yale P°mpad°ur§Sl)8F‘;fltl" ) _ much as it continued to be sore he Agricultural College. The saddle horse M"‘N“"“’°"“"’§:;:°‘;°’“"“°""’°“‘°”·
‘_‘ B. POTBLH, lfODfl€IOf oortottrdod that it must be irritated by trophies will be retained by the Ag- y & cu- ml W"'   
5   . .     N F St'. w·.mu“t0n• D' '
tt H V I it Some fgrglgn pgrtlclg, guph as 3 pigpg l`l(‘lllllll‘8.l (`OUPZP lllltll YVOTI t\\'l(‘9 ln  
‘   Nt   of wire or nail that might have been $'·ll<‘€‘t‘S8l0¤ bY thc Same Person and
P broken off in the bone. Dr. Shannon tllsll tll<‘Y b°<‘0YYl€’ lhs llrlvato nroner-  
-r 222 West Main took they hgpgg to ohorgo and mode ty of the one who duly deserves them.   "
KODAK FINISHING arrangements with Prof. Pence to take ·-—-—· · ,
I AND PHOTOS. an X—ray picture of the wound. Mr. G. C. Routt is writing his thesis   vi \
Bfilll Your Kodak trouble to mo, The h0¥`S€ WBB bl‘0\1ght to the Uni- Oli <‘8lt' feeding. He is doing his work   t  
  VPl°BltY Ebollt t\VO weeks RLZO and at Flmcndorf “'h9r(° ll? has 21 large I` A *»`-.,-a,
  & CO. three pictures m3d9_ In Order tg tgkg Yl\lmbPl' of (‘8lVPS to PXDPl'llll(·‘llt Wltll.     °
the pictures one leg had to be held up The Flllnendorf dairy barn is now    
HOME·MADE CANDY by a man, and 8. twitch put on lhs "omplated- ln Hm from ere el tha Allworlglérst (tjlaséqgld ggfttgggtl;
horse in ease he should attem t to Wing nearest the road ls the Univer- Give mea ll
D ca .
, FRFSYY EVERY PAY incl;. The palate was placed behind sltr room. Here the class in dalrvlns 213 1-2 nsw umu smear
t IO7 East Mlam bt. the opposite hind foot and the bulb in (Continued on Page Six, Column 'I‘wo.l Near Postoffice

 4 T H E I D E A ` ¥
    dealt with by this organization. A
• ln an examination, a student ls re-    
Published eve.·3· Thursday by the student body of State Vniversity of Kentucky, quired I0 pledge his honor that he
for the beneflt ofthe student?   filculty and alumnne of that “m neither give or receive assist}
· ns ut on. ~ ‘ ‘
  ance, then no further restraint il l
HE JA I C8 DEW! tl ro I Q Tl \'€•l'S I ’. Rh B SS\l€*( V\'€' ’ .
during the colleg; ygarg Its chief lobrgct is to give the college news of Kentuckg. Vlaced upon mm- S0 complete is this
In addttjon thereto it gives items of Interest com-erlng other universities and system, at that institution, that ]g'gf_
°°“°g°S m me Umwd States and Canadm vear when a student cast an illegal
 -— . , . ,
suascmpnou 0N: DOLLAR PER YEAR: FIVE CENTS Pan copv b H · Li ,1 m 1 ,
Entered at Lexington Post Ofhce as second class mail matter. hg @“l:c:00] tsgmgr éggftgtaeggcigzi ls New Golng on
WILL H_ TOWNSEND, Ediwr_]u_Cm8f_ before the Council. Why should this At
rt. xv, TINSLEY ................... . ................. . .......... Assistant Edrtor Plan **0* be ¤d°Pt€d at this University?
]·`_ L_ MARX .......... . ....... , ...... ··.. .... . ......... . ....... Athletic Editor \Ng bgugvg that it w0u]d nrieet  
1; L_ ppxgxmn ........ . ..................... . ........ Assistant Athletic Ediotr great success and that 3 great many Y
Q C F§;;L":FS;u§i;:;FLi,lna‘er students would look upon examina-
F. L. MARX, Aut. Business Manager., .1. B. szmunus, Am. Adv. Mgr. t*<>¤S Mm ¤¤ ¢¤¤¤‘¢lY diff¤r<->¤t View- 8 ]
mmo. snrwn, Advertising Manager. W. A. LURI"l·.Y. Am. sub. Mgr. ¤<>*¤t ¤¤d it W¤¤ld be ¤ <><>¤¤t¤¤¢ ¤¤·
v. 1.. wxvmxo, sobeersptaon Mgr. E. J. Kouu, Am. sub. Mgr. P°°' '»° S" thm is high md ¤<>b'€ in
  one’s character.
This issue ot The Idea was pre- The next issue of The Idea will be '———;—-——-—"""" ———-—-——-—-
pared by the following members of prepared by the following members ol · •
            Wtlsh & Mvrray Prmtnnz 00. r
J. O. Lewis, S. W. Jackson. I""`"p°"‘“"°
· H. A. Babb. Jesse Miller, P FQ | 5|`T| [\| G _
M. M. Harrison. w. c. smutz, RUSH www A Bp_C_AL_w lou can Fave fmm 25 *0
Miss Mariam Taylor, J. A. Wilmore, BOTH PHONES · 50 D€¥‘ CBM- Of! HU YOU?
Hugh Kelly. Miss Williams. 12+128 N. UMESTONE _ _ LEXINCMNV KY purchasesin Clothing and
,. . , he swoops down with all the .vigor . .
Mh the r¤¤·d ¤€*€’°¤m°°* °’ at his c0mmm,_m me, that R Great Reductmns nn all Departments
our institution, many old customs and _ I V th ld ld of
usages have been pushed aside by stm"; ih glo ’ 0 Story the  
rules and regulations better adapted arrhén e °;1:_e' 1 t •  
to the changed condition of affairs. is System ° mm ng an accum 6 ° H I E  
The day, when the postman dim estimate of a student’s knowledge up-  
tributed the mail at the dormitory °“ “ c°m}m Sub-Pct- may well be
entrances, to the students as they tolerated "“ publ": or B€c°nd“"Y`   7HE COLLEGE MAN·S STORE
crowded around him eager for news schools, were the pupils are not yet
from home, has passed away, and °ld enough w comprehend me mu   Ch••.L.Sm¤•.‘98 - - · Munnggg
now the mai] reposes within the dig_ corgdition of affairs or realize the im-
nifled pigeon-holes of a real post-o·f- DO tance attached to a Pledge on · · · ._...;..._..
HCR The mile also has screamed honor. But, to our mind, this should OHGTS frac tuitwn In alé dsvarré ' ;;
form its brazen Hows for the last not be followed in colleges and Uni- ments €xc€pt_ aw to gra uates O
time, and now the st€am_chimeS’ versities. Those who attend college, Kentucky High Scbvols who nre  
p€n€U.atmg_if not me]0di0us___m_ have long since passed the frivolous prepared to Bute? the Freshman
minds the students od their duties. ¢¤r¤fr¤¢ Stage 0f ¢h*ldh<>¤d· they ¤¥`€ C]aSS‘ _ _
only one crude and badly regunt. ¤¤¤¤ ¤¤¤ w<>¤=€¤· WM r¤¤¤=¤ uw im- . Each °°“”*Y m th° smc ‘.°.°”‘ 0[U' ,; of
· ttl d t d FREE f `  
ed custom remainm and this is Om. portance of an education and of the I 9 _ 0 Sflil 0 tlllt10¥1, ,,/··¤o·· ,
system of examinations. This meth- p°Sm°“ which they °°°“PY· TINY matnculanonv ]ab°mt0ry and oth`    
Od which unfortunately is stm m.ac_ have, also, long ago been impressed BY {688, 0116 0I' m01‘G appointees.
ticed by many schools, is as follows: mth uw sanctity °f their pughted NCCCSSBYY €XD€¤$€$ m0d€T3iC.
The questions to be answered ,are :i3rd· uT°*ki?tg these things mm com For full information regarding   2
pneeed upon o blackboard, and the °"° °"· ’°° Y “°°‘“‘ “bS‘}"’ appointees, courses of study, cost
students are compelled to take seats t° guud their °v°ry m°v°m'°m during of board, em., apply to
at some distance from each Omen an examiuatnon, with the eye ot an · ~ ·
only trained in the subject of the ex- imc spmt "°“°°d by the umude °f   F      J
amlnation, but old and well versed in the m°"`“°t°"· Others d° thm b°‘
the many aud devious ways of ..“_k_ cause nothing having ever been said If You “·am U¤d¢f Fayette National Bank
i¤g." From ume to time, he mm “b°“‘ ° p'°d$° °’ h°°°’· *h°Y ’°°‘ COGSWELL B BYRON
his posmom from the from of the a certain justification in putting their Printed hjauer F tH _ C _ d Sh _
class to the rear and backward and Skm °g¤°°t the vig"°°°° °f uw 7 · t . mes an ugmg an- avmz
forward he ¤tride¤—··Monaren or on ¥"°’°“°"- “ h“`}' C°'“P"lS Auentmn P°rl°r m °h° C"y
he surveys." Woe unto the jnqum. A great many schools have adopted “·(_ kl 0 _ I _ V _ .
tive youth, who     bil the Honor Sy·t·em·     not ) “ W It re )Ou (an get It  
toot glnng the gfdg of the dug ,0 thu this be done here? Some may say:
It 1 l
the individual in front may glip gn B a right in theory, but how does THE      
in.formatlon·laden note into his shoe- it "°"k in P"¤°U°°· Ill NP]!. WG dw
wp! Woe glao umn the uugonunne the record of Washington and Lee   t &   b d  
lad and—|h;ll we g·y l··.ie?_.wh0' University, one of the oldest anq I C     coe Everythin firwcl to L
with much assldulty, consults the m°" h°¤°"°d '°h°°l• in UW Uni"'!   French Drip %0{f°°· (j?:te” E:
carefully prepared "taking papers" States. For year! and Year! tht!   Style It 8 moment:s notice Thi
 ;*:°·;;u§:¢ ¤<:•:¤!m¤f ;¤cb have had um llonor System and at . only first-class Lunch Counter in
exs, e een   .
eye of the ever nert ...4 v4,u.¤t " °°°° ’” °"°" “’ ‘ '“°°°“· Do Only Tho: Kind $1* “°“°‘.°"d °’ “‘° my- °P°°
p,.°f,"°,. mh. m me Iitumon n The management ot this system is in ‘Y wd NEM-
a glance, n grlm umu, uc'], cr",. the hands of the Student Council and w_ S.  
over his erstwhile dlgnlded teatures, all lnlringements of the rules are     Cum". Mm usd Bon",

 I TH E II} li A 5
I I _ i _______________,.....
I ,  
.· .  
.¢°',·_.‘ · l  
I   , ,,,,   I I muh Ihr Sv. BH. {Hurts -~·~—--·—·---—---—--—·~—-—-~.
* ·.   i '   . ·
‘ I     I
t·$;  ··;_,  , .
  ;,;t;: _ .; I I
    _ I THE GOAL. Far. far away I
_ 4  ¢:f—¢`~’   _. ,2 I _
`_A_,'r.:_4..;¤}¥   2 ,,,.;;%   ————— l·`l‘0fll my ('hlIfIh0()(l'S land of sunny
  _     'llle \\(‘8.l`)’ wandering sun had set skies • .
I     I     hencath a sky And hills of grey,
‘ I           or writliing, angry elements Thai ¤0¤€ may ever pause to say
        FOI'(·‘b0dlflf.L ill in V€I'lg€8.l'lC€ S[€€p€(] Beneath this tl1l°f§ I fall] Wfjllld rest,
     ~"?    iii? Anti plainly prove W- C- S- 0
    ' tits     _`‘i  TT? * ——····•·•*·——·—- O
  ·;,,     m `° n' ..1 _ ( Suceessors
    `‘`’   ’ , .- .1 ill 1. ti it 'W'“"’“ "‘ °‘“”“°""" ` t° To B' D€"rh"m‘)
 3;    “ SO ‘t“ 9 ‘“°t`° Rt t an t"”·t Thou ever ready friend and stay
    And *¤¤**¤€¤S or all my dm I HEADQUARTERS
Ls ;   A S°“‘ was t’““““g 'g“"‘S“ “S °°g" “'*‘“ hast lim °a"*€d my I 1-*011 ALL
  ——y, Iv ey;   lil VBIH diSU‘€¤S Comfort bringing ways.  
“   =  »4_   Grieved not to break life’s prison bars V th h { h h :
    I Where cast-a-ways nftou I y Crm { mfg I i
, ;s¤=¤z¤.;¤;¤·· ;_;· ;=;; ;¤;e-;;··-  . ,, , forested by artist divine,
· .;¤2i=%;%z=a·= ,   `‘  ti tt t"’St’ lsurslr have t° wm°“S mm` Yet beautiful in thy tomely useful I
Ei     `    sti`? ·· A `
I    .·`¥   ln cither days ,,0,Q°sf" . th d. d I Su lies
          Slay SUCCOUF fllld lll TQBIIDS W`h€T(° A A D QCIOUS an al lamon mine. I
          gxiies m8m_ Thou abiding companion of  
        ' Every dark and every sunny day, I For couegc M_gu_
      \Vith dimming taper silent stood men t" the rrd °t ht°· I
ZL     I The aged priest Pursuest thy solitary way. I
 Q       I While in "that dismal shattered wall" Above thy dark-lined crater’s mouth,
        Death‘s watch ne’er ceased, There ever curls the livid smoke FOOT BALL G00DS»
- _ {   A~·4 And ghostly fancies hovering near Of Homespun, Hillside, Prince A1-
I   V.   ‘ As ebbed away bert, GYNHQIASIUM SUITS,
  '· The last faint spark celestial burned 'l`¤X€d0 Mid Twin-Oaks. I
 .. E;  _ Front l¤mi¤¤¤S my· Forming fantastic figures of V SH0E8’
I - \ou afford us retrospection
I ° In the twilights hazy glow.
I The dyirgt Sp0k€’ Hdmw new ye Dear old pipe! Stately Cob! Well i SUPPLIES,
D" **8 rl t th tl tn r .
0f       I The lingering hour Humax game y °m°uS m°°g BASE BALL GOODS,
I '°°g have S°“gt‘t ts “°°"'“g “°“’· Faithful, loyal and dulious ooo, be
· 1 r 1 i and
Dress and Tuxedo Suits °" ‘“ "°"°' lord como:
l¤ might? ¤W€» and Y0¤d€r we From pole to pole, throughout the
That churchyard old. wide, wide world. PENNANTS.
I -—-—-Y l would that I might slumber there _Ammym0uS Poultry
W ' I B
Y ,11 Aiwa S   Hue me But 1::,u fg: gglltii spirits could not QUESTIONS OF YOUTH. F GSI
°° Y ¤*·=·¤¤· ——— PILLOW covmls,
Proper What is birth but a beginning, .
· My memo or youth oro resting low Wm is youth bm s¤l¤¢¤ drew POSTERS, ETC.
I . Beneath its sod What is life but constant thinning,
    Where in life's morn and better days Ttttngs that be tmm those that _,__,
. l've often trod seem
I But should I there be lain to rest \Vhg[ is glory but d lgddgr, Will alwavs be glad to scc
For   0 ons I The old church bell Which we climb alas to fall. YOU.
Would never sound its ancient toll What is Elba but a sadder
";""*‘ Or funeral knoll Sterner ending of it sll.
But 20;; every lcccm cane my What is truth but endless seeking
V ' For the secrets of the soul, I .
  What is will but warden keeping,
, Tt;° "°"Ykb¤b°• Vtthtn th°t*' °*'tt" Constant guard o’er self control. & COMPANY
n moe ary
Would raise their tiny hands and what is knowwdge but ° b°°°°° I r¤
cane Showing us the hidden shosls to ']‘_ B_ Dewhurst)
My u_°·cb°ry_ Where is strength that will not weak-
0x · mood,. me would nm T &¤. ' I tl t H I WEST RAIN STRHT
In rites bsptlsmsl on my head ° ° yan M °¤ °" ° s'
l°°°'°°w°d Should I bs lsln What is fame but gilded nothing,   \__“____ gw/_ ___`  R
y S Whdre roses blushing grace the Whst is time but moments fleet, _;“f" " R `;;;;`f;ff#_` `j ‘ 1/
    S   msrtyr’s grsvs. What is hope but sorrow’s hushlng, _»__ I M _ ' `i"` l”` "" R
Wm " '°'° "“‘ °*'° '° "'°°‘·  
I Then rest me ln s nameless grave —C. E. B. ·—-———-1-——-—- .

6 T 11 E 1 12 1s A
        requlres (Every spark of   and de' \
termination in his makeup to maintain  
Mr   (Continued From Page Three.) his equilibrium. lf nature has abund· • l
° antly endowed him with these, he ,_ [
"""“"';"'_'" "*—’°"`“     i”"""—"‘ lll survive; ir not he will be as a   ·
Wha (Abou W ’ · ¤
t t.   hayp Some; va]llab]€ pl•a(•t_l(~€ S(*"€(`l (‘H.St UDOU stony gl°OUlId. In E   BOHl°dQ‘I°S. Best I l
cA     lrallllug ln lllal bllalacaa The rccru short time he will have bldden fare- table in the city. Ask those who know,
Of ` hr V     is also     Omce fixtures for Wvell to his Cl8BB°n`l8l.€8 and   hlS     B.  
_c0m°‘~’· 5(fll me mug thc urlvalc ucc cl lllc Agrlcullur