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Report of
the Exec.

Reports of
-the Presid-
ing Officers.

of the

Report of
Exec. Cowi.
to a Special

      The Board met at 2 o'clock pursuant to adjournment a quorum
being present the Secretary proceeded to read the proceedings of
executive Committee and concluded when Curator Wkithers commenced
reading the reports of the Presiding officers of the different
colleges. Curator Bowman objected and stated that the Curator
had no right to read these reports.

      Curator Tibbs moved that reports be returned to the different
officers and that they make their reports to Regent Bowman.

      Curator Gano moved that the reports be turned to Curator Bowman
and that he as Curator read the reports, for the information of the

      The Chair decided that the Charter required that the Presiding
officers of the Colleges to report to the Regent.

      Finally it was decided that the reports be returned to the authors
by them sent to Regent Bowman.

      Aeent Bowman moved that the report of the executive Coninittee
be refered to the Committee to whom his reports was refered on yester-
day. Curator White moved that the report be refered to Special Com-
mittee of five which was adopted 14 to 16.

       Committee under this resolution is as follows

Curators W1hite, Gano, Shirley, Kinnaird and Tibbs.

from Prof.

      Curator Sloan presented a letter addressed to him by Professor
Perrin on the subject of his notes against the University. Curator
Xno. Aug. Williams also presented a letter addressed to him by the
same, both of which comunications were laid on the table.

      The board then after prayer by Curator Munnell adjourned.until
tomorrow morning 9 o'clock.

  Session of
  June 14,


officers to -
notes, papers,
documents &c.

      The Board met pursuant to adjournment, prayer being offered by
Brother Grubbs. The roll being called the following Curators answered
to their names. R. E. Bishop, Pres. in the Chair, J. B. Bowman, Ito.
G. Allen, And. Steele, Joseph Wasson, D. S. doodloe, oi.. L. Willilms,
A. G. Herndon,OR. C. iicketts, B. B. Groom, JIno. Shackelford, Z.i.
Smith, J. P. T*rbitt, R.R. Sloan, VW. T. .Jithers, Enos Campbell, Z. M.
Shirley, Jbo. A. Williams, W. E;. Rogers, James G. Kinnaird, A. M. Barnes
J. A. Lee, R. M. Gano, W. T. Gibbs, Geo. C. Castleman, R. JT. W1hite,
S. M. Graves, Tho. Nennll.

      The minutes of yesterday were read and approved.
      Curator Tibbs offered the following resolution. Resolved that
all officers, agents or parties having in their possession any notes,
papers, documents or evidences of debt belonging to the University be
required to produce them to this board this afternoon at 2 o'clock for
the action of the board. adopted.



     Curator Steele from the Committee appointed at the December
meeting of the board- to examine the condition financially of the
University, beg leave to make the following report;

Report of
Com. to
the financial
history of
the University.

Graduate in
college of

Degree of A.
in College
of Arts.


                                                    The Committee
to whom was refered the resolution of J. S. woolfolk on the exact
financial condition and the exact history financially. Report
that this committee and Messrs. E. T. darner and I'VI. L. McChesney
a committee of Donors in joint session elected as the accountants
at a salary of $225 per month Mr. R. L. Swope. His work is finished
to Dec. 1875 with the exception of being verified by comparing the
vouchens for that part of time extending from the 31st December,1868
to December, 1874. His report was submitted to the Committee and the
following is the action of the Committee thereon. On motion of Jno.
A. Williams the unfinished report of IMr. Swope was unanimously refered
to Mr. Swope for completion as unsatisfactory on the ground that the
vouchers have not been verefied. The Committee ask further time to
complete in a proper and satisfactory manner the work assigned them.
Time accordingly granted.

     Regent Bowman reported the names of the following students for
           in the College of Arts.

Thomas Hayes Kinnaird, Chilesburg, Ky.

Candidates for degree of Master of Arts:

James Lane Allen (A.B. 1872) Lexington, Xy.
James Wiallace Fox (A.B. 1876) Stony Point, Ky.

Agricultural and Mechanical College.

in A. & XA.

J'ranklin Floete
Ballard Preston Ward,

Guttenburg, IOIV-A.
Speedwell, Va.

College of the Bible.

in the
College of
the Bible

James Walker Barron - Bee Lick, Ky.
Joseph Morrison Downing- Mt. Sterling, Ky.
William Alfred Gibson,   Harrodsburg, Ay.
James Henry Hiend,       Itargaretville, N. Y.
John William XEohnson,   Clarkeburg, Tenn.
Joseph Kendrick Reid, Somerset, Ky.
Marshall White Reid, Somerset, Ky.
Edmund Collins 'Wills, M1t. Olivet, Xy.

Commercial College.

Graduates in

Alvin N. Adams - Mt. Sterling, Ky.
Will P. Arden - Paris,         KY.
William Alexander- Lexington,  ry.
Willis H. Barnes - Crystal Springs, Bliss.
John D. Batson, - Lexington, Ky.
Oliver P. Beard, -            if
Will E.   Bell, -    "
James H. Berry, - Pin8 Grove,gy


Commercial College Graduates (cont'd.)

James W. Carroll --
Thomas B. Childers --
John 7. Crenshaw
Thomas S. Darnaby --
WiliamU A. Dudley -
William D. Dunn -
tohn C. B. Farley-
James H. Glass -
Jesse Goodin -
Fenceleus B.Gray -
Joel Haden -
Patrick H. Harkins
Thomas J. Hord, -
Robert M. Jackson,
Anthony J. Jones -
71fill P. Koger  -
Frederick W. Kraus -
Edward 1V. Leetz -
Herbert G. McCabe ,
John Mc Fadden    -
Joseph A. McGlohn -
Walter S. Ramey -
Tho. S. Mc Nanara,
Will P. Richardson,
David S. Riffe,
James M. Roche,
Chas. W. Sebrecht,
Jacob Speyer,
John Webb
Paris Wheeler
Robt. J. Yllite,
David S. Williams,
Alexander M. Woolfolk,
John F. Roche,

Lexington, Ky.
I1Willi amtte, Ark.
Lexington, Ky.
    i    n  f



Williamette, Arkansas.
Lexington, Ky.
Booneville, cy.
Graham, Texas.
Cynthiana, Ky.
Richmond, Ky.
Lexington, Ky
Lexington, Ky.
London, Ky.
Lexington, Ky
Mxadison, Arkaasaw.
Louisville, Ky.
Seniory Deplt. Ey.
Lexington, Ky.

Illedan, Tenn.
Eminence, Ky.
Lexington, Ky.

Hustonville, Ky.
Lexington, Ky.
   i    n  i
   nf      i



Sardis, n
Richmond, "
Lexington, Ky.
    nf     n
    Mi     n

on the
of the(1I
Regent ,21&c.

    1. Curator Jno A. Williams from the Committee appointed to whom
was refered the report of the Iegent Treasurer and other papers beg
leave to recommend that a Committee be appointed on Obituaries.

   2. That' the ampliest provisions possible to us be made to preserve
and utilize the museum of the University and to increase the facilities
for instruction in the Natural Sciences.

   3. That a vote of thanks be tendered to Mr. H. H. (ratz for the very
elegant and tasteful manner in which he has laid off and decorated the
College lawn.

   4. That a Committee be appointed whom the Regent may confer in order
to confer the complications and settle all the difficulties of the re-
cotaing of the lease of the farm   Stricken out




                    5. We find that the real estate and buildings fund including the
                Mechanical department is indebted to the endowment fund something over
                forty-five thousand dollars for which the farm and buildings thereon are
                security. We therefore recommend that the unused machinery and a sufficent
                amount of the land be sold to pay that debt due the endowment fund.
                after collecting all that can be collected of the outstanding subscrip-
                tions to the real estate and buildings fund as soon as it can be done
                without too great, a sacrifice of property.

                  6. That the running expenses of the University be so abridged that
                10000 # out of the income for said expenses shall be applied to the pay-
                ment of our indebtness, annually until the whole is liquidated and that
                the institution be run on the balance of said income for each year.

                  7. In as much as the financial report of Mr. Swope is yet incomplete
                and is indispensable to a full understanding and final settlement of
                the matters involved in the charges made against the Regent and by him
                against the executive Committee we recommend that as soon as said report
   (369)       is complete said financial report is complete the supplementary report
                of the executive committee read yesterday by Curator Withers reflecting
                on the Regent and so much of 1egent Bowman's report as reflects on the
                executive committee and its administration be in accordance with the
                settled order of this board be refered to three gentlemen of legal ability
                and more worth for the arbitration of all differences thereon one of whom
                shall be selected by the Regent and one by the executive Committee which
                two shall select a third whose decision shall be accepted by the board as
                final that until such award can be had, nothing shall be published in the
                papers by either party that the parties be required to produce before said
                arbitrators in writing such evidence and replications as they may see prope
                under the writings to be adopted by arbitrators.

                    Mbtion made and adopted that the recommendations be taken up separately

  . & 3            Adopted without division.

      2            After efforts to amend and discussion was adoptedv-

      4             After efforts to amend the ayes and noes were called and it was stricke

                      8 - 23.

      5             Durator Withers offered the following amendment.

 Axendment                                                    Resolved that the unused ma-
 by Curator     chinery and a sufficient amount of the Ashland and Woodlands estate be
 Withers         sold to pay the debt due from the real estate and building fund including
 lost.          the Mechanical Department and A. & M. College to the endowment fund after
                 deducting the collections that made be made from the notes due from the
  '370)         real estate and building fund. this amendment rejected 11 to 16.

      6.           Motion:bry Curator Givens that the amount be five thousand- adopted.

      7.           Curator R. J. White moved to strike out the words it is the settled
Motion to      order of this board.
strike out          Ayes and noes called and rejected 11 to 16.


370 .

The main question was now ordered to be put by a vote of 12 to 16.

The 7th recommendation was then adopted by a vote of 17 to 15.

This resolution
should have
been inserted
before the
report of
curator Williams.

     Curator Barnes offered the following which was unanimously adopted

     Resolved that during the remainder of the sitting of the board at
its present Session- the following rule shall be enforced by the

     That no Curator shall be allowed to speak more than five minutes
nor to speak on the same question more than once unless by permission
of the board.

     The board then adjourned to meet tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock.

     Curator Withers presented the notes in the hands of the execu-
tive Committee in accordance with the resolution of the board.

     Regent Bowman also presented the notes and papers in his hands,
under the same resolution.

     These notes, bond etc not having been taken or examined by the
board, were left in the possession of the original holders.

     Minutes of the last meetings read and approved.


Friday morning June 15th, 1877.

Session of
June 15,

    The board met pursuant to adjournment roll being called a
quorum being present prayer was offered ry Elder -iW. L. Williams.

The minutes were read and approved.

Comai ttees.


Lease of the
lower College

     The called the attention of the board that they may advice
whether the old standing Committees are sttll in existence or whether
Committees shall be appointed.

     Curator Smith moved to do away with the former Committee on Obitu-
aries and that the Chair appoint a Committee on Obituaries- The
Chair appointed on said Committee Curators Givens, Gano and Munnell.

     Curator Steele offered the following resolution.

     Resolved that the executite Committee be authorized to request
Major M. C. Johnson to draw an equitable lease of the lower College
lawn in favor of H. H. Gratz and his associates in accordance with
the agreement refered to in the minutes of the executive Committee
adopted - See page 367.