"They Play the Game."
  Ever since the day when he had learned to
know the fickle exultation from his associate's
acclaim, "handsome ugly," Hughes Randall had
delighted in being a social economist, a builder of
schemes, a promoter of ideas, an organizer.
While in common-school he had organized the
"Undefeated Shinny Players," the "Base Ball
Terrors," and the "Foot Ball Challengers," lead-
ing each organization through a series of glorious
victories and unlamented defeats until "Cap"
came to supersede the less gracious nickname
"pug ugly." During one vacation he had organ-
ized the "Swimming-Pool Electors," one law of
which required each "Elector" to devote one hour
to cleaning and repairing the pool for the hour
spent in the water; and the farmer on whose land
the pool was located, was so pleased at having
the stock pond put in repair that he presented the
"Electors" with a year old pig. This acquisition
gave rise to the organization of "The Perpetual
Pig Club," a commercial scheme which was to
reap glorious returns from the stock in control;
no doubt the idea of the organizer would have
been accomplished but for two more dominant
factors, one being the necessary upkeep of said
pig, the other being a circus which came to the
city when the "Perpetuals" were short of finance.