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h The Cats' Pause
Derrick Miller's 30-point night leads hot 'Cats past frigid Gator in Gainesville
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c r -r
LSU freshman
Chris Jackson went wild in 2nd half, shot Bayou Bengals to upset
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Keith Madison's Bat Cats ranked 23rd in country in preseason baseball poll
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All-Everything Dyron Nix and the SEC leading Tennessee Vols will be ready to entertain the Wildcats this Saturday in K-town. For more info on this game, please see page 20.
Worth repeating!
Proposal 42 passed by NCAA, says partial qualifers cannot receive scholarship; LSU's Dale Brown says governing body lacks compassion
Compiled by The Cats' Pause staff
Last week the National Collegiate Athletic Association passed Proposal 42, a rule which toughens current student-athlete academic standard Proposition 48. Defined, the rule, which is supposed to go in effect in 1990, says that scholarships will no longer be offered to partial qualifers.
(A partial qualifer is one who may have the necessary GPA but not the minimum in ACT or SAT, or vice versa).
Under Proposition 48, incoming freshman athletes must have the following: at least a 2.0 grade point average in the core curriculum (11 classes outlined) and either a minimum of 700 on the SAT or a minimum of 15 on the ACT.
By a vote of 163-154 Proposal 42 passed. The Southeastern Conference sponsored the new academic guidelines.
Already, many have complained that the ACT and SAT are culturally biased.
In Georgetown's game against Boston College, Hoya coach John Thompson left the floor prior to tipoff in protest of the rule. As of last Monday (Jan. 16), Thompson said he didn't know how many more game he would miss.
Others, too, have voiced their feelings against Proposal 42.
? ? ?
In a press release, Louisiana State coach Dale Brown blasted the NCAA, in regard to Proposal 42. Here is the release:
"Once again, the NCAA has demonstrated that it is without compassion in dealing with human beings.
"This country, which was founded by and for all people, and not a privileged few, must be vigilant that it does not turn into a society where those who do not meet elite standards are officially declared second-class citizens.
"I am shocked and saddened by thiswnces-sant desire to label kids from the poorest stratas as losers in the game of life. The most important rule for all of us to follow is that of respecting human dignity and the NCAA certainly has not followed that rule.
"The penalty given to those who just didn't have a high enough score on a test is far more severe than to an athlete who illegally secures a $25,000 automobile and other fringe benefits.
"He can be granted immunity by the NCAA if he turns in the guilty parties, when he is the most guilty. Whereas, a youngster that did nothing illegally, but failed to meet a standard test score, is saved from the guillotine, but is embarrassed in front of the whole world.
"That is not the justice that this great
country stands for."
? ? ?
By as early as next season Division I football teams may settle ties by using an overtime period. The concept will be exactly like the one Division 1-AA follows. That is, each team will get the ball at the 25-yard line with four downs to score either a touchdown or a field goal.
A decision will be made in the near future whether the overtime rule will be adopted.
Also, there's a chance that last season's rule where the defense could score on an extra point conversion will be dissolved.
? ? ?
Kentucky guard-forward John Pclphrey is back practicing with the team. You'll recall that the Paintsville native suffered a stress fracture of the second metatarsal of his left foot just before Christmas. Currently, his schedule involves light workouts.
While Pelphrey's on the mend, Lee County's Jeff Ginnan has been diagnosed as having a fracture of his left tibia, according to team doctor Michael Ray. Ginnan, who was given a scholarship for this semester along with Russell's Chris Jones, will not have his leg placed in a cast.
However, his activity on the hardwood has been reduced. (c/a/a/(t/'f/ 2f, AJ(Sy
'Cats heading to Knoxville as (gulp) underdogs
Just when things began looking up for Kentucky, up popped a homecoun upset loss in the face of perhaps the season's toughest back-to-back road contests.
Coach Eddie Sutton and his charges barely had time to bask in the glory of their sparkling victory over Florida before Dale Brown and his LSU Tigers shocked a record crowd of more than 24,000 at Kupp Arena Saturday.
It was to be a glorious evening of basketball entertainment, perhaps the once-proud Wildcat tradition was back, alive and well. Midway through ihe First half, all was on schedule.
Bolstered by a gigantic statewide pep rally calking for fans to drive vehicles with their lights on. both the university and the Committee of 101 (the local basketball txxisters club) had the arena in a frenzy.
The effort to rally behind the 'Cats got the kind of boost it needed two nights earlier when UK destroyed a Florida team which barely did more than make a cameo appearance at the hostile O'Con-nell Center, a place which has been especially tough on Florida foes over the years.
Saturday. Kentucky raced out to an early 12-point advantage, gathering up loose balls, getting breaks and making them. But a bad omen appeared on the horizon as UK's double-digit lead dwindled into a single digit before intermission.
Coupled with the fact that hotshot freshman guard Chris Jackson had a totally miserable first half and the national-television audience watching by ESPN had to be wondering if the 'Cats could withstand a late LSU rally.
They couldn't and they didn't.
LSU rallied in the final minutes and then took command of the contest, thanks to a seven-point trip highlighted by a technical foul on coach Sutton.
A five-point UK lead quickly vanished into a one-point LSU lead. Kentucky never quite recovered. And throughout the comeback it was Jackson who took over the throttle.
It was a heartbreaking setback for the team which had made such great strides over the past couple weeks. But with trips to Alabama and Tennessee this week, all the earlier success could be wiped out just as quickly.
UK is at the .500 mark at 8-8 overall and still 3-1 in the SEC. However, the league mark directly reflects the ratio of games played at home and on the road.
? ? ?
Just as SEC schools have performed the past couple years on the road, they are once again enjoying a great deal of success in the league this year. Already, no fewer than six teams have won road games. Kentucky shocked Florida in Gainesville, Florida whipped up on Georgia in Athens. Mississippi State ambushed LSU in Baton Rouge, Tennessee has won three times on the road (Auburn,
Ole Miss and Mississippi State). And, of course, UK lost to LSU.
In fact, only Tennessee. Alabama and Vanderbilt have avoided getting beat at home this season and the SEC race is only four games old with 14 remaining.
Tennessee, which looks to be the class of the league at this point, is unbeaten in the conference. Vanderbilt probably should be included with the other eight schools having lost at home, but the Commodores were on the receiving end of good fortune and a huge case of a striped bird swallowing a whistle as Vandy shocked Georgia 76-75 on Barry Goheen's three-pointer at the buzzer in Nashville.
Alabama, now 11-4 on the season, is rebounding with a strong club after an uncharacteristic off-season last year and is 3-2 in the conference, with both losses coming on the road to Georgia and Vanderbilt.
There are various reasons why SEC teams seem to enjoy more road victories early in the race, but the one which contains the most common sense is that teams begin to learn more about one another as the season wears on and therefore the homecourt becomes even more of an advantage.
The other part of that theory has it that as teams begin to wear down physically and mentally from the rigors of a long season, the home team's advantage increases even more, therefore fewer victories for visiting teams late in the season.
With that in mind perhaps this is the right time for UK to be taking on the likes of an Alabama (which is young like Kentucky) and Tennessee (a team UK might sneak up on).
Did I actually say that?
? ? ?
How long has it been since the Kentucky Wildcats have traveled to Knoxville as an underdog?
Oh, I know. The way Kentucky has performed in K-town over the years, you'd think the 'Cats were underdogs each year. Well, for this one time. Vol coach Don DeVoe will has to use a motivational force other than the upset special when Kentucky rolls into town on Saturday.
During Joe B. Hall's 13-year era, only one Wildcat team, his 1978 national championship outfit, managed to beat the Vols in Knoxville. Sutton silenced the Big Orange during his first try. but the Vols have restored faith to the Big Blue haters in Tennessee the last two seasons.
So it'll be a different twist this week. The favorite's role will sit squarely with the Vols and a Kentucky upset could be the needed ingredient to lead the 'Cats to another winning campaign.
But first there will be Alabama on Wednesday night. Over the years, Kentucky has enjoyed bittersweet success in Tuscaloosa. There was a time when UK won as regularly in 'Bama Country as the
'Cats did anywhere, but that generally was before CM. Newton took over almost two decades ago.
Newton built Bama into a national powerhouse and Wimp Sanderson has more than continued that success. While Kentucky hasn't won as often in Tuscaloosa the past 20 years as they did before, some of the league's most memorable games have been staged there and some of UK's most dramatic victories have been recorded at Memorial Coliseum.
A pair of victories on the road is a mighty tall order for anyone and probably won't happen this week, but what the 'Cats really need is just to avoid a complete sweep.
A split and UK will head home with a 4-2 SEC mark for a date with lowly Auburn before going back on the road to Ole Miss. By then. UK could be on the road to a quick recovery and a couple notches above the .500 mark overall.
? ? ?
Proposition 48 has once again grabbed the nation's sports spotlight with the NCAA voting to outlaw scholarship aid to any athlete who is only a partial qualifer.
A student/athlete is considered a partial qualifier if he/she does not satisfy three criteria. They are: (1) a high school diploma. (2) a passing mark of 700 or better on the SAT test, or a 15 or higher on the ACT test and (3) a 2.0 grade point average in a student's high school core cirriculum of 12 basic courses.
Prior to the new NCAA legislation, a student/athlete had to meet only two of the three requirements to receive scholarship aid. However, unless the student met all three requirements the student was forced to sit out the freshman year and then meet new academic standings before being allowed to compete the last three years.
The year a student sits out cannot be used as a redshirt year and the student therefore loses that one year of eligibility.
The proposal was proposed by the Southeastern Conference after the league imposed similiar restrictions on members schools last spring.
Opponents of the legislation claim the plan is discrimnatory against student-athletes with poor social-economic backgrounds.
There are others who say the legislation really will not accomplish what most proponents want, and that is to make sure only those able to realistically pursue a collegiate academic workload will be admitted to a college.
Some opponents say those athletically-gifted student-athletes will still qualify for admission and federal grants intended for non-athletes on the college campuses and will therefore hurt others who otherwise would be able to attend college.
This controversy will continue and for years to come. What's really strange about this controversy is that a few years
ago everyone agreed there were marry athletes in college playing sports who really didn't belong in a college academic environment.
They agreed there was a need to weed out those not prepared for the college workload. So the NCAA member schools established a policy to be more selective and here's the result.
The best suggestion I have heard is the one where there is an admission and scholarship awarding policy for all high school seniorsnot just athleteswhether it be sports, music, art, farming, etc.
They would all be required to meet the same criteria and they would be treated equally from square one.
At the same time, there would need to be a couple of adjustments to the way student-athletes are treated on the campus.
Furman Bisher. the nationally acclaimed sports columnist of the Atlanta Constitution, wrote recently there seem to be a lot of double standards involving the crooked triangle of NCAA schools, athletes and coaches.
He pointed out that it's all right for schools to rake in all those millions of dollars from fans who attend the games and give generously to the college's athletic coffers while the NCAA gladly accepts its huge paycheck from CBS Sports. And, he noted, not too many coaches are running away from those S200.000 shoe contracts or those profitable Sunday afternoon television shows.
And. he asked, what do those wealthy benefactors say to the players who really are responsible for the monetary success of the school? Why, they're allowed to attend class free.
I've often wondered what the difference is between big-time college sports and big-time pro sports. Personally, it's just a different and often misguided distribution of funds.
On the pro circuit, it's the players who make the big bucks, not the general managers, coaches or NBA executives. On the college level, it's just the reverse. And who's pulling the plow?
This is not to advocate an overthrow, but it's high time the players are given something more than slave wages. The hours most athletes put in don't even average out to minimum wage. Perhaps they really are in need of a sound education because after four years of slavery. I'm sure they'll realize how they're being shortchanged.
A few years ago, the system wasn't out-of-whack so badly. Schools were generating just enough revenue to financially support their athletics programs.
Now, schools are more interested in seeing how much money they can earn and then find new ways to spend it. except the one small factor of sharing their good fortune with the ones who make it possible.
We all cry about how college sports have become big business. And they have. We can put a big dent in this growing (Continued on page 26) Miller's 30 give UK 69-56 win
Like they always say: When you're hot, you're hot; and when you're not, you get beat by 13 on your home floor
By TCP editor/publisher Oscar Combs
GAINESVILLE. Fla.  When you're hot you're hot, when you're not. you're not.
Such was the story of Derrick Miller and his Kentucky Wildcats as they destroyed a Florida team, which definitely was anything but hot, last Thursday at the O'Connell Center by a score of 69-56.
In fact, the beating was far worse than the score indicated as Miller went on one of his patented scoring sprees late in the first half and early in the second period to bury the home-standing Gators in front of Florida's largest home crowd (11,751) of the season.
The 40 minutes of action before the live cameras of ESPN clearly illustrated the various ways of playing fundamental basketball and how not to play it.
It was a case of exploitation by the Wildcats as they often appeared to be running routine drills against a Florida defense which appeared to be going through the motions all night.
The victory accomplished several positive objectives for Eddie Sutton's 'Cats. Such as:
?It snapped a three-game losing streak against the Gators, including a stunning homecourt loss to Florida at Rupp Arena last season.
?It gave the Wildcats their first true road victory of the season, a victory over a team on its home floor. And the 'Cats did it with convincing authority.
?It enabled UK to race off to a perfect 3-0 league record, once again establishing the Big Blue as a team to be reckoned with in what appears to be a wide-open race, at least for second place behind Tennessee.
?It gave the Wildcats a new-found boost of confidence in facing hostile crowds. O'Connell ranks with the very toughest student crowds in the nation, but the Gator students were in no mood to slur the 'Cats, what with all the rumor mills boiling to the top around Gainesville concerning possible drug involvement among former Florida players.
FLORIDA, MUCH LIKE UK, has been a mystery team all season. There has, however, been a difference in that Kentucky is much younger and is not stablized in the middle with a veteran Ail-American like Dwayne Schintzius.
This particular night, Schintzius took the night off. Oh, he scored 20 points and yes, he had 13 rebounds, but most of those statistics were posted long after the game had been decided.
The contest was billed as a matchup between two outstanding front lines in the Southeastern Conference. It didn't quite live up to the marque preview.
It was more a standoff inside, but did Kentucky's guards come to play. UK's guards outscored Florida's backcourt aces 41 to 20 and therein was the game.
Miller was the big reason why UK raced away from the Gators late in the first half to take a 34-26 halftime lead. Kentucky's stingy defense coupled with Florida's less-than-enthusiastic approach to the game prevented the Gators from scoring a single point the last 3:51 of the first half.
That's when Kelly McKinnon gave the Gators their last lead of the game at 26-25.
Backup center Mike Scott gave UK the lead back at 27-26 with a short jumper and Miller followed with five straight points to give UK a 32-26 lead. LeRon Ellis, who enjoyed a very productive evening against the more experienced Schintzius. canned a shot from the lane and UK was off and running at 34-26.
Kentucky quickly opened the flood gates in the second half, almost as if the Gators just wanted to punch out the time clock and head home.
OF COURSE, UK'S GAME had more than a little to do with Florida's frustration. The score quickly went to 42-31, then 49-33 and then 53-35 before Kentucky became a little reckless and unglued.
A game plan to play patient and get the ball in the hands of the hot scorer worked to Defection for the 'Cats. Nifty passing and easy buckets were major reasons why the "Cats hit a blazing 61 percent from the field and scored almost at will.
During the Kentucky blitz, it was Miller once again who provided the offense spark, scoring the first 10 points of the second half on his way to a 30-point outburst.
Sutton was happy, to say the least.
"Our team executed the game plan," said Sutton, with a smile and an arm around his star Derrick Miller at the postgame press conference. "This was a good victory. After we won the last two, I wasn't sure how we would play in a hostile environment. In my opinion, this is as tough a place to play as there is in the league."
Sullon s.iul he had lectured his team about playing in such a hostile arena, but n was a hostile crowd which realh never arrived, at least vocally.
"We tried to take the crowd out of the game," said Sutton. "We decided to do thai with a patient offense. It's important to play with patience when you play like we do. I think it makes the other team nervous like, if they miss a shot, they think: 'Oh no. here we go again. We have to play defense tbi another 20 or 30 seconds.'
For Miller, it was a game of redemption.
"It was especially sweet for me because I had never scored a point against Florida before," said Miller. "It's easy to keep track of your points if you never scored one."
In fact. Miller didn't even see action against Florida last season in the two UK losses.
And did he know a great individual performance was in the offing.'
"My first shot was a good one. my second shot was a bad one." confessed Miller "After the second one. I got in a rhythm."
Sutton, standing nearby, interjected: "Tell them what I did to you after that second one."
"YOU SNATCHED AT MI." Miller responded. "After that, I did what you said to me." Which was jack it up even more.
And that he did.
As encouraging as the victory was for Kentucky, the Gators were equally disappointed, especially their star center. ^^^^
"I don't think it was Kentucky shutting us (Continued on page 26)
Hitler Sutton
Hanson Hills
TOTAL FG FG FGA 11 / 14 4 / 7
3-POINT FG FGA 3 / 4
1 / 2
Date: 01-12-89 SitesSainesville, Fla. RE B
4/8 0/0
12 D. Feldhaus 50 H. Scott TEAM
3 / 5
3 / 7
0 / 0
1 / 2
0 / 0
1 / I
0 / 0
0 / 0
FT 5 2
0 0
FTA 7 6
2 2
2 0
26 / 43-m-U-2t
30 11
i io: i
7 ! 1
9 1 1
0 ! 1
2 ! 0
TO 1 1
BLK 0 0
37 35
13 3
Period 1 Period 2
26/ 43 60.52 3-PT 13/ 27 48.11 13/ 16 81.32
5 20 25 14   69   12   12-2-T~m
5 Deadball Rebounds 5/ 7 71.42   FT     12/ 23 52.22 3/ 4 75.02 5/  8 62.52
2/  3 66.72 7/ 15 46.72
lean Florida
NO. NAME 20 Garcia 23 Lett
33 Schintzius
32 Chataan 50 Davis
25 Hogan 41 Kerr
44 McKinnon TEAM
TOTAL FG FG FGA 2 / 9 2 / 9	3-PDINT FG FGA 2 / 8 1 / 7
8 / 20	0 / 0
2 / 7 I / 1	0 / 0 0 / 0
3 / 4 1 / 1	2 / 3 0/0
1 / 1	0 / 0
20 / 52	5 / ib
Gaie---	- FG
0 0
4 4
0 ! D i Ti PF
TP 6 5
TO 5 5
13   2   20 1  2 2
1 ! 1
2 ! 2
o: o l
0 0
0 30 5 33
0   0 0
0 2
39 30
17 7
"t9"   lb 18 34 18   5t   t3   t9     3-12w
4 Deadball Rebounds
20/ 52 38.52 3-PT.     5/ 18 27.82   FT 11/ 19 57.92
Period  1 10/ 24 41.72 2/  7 28.61 4/ 8 50.02
Period 2 10/ 28 35.72 3/ 11  27.32 7/ 11 63.62
OFFICIALS: Hike Tanko,Larry Nare,Sonny Holies Technicals: None
Kentucky 34 35  69 Florida   26   30   56
Produced by the University of Florida Stat Crew with FINAL III - a Product ol LEXICON SPORTS'-
UK-Florida play-by-play				
lime	Ken!in k\	S< on	Florida	
17:54		1	Schinlizus 8 It.. IT	
i' k.	I Mills 8 li. bank	1 2-3		
li, 41	Sutton 21 it.	5-3		
16 12		5-5	( hitman 9 n	
14 	I (anson layup	M		
14 42		I 7.7	V hinli/us 10 II	
l-i 09		7-9	Davis dunli	
12:54		'in	Chamvn it, fta	
	[Ellis 16 ft	910		
12:19	Sutton layup	11-10		
11 59		II 11	liti|tan 21 it.	
11		11-15	ken lavup	
11:01		11-16	Iserr FT, FTA	
BOi27	Feldhaus 6 n.	11 Id		
i 	Mills Ft. FT	15-16		
8:40		15-18	Schinlzius 6 II	
7:55			Chatman 16 it	
	Mills 23 II	18-2I		
-<>_		18-21	Cama 24 ft	
  12	Miller 12 rt.	20 21		
6 04	Miller 23 ft			
4 10			Chatman FTA. FT	
4:05 Miller 11 fr.		25-24		
1 51		25-26	McKinnon 18 it	
1 '7 SCOtt b II.		27-26		
2:55 Miller FT, FTA				
'. 51	Miller layup	30-26		
1:11	Miller FT, FT	32-26		
HAH		(4 21,		
18:59	Miller 23 ft	17-26		
18:17	Miller 17 ft.			
17:48		19-29	Liil 23 ft.	
17:04	Miller 22 ft.	42-29		
15:2)			tetl layup. FTA. FTA	
14 1..		44-31		
nil		45-31		
1 ) 08	Miller layup	47-31		
12:58		47-33	Schintzius dunk	
11:42	Miller 8 ft.	49-33		
11:09		4') 15		
10:51	Hanson follow	51-35		
10:04	Mills 11 ft.	53-35		
| 9:47		53-38	Hogan 22 ft.	
>):01	Ellis FT, FT			
8:54		55-40	Schintzius FT, FT	
8:07		55-43	Garcia 24 II.	
| 7:50	Sutfon layup	57-43		
1 7:35	Miller layup			
7 20			Davis FT. FTA	
1 7:06	Hanson layup	61-44		
4:2')	Ellis 9 ft.			
4:14			Schinlzius FTA, FT	
3:36			Schintzius 6 ft. hook	
2:55		53-49J	Si hinlzius 7 ft. hook	
2:24	163-511		Davis FT, FT	
2:12	Sutton FT, FTA	64-51		
1:57		5*33	Schinlzius lip in	
1:55	Sutlon FT, FTA	55-53		
1:35	Ellis layup	57-53		
1:22		57-56!	Hogan 16 ft., IT	
1:13	Miller FT, FT I	)9-56i		
FINAL ,,9.56				
'     Pause i 'wi				
S35SS Bat Cats 23rd in preseason baseball poll
Baseball America has announced it will rank (he University of Kentucky Bat 'Cats 23rd in its preseason college baseball poll to be released in the Feb. 24 issue.
Last year, coach Kpith Madison's Bat 'Cats posted a 38-25 record and finished second in the NCAA Northeast Regional. Kentucky was one win away from a trip to the College World Series, but dropped back-to-back games to eventual national champion Stanford.
Even though UK returns live starters and 12 lettcrmen from last year's team that finished 19th in BA's final poll and 14th in the Collegiate Baseball/ESPN final poll, Madison said this year's ranking caught him by surprise.
"I feel good about being ranked in the Baseball America Top 25, because historically, that has been a poll that hasn't been as kind to us as the Collegiate Baseball/ESPN poll," he said. "1 was surprised after having not been ranked in the Collegiate Baseball/ESPN poll that we were ranked by Baseball America.
"Based on last year's finish and the number of players we have returning, we are deserving of a national ranking. But it's tough to replace the players we don't have returning like Jon Hudson. Dave Voit, John Marshall. Chris Estcp and Robbie Buchanan."
Madison said he hopes fill some of those holes with new recruits.
"VNfc fell like we had a gtxxl recruiting year." Madison said. "We're hoping the people we have returning will improve and we'll be a contender for the SEC title once again, and hopefully make another trip to the NCAA regionals and maybe even beyond."
The Bat 'Cats open the season Feb. 24 at Louisville to kick off a 13-game road trip, then head to Florida for eight games with Penn State. Arkansas and Florida. After sandwiching a pair of road games with Indiana and Western Kentucky around the Texas A&M Tournament in College Station. Texas. UK returns to Lexington for the home opener with LSU on Mar. 18.
Baseball America Top 25
Team ('88 record) 88 final ranking
1. Mississippi State (44-20)...................................12
2 Arizona (33-26)...............................................NR
a Fresno State (56-12)...........................................5
4. Oklahoma State (61-6)........................................4
5 Arizona State (60-13)..........................................2
6 Miami. Fla. (52-14-1)...........................................8
7. Wichita State (56-16-1).........................................3
a Lxryola-Marymount (48-18)..................................13
9 Texas (58-11-1)...................................................10
10. Cal. State-Fullerton (43-18) 6
11. Texas A&M (52-15).............................................11
12. Stanford (46-23)................................................1
ia Ctemson (54-14)................................................15
14. Florida (48-19-1)..................................................7
15. San Diego State (47-18-1).................................NR
16. Flonda Stale (50-18-1)........................................17
17. Georgia Tech (45-24).........................................23
18 Southern Cal (36-26).........................................18
19. Washington State (52-14)...................................14
20. Oklahoma (45-21)............................................NR
21. North Carolina (34-27).....................................NR
22. South Carolina (43-21)......................................20
23. Kentucky (38-25).......................................19
24 Michigan (48-19)...............................................24
25 Virginia Commonwealth (45-16-1)......................NR
? ? ?
UK junior shortstop Billy White was named to the preseason third-team All-America squad by Baseball America. White, from Louisville, was first-team all-SEC as a sophomore last year after scoring a school record 74 runs and hitting .337 with four homers and 31 RBIs. White was also named second-team all-South Region a year ago.
BA also projected White as the 16th-most draftable college player. College players in their junior and senior seasons are eligible for the major league draft.
"I think Billy is very deserving of the selection," Madison said. "Anytime you make first-team all-SEC as a sophomore, you're a pro-continued on page 26)
 T7t& @CU&' &OWi&
1989 Kentucky Baseball Schedule			
Date	Opponent	Site	riMi [
Fob. 24 (Fri.)	Louisville	Louisville	2 p.m.
Feb. 26 (Sun.)	Penn State [DH]	Lakeland, Fla.	11 a.m.
Feb. 27 (Mon.)	Penn State	Lakeland, Fla.	1 p.m.
Feb. 28 (Tue.)	Arkansas	Lakeland, Fla.	1 p.m.
Mar. 1 (Wed.)	Arkansas	Lakeland, Fla.	2 p.m.
Mar. 3 (Fri.)	Florida*  [Sports Channel]	Gainesville, Fla.	7:30 p.m.
Mar. 4 (Sat.)	Florida [DH]*	Gainesville, Fla.	4 p.m.
Mar. 9 (Thur.)	Indiana	Bloomington, Ind.	3 p.m.
Mar. 11-14 (Sat.-Tue.)	Texas A&M Tournament	College Station, Texas	TBA
	(Iowa, Maine, Texas A&M, UK)		
Mar. 16 (Thur.)	Western Kentucky	Bowling Green	3 p.m.
Mar. 18 (Sat.)	LSU [DH]* [WDKYTV]	LEXINGTON	1 p.m.
Mar. 19 (Sun.)	LSU* [WDKYTV]	LEXINGTON	2 p.m.
Mar. 25 (Sat.)	Alabama [DH]*	Tuscaloosa, Ala.	7 p.m.
Mar. 26 (Sun.)	Alabama*	Tuscaloosa, Ala.	3 p.m.
Mar. 28 (Tue.)	Eastern Kentucky	Richmond	3 p.m.
Mar. 29 (Wed.)	Morehead	Morehead	3 p.m.
Mar. 30 (Thur.)	Marshall	Huntington, WVa.	3 p.m.
April 1 (Sat.)	TENNESSEE [DH]* [WDKYTV]	LEXINGTON	1 o.m.
April 5 (Wed.)	Cincinnati	Cincinnati, Ohio	3 p.m.
April 6 (Thur.)	MIAMI (OHIO)	LEXINGTON	7 p.m.
April 8 (Sat.)	Vanderbilt [DH]*	Nashville, Tenn.	*} n m
April 9 (Sun.)	Vanderbilt*	Nashville, Tenn.	2:30 p.m.
April 12 (Wed.)	XAVIER (OHIO)	LEXINGTON	7 p.m.
April 15 (Sat.)	AUBURN [DH]* [WDKYTV]	LEXINGTON	5 p.m.
April 16 (Sun.)	AUBURN* [WDKYTV]	LEXINGTON	1:30 p.m.
April 18 (Tue.)	WRIGHT STATE	LEXINGTON	7 p.m.
April 19 (Wed.)	MOREHEAD	LEXINGTON	7 p.m.
April 20 (Thur.)	MARSHALL	LEXINGTON	7 p.m.
April 22 (Sat.)	Ole Miss [DH]* [ESPN]	Oxford, Miss.	7 p.m.
April 23 (Sun.)	Ole Miss*	Oxford, Miss.	2:30 p.m.
April 25 (Tue.)	CINCINNATI	LEXINGTON	7 p.m.
April 26 (Wed.)	Middle Tennessee	Murfreesboro, Tenn.	8:30 p.m.
April 27 (Thur.)	Middle Tennessee	Murfreesboro, Tenn.	3 p.m.
	[Sports Channel]		
April 30 (Sun.)	MISSISSIPPI ST* [WD