which result in lost revenues. The board should be united and make a commitment that they are
going to push together and not nitpick small items.
Ms. Young commented that she agreed with what everybody has said and that she felt
that their difficulties point to a public relations problem. She felt that it is important to have
proposals presented well, with all the facts available and a focus on how items would be best
presented to the public.
Mr. Miles agreed but stated that this would have been a good day for Mr. Bamhart to
have attended the board meeting and presented his case. He suggested that the board would ask
for that in the future.
Dr. Brockman stated that he thinks it is the will of the board that he instruct the executive
vice president for finance to provide more detail on cost projections and revenue streams on
future Finance Committee resolutions. Mr. Stuckert moved for the question and was seconded
by Mr. Gatton. Dr. Brockman asked the board to vote on the call for the vote, which passed
without dissent. Then he conducted the vote on FCR 8, which had already been moved by Mr.
Stuckert and seconded by Mr. Mobley. FCR 8 received one No vote, cast by Dr. Peek. Dr.
Brockman announced that FCR 8 had passed. (See FCR 8 at the end of the Minutes.)
President Todd infonned Mr. Miles that Mr. Bamhart was in Binningham, Alabama at a
mandatory Southeastem Conference athletic directors meeting. Mr. Mark Coyle represented
Athletics during the Finance Committee meeting and the full board meeting.
W. Renovate Shively Sports Center {FCR 9)
Mr. Stuckert moved to FCR 9 — renovate the Shively Sports Center. The scope of this
capital project is $950,000, and it will be funded with private funds from the University of
Kentucky Athletic Association. Mr. Stuckert moved approval and was seconded by Ms.
Patterson. The motion passed without dissent. (See FCR 9 at the end ofthe Minutes.)
X. Capital Construction Report {FCR 10)
Ms. Stuckert moved to the last FCR of this meeting, the review of the Capital
Construction Report. Mr. Bob Wiseman addressed the Finance Committee at the moming
meeting and explained the items. He moved approval of FCR l0 and was seconded by Dr.
McCorvey. The motion passed without dissent. (See FCR l0 at the end ofthe Minutes.)
Y. Student Affairs Committee Report
Dr. Brockman passed the floor to Ms. Patterson, chair ofthe Student Affairs Committee,
who reported that in their moming meeting, Mr. John Herbst, Director ofthe Student Center,
talked about the approaching Student Center renovation. Selections have been made for the lead
architectural consultant (Omni Architects) and for mechanical construction (CMTA Engineering
Consultants), both local firms. A construction manager will be chosen soon, construction will
begin in December, with completion in December 2012.