to several months ago when our search committee put together the criteria we
wanted in the 12th president of the University of Kentucky.
"Above all else, we knew the next president would have a very tough act to
follow. It has been ten years of significant dramatic progress even in the face of
daunting economic impediments and challenges, a more than doubling of our
research output, record retention and graduation rates, a renewed and expanded
commitment to serving the entire Commonwealth, and of course a vision and the
concrete plans to reach the mandate given to make Kentucky a better place by
becoming a Top 20 public research institution. Dr. Todd helped change the
culture of this place. In doing so, he has helped make UK and Kentucky better
places. Thank you, Lee and Patsy, for what you have meant and will continue to
mean to UK and the Commonwealth [Dr. Brockman was intenupted by applause
from the Board].
"As we began to look at how best to move forward, we simply wanted four
primary attributes: superior leadership and management skills, a record of
scholarly achievement, innovative leadership skills, and an ability to
communicate with intemal and extemal constituencies ofthe university. It’s a
description that almost appears to have been written with Eli Capilouto in mind.
You have his bio and have heard and read about it over the last few days, so there
is really no need to dwell on it in great detail here. But suffice it to say, he is an
accomplished scholar in his field. He has helped lead an institution with perhaps
the finest academic medical center in the South and one of the best in the country.
He has helped lead an emerging and growing institution into new areas of
excellence with a new commitment to undergraduate education and excellence.
And he has been an unquestioned civic and community leader in his native state,
drawing praise from people from all walks of life throughout Binningham and
"Those attributes are the stuff of numbers, CVs, and bios that fill web sites and
news releases. But how do you take the measure of the man? Something Eli said
the other day struck me to that end. When he and Mary Lynn visited our campus
last week incognito, Eli said "You leam a lot about people when they don’t know
you are watching.” Listen to what people in that context say about Eli Capilouto.
‘A brilliant scholar, a highly seasoned administrator, an innovative consensus
builder,’ said one, ‘a rare individual who has both humility and exceptional
competency,’ said another. ‘Strong, thoughtful leadership along with
commitment and compassion.’ ‘One of the most honest people I know, someone
I trust completely. ’
"We are lucky and fortunate today. In Eli Capilouto, Mary Lynne, and Emily we
have found a family that meets our expectations and the criteria we had set forth
to lead Kentucky’s most vital institution at a critical moment in its history. But as
importantly, we have found people we will be proud to make part of our family.
Today we choose a leader who, like Dr. Todd before him, is challenging us not to