Office of the President
                                                      December 8, 1970

Members, Board of Trustees:


I. Change in Building Designation

    Recommendation: that the Administration Annex be redesignated the
    Engineering Annex, effective immediately.

    Background: The building located to the south of the Administration Building
    was used until recently for administrative offices and was, therefore, desig-
    nated as the Administration Annex. Since the completion of the Patterson
    Office Tower when these offices moved to that structure, the building has
    been assigned to the College of Engineering. The change in designation from
    Administration Annex to Engineering Annex is entirely appropriate under the
    existing rules for the naming of University buildings and the Building and
    Campus Development Committee so recommends. The recommendation is
    presented with the concurrence of the administration of the University.

II. Appointments and/or Other Staff Changes

    Recommendation: that approval be given to the appointments and/or other
    changes which require Board action and that the report relative to appoint-
    ments and/or changes already approved by the administration be accepted.

    Background: Approval of the Board of Trustees is required for all appoint-
    ments to the positions with the rank of Associate Professor and above, for
    promotions, for the granting of tenure, and for salary changes above $12, 000
    for non-academic personnel and $15, 000 for academic personnel. All other
    appointments and/or changes may be made by the President and reported to
    the Board.

                            BOARD ACTION

   New Appointments

   Joe B. Paulk, Associate Professor of Home Economics in Business* (with
      tenure), Department of Nutrition and Food Science, College of Home
      Economics, effective January 1, 1971
   Shu Yuan Yeh, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, College of
      Medicine, effective January 15, 1971 (salary over $15, 000)

*Special Title Series