because of a "conflict of interest' inasmuch as he is a director of the Kentucky
Trust Company of Louisville. (See FCR 7A, B, C, D, and E at the end of the
Minutes. )

       S. Lexington Banks Designated as Depositories (FCR 8)

       Mr. Hillenmeyer said that the Finance Committee at its meeting that
morning had considered and wished to present a recommendation relative to the
designation of Lexington banks as depositories for the University of Kentucky
and its affiliated corporations The Finance Committee's recommendation was
that the Lexington banks presently designated as depositories be continued for the
period January 1, 1971 through June 30, 1971 and that the Citizens Union National
Bank and Trust Company of Lexington be designated as the depository for the
Tobacco Research Board impress cash fund. Prior to the expiration of this
period, the Finance Committee may wish to recommend certain changes in the
present policy.

       On motion duly made, seconded. and carried, the Board of Trustees
approved the recommendation made by the Finance Committee in FCR 8. (See
FCR 8 at the end of the Minutes. )

       T. Hearing Committee Report

       Mr. Bell, chairman of the committee appointed to hear requests for
Board appearances from students, faculty and others, said the committee had
met with Mr. Mike Campbell, a student. Mr. Campbell is requesting permis-
sion to appear before the Board of Trustees to present certain recommendations
relative to how students may receive permission to appear before the Board
more expeditiously than under the present system. Mr. Bell said his committee
felt that some of Mr. Campbell's suggestions warranted consideration by the
Board and recommended that he be granted permission to make his presentation
at a meeting of the Board. After some discussion, on motion duly made,
seconded, and carried, Mr. Campbell was granted permission to appear before
the January meeting of the Board of Trustees, provided he submit a written
statement covering his remarks to the President's Office for distribution to the
Board members prior to the meeting, as is done with all other matters coming
before the Board for consideration, and that he limit his remarks to the specific
matters on which he had requested permission to speak, namely, suggestions
for ways in which students might request and receive permission to present
matters to the Board of Trustees.

      U. Student Code Revision Committee Report

Mr. Griffin, chairman of the Student Code Revision Committee, indicated