MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, June 5, 1906 Page 71 (Conttd)

John McChord, F. A. Hopkins, Geo. B. Kinkead, C. M. Clay,
D. P. Smith.

     Absent:- Messrs. H. S. Barker, Judge Lafferty, W. C. Bell,
R. S. Stout.

     The Chairman therefore announced that a quorumn was present;
that the meeting was open for business, and. that the first
business in order was the election of a Chairman, and the Chair-
man placed in nomination, Judge Geo. B. Kimkead.

     Judge Kinkead moved that the present Chairman, Mr. D. F.
Frazee be elected as Chairman, and that his election be made
unanimous, and put the vote to the Board, which was carried
unanimously, Mr. Frazee not voting.

     At this point Ju~dge Kinkead administered the oath of office
to Messrs. D. P. Smith and C. B. Terrell, as Trustee of this

     It being the next in order of business, the Secretary read
the minutes of the last meeting of the Board.

     Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried the minutes
stood approved as read.

     Thereunon President Patterson stated to the Board that in-
vestigation had shown that the Cost of orinting the reports of
the business affairs of the College, showing receipts and expen-
ditures, as directed in resolution sassed at last December        P.72
meeting would be between $300.00 and. $400.00; that this was
thought by the~ Oommittee in charge thereof to be more than was
contemplated by the Board, and that it was thought best to
await further action of the Board thereon.

     Judge Kinkead moved the following resolution:-
     Resolved that 500 copies of the Business Agent's report in-
cluding the Report of receipts and disbursements of the Experi-
ment Station, be annually published.