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  L i i VVho are shrewd buyers will come to Spencer & ‘
      ‘ Richards for Shoes. Remember our great . S
  l __ Manufacturers Cost Sale  .
    ` to close out business. We have everything new and .  V
  Z up-to-date for spring, and can ‘
  Corner Main and Mill St
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  il    ,   tlmuriuuu Tuuuuurs Bureau suuuiuuuu,  
11% · 69~7¤ osiuzsoizn smear cnicmo, nn. · A
    With Branches in 28 lending Cities. and $ub—Ageucies in nearly all educational 4
Ei it centres. Une fee ($2.00* registers in the Main Office, and also gives full beneiit of T
" Z. membership in the 28 Branches. We guarantee satisfactory service, and better ser-
' F2 ‘ vice than any other Tem;hcrs’ Bureau. or refund the fee, on denmntl. Membership
j   cerrincntes may be purchased from the Publishers of this paper, or directly from l
L Z`; the Syndicate. In either case satisfaction is guaranteed by the Syndicate. ` _
    DR- S- A- DONA DSON,
  \DENT|ST./ ,
  Office Merrick Lodge Building Residence 186 W. Third '
  Lnxmotrou, KY.
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  ASSSTTTTTSNT School Stationery/mw  
    Transylvania Printing Co. _
i L   Lowest Prices. io East Hain Street.  l
  DRYDEN, Apothecary,  u
_  . 70 E. Main Street.  .
  Every thing you need. Best Goods; Bottom Prices. _
i   · Prescriptions day or night by expert pharmacists only. T
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