, "i___—\fI
` LLN%7éL
PAY CH§Q§S: Pay checks for everyone (bi-
weekly and monthly) will be available in UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY
the Director's Office from 10-12 a.m. · LIBRARIES
December 28, 1973. That's the last pay {
check fgy 1973, I December 7, 1973 No. 28
* * * * * * *i;_______________________,..,...
EXTRA HOLIDAY: Dr. gingletary stated in a memo dated December 4, 1973
that: “Monday, December 31, will be a holiday for University of Ken-
tucky employees". That means that everyone receives a 5-day Christmas
holiday this year instead of the 4-day periods of the past.
* * * * * * * *
§§§§QNNEL CHANGES: Appointments: Judith Bishop, classified, Circula-
tion;C5py Service; Nancy Prewitt, classified, Cataloging. Transfers:
Nancy Whitmire, classified, from CSR to Acquisitions—Monographs. Pro-
motions: Mary Ada Sullivan, Head of the Newspaper/Microtext Department,
from unclassified to professional.
* * * * * * * *
POSITION OPENINGS: Circulation, classified VI, open 12/14: Law, class-
ified VI, open 12/7.
* * * * * * * * V
THINK ABOUT IT; "The Council on Library Resources said this week it
has granted $103,000 to the Graduate Library School of the University
of Chicago to support postdoctoral fellowships to be offered over a
two-year period beginning in June 1974. The fellowships will be award-
ed to persons with Ph.D.'s in fields other than librarianship for work
toward the M.A. degree in librarianship at Chicago. Fellows will
receive full tuition and stipends up to $7,800, depending on need and
number of dependents.
The program seeks to enlist candidates who have demonstrated high
intellectual achievement in other fields and, if given the opportunity,
would find a career in librarianship challenging and rewarding.
· Applications for 1974-75 will be received up to Feb. 1, 1974.
Awards will be announced April l, 1974. Interested candidates should
apply to the Dean of Students, Graduate Library School, University of
Chicago, 1100 East 57th Street, chicago, Ill. 60637." (Higher Educa-
tion and National Affairs, 22;5, Nov. 16, 1973) »
It may be worthwhile to give this matter some thought. The Univer-
sity of Chicago should be able to produce at least 7 "librarians" by
the summer of 1976 with the support money from CLR. It seems reason-
able to expect these 7 will be in prime positions to accept top jobs
in the academic libraries of this country by 1978-79. An argument
could be made that 7 isn't such a large number so what harm can there
be? The number 7 represents the people that could go through the pro-
gram supported by the CLR grant. There are evidently no restrictions
on the number that could go through the program supported by some other
means. Maybe this is a trend. California and the University of Tenn.
are only hiring librarians that have a minimum of two masters degrees.
When this information is processed (with other items that have not yet
been published), the conclusion that there are rough days ahead for the
single masters librarian seems quite plausible. (TPM)
. * * * e * * * *
CANDIDATE: Dr. Donald Hendricks will be with us Dec. 6-7. .He is a
candidate for the position of Director of Libraries. A reception will
be given on the 7th in the Rare Book Room of MIK at 3:00. The entire
staff is invited., _ .
* * * * * * * w
CORRECTIONS: "There were a few mistakes made in the salary listings of
library employees released last week. Anyone wanting the corrections A
should contact Mark Neil Paster (205 Lyndhurst, Apt. 1, 252—7l32)."
···w—w·* * * * * * .