. We, the undersigned, duly appointed Auditors of the Cor-
poration, do hereby certify that we have examined the books i
and accounts of the Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Sta-
tion for the tiscal year ended June 30, 1921; that we have
found the same well kept and classified as above; that the
balance brought forward from the preceding year was noth-
ing on the Hatch Fund and nothing on the Adams Fund; that
the receipts for the year from the Treasurer of the United
States were $15,000.00 under the act of (`ongress of March 2,
1887, and $15,000.00 under the act ot (`ongress of March 16,
1906, and the corresponding disbursements $15,000.00 and $15,-
000.00; for all of which proper vouchers are on tile and have
been by us examined and found correct, leaving balances of
nothing and nothing.
And we further certify that the expenditures have l)O(‘l1
solely for the purposes set forth in the acts ot l_'ongress ap-
proved Mareh 2, 1887, and March 16. 1906, and in accordance
with the terms of said acts, respectively.
Signed: I1. M. Froman, `
P. P. Johnston. Jr.,
Attcst; Teresa Buehignani,