inal investigations at the Universities of Gottingen and
Zurich upon the obscure diseases of plants will prove
of solid advantage to the Institution and to the public.
He will return from Europe to assume the duties of his
chair in September. .
I cannot close this brief report without making I
complimentary mention of the generosity of certain
donors who have presented to the College valuable
agricultural implements. In addition to the thanks
rendered these gentlemen by the Executive Committee 4 _
. it is proper that public recognition be made. The do-
nations, with the names of the donors are as follows; _
Through Messrs. Sandusky &'Batson, of Lexing- .
ton, Ky.
_ 1 Sulky plow from   I. Case Plow Company,
Racine, Wisconsin.
Through Messrs. DeLong & Co., Lexington, Ky. -
1 Walking cultivator from B. F. Avery & Sons,
Louisville, Ky.
g Oliver chilled steel plows from Oliver Chilled P
Plow Company, South Bend, Ind. ·
1 Walton plow from   T. Walton, Bloomington,
Illinois. ’ J`
The plows and cultivators mentioned above are all [
superior implements, of the most approved construe- V
tion and quality, reflecting credit upon the skill no less  
than upon the generosity of the manufacturers.   `
Through Messrs. DeLong & Co., was also received  
from Nash & Bro., New York. I
1 Acme pulverizer, an implement of superior Z f
quality and much in advance of the common harrow. · .·
In conclusion I beg to thank the Executive Com- I
mittee for the intelligent and unwearied interest 1
which they have manifested in the somewhat com- i
plicated details of the work placed under my supervi-  
sion and for the hearty support which they have at all  
i.` .