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MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,JTune 8, 1881 - page 15-16

     Present            W. B. Kinkead,    Chairman of
                                           Ex. Com.
                         James F. RobinsonJr.
                         L. J. Bradford
                         B. B. Buckner
                         A. R. Boone
                         B. J. Peters
                         Robt. S. Bullock
                         P. P. Johnston

     The Committee to whom was referred the accounts of the
Treasurer made through B. JO Peters, Chairman, a written re-
port which was adopted and which reads as follows.

          To our Committee to whom was referred the account
of R. S. Bullock, Treasurer of the A. & M. College to investi-
gate and ascertain the state thereof, have discharged that
duty and would respectfully report - That we find the accounts
correctly and neatly kept the Treasurer affording every facility
for our Committee to forward the business. We find the
resources of the College fully and fairly well stated - setting
forth the various amounts received, the sources from whom
derived and the dates and receipts of the several amounts
aggregating the sum
of  -   -                            _    -    _      79,932.87

          On the credit side we find the account,
clearly and distinctly stated the disbursement
arranged and the proper head of the touchers
numbered and filed which we find to consist of
order or drafts drawn by the Chairman of the
Executive Committee and countersigned by the
secretary of the Board which seems to be a
necessary and proper precaution to prevent
any improper payments.

     We find the amount paid out by the
Treasurer as per vouchers      -44- -                 4 32722

     All of which is respectfully reported.

                         . . Peters   ) Committee.
                         A. R. Boone   )

    Ordered that the report of said Committee be ratified
and confirmed.