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{333:} uninitiated March 18. 1811.


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MAY 12, 1878.

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in the South. Cotton was Ireeiy
waggoned across the Central Road
in Jefferson and Washington to
reach the superior cotton and grocery
market of Augusta. Charleston was
also a splendid market, full of capital
and commercial wealth. Fifty years
ago Charleston was a. more imporlant
seaport than .New York. Foreign and
native houses imported and exported
direct, and there was comparatively lit-
tle occasion for expensive lines of coast-
ing vessels. Even twenty years ago,
the trade of Charleston was vastly more
important than at present. They had
fourteen millions of bank capital, and
money was abundant and easily com-
manded on good paper. Augusta was
full of money and enterprise, and the
advantage of river navigation and choice
of markets, whilst it made Augusta the
best cotton marketin the South, made
it also the best grocery markrt. Look
at a file of the Savannah Republican
May, 1857, and you will find that the
editor says: “It is a well known fact that
the merchants of Augusta can afford to
sell groceries cheaper than they can be
sold in Savannah.” There was also
great anxiety to remove the last and
only objection to retaining the capital
at Milledgeville. It was the centre of
population and the geographical centre,
and this metropolitan route would have
made it accessible on all sides by rail-
road, and secured the capital thero for
all time to come, There was no diffi
culty about the means. It is painful,
yet instructive, to compare our situa-
tion before and since the war. The
iron~a heavy fish bar—had been
purchased andpaid for. It was seized
by the Confederate Government to
make. gunboats. Then our troubles
commenced, and they have never ceas-
ed. The advantages and resources con-
templated, when the road wasprojected,
and subscriptions made, were of course
mostly lost by the disruption of the
Government, and the obstruction to a
free intercourse with Southwestern
Georgia. The road has met with some
unusual disasters, and it cannot now be
well estimated What the local trade will
realize, until it is more fully developed.

This road is subjected to expensive
litigations under the asserted rigid re—
visions of the new Constitution. The
power of taxation to be sure is a sov-
ereign power, but the power, like all
sovereign powers, should be discreetly
and wisely exercised. Sovereign pow-
ers should never be exercised for un-
mitigated oppression, and the true
statesman will never enforce it to the
ruin of an already prostrate interest,
especially when that prostration has
been caused by the action and policy of
the Government. Men should be taxed
upon their means, and not upon their
wants. All the factions in France-—
Legitimists,l Orleanists, Ultra Montan-
ists, Old Republicists and Imperialists
-—pay homage to the principles of
the Constitution of 1789, which de-


pxuvlueil and comlortablo home to cm.
here to attend to the troublesome an
embarrassing duties of tho President (
the Georgia Road at it reduced salary ?
The idea. is preposterous.

We have many troubles and discour-
agements before us, but fig: patience,
economy and perseverance they may be
overcome. We should be consoled by
comparaliim prosperity. When» is an
other Railroad Company at the South in
any better condition? \Ve :-
somo remnants of fol
building up our fortunes
Our neighbors have most gciicriilly lost
everything, and nothing 1: ft to aid in
future efforts. We Would like to have
things boiler, but should be: grateful
that they are no worse.

As I shall not likely ever make :iuotli»
E‘r official report to the stockholders, l
willt-ike this occasion to give them a
few words of parting advice. Always
avoid utfi‘enm mrrn. There is no virtue
in extremes. Extremes are always
vicious. \Vo are told by the gimitest.
of philosophers that “ mediocrity is the
normal condition of mankind." Extreme
men have ruined the South, and have
brought desolation and misery upon so-
ciety in every age of the world. VVheu
the moderate party hold the balance of
power they check theextremes and bold
society together until reform can be had
without revolution.

It was very natural that the Ecliiiluloiis
and disastrous reign of Li'wis the XV.
should have excited a spirit of inquiry
and analysis by such Dhllf)H(),Ullf'!"H and
critics as Montaigne,Rousseau, Voltaire,
D’Alembert, Diderot, Helvetius, Con-
dillao, and others. But overexoitcd
by the enormity of the abuse, they
did not stop at salutary reform, but
struck at the root of all social order
and prepared the way for the downfall
of Christianity itself! What would
have become of unhappy France under
the teaching of Rochefort. had it not
been for the Left Centre under Thicrs?

These extreme men may well be call-
ed fanatics, for they don’t reason, but
act from impulse and are scarcely inor<
ally responsible for their actions. They
are the more dangerous when sincere.
There are two kinds of fanatics in the
world -— the one from too little mind, the
other from too much, They are both
injurious to society, but not equally so.
The one is an unmitigated nuisance, the
other furnishes some compensation, but
in free republics do more injury than
good. Mr. Vclhoun was a great and
good man, and dovoted to the South,and
his memory is dear to every Southern
heart. But Gov. Hammond notices with
regret some of his inconsisteuces and
contradictions, and their disastrous in—
fluence. In early life he was extremely
national and committed himself to u
dogma, which was readily seized by
consolidationists and covered the land
with waste and corruption. He laid
down the principle, that the great
rivers of the West were inland


Zansnliialu illull 18.1871.


To 'i‘iir: h'i‘Ui Kiiouiniis or (ii-:oiiozm

A writer supposed to ho (luv. Brown,

the President of the lessees of the State

Road, has recently attempted to frighten

the stockholders of the Georgia Rmh

road from finding a successor for Judgi-

King during his life-timowor at least

from finding any other successor than

Col. 13‘. W. Colo, one of the lessees, now

iilroiidv President of the Nashville, Clint-

tuuimgzi and St. Louis Railroad. llc

proceeds to do this by assuiiiingthiit

the first not of any othersiicceiisorwiiuld

be to plunge the Georgia Railroad into

n ridiculous war with tho \Vestcrn and

Allaiitii' Railroad; ho iii-xt quietly 13‘th

sumos that, in this, Willilllulllel it Will

be undertaken, he 94 vs, in ii grout incu-

tilltP simply to be; lit the Western Rail-

i'oiiil of Alabama, which is the Joint
propcrty of llli‘ (ii-origin uhtl Cz-nlral
R iilroudsw l/ml lhr‘ lrilit 1’ road molt/(l I»:
Hi: rill/y of flu: («saws lllhlt‘dil of insist-
iiig to prutcc; and lsciuflt the Joint prop~

lillvlll‘f thug cl” trusted u iiiiiii of
straw ltivlllfl sai action, he thcupro-
(Seeds in show l|()W tho losses-s, with the
aid of lhw (’i‘nlm/ [Hui/mm], could do-
lllUllrill him, will ll" iliii s this to his cii‘
fire siilisfnctiim, Now, flux facts: of tho
ciisc are that the Georgia R iilriiud would
not INIe‘Nf/l/‘Il/ [uruzyi/r'a/i‘ such a I/‘(U' l I‘I Ii
if 11 dear/rut. The only mud tb'at could
inaugurate it 151“)“ LHlllHVlllU, Nashwlli-
and (lrcut Soutlnvi ii, because that is the
r . l which controls the lri-ight at its
initiul point, and designates tliorouti-
by which it shall be Soul; and unless it
should choose to designate, the route
by illriutgtiuivry, tlic (li‘orgiii Railroad
would lizivo iiiitliiiig whatever to any in
tho iiiutti-r. Now, at present, and fillr
Milt)" viwi pmt, tho lioiistii‘li', \‘isq-
Vill i'll\l (ii'iiu’ Southern lill‘l (/ .. (urine
i‘iiud ll‘llV'i‘ IllV‘iilifl hills irriglit uf Snell»
ville by u f' H incl, which set me, so lar,
to lie ibiilln‘l story to all purine, uinl
none of the Giorgia. or Alabama i'ouils
have iiiiy Dov-21"., ('Vi’ ii ' they livid the
disposition, to lllfi‘l‘il‘ri‘ \\'1lll it. But
this ruiiiurkub‘o effort of Gov, lirown to
frighti‘ii the stocklirildcrs of. the (if'lil‘glll
Railroad info putting tluir road into
Col. loln’s iiuuds suggests that the lat-
tor does four that, at some future day,
the Louisville, Nashville and (:ruat
Southern Railroad may want fl-RCW con»
front at Nashville, and thiitii itworo
able to secure the lllllll'll sympathy: of
the Georgia and Central Railroads, Col.
Colo‘a roul and tho losseoi could no
lniigi r lilisiirli the lion's chum (if the
(lroeii liiiio business. That is the secret,
brother Hi11m,uwru rmlem uf \Twil‘us,

W nu mumunt wf th ‘v'mtvm l.-:‘.:mni uf
“F 'AIuhumzl, :lLUHlL-r :‘murlmss mtn whirix
"3 T\\'udhy mlruniy l‘nrt'ml .IH‘IL'“ Rwy,
', Haw Invlf'h \le‘x Lm'w In in- 1‘ u :u'
.‘(I’ ”lit ‘pf l‘f/[I /.'U’,/'/’ /J'/y'J’/"Iy'fi/)‘ XIV‘v}
f'u [NU/WWII Hf AIM? :mm wv R! m' 1m!
:11 ‘» trm, n» _I,v./. In}: 11' u- “-3 Ric-Xuir
itivr m .Imigfv lilbg'a plum", “1- mi]
flxmw‘ um“, )wrhulw, Mm 'u/ m , . «II //,, u"
/’IU’[.\ may l/Llu {u I’vurur/ WM. A91



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H, zud '4 «Hr IHYHIUH (11
' I “at" to see 1{ man-
‘H(} 2.19] 'w w. kHzi‘lnM mimvuce to dle-
wily u. jg‘tlmul mam."

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