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     At a meeting of the Executive committee of State
University held in the office of the President Aoril 21st,
1914, there were present C. B. Ni chols, J. Nd Camden, C.
B. Terriml and R. :. Stoll.  Minutes of the previous meetings
were read and adopted.

     3E IT RESCI3VED by the Executive Committee of state
University as follows:

1.    It shall be the duty of every member of the faculty
and of the teaching force of the University and Starf of
the Experiment Station to be present at the Commencement
Exercises of the University, and each member of the -Faculty
and teaching force of the University and each member of the
staff of the Experiment Station shall. at his own expense,
procure a cap, gown and hood suitable to his degree, which
shall be worn at the Commencement Exercises.

2.    No degree shall be conferred in absentia. Provided,
however, that in the year 1914 the University Oouncil may
con_sent to the conferring of a degree upon members of the
graduating class who may not be present, if, in the opinion
of the Council, there be sufficient reason therefor.

3.    Subject to the foregoing provisions and to the reg-
ulations heretofore adopted by the T'niversety the Council
is hereby authorised to prepare from time to time the pro-
gram for the conducting of the Commencement Exercises at
the University.

4.    A copy of this order shall be at once given to the
Faculty and teaching force of the University and to the
Staff of the Experiment Station.

     By unanimous vote no graduate will recetve his diploma
unless he is present to receive the s-me on commencement
day, unless for good cause he may be excused by his dean and
the President of the University.

     by a unanimous vote the Deans of the University were
given the full power to make all arrangements for commence-
ment exercises.
     .n connection with the care of the campus of the
University Dr. Eastle appeared and suggested plans for the
improvement of the hollow on the northwestern corner of the
campus, Mend he was directed to prepare plans for the carry-
ing out of such a scheme and report to the next meeting of
the Executive Committee.

     Prof. Miller as iean of the Leillege of Arts and Science
appeared before the codmittee and after a conference by unan-
imous vote his duties as dean as well as each other dean of
the University were made clear, and by unrnimous vote this
motion was adopted.


     The regulation fo the University adopted, _ day of
     , defining Whe duties of the Dean of each college, is
amended so that it ehall read as followss

     The D-ean of each college shall be the adminietrative
head of his collej* and shall h.=ve supervision and control
of the various departments constituting the same (subject
to the control of the President and the Executive Committee
of the University) and all applications for the mailtenance
of departments shall be made by the Dean. Each Dean shall be
responsible for the general efficiency and unpbuildin4 of the
vartous departments under his supervision.   Each Dean is re-
oaired to recommend t& thi -Preldtent of the iUatwesttv all
rersons. who. in his Juftament should be em-loved. retained or
removed from the ttaohina. staff of hts colleaae. it stall be
the duty of each Dean to formulate courses of study for the
various schools and depart;ments In his college and submit
the same to the Council, which, If ap-arved by it, shell
recomnthd to the faculty for adoption and when approved by
the 1Zxzecultive Committe-e shall become a regulation of the

     The part underscored Is an addItion to the rule for-
merly adocitedt

     Following the ado-ptian of the above order, the Dean
of the 0*llege of Arts and Science was dIrected to handle
the matter concerning the dropping o-:' the narne of Miss
Kiakead. Secretary of the Beord wns ordered to furnish each
of the members of the teachIng force of the University a
copy of the above order.

     Mr. Stoll reported to the Co5maittee that It was the duty
of the 3&ard to formulate a  la.n for the carrying out of
the election of members of the Alumni-Association of this
university as membloers of the Board of Trustees ander a law
which was naseQd at the last session of the "Legislature.
Unon  motion made and unran.:aouely carried tr. Stoll wa  diret4-
ed to prepare a pl an and report to the next meeting of this

     tpon motion mzde seconded and unanimously carried the
following rule Was mamde atSa fees to be charged against
students, entering the University for the Year 1914-1915.

     arach student will be required to pay an incidental fee
of $15 which will be used in paying for material consumed
and to aid In -provlidin  for n commons whereby meals will be
farn sthed to students a.t actual cost; and each of thbse
students will be furnished with free admission to all public
lactures given under the anuentes of the Public Lecture
Bureau, and to medical advice for the resident physician, to
the use of the University hospitnl, and froe admission to all
athletic contests and exerctees ;iven    der the auspices O.f'
the UTrniversity Athletic Association. Non-resident students
will pay an additional fee of $5.00.   Students entering the
second semesoter will ney on, half of tae above fees.


     The P1resident of the University Was requested to es-
amine the rules which were presented by the Secretary of the
Board, which rniles have baen heretofore adopted by the Board
of Trustees and the Executive Committee, and revise the same
as he thinks proper an. report at the next meeting of this
committee. By unanimous vote the Gommittee than adjourned.

                                  (Not signed)