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     Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky. June 6th, 1876

                   Special Committees

     On Financial condition with instructions to recommend the
best mode to meet the exigencies in the embarrassed condition of
the University..
     R. R. Sloan
     W. T. Withers
     J. P. TCrbitt
     R. C. Ricketts
     W. L. Tibbs

     Preservation & Utilization of property
     James Kinnaird
     Andrew Steele
     J.A. J. Lee

     Joseph Wasson
     Samuel Colema.n

reads a,
Request of
M4rs. Mary E.
Hibler not

app rove d

Session of
June 7, 1876
Minutes of
read &

Degree of
M.A. on J. 0.

Ten minutes

     Curator Withers read a reoort of the Committee from the
Extive. Comtee. showing the securities of Ky. University upon
motion it is referred to the Committee on Financial conditions.

     Curator Woolfolk presented the request of Mrs. Mary Hibler
that she be released from oaying the Lawyers fees incurred in
the suite for 500 dollars subscription of her husband, but by
vote it was refused-
     On motion Board adjourned to 10 o'clock A.M. tomorrow.
     No objection being made the minutes stood approved
                                   Jos. S. Woolfolk.

/339/ The Board met at ten o'clock the session omened by Prayer
by President Graham.
     On calling the roll the following Curators answered their
names or came in during the morning.. Prest. B shop, Curators
Bowman, Allen, Gratz- Steele- Wasson- Goodloe- Elley_ Woolfolk-
Worthington- Givens. Ricketts- Shackelford- Tarbitt- Sloan_    s
Withers_ Campbell_ Shirley_ Kinnaird- Barnes, Lee, Price- Tiirs-
     The Sec. read the minutes of the previous meeting and no
objection being made they were considered ap-proved-
     Regent Bowman recommended John 0. Hopkins for the degree of
M. A. and moved that, that degree be coniered - Refered. to
Faculty of College of Arts.
     Curator Withers moved as substitute That the matter be re-
fered to the Faculty of the College of Arts with power to act.
     Curator Shackelford moved that in the event of any discus-
sion coming up speeches shall be limited to 10 minutes- adopted.



Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky., June 7, 1876

in the Bible

Degree of

Report on
Coml1 Col.


Col lege

Report on
College of

degrees to
be confered.


           Graduates in Bible College

     The following names of students in College of the Bible
were recommended by the Faculty of that College for receiving
Diplomas - Leslie Newman Early - Petersburg, Ky.. Charles P.
Williamson _ Richmonil , Vi..-
             In the English Course

     Benj. Cassell Deweese - Robertson Station - Ky.. Jos.
Franklin Floyd - Barnard Mo.. Zachariah M. Grunstreet, Crocker
Mo. Joseph Leslie Richardson, Mt. Eden.. Ky. Henry Harper Shearer,
Parksville, Ky. James Henry Wright, Atlanta Ill.
     On motion of Curator Bowman the Diplomas are ordered to be
     On motion of Curator Bowman the Diplomas are ordered to be
confered. Curator Bowman moved that the degree of M. -5 be con-
fered on T. H Hardin - adop te&.
     Curators W. L. Williams and Jno. Aug. Williams were excused
for non attendance at this meeting of the Board satsifactory
excuses being offered-
     Curator D. L. Goodloe made report on Commercial College.

     The following names in this report on Commercial College
were recommended for degrees -Nicaragua C. Am.
               In Bookkeeping Course

Bost. Albert Forning - Morgantown N. C.
Carton, Gerard
Flynn, Thos. Nicholas - Lexington, Ky.
Holton, Jno. B._             Mason Co. Ky.
Haskins, Benj. Skinner - Hartford N. C.
Newby, Thomas _         Hartford N. C.
R~eers, Jas. Constantine - Lexington, Ky.

     Curator J. B. Bowman moved that the continuance of the
Commercial College be refereed to the Executive Committee and
Prof. Perrin   Adopted.
     Curator Campbell made leport on College of Arts adopted
included the following resolution. At a meeting of the Faculty
of the College of Arts held this &ay the following was unanimously
adop ted.
     Resolved that
Lexlie Newman Earley of Petersburg Ky., Wallace Fbx, of Strong
Point, Ky.e Lewis Yancy Linville, Lancaster Ky. James Grinstead
Scroghum, Lexington, Ky. Henry M1. Woodford of Paris, Ky. Charles
P. Williamson Richmond Va. be recommended to the Board of Curators
admission to the regular degree of Bachelor of Arts. Signed
                                      Henry H. 'Thite
                                Presiding Officer College Arts.
Whith was adopted by the Board of Curators and the degrees ordered
to be confered.



Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky., June 7, 1876

Degree of
M.A. for
Prof. J.O.

Report of
the Bible

Worthington' s
motion cons
cerning ex.


     The Faculty of the College of Arts to whom was refered the
application of tne Faculty of the North Western Christian Univer-
sity at Indianapolis for the degree of Master of Arts to be con-
ferred on Prof. John 0. Hopkins of that Institution presented
the following resort.
                     Ky. University Wednesday June 7th/76

     Resolved that in the judgement of the Faculty of the Col-
lege of Arts the Law regulating a mission to the degree of
Master of Arts and forbidding the confering of Honorary degrees
should without exception be strictly complied with. Adopted.

     Curator Elley Chm. then made report on Bible College. Adopted.
     Curator Worthington moved that the Ex. Treas- be required
to deliver up the Extive Committee all the books and papers
connected with the Treasurers office-
     The Regent explained that the Extive Corinmittee already had
such Books and papers.
     Curator Steele made report as Chairman of the Comtee on
A. & M. College which on motion was refered to the Comtee on

Evening Session June 7th 1876

Re-port of
on Obituaries

and Minotity
reports from
Commi ttee
on Yinance.

     Board met at 2 o'clock pursuant to adjournment. The minutes
of the morning session were read and no objection being offered
they were considered approved.
     Curator Woolfolk presented the acts. of W. W. George for
20 dollars incured by making change in the Directory of the Com-
mercial Bank of Ky- Upon motion of Curator J. G. Allen the amt.
is ordered to be paid.
     The Committee on Obituaries through its Chairman Curator
Wasson made the following report-
         Thet we hereby pay respectful and affectionate tribute
to the memory of our Brother Curator Dr. Joseph Smith and Dr.
James Crutcher and express our confidence in their Christian
character while living and our confident faith in their eternal
salvation through Christ- We rejoice in the hope of a reunion in
heaven where all the misunderstandings of earth cleared away in
the light of God's presence. Resolved that we tender our sympathy
to their bereaved Families -
Re solved
        That copies of these resolutions be forwarded to the fam-
ilies of the deceased and to the Apostolic Times. - and Christian
     The Committee on Finances made the following reports
     Majority Report-



                        Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky., June 7th, 1876

                        Your Committee to whom was referred so much of the Regents
                  report as refers to the financial conditions of the University
                  with instructions to report the best means to meet the present
                  exegencies - beg leave respectfully to report..
                        That in the present state of our finances there is no need
                   for dispondency but the necessity for retrenchment is inevitable-
                   Therefore your Committee recommend-
                        That the notes now due the Real Estate & Building fund and
                   the other assets of said Fund together with all the saleable
                   property in the Machine shop and the available proceeds from the
                   Farm be converted into a sinking fund for the payment of the
                   interest and the gradual liquidation of the principal due the
                   Endowment Fund by the Reek Estate and building Fund, the A. & M.
                   College and the Mechanical Department.
                        2. That all the said non prodictive investments together
                   with the unpaid coupons and a-cumlated interest of the University
                   be converted into a sinking Fund for the gradual liquidation of
                   the indebtness of the University on general account _
                        3. That in order to economize - labor and money the instruc-
                   tions of both the College of Art & the A. & M. College be at
                   Morrison College as for as practicable.
                        4. That in said two Colleges we consolidate into our chair
                   as follows -
                        lst. The two chairs of English Literature
                        2nd.  f   it  tf   It Ancient Languages
                        3d.   "   "    "    I Mathematics, Nat. Science and Modern
    /345/              It is required that the Professors in the Bible College till
                   take charge of such additional classes in the College of Arts as
                   may be assigned them. All of which is respectfully submitted.
                                                W. TD. Withers
                                                W. T. Tibbs
                                                R. C. Ricketts
                                                J. P. T .rbi tt .
Read.                   5. Also that the two chairs in the Bible College be consoli-
after              dated into one under the name and character of the Chair of
                   Sacred History as originally constituted at Bacon College.
                                                               R. R. Sloan
                 . (this who concurs in maj except that the above is a substitute for
                 Res. 4 Provided tne Chair of Comuercial College shall be abolished.

                        Provided that anyone or all of these Chairs & especially in
                   the Bible College be continued if the means can be provided for
                   their support to which the Board hereby invite and pledge and
                   earnest support-/
                       A motion was made to substitute the minority for the majority
                  report pending which and discussion the Board on motion adjourned
                  to meet at 8 otclock to-morrow morning.