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VOL. 1 » A FEBRUARY 15,1936 ·N¤. 7
The problem of d1spell1ng the fog over washington -- which has been a matter of con-
cern to apologlsts for the New Deal -- was solved on January 25th. The address of former
Governor Alfred E. Smlth at the Liberty League dinner provided the solution.
As a result of Governor Sm1th's speech, the nation 1s no longer ln doubt as to the
issue confronting it -- a choice between government by a centralized, irresponsible, vision-
ary and extravagant bureaucracy or by the orderly and constltutlonal processes under the
protection of which the United States has prospered far beyond any other nation in the
history of the world. A
The League meeting and the addresses delivered by Governor Smith and others served to
focus national attention upon the principles for which the American Liberty League has been ‘
contending since 1ts organization. Now that the lssue has been clarified, the verdict of `
the people may be awaited with confidence -- provided those who believe in government by
law, adminlstrated by men conscious of the meaning of an oath of office, are not again
caught napping.
Since the January 25th meeting, national headquarters of the League have been all but
swamped by expressions of approbation, applications for membership and substantial contri-
butions from those anxious to assist in the work the League has undertaken.
Editorial reaction has been overwhelmingly favorable to the League. Such d1sagree—
ment as there has been has come almost excluslvely from those tled to the New Deal by po-
" litical self-interest and willing to put patronage favors or subsidies from the public ,
treasury ahead of patriotism. _ . `
The most convincing evidence of the public reaction against the New Deal stimulated by
the League meeting, and particularly by Governor Sm1th's speech, has been supplied by the
New Deal 1tself._ No answer worthy of the name has been even offered. Senator Robfnson of
Arkansas, Roosevelt leader of the Senate, read a scolding reply over the radio in such a
halting manner as to suggest that either his heart was not in the job or he was unfamiliar
with the manuscript. Democratic National Chairman Farley, recuperatlng 1n Florida from the
exertion incident to the $50 a plate Jackson Day dlnner —— with the $45 dollar a plate rake-
off to his campaign fund —- addressed another dinner at $10 a plate and took occasion to
criticize the League because 1t had presumed to call upon the administration to remember the
oaths of office taken by public officials. That was about all of the attempted answer by
the New Deal. p
There was not so much as an attempt at a reply from the one man in the United States
who more than any other should be interested in making an adequate reply, if that be
possible. .

 THE ISSUE IS JOINED. The fog 1s dlspelled. Let the 1ssue not be obscured aga1n this
year by the fog of New Deal rad1o croonlng or the mlasma of public money prostltuted to _
partlsan ends. .
'St. Paul, Jan. 8 -- (AP) -— Curing a 22—year-old St. Paul girl of using baby talk,
M. H. Alexander, dlrector of a WPA speech correction class w1th 66 students, said she told
him her parents encouraged her to talk that way and 1t became a habit. 'She presents the
most d1ff1cult case of the class,' he sa1d."
‘ -— As reproduced 1n the "New Era," Hot Springs
National Park, Arkansas, January 8, 1936.
"Munlclpal improvements lnvolvlng expend1tures of $400,000 were undertaken by the
city 1n co-operation wlth the FERA and the WPA during 1935, Roy Beard, NPA supervisor for
the city, sa1d yesterday 1n his annual report. The projects provided work relief for
‘ 1,800 to 2,000 men during the year. CHIEF AMONG THEM WAS THE $65,000 MONKEY HOUSE AT FAIR
-— From the "Arkansas Gazette," Little .l J Rock,
· Arkansas, January ll, 1936.
Apbnsssssc O
’ "The Facts in the Case; - Speech by Alfred E. Sm1th at American Liberty League Dinner,
washington, D. C., January 25, (Doc. No. 97) .
"we don't want any autocrats, elther in or out of offlce; we wouldn't even take
a good one ............
h "Now, what would I have my party do? I would have them re—establ1sh and redeclare
the principles that they put forth in that 1932 platform ............
. "M1ll1ons and m1ll1ons of Democrats Just like myself, all over the country, still
believe 1n that platform, and what we want to know 1s why it wasn't carr1ed out. And
l1sten, there 1s only one man 1n the United States of America that can answer that
quest1on. It won't do to pass it down to an undersecretary ............
"Thls country was organlzed on the pr1nc1ples of a representative democracy, and
you can't mix soclallsm or communlsm w1th that. They are 11ke o1l and water. They
refuse to mix. And, incidentally, let me say to you, that 1s the reason why the United
States Supreme Court 1s working overtime throwing the alphabet out the window three
· letters at a t1me."
;The_Rgd1str1but1on of_Power; — Speech by John W. Davis, Member National Executive Com-
mittee of the American Liberty League, before the New York State Bar Association, New York
C1ty, January 24, (Doc. No. 93)
"I know 1t has been said that the hungry cannot eat the Constltutlon and that 1t 1s
useless to speak of llberty to those who are starving. But, 1f liberty cannot be eaten,
without 1t all bread is bitter. Ask any Jew 1n Germany, any Kulak 1n Russla, any

 liberal 1n Italy, if he holds a different view. ............ ·
"I do not believe that the American people, once they understand the issue, can
be brlbed or wheedled or frightened Into giving over their individual lives into the
care and keeping of other men. To more despondent souls, prematurely despondent as
I think, I can but offer the advice given by a philosophic father to a friend of mine
as the young man left home to make his way in the world. 'My son,' said he, 'when
things go wrong, don't go w1th them.'"
;Qhg_Pres1dent_Has_Mage the Igsuei - Speech by Charles L Dawson, Louisville, Kentucky,
Chairman Kentucky Division of the American Llberty League, at League dinner, washington,
January 25, (Doc. No. 95) ,
' "Usurpation and perversion of the Constitution by Judicial construction is the
plan of the present Administration -- not orderly amendment —- and it is thls fact
which makes the coming election, in my judgment, the most momentous in the history ggg, g
‘ of the Republic. ...... It will take the combined courage and resourcefulness of al
united opposition to overcome the entrenched New Deal, but it can and must be done."
"Tfme to_§top" — Speech by Dr. Neil Carothers, Director, College of Business Adminis-
tration, Lehigh University, and member, National Advisory Council of the American Liberty
League, at League Dinner, washington, D. C., January 25, (Doc. No. 94)
"For three years we have had government by experiment, the nat1on's economic
life at the mercy of a motley crew of ever shfftlng, itlnerant advisers, whose move-
ments resemble those of people going through a hotel revolv1ng—door. ........ g ....
Three years 1s enough for the American people ......... Fundamentally the American
people realize that a promise is something to be kept, that a contract is something
to be fulfilled, that an obligation is something to be honored.”
igmericanism at the Crossroads" - Speech by Raoul E. Desvernine, Chairman, National
Lawyers Committee of the American Liberty League, before the Republican Round Table Lunch-
eon at the Hamilton Republican Club, Chicago, Illinois, January 15, (Doc. No. 88)
”The entire philosophy of the 'new chapter' 1n our political history 1s put l
into a most descriptive sentence. 'we have returned the control of the Federal
Government to the City of wash1ngton.' Heretofore, the control of the Federal
Government resided In the forty-eight sovereign States and the people; ..........
"Yes, the challenge will be met, is being-met. ..... why not go to the people?
Are the people not the ultimate soverefgns? why not define the issue? State the
text of your proposed amendmentz“
, fghe American CgnstItutfgn_; Whoge_Herltagg2; - Speech by Frederick H. Stinchfleld,
member National Advisory Council and National Lawyers Committee of the American Liberty
League, before the Fifth Annual Meeting of the Utah State Bar Association, Salt Lake City,
Utah, January 18, (Doc. No. 90)
"we have been threatened for nearly three years now with revolution when we have
been asked to yield to the laws which our Supreme Court has courageously said violate
the Constitution. .... For my part, I wish you would accept the challenge. I'd take
joy 1n a battle between the thrifty and the 1mprov1dent:”

 ;Tee Ameggeee_§orm ef_eeye;emeee -— eeeeee Preserye It" — Speech by Albert C. Ritchie,
fonmer Governor of Maryland, before the 0hio·State Bar Association, January l8, (Doc._No. 92)
"In the beginning, the controversial measures of the New Deal were declared to
be emergency measures only, experimental in their nature. The people as a whole
accepted them as such. ..... And now the country is being asked to accept the New
Deal, not as a temporary and curative thing any longer, but as the permanent and
e all—t1me policy of the American Government."
[The_geest1teegee_egg_geeeNew_Qeel; — Speech by James M. Carson, Miami, Florida, before
the Birmingham Fprum, Birmingham, Alabama, (Doc. No. 89) Z
"Last May the idea was that the Supreme Court ought not to pass on the Constitu-
tion. Last May the idea was that we were not bound by the Constitution. Now, when
they see the American people don't like that line, they are changing their line, and
saying the Constitution ought to be amended. ..... The Constitution is a contract be-
tween the people and the Government, and those officers of the Government who under-
take to exercise powers not granted to them are violating not only their contract with
the people, but the oaths by virtue of which they hold their offices.".
"PPOISSSOFS and the New Deel; - (Doc. No. 91) A compendium of quotations demonstrating rff, I #cvfff/ /
that a great majority of the nation's educators believe in sound principles of economics and ’
constitutional theories of government.
"Wealee ane_Ieeeme; - (Doc. No. 98) A factual analysis of a situation frequently ob-
scured by misinformation and attempts to arouse class prejudices.
Qgeveneeen Months_ef the_Amerleee_Liberey_eeegee; — (Doc. No. 96) Report of Jouett
Shouse, President of the League, to the joint session of the Executive (bmmittee and National
Advisory Council, presented at washington, D. C., January 25th. '
The second~of the League's series of four page leaflets is now
ready for distribution. It deals with the fantastic Townsend Plan
. and shows how the average worker would have his annual income reduc-
ed to $596 a year in order to provide Townsend beneficiaries with
—$2,400 per year -— or $4,800 if there were two beneficiaries in the
same family. It also shows how the average wage—earner would spend
approximately one—fourth of his working time to support the Townsend
Members of the League can render a valuable service by distribu-
, ting these leaflets widely among their friends and acquaintances. Ad-
,° vise national headquarters how many you are willing to distribute and
they will be supplied. ·
· l (Copies of League documents mentioned herein are available upon request to the League’s A
national headquarters. Individual copies will be supplied to non—members of the League at
a price of 5¢ per copy.)