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The Executive Committee of the American Liberty League meeting In New York Thurs-
day, May 14, approved an open letter addressed to the entire membership of the League,
' to be published 1n the Bulletin, which reads as follows:
[ A ` There can be no question of the importance of the elections to be
held this year. The fate of constitutional self-government In the United
States may be at stake. ·
_ ' In such circumstances every citizen owes a duty to himself, to his
family and to h1s Nation. His duty is the free and intelligent exercise of
his right of franchise---his vote. The ballot  hich a free citizen casts may
be compared w1th the payment of a premium upon his 1nsurance policy. If the
premium is not paid, the policy lapses and he and h1s family lose the protect-
1on for which he has labored and saved for years. The exercise of your right
to vote constitutes the premium you pay to protect the most valuable insurance
policy ever written--—the Constitution of the United States. ‘
The American Liberty League believes that the people of the United
States do not wish to abandon their Constitution or to permit It to be null1—
fied. The League believes that the people are well aware of the fact that `
_ the Constltutfon, and the Constitution alone, protects them In such rights as
religious freedom, free speech, a free press, trial by Jury and safeguard of A
lives and property against the whims and caprices of an autocratic bureaucracy. ’
The League believes that the people know full well that in many of the other
major Nations of the world today such rights are non-existent because of the
absence of a definite constitution made effective by a government in which
legislative, executive and Judicial powers are properly separated. .
But even If some American citizens do w1sh to change the form of
their government, the League is certain that the people are not willing to
allow such change to be made without their express consent and approval. The
people themselves, and they alone, have the power and the right to change the
Constitution. .
In the last four Presidential elections, an average of only 55% of
all potential voters actually cast their ballots. The men and women who fail
I to vote have no r1ght to complain of the character of government thrust upon
_ them. If they are too lazy or,too indifferent to go to the polls they must
accept the result. It must be remembered that those who have a selfish in-
terest 1n the outcome of an election are always very careful to vote.
v_ A Because of the unusual importance attaching to the elections this
I year and because the right of franchise is the most sacred privilege of every
citizen, the Executive Committee of the League feels called upon to urge that
all of its members In each state of the Union pledge themselves to exercise
the right of franchise 1n November. The Committee also urges that each member
of the League constitute himself, or herself, a committee of one to obtain
similar pledges from as many fellow-citizens as possible.
_ To make this program effective, it is important that it be started.