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‘* Lesbian
Services February 2001
A Publication of the L'exington 6m; and L’esbinn Services organization
Volume 22 Number2
Singing for Pride Kentuckians Value Fairness:
Karaoke Nights A Day of Action in Frankfort
Tuesday Night is Karaoke Tunes-days For years supporters of KY Fairness
in the Gilded Cage Showroom of the Bar have come to Frankfort to lobby their
Complex, hosted by Bill "Melater" Chandler legislators. This year, we're getting
and DJ B.T.J. (Boi Toi Jeff). There are now everybody there on the same day,
door prizes you can win by tipping the Thursday, Feb 22. Kentuckians Value
performers. For every dollar you tip, you Fairness willraise the voice and visibility of
get one raffle ticket. Vlfinning tickets are fair-minded Kentuckians and make a
drawn between performances. powerful statement about our commitment
This event is a weekly fund-raiser for toafair Kentucky.
the GLSO Pride Center. You can help make We'll start the day with a get-together
it a success simply by coming out and at 8 am to train those folks who want to
singing a song or supporting those who do. meet their legislators one-on-one. We'll
You can bring your own music or sing one provide you with talking points and all the
of the songs on the CDs we have there. materials you'll need to have a successful
Friends and other audience members will visitwith your elected official.
be encouraged to tip. After those meetings (which we'll set
The tips help support the GLSO, the up in advance), we'll re-convene at 1 pm in
Pride Center, and all our projects including the Capitol Rotunda to Rally for a Fair
Pride Month. Everyone is invited to our first Kentucky. If you believe in fairness for
Pride Month organizing meeting on Mon. everyone, regardless of sexual orientation
Feb 18 from 7t09atthe Center. See page or gender identity or expression, you
6 for other GLSO events. Drop by the should join us for the rally.. Information
Center to visit the Pride Library which has aboutthe billsthat have been introduced, is
books, videos, DVDs, and CDs that can be on page 8.
checked out. We are located at 389 Waller . . .
Ave, contactus at 859 253-3233. W .2- Qt;
www.GLSOPC.org ti Z Sponsor of the Month g
Also in this Newsletter Dr. Ted Richardson O.D.
‘35, 5,1,;
Fairness News page 8 E 1757 Alexandria Dr. J
One Worib Films page 13 i M +42
Readers Write: Positive Aspects a 277'4684 ' '
of being GLBT page 18 i a,“ w _
”ii?” " . ‘ 311.2;1,‘ 1:i ‘ .‘

 Michael Thompson
. {9%} '- E S B I A N When Michael Thompson died January ist,
Er SERVICES 2007. Lexington lost a hero. Not the kind who
‘1 ORGANIZATION sacrifices their lives on a distant battlefield or
Lexington, Kentucky serves in uniform. No, rather one of the more
innocuous heroes that goes unnoticed about their
a "80 NEWS calling, but with no less resolve than most battle
-' hardened veteran.
Vol, 22 No.2 Michael's heroism was to see a few simple
published Monthly by; needs and fill them. His dedication to the
GLSO nutritional requirements of HIV/Aids patients, his
commitment to their good care, and the
20- BOX 1172 Lex., KY 40533 compassion of human contact for people often
wwwlexingtonglso@yah°°-c°m isolated by their condition became examples of
www.glsopc.org courage and altruism at its highest. His joy in his
——. work was as infectious as his devotion. It inspired
News EdltOl’S innumerable others to give oftheirtime and selves
Mary CI'OHe & JaCkie CObem to help the organization he founded, Moveable
Pride Center Office Manager We had the pleasure of knowing Michael
, since 1975. My admiration for him, for his amazing
Bl” Chandler talent as an actor and his humanitarian activism
859 253-3233 have grown with the passing years. My love for
him as a friend and mentor has increased
GLSO BOARD exponentially. He made me want to be a better
- - The last role I saw Michael perform was that of
Tom Collins, PreSIdent "Peanut" in ActOut's production of "Southern
Sondra Mellott, Secretary Baptist Sissies." Peanut is a barfly whose parting
Aaron Hutson, Treasurer line is a little advice to a young man: "Don't turn out
Jackie Cobem like me!" Unlike Peanut, | wish all young men and
women would turn out like Michael Thompson. |
, Mary C"°'!° hope they'll find the happiness that he did in the
Lmdsay Mattmgly ' action of helping others.
Terry Mullins Michael has gone to a better destiny I know,
leaving his great organization and compassion as
GLSO Membership proofs of his passing. There will be no statues
& Newsletter raised, no great honors will be accorded, but the
Individuals/Couples world is a better place because of him. His
$20 per year memorial will be the continued work of Moveable
Feast and the people who benefit from its services,
Opinions “Pressed ”7 the 6930 News _are both the patients and the care givers. His desires to
:Zfaigsgztt’iigghgfrfhzngggSaleeaiffsanly fill a few simple needs will help fulfill the needs of
Submissions received afterthe deadline, which countless people before it is through, if it is ever
is the 15th of each month, may be cut or not through.

' i limited. if .. - - -
$5312?! :5:th :dil orrejeggtftgfnissions Goodnight 3‘.”th Prince! May Fllghts Of
and ads. Angels Sing Thee to Thy Rest"

. M. W. Austin, Co-founder Imperial Court of KY
Page 2

 Community News
:3 Bluegrass Women's Network Gender and women's Studies
)r When the over 403 social group ended Spring Film Series
F" last year many women m'sse‘? the Thefilm series hosted by UK's Gender
ilr opportunities to attend events and dinners and Women's Studies started in January
le together. Debby and Lynn are now ready” It's February film, Ruthie and Connie:
organize another SUCh group. It WI“ be Every Room in the House is scheduled for
e called Bluegrass Women's Network and is Tuesday Feb 13 at 7 pin at the Gaines
'e opento women 0‘73" ages. Center's Bingham-Davis House, 218 E,
is They are budding a list of women who Maxwell
e are interested in receiving emails about In 1'959 Ruthie Berman and Connie
in events. They have set up a Yahoo group to Kurts were ’married mothers of young
of make it easierto e-mail announcements. If children living in a working class Jewish
is you want to be on the list, contact them at neighborhood in Brooklyn in 1974 they
1 M I _ . . I . . ,
ld debb womanw left their husbands, moved in With each
{2 other and turned their entire worlds upside
Miss Gay Valentine down. This documentary tells their story in
3] Th | . | C rt f KY t th an honest and intimate manner that helps
V . e mperia ou O presen S e to illuminate the larger social issues
9 Miss Gay Valentine Pageant on Wednesday, involved
11 Februay14th atThe Bar Complex. Cover is After the film Melanie Otis who's
)r $5, with proceeds benefitting the designated academia research ,has focused on LGBT
: aharitiezl Of [the ltmpeerliaégoug‘tvgrlcluding issues, will lead a discussion. This film won
' ovea e eas ’ Z ’ an audience awards for "Best Documentary"
3f Fairness. Grab-your valentine sweaty and at gay lesbian film festivals in New York
'n Jom usforaevening ofgreatentertainment. City, LosAngeles and Toronto,Canada.
fl T-Shirl Sales Support Pride Prom j, 8,
d Students from local high schools and /
I teens that attend the GLSO Gay Straight
e Alliance for Youth are planning a Pride
v, Prom to be held in the spring. The teens Love Thy Neighbor
are selling these t-shirts for $18 to raise .
IS . Thy Homeless Neighbor
‘ money for rent and decorations. We are . . g
'5 ordering some short sleeve black shirts in “W M“$l'm Neighbor
'e various sizes. We have a few long sleeve Thy Black Neighbor
': shirts and can order white shirts and long Thy Gay Neighbor
. sleeve shirts if you would like to pre—pay. Thy White neighbor
), _ . . _
:o Thet shirt has a regular neckline not They Jewish Neighbor
f the neckline pictured here. The message Th T d N _ hh
3 you are seeing is on the back of the shirt. V ransgen er. olg 0'"
.r The Front has the words "Love Thy Thy Christian neighbor
Neighbor" in small print. Call mary crone Thy Atheist Neighbor
to order (859 266-5904) or come by the Thy Racist Neighbor
Pride Center on a Saturday in Feb to buy a Thy Addicted Neighbor
Page 3

The Imperial Court of KY presents 8 Keith Elston is opening a family law
Dowager Turn-About Extravaganza on office in Lexington in the coming months.
Wednesday. Feb. 21 at the Gilded Cage (see ad page 7) He specializes in family
Showroom of the Bar Complex. Doors open law forQURfamiiies,
at9pm,showtime 9230. admission $5 Keith is a former President of the
This special Turn-About event will be Lexington Gay Services Organization,
hosted by His Most Imperial EmperorXXlV, and helped organize the Kentucky
J-C- Lewis and Her Most Imperial Majesty Fairness Alliance and the Bluegrass
Empress XXIV Phoenix Gaye. It will feature Chapter of Fairness.
performances by individuals from the He was hired by the American Ciyii
community who have not been seen in drag Liberties Union in 1995 to start a new
for many years or have never done drag. ACLU chapter in North and South Dakota.
The special guestlist of entertainers will He also worked for the ACLU in New
include the talents of Bill Chandler, aka Angel Mexico, and was the executive director for
and the heavenly Boys, lst seen performing Outright Vermont, an LGBT youth
for Lexington's MCC's Dragin' for Jesus advocacy group based in Burlington,
ShOW- Terry Mullins, aka Gertie May Noe, Vermont. He graduated from Drake
GLSO Advice Columnist, in a recreation of University Law School, Des Moines, Iowa,
one of the funniest drag routines ever in May 2005 He and his partner, Mark, iiye
Performed on a Lex. stage. in Shelbyville. See ad on page 7.
Also making his drag debut, M.C. Donny
Perry. Other performers include Her most Dress and Gender Alllance
Imperial Majesty EmpressXXV, Sierra Reign The Lexington Dress and Gender
as a BOI named Brad, Empress XV, Paul . . . .
. Alliance (also known as the DiverSIty in
Johnson, plus Burley, Lou Snow, Jimmy . .
. Gender Alliance) meets on the first
Rogers, and Eric Dunn. .
. . Saturday of each month at a private
This unique ensemble of talented . . . . .
. . . . . location. For Information email Cassre at
indiwduals are sure to bring you an evening .
. . , caSSIemtf@yahoo.com.
of entertaining drag that you wont soon .
f Lex DGA IS a peer support group for
orget. Mark your calender now l
. . . anyone that transcends gender norms.
This event IS dedicated to the memory of . . .
f . This includes transsexuals, intersexuals,
ormer Imperial Court board member and .
d . . cross dressers, drag kings, drag queens,
ear friend, Michael Thompson, aka
Pamona Freeway. gender queers, and people who are unsure
what their gender identity might be. This is
not a therapy group but we offer
l-‘IX YOUR CREDIT conversation and support.
Pride Center Money Group New Forming
email Ev at bestway@insightbb.com . .
read more on page 6 lexmqion lvons leather/[em Club
The Lexington Lyons will meet Feb 12
PRIDE MONT” PLANNING at the Pride Center, 389 Waller Ave. at 7
correction of front page info pm. The Lyons are a group of friends who
mm as '9 2:2:22322:?tastizzrtiizezttt:it:
7 PM AT ”’5 PRIDE CENTER Leather/Levi Lifestyle. For more info visit
Everyone welcome to attend http://wwwlexlyonsorg.
Page 4

 Dr. Ted M. Richardson, O.D.
The most thorough eye exam -
The highest standard of eye care
Immediate Appt. For Emergencies
----——----——- Contact Lenses
— 0
Foreign Body Removal
_ "I General Practice
n Member
it American Optometric Association
r Gardenside Plaza 273 - 4201
;; 1757 Alexandria Dr. 277 - 4684
: Mon. thru. Fri. 9 to 6 . Sat 9 to 12
Late Evening Hours By Appointment
Medical Cards Accepted
. We will Complete Your Insurance Forms
% Bluecross Blue Shield-Option 2000
HMO Kentucky Humana
% Medicaid. Medicare
Vision Service Plan
Page 5

 O O -
Pride Lentcr News
,- u
389 Waller Ave. 859 253-3233 .Mim. - m. 10 -3 Sat 10 -2
Low Cost Printing at the Pride Center l-‘IX YOUR CREDIT
. A small working group is forming now,
BIaCK and Wh'te @ $'07 seating is limited. The group will be led by a
financial expert. Clean up credit, make a
Color @ $.50 financial plan, reduce debt, work toward
ca“ 253_3233 home ownership, return to school, open your
own business, or set other important goals.
Group accountability, knowledge sharing and
Pride Center Activities more-
First class begins on Saturday, February
DISCUSSION GROUP 10, at 1 pm at the Pride Center. Pre
registration is required. To sign up, send an
EJVaenZ‘Vilaegl'gnper: @nggotZS—I‘L email to Ev at bestway@insightbb.com.
' y} y y ' There will be waiting list for future classes.
lexingfon Insighl’ Don't wait, start today to make a positive
, . change.
PoflllckJ/IdD/SalSS/Ofl 6’0”” Other financial programs cost
Everyone is welcome to attend thousands. Pride Center Money Group costs
Please join us on any Friday night $10 per meeting, wich will beatax deductible
Pride Center 7:00 pm donation to the GLSO.
Bay Stra‘Wt A’llia‘nte‘ for rental DogEoIne BadeIabiIIS
- , _ Do Psyc o 0 an Be aviors
Algeé 13 20 g if d
, , . . . . . . Is your 0g riving you crazy?
Call Maw H” mm 2646:5904 Do you feel that you've lost control?
, Is your dog's behavior frightening?
Saturday Singles D gG B (III I).
0 one a a ltS
Peb' 10 7 Pm Call for an apointment today!
All Singles are Welcome
If your single and tired of being alone,
come to our monthly meeting on the . ..
second Saturday Night at 7 pm. In hKeep the love you find,
Februarythat is on the 10th. We talk about ‘57,?“ i” Get the [We you want!”
our lives and often plan an activity for later ”1:?
in the month. Bring your single friends 33%
along, we are always looking for new Jessica Bollinger LCSW
people. If you have any suggestions for I . I
the group please letus know. Imago Relationship Therapist
If you would like to join our email list EMDR Trauma Work
call the Pride penter at 253-3233 and Couples, Family, Individual
leave your email address or call Jackie at . , ,
971-3315for more information. 'm39°°°""eCt'°"-°°m 552'5533

v. s is ~' 502-220-5555
Member, Kentucky Bar Association; Fayette County Bar Association;
't Louisville Bar Association; American Bar Association.
’ Section on Family Law 8. Committee on Alternative Families, &
5 National Lesbian 8. Gay Law Association.
Scott Ackerman Real Estate Service With
- Pnorlsssulnnusm
I “nasal-rs mag“
l. Rlis‘il.Tl"
, IIEnIcA'rIOn
. ENTHuSInsm
Mobile: 859 338-8483
Fax: 859 269-0065 Sewing Lexington &
- il: cker4224 aol.com Q
E ma SA @ g All of Central Kentucky m
Call me with all your Real Estate Needs
_ Page 7

 KFA Prepares for Success February 22 in Frankfort.

Paul Brown KFA hopes to attract between 200 and

500 people to the state capital on Feb. 22”“

Although this legislative season is a short for a Day ofAciion_ The day will start at 8 am
one, the Kentucky Fairness Alliance is with training where you will be given talking
taking it very seriously. The bills that KFA points. You will then have the opportunity to
Wi" be supporting and those they oppose meet with legislators and express ideas and
arelisted ibelow opinions. At 1 pm, we will gather in the

KFA hosted its first lobby training in rotundaforaFairness Rally.

Lexington on Jan. 10m- Several participants KFA asks that everyone who believes in
said the training was informative and gave a fair andjust Kentucky come out and show
them insight as to the issues on the table for their support. This is a great opportunity for
2007's legislative $9350“ W93 Wright, fair-minded Kentuckians to stand up and be
Fairness Legislative Liaison, hosted six counted. For the latestinforamtion about ,
additional trainings around the state. If you go to www.kentuckyfairness.org or call 1-
were not able to attend one of these

sessions, you can still learn the basics on

GLBT Related Bills Introduced to the Ky State Legislature

Equal Healthcare Access Ban (HB48)

Sponsored by Stan Lee, this bill would prohibit Kentucky's state colleges and universities
from offering equal healthcare access to all coupled employees, regardless of marital status. It
would overturn the University of Louisville Board of Trustees' decision to include unmarried
employees in the university's health insurance plan, and take coverage away from families
who entered the plan on January 1,2007. We Oppose this bill.

Anti-Fairness Bill

This bill targets gay people for discrimination by tearing down existing protections against
discrimination for LGBT people in Metro Louisville, Lexington/Fayette County, and Covington,
KY. It would also prohibit other cities and counties from enacting Fairness ordinances,
restricting them from passing civil rights protections beyond those already in Kentucky law.
Kentucky law doesn't protect people from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or
genderidentity neither does Federal law. We Oppose this bill.

Statewide Fairness Bill

This bill would prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender
identity throughout Kentucky in employment, housing, public accommodations, and credit.
Right now only residents of Louisville, Lexington/Fayette County, and Covington, Kentucky
are protected by city ordinance against discrimination. No one should be fired from a job,
denied an apartment, turned away by a restaurant, or refused credit simply because they are
gay, lesbian, bisexual ortransgender. We Support this bill.

Hospital visitation Bill ‘

This bill would allow any adult hospital patient to designate another individual to be treated
as a member of the patient‘sfamily with regard to visitation. We supportthis bill.

School Bullying Bill (HB 64)

This bill, sponsored by Mike Cherry, provides school districts with tools for dealing with
harassment and intimidation against any student, including young people who are targeted
because of their perceived or actual sexual orientation or gender identity or expression. We
Supportthis Bill
Page 8

 m, 6580 RAINBHW SHIN“!!!
22"“ .
am The Imperial Court of Kentucky.......................252-3914
”‘9 A Charity Organization
sin Scott Ackerman.
row For all your real estate needs....................................................(mobile) 338-8483
SisterSound 8060243
Diverse music for all women
Richardson Vision Center
ies 1757 Alexandria Drive Gardenside...............................................278-4201
i233 Ernesto Scorsone
ies Attorney At Law 2545766
Unitarian Universalist Church
nst Seeking a Diverse Congregation................................................223-1448
:2 Kentucky Fairness Alliance
aw. Bluegrass Chapter8064114
Windy Knoll Farm
Riding Lessons, Trail Riding, Boarding.....................................299-7410
dit. Quirk Café and Coffee859 846-4688
3'3 Railroad Street in MidWay
o ,
are Debra Hensley lnsurance.............................................................276-3244
_ 1513 Nicholasville Rd.
ted Lexington Lyons 6193650
Levi and Leather Club
vith Ky. Department for Public Health1 800 420-7431
ted HlVlAlDS Branch _
_ Page 9

 GLSO Newsletter cu|endqr To schedule events at the Pride Center, call Bill at 253-3233 N. .- 1. ,
l I I RUA" 2 o o 1 Visit us on the web at: www.webspawner.com/users/glsoqxnet \ . , i
. - - l. - . - ll - - - l - - . - - -. Thursday Friday Saturday 0
More information about many of the events are in this newsletter. You may want to call or ‘
email the group to confirm the date and time, see the directory on back page. Weekly Adlvilies:
Pride Center may be abbreviated - PC Call for Place may be abbreviated- Call Mondays:
8pm - Goy/ Lesbian AA
Discussion/Speaker[Co/l for
LOCOfiO”) 2787703
Center Open 10a-3P iii) Lsxtijngéon tInsight @ faggagpfi? 103.2p Tuesdays:
7:0 rilGZy/fgsgian AA °" 3 °' ”3“ 3pm - SSA (Gay; Straight Alliance)
' _ pm - orooke unesdoy @
(call for place) 948 .434 The Bar Complex
10130 a St- Mychal's 7P GSA (call for place 7p GLSO Discussion Center Open 103-3p 7p Lexington Insight @ Center Open 10a-2p Location) 278-7103
1818 EU Chzl'rJCh . 230 5625 266-5904) Group.PC the Pride Center 1p FIX YOUI' Credit -PC
ou orce amle _ - 8p Gay/Lesbian AA 7p New“ Singles Support . .
4P 'ntegnty @ St Michael's 9p Karaoke Tunesday Call for place 948-3434 GrouvPC Fr'duys'. .
6p SisterSound Rehearsal @ The Bar Complex 7pm- LeXIng’ron In3lght
A Weekly Benefit for 8pm - Gay/Lesbian AA
The Pride Center ' - (Ca/l for Location} 278-7103
1030aStMychal35:125;E {failigffi- =53,- yeLSOD "It???" 3 "‘ " ~ 3 ' é '3 L ‘ :. :. :i' " '3 1' 1:: 335:5: rail: Saturdays:
115 UU Church 7p Lexrngton Lyons-PC :gstgggall for place Geoup-Pc lscusslon Center Open 103-3p“ 7p Lexington Insight @ Center Open 10a-2p 1pm- Fix Your Credit
SoulForce (Jamie 230-5625 7 UK Women Studies 8p Gay/Lesbian AA . the Pride Center
4p integrity @ St. Michael's . 9 Fii R th' & C . Call for place 948-3434 ‘ , 7:30 pGay/LeebianAA(call Sundays:
6p SisterSound Rehearsal E 9' m u le onnre 9:30 ICK presents Miss " ' for place) 943-434 9:000m & l lam - UU Church
. - p Karaoke Tunesday 1 _ .
6-00p Impenal Court Mtg. ,4 @ The Bar Complex Gay Valentine @ , , Worship SeNlces.
wimpy Li Awmry Beneath, The Bar Complex Hewlett" mum 10:30 - Moss, sr. Mychol The Many
A W LinCOIn'S Birthday The Pride center Valentlnos's Day 6pm _ SisterSound Rehearsal @
cpéiiifiiiai.:siZSZTIZTE'iffii”F'iif;i'fZ'iifE‘fiLE?i3???17‘???"fo iff'ljFT'iii?i;i"‘1¥£i?j¥'311‘:3*“25717?i;£L..::?Ti’i‘--éIF??? " ’ '1' 1 L, I 'I ~ " ' 1 iii", .5? '1 1' ’5- ii iii £22 Londsdowne Presby. Church.
10:30 a St. Mychal's 7p GSA (call for place 7P GLSO DiscuSSion Center Open 10a-3p 7p Lexington Insight @ Center Open 10a-2p
11a UU Church 7)]5esidems' 266-5904) Group-PC _ KFA Day Of Action @ the Pride Center
6p SisterSound Rehearsal fl’qu 9p Karaoke Tunesday 8p Gay/ Lesbian AA the Ca “0' Com lex In 7:30 p Gay/Lesbian AA BI-weeldy:
1mm mars Mme Th B c I Call for place 943-3434 I“: 9 (call for place) 948- 434 -
113W Church @ e ar omp ex 9p ch presents A Fran It s - 6pm - The Imperlol Court
icilllliorce ( Jangltefflaohsglzs A Weekly Benefit for Dowager Tum-About 88 Lobbying @ SoulForce -CCI|| Jamie 230-5625
n a ' - g
a: srsigi'éiruiic aenécarsars 7'30” GLSO 3°“ ”9' The Pride Center fif’mgam @ 1P Ra'ly :i’
6:00p Imperial Court Mtg. 9 Bar Complex Washington's Birthday
Monlllly Adivilies: Lobby in Frankfort with Fairness
Mondays: Saturday: Sundays:
7:30pm - GLSO Boord Mtg. (41h Mon.) 7pm -LexDGA lsl Sat. 4pm- lnregrlly [2nd Sun] February 22 8 am ‘ 2 Pm
7pm - LeXIngton Lyons (2nd Mon.) 7pm- Singles Support 2nd Sat. 4pm- Gen Y/nl‘egrliy [3rd Sun) i ght@ke ntu cl fairness.org
flmmv " ‘ ‘ ‘ 1????“chTYT'TT"”7"I?I§2'.".'Z;‘:f'.’1’.'.”:"3"31"1' SW
GLSO Page l0

 l ,r . we-
m {EVE/11]?) (:‘V‘ifllz (€th 0’ .I<(~3‘Vl tus (sf/<39
White @dwage‘TuIn—a 60ut
‘Egflgl’ez "(5] (z 1. z :41 J
5 Lewflss ‘: : g @3376) Q
;-—J‘m:§? > 2 WWW ‘
ti @Wf‘"; .4 ~ 7 I.” A V V x W \‘:
‘- ’ " a...“ on”, , » Tmnnurnlm
, ' 1 " . Coming
w” t t ’ 3‘s 1 , .1 - Wednesday, February 21, 2007
0 : — m ' j, Doors Open at9:00 pm ,
: .5 v . 9 - ‘ ‘ ~ ‘ x , W I '
2..., § s a be t . m Showtime9.3'0 pm
— , mm, —"‘:°"""" "" $5.0000nahon
‘ \ ~ (JV (@ The Bar iCrormlpllrex
What-thinnemtnrnh llfihlinfitfl lhtarrhtinehndhfleenhnendh llllnihnl ThmgakaPamona FreeWay. Proceeds to benefit the Charities of the imperial Court.

" Subscribe to this newsletter and become a member of GLSO. If
you are one of the first 20 new subscribers in February you will
receive a Free Rainbow Lightning Bolt Decal. '

Name : Phone:
City: State: Zip:

[ ]$20 -1 year Membership & Newsletter for Individuals or Coup/es
[ ]/ would like the newsletter at this reduced rate 3 [$4 2 or up] _
[ ]Idm enclosing an additional contribution of 3
Please mail to: GISO News PO Box 1 172 Lexington, KY 40588 1172
Get the News at gour doorstep, support the GLSO
and show your pride. at the same time.
Page 12

 - . Harlem tap dancers now between the ages
'. .E E. Hg 3 s —. of 84 and 96. The film includes clips of the
E :33: ". g 5 A .9 i_,._ ~— women's glory days, dancing at the Apollo
- 9r’ «4" .- -:_..‘_-,, 5’“; Us”: Theater and the Cotton Club, and working
EEE~ . “u, . "£21: 32—33. with band-leaders like Cab Calloway and
:3?!» L ,- ' ’ ‘1‘: Duke Ellington. Shown in celebration of
"2 _ ' "Al -'_ -m 3:5: Black History Month.
“" .si- Wh.‘ :' r3775" 4*. .‘ 1355' Thursday, Feb. 22 @ 7:30 pm
23.32523: 7",“? "ts;:;;‘.:'-._’=;-.;=:§gg‘-;g§5; Paradise Now
:3 i ; '32-‘34, a???" 35355 Palestinian Territories/Palestine,
_ . _ . Arabic with English Subtitles,
_ One World Films inVItes you to their 9th Central Library Theater
Film Festival; documentaries, feature films _ . _
and speakers chosen to stimulate discussion _ Paradise Now follows two Palestinian
and increase understanding of issues of childhood friends, Said and Kaled, who are
race, gender, culture, sexual orientation and recrwted as sumide bombers. The”
gender identity. All films are free and open to commitment t9 the causfigwavers' aslthey
the public. For more information, see: listen to a variety of opinions. Nominee,
www.0neworldfilmfestival.com. 2006AcademyAwards, Best Foreign Film.
Sunday, Feb. 11: 2&4:30 pm. Sunday, Feb. 25, 3:30 pm.
The World According to Sesame Street Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion
Central Library Theater, Reception 3345p!“ Worsham Theater, UK Student Center
Feature-length document” about the Ten years in the making, this award-
challenges fOfS producmSg interQational winning documentary is an epic story of
verSions O esame .t' m .OSOVO’ courage and compassion. The film makers
Bangladesh, and 809th ““0?- Premiered at traveled extensively in Tibet, lndia and
the 2006 Sundance Film Festival Nepal. China's invasion and occupation of
Thursday, Feb. 15 @ 7130 Pm Tibet is powerfully chronicled through
, Cape of Good Hope personal stories, interviews, and archival
f South Africa, Central Library Theater images never before seen in film. subtitled ’
l Reception after the film Thurs. March 1, 5:30 and 7:30 pm
Awitty and sensitive exploration of race, The Clay Bird Bangladesh subtitled
class and faith in contemporary South Africa, Kentucky Theater '
Cape of Good Hope inten/veaves several
storylines. Emotionally-guarded Kate runs an The Clay Bird is set in East Pakistan during
' animal shelter and employs Jean_C|aude' a the late 19603, before the democratic state
scientist-refugee from the Congo with a talent 0f Bangladesh was formed. The film poses
- fortaming vicious dogs and rebellious kids. A a single overriding question: ShOUId
Muslim couple face difficult choices that test religious faith be based on fear or on love?
both theirfaith and love for each other. Other The Clay Bird touches on themes 0f
" members Ofthis Cape Town community add religious tolerance, cultural diversity, and
r to the diversity of this drama about life in a the complexity oflslam.
multi cultural city. _ ,
’ Sunday, February 18, 2 &4:30 pm Coming In MarCh
f Been Rich All My Life: March 11 - Normal: A M2F trans
Featuring The Silver Belles person transitions in small town America.
Central Library Theater Reception 3:45 pm March 15 - My Brother Nike]: A
This documenta is an admiring portrait You"?! man mm a Prem'sm future has to
of the Silver Bellesr,y a troupe of veteran tell “8 family that he '3 HIV+' (lndia)
Page 13

 African American "i8tfll'y Mflntll iogngrote about the next period In hrs life ,
Ke'th Boykrn: Black and Postgay "By 1995, i had become a full-fledged t
This year for Black History Month we 'gay activist,’ a term i now despise. I left the i
_ _ White House, wrote my first book, and
have'chosen-to share someof the Wht'hge signed on as the first executive director of the i
of Keith Boykrn. First, a brrefrntroductronzi National Black Gay and Lesbian Leadership (
After graduating from Dartmouth 'h Forum. For the next three years my sexual
1987; Boykrn spent-a year and e half orientation consumed my identity. Everyone i
‘i’DVfrk_'gg thCr the .M'ChSe' t EUKek'St fodr from the grocery store clerk to the FedEx (
esr en ampalgn. e en en ere man seemed to know I was a a ubli .‘
Harvard Law School, where he realized he figure. 9 y p C
was gay and came out on campus. "Since 1998, l have discovereda more \r
(Senator Bar ak Obama was also at comfortable and peaceful place in the 1
Harvard Law School atthrs time) . "postgay" world. While I still write columns .
K 'th .p'on recif'v'nq hrs law degree 'h 1992 and give speeches about race and sexuality, :
9' jornned t _9 Clinton/Gore Campaign. lno longer consider myself an "activist," and i
thih 5'” Clrntog beclaicme. Presrdeat, l have carefully avoided accepting any ‘
Poy '3 ecame a pecra ssrstant tot e leadership positions in gay organizations. I .
_ g {:1 :S'p :222hi: tthh: héfiihieg:rmi';g 35:23 no longer feel compelled to stay informed
_ _ . . - about every "gay issue," and I rarely attend '
Boykrn heiped to organize and partrcrpated GLBT political or fund-raising events. i still I
in :ihle gatroln sciirst mzetlflgsblimezn gay support the GLBT struggle, but my sexual i
an es ran ea ers an a - - resr ent. orientation identity is now more social than
In an article In The Advocate in 2001, political.
n ’7— ‘
'A/ I n
'l 1 I ,1 (1‘. I, .
I. 1; L13 :_.___ ‘
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 life "I have also evolved racially in the past talents and commitment of all its
10 years. I started outdeeply ensconced in members, regardless of their sexual
)ed the (white) GLBIT communities in Boston orientation." Maxine Waters
the and Gan Francrsco and then moved to Boykin then writes his thoughts in
in d Washington and became active in black relations to thequotation _
the GLBT causes. I have srnce hm'ted my "Black culture has beerisha ed b the
hi financial contributions solely to black GLBT p y
p organizationsandcauses. poetry of Langston Hughes, Countee
:Iael "But I still feel more comfortable as an gfigenrhjggreolgogdheénind Iii/luariietisjorgiii].
Ex individual than as a member of any political Stra horn Nona Hen d yx and Me'sheii
)lic grOUp‘ My friends and ' j°ke that we are Ndeée'oceiio The iiteiature of James
"p“tgay" because we have found a Space Baldwin The o ular fiction of Alice
)re where our sexual orientation neither limits Walker and E LpniDm Harris The fashion
he nor identifies us. But we also feel liberated desi n of VWii émith and lsatrick Kell
ns from the whiteness of the GLBT movement Thegctivism of An ela Davis and Ba arii
ity and unthreatened by the self-perpetuating Rustin The olitigal saw of Barhara
nd white images generated by the mainstream Jordan The pos el musicyof Reverend
ny GLBT community. We have moved on from James. Clevglarrid And the theater
i | white gay America and found our own roductions of Lorraine