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' Tuesday. March 4. I980 an independent student newspaper liextngton. Kentucky
_— \
Board of Trustees finds ,- Three Democrats
. f I
. ' ’ ' I I
‘ b d t .- th bl k' - r" . 9 Republicans Vie
U 99 In 9 ac _ W . ..
e - . . s . so in Massachusetts
3‘ DEBBIE MCDANIEI. eroded by water because its concrete . l V , . '- #3le By ”SA SILHANEK
”1“” was not waterprooicd. will begin V- '- . -. .. .5 brutal t“ ”W Kcmcl -
during spring break and should be I \ ' t. _ y
l‘K Board oi lrustees found the complete by April I. Blanton said. ‘2“;- - ‘ W gr; it BOSTON A5 Massachusetts residents 80 [0 the
University budget well in the black The board also apprtwcd what “K ‘:\V ~. i.‘ -._'-. E ' P0ll5 today ‘0 vote lh lhthulth‘S second prestdential
yesterday dtirtng their weekly board President ()tis Singletary termed ‘ y (i ‘ ‘ ‘ primary. three contenders for lll Democratic delegates
meeting while approying recommen- "technical" changes in the (ioyerning V : ‘3. ' .‘Tst 3* i and nine Republicans vying for 42 “WWW hOl‘t'lUl their
dations to rcnmatc campus and Regulations dealing yyith survivorship 53.“ $ s names will be on top when the returns come in.
community college buildings and to options ior retiring employees and an {who " Vy :V Candidates Wlll be competing lOF the l-4 million
. amend the governing regulations amendment to the medical practice - i” .i 9 ‘ : f registered Democrats. 432.000 Republicans and ll .
lbe board learned through a plan. H gs» .g-_ ' million independents (who can vote in either party
linanctal report given yesterday that lhe survivorship amendment w 3‘s." 3 EV; primary) across the state. _
investment incomcis tip substantially. assures that l'K employees who 1 ‘s g Listed below are the candidates and some of their
Henry (‘lay ()wen. l'K comptroller. continue working beyondtheagcoioS s3, 11:? Massachusetts campaign highlights: .
reported that the level oi inyestment won‘t run the risk oi their spouse not V Vim . iii .. z Democrats:
income is tip it): percent irom that receiving suryiyor benefits under the V .. . i; ' Brown California Gov. Edmund (J. Brown is not
estimated at the beginningoi'theiiscal supplemental retirement plan because . ' ' campaigning in Massachusetts. although his name does
year in July two. they had no opportunity to elect the ' i V . appear on the ballot.
According to the board‘s routine option until they actually retire. :1. _....V. i Carter The Carter organi/ation is working to re-
budget reyisions tor the ION-kt) fiscal Singletary said the proposal is , it ‘4 elect the president. but neither he nor his wifewillappear ‘
year. the original estimate oi income aimed to "cover what we think is an .v in the state. (10y Edward J. King has promised support '
trorninvestmentstotallcdSW million; ambigurty or loophole. We want to ' . of President Carter.
the actual total is 83.2 million. Owen protect our people." 9! \ 321.37 Kennedy Sen. Ted Kennedy was in Boston
and Vice President ior Business \ccordingtothechange.cmployees ‘ yesterday. and he made se\eral appearances in and
. Atlairs .lack Blanton attributed the eligible tor supplemental retirement ' y around town. At St. Patrick‘s Church. asaguest of the
. . increase to spiraling interest ratesand income may elect a spouse survivor . ‘ Roxbury Community College. he addressed senior
the l‘niyersity‘s "levels ol investment." and tile the name any time prior to the ». .-MW Citizens and minority groups. stressing that “now is the
In a iinancial report. the board month in which they attain 65 years of .- . . s .. time for progress.“
heard that the l'niyersity‘s revenues age or at any time before retirement ' s‘ *shs’s‘é‘" Kennedy criticized Carter and ”8%“qu theVAmerican
were on tract tor the seven-month Also. employees may change their is Sggflss‘ ’ people“can not aiford iour more years oi indifference."
. period ending .lan. RI. 1980. lhe elected spouse survivor before the :‘wsés It is generally agreed that Kennedy‘s presidential hopes
financial report shows the l'niyersity ‘s beginning oi the month the employee hwy will be ruined unless he wins easily in Massachusetts, his
, income oi SL7 million is ‘3 percent oi attains age ()5 unlesxat an carlierdate. N ' . . I home state.
the annual income estimate oi 82,4 they have been paid benefits or . V” » Republicans l
’ million. lhe fiscal year ends June .10. accrued them aiterelccting the spouse - E ' I} ' " i l The Republicans have been appearingjointlyatseveral ' '
‘ l980. as the survivor. - . - - forums. one ofwhich was at the Boston Sheraton Friday .
l‘K‘s‘ expenditures are at 57 percent in all other cases. the election is .. night. Oi nine candidates. three were represented by ' '
oi those approycd by the board. up 2 irrevocable. surrogate speakers Baker. (‘onnally and Reagan
' percent irom last year. The second amendment to the and Sen. Bob Dole did not show and had no .
, . lhe board approved iotir proposals rctirmcnt plan states. “Salaries. iringe representative. '
totaling Sl.775.000 ior capital benefits and the Pay Comparability Anderson Illinois Rep. John Anderson has been
constructiort projects on l‘llnly‘litiusct. Act bonuses paid by the Veterans dorngthclocalroundswithothcrRepublicancandidates.
the Journalism Building. Ashland Administration or other non~ . g . He‘s notsurroundcd by Secret Service mcnasare most of .
( o m in u n l ty (' o l l cge and a l niy ersity entities t'ollow tng ' x the other candiadtes. and is therefore more accessible to
‘ ' Development Building. lhree oi the affiliation agreements specifically r the press and w'ell-wishers.
protects are lot butlding renmation approved" by Singletary may be _ f, _, Baker Tennessee Sen. Howard Baker had been in
V V and all most go to the (‘ouncil on excluded from the medical practice " I _ 8‘ “MM: Kt'nlr/Kernetsut't the western part of Massachusetts until yesterday when 3
High“ Educalloh lm approval. plan. PaSSIng tlme ' he went to Vermont to campaign forthatstatesprimary.
' . , , . Funding tor the three renovation According to background on the also held tomorrow. but considered much less crucial. ,
l y I WWW“ “'ll “lmc irom funds change. Salim“ i‘hd hOhUSCS Pflld W Mark James geologyjuniorjuggled foranoon Juggling Limited. tossed actual bowling pins Baker‘s daughter. Cissy, helped out by speaking for him
’ th’lhl.‘ dllUCdlCd h.‘ lht‘ 304le “l thUll.‘ lh lht’ (l‘lllcb’t‘ “l Medicine h'r time crowd in the Student (‘enter Grand Hall weighing eight pounds each instead of the (including at the Sheraton Fridaynight). Duringa speech
llu‘h‘“ l0" Wht‘Vilhm PI‘OIK‘CIS- lhe WWW in Within“ “\dmlhhlmlh’h yesterday. James. a member of the Lexington usual one pound juggling pin. for her father. Cissy told voters. "lfyou can't vote for my '
V ltnal phase oi renoyation on Programs has neyer been considered ' ' Continued 0“ Phge 6
. ktinkliouser. estimated to cost income which can be excluded lroiri ‘ y.
. ' 8800.000. will correct problems in air the practice plan. 0 Sho ,
- _ ' conditioning. heating. ceilings. Before making a maior change tn
handicapped needs. satiety dclects and the (ioyerning Regulations. the board . '
lighting problems. tabled untilAprilthe recommendation ' ' ' ' ' ' .
lhe board apprmcd a proposal to to consider a new l'niyersity employee Except for 18" faCIIItleS, UKPD can run as an 'ndependent agency
. ittnd a 3500.000 renovation of the hiring. firing and promotion system. . . l .
space in the Journalism building According to the change. some By DALE G- MORTON ' _ that “th Wm” '5 the be“ source or one. that person '5 brought toVRobert -
' which will be \acated ()ct. l b} the emplo}ec decisions will require board Null-WW" ' V ' ' information for the detective Shrout. the UK police leCthlanfi
. inner“) Printing Plant. according approval while others only requirc 1 diyision.“ Though notactuallyapoliceofiicer.
‘ to Blanton. lhc Printing Plant will Singletary"s approval. 'I be change Second in 0 series r A j _ '. lhe 0“in l5 the "eyes and ears Ol Shrout works closely W‘h the UKPVD
' move to the site oi the lormergroccry states that all vice presidents. deans. x, the detectives." added Detective Lie- Shrout IS responsrble for keeping
. store. Pic-Pac. on south l'pper Street. directors. chairpersons and employees Except for jail facilities. the [K ,4: tucnant Robert Abrams. identification records. “thCh includes
. lhe plant was originally scheduled or faculty with tenure or a salary of Police Department can be run com- id’s “Occasionally PEOPlC are taken 0” “"8“ printing for the Universtty. and
to mmecarly this fall. Blanton said the more than 330.000 11 year. who report pletcly independent 0f OUISldC assist- 3” patrol W “Wk Whh detectives.“ Ahd‘ taking care Ol crithnVal evidence. His '
, delay is being caused by equipment directl) to Singlctary. must be ance. complete with an in-house. liye- my Wilt-‘7..- crson said. A “training program“ at other rcsponsiblities include the camv ‘
hackordcrs on electrical condurt and appointed b} the Board of 'l‘rustces. man detective bureau. ‘ H 'l V the L'KPD allows an officer to volun- pl” lOSé-and-lounq‘ the L'VK bus ser-
thetransi‘ormcr re utredio t » , . ' - - . . . . tarily‘ "rotate” into the bureau and \‘ICC an communicationse UI ment. '
Routine l‘OtlifC:tl\dlltlnBllX-s[lil:lliki boilrltli (2:er llldlnlt):drtbllylnéit‘irlélalrl:L VDetccttvcs - are ~ ”(l-m policemen. " work withdetectives {or six "‘0”th in “l ‘ h i q' p t
. ('ommunitv College V\ esttm'ttcd to 3th old “V PPV V VV_ .V 5V V said UK Police (aptain Ben .Ander- V, . , .. order to obtain fl . d“l . was sent up ere ouryearsago V0 V
' ' ‘ ' qutrement ““5 pegged d” son and must adhere to the same . ,perienVce an earn keep lD files for the Detective
Ctt513l35.000. much lower salary level." he said. l’r‘ments (i , h‘irht wci rht and .5; ho“ thcdetectivcs work. the 421”" Bureau,“ he said. “Beforethat (for l5
And. a priyatc gift will land the “This change would raise the limit of {1“}:th l. d £ l E l E ' ' Old captain said. years) l was a dispatcher." ‘ .
renovation of a butlding to provide the salaries." tg St 00 8 “Hum” 1' Presently. Detective Mike Rodgers. _ . _
, office and support space for l'K‘s in other business. the board Cascsiorthel5-year-old bureauare ' . a POllCC veteran Ol‘ four-and-a-half .UKPD uses composue sketches Ol i
Development ofiicc. now located in approved the following proposals: assigned on a priority basis. / f , years. l5 rotating into the bureau crime SQSPCCiS to ald m the apprehen-
the administratiton building. lhe VAltll‘lOl‘l/lng Blanton to request “Cases arcworkedontaccordingto) ' .. through the training program. ston Ol ”Ch EUSWCIS‘FOTPO‘SH‘FS can
project‘s cost is estimated at 8350.000. the trustee of UK Housing Bonds of the urgency of the case." Anderson CAPTAIN BEN ANDERSON Rodgers said the detective job gives be made by usrng an ldenlljkn‘
.Aitcrthe mectinghlanton saidthat I960 to pay $3.l|3,75 from the said. “Crimes against PCOPlC come him an opportunity Ol l0ll0W-UP on Detective fcrgeant “Rom” Gillem
the iountain on the Patterson ()ificc maintenance liund to pay renovation first.“ tron."l K Police Captain Bert Ander- cases. “You still haveto be an officer." said. The _ ldcml'l‘” '5 a ““65 Ol
lower plant will not be replaced by costs for .Alpha (iamma Rho “Even though the patrolman does a son said. he said. “lt'sa good job. Each day can overlays Ol the mayor components 0f '
‘\Pfll l. as he previously said. Fraternity House. certain amount of detective work. we Anderson. whosejob it is to oversee be different." the face and head SUCh as the 55953
Demolition of the fountain. which was Continued on page 3 do a lot of the follow-up investiga- both the patrols and detectives. added Once the UK detectives arrest some- Continued on page 3
1 The state workers have been asked to lunch with reused budget lor Will would be submitted to SG VOtes to postpone
state Brown at the goternor‘s mansion. (‘ongress in about two weeks
. . V V . Brown iirst proposed the idea oi a kitchen cabinet Id
I- A(l I.T\ M [MEI-IRS AT STATE at a l‘eb. ll meeting with several thousand state wor LTI ate seat r0 osal
[TNIVI-IRSITIES are being urged to “me to (my workers lhe governor said the cabinet meetings IRAN'S Rl LING REVOLI'TIONARY sen p p
John Y Brown. Jr and Finance Secretary (ieor e would be iniormal discussions in which em 1mm (‘Ol'N('ll. decided unanimously that the five-man , , . .
Alklh’ tosupport 3 9 5 PUCt-‘hl Pay raiseforfacultyizn VHllllCl be c'nCOUMtled to talk about their robl; their linited \ations commission in lehrrtn will meet with 8’ JA‘ "AME" RC ‘ According to Senator At-large Brad
the next biennial state budget, ideas for work improvement and any other topic of all the l' S lnihassy hostages. it was annotinerti “m “7““ Sturgeon. SO mled to “mend [he
. “We‘re not suggesting a mass impersonal mailng." stale concern. yesterday rulCSV to allow for an unconstitutional
Tom Jones. chairman oi the (‘ongress oi Faculty nation No time for thc niccting bctM-m commission Due to technicalities in SC. voting election because the Senate clearly
Senate Leaders. said in a new conference yesterday members. and the aproyimately 50 hostages being procedures. the amendment allotting lmcndCd to 81W LTl 8 seat.
“Rather. We want these men to know we are THE CARTER ADMINISTRATION is held by militants atthcembassy wasreyealed byliV one senate seat to the Lexington At first. it seemed that the
individual human beings who are being inadequately constdcring mayor reductions in government robs spokesman Samir Sanbar. btit he told reporters lechnical Institute can not be passed amendment would pass at last night‘s
rewarded for that we do. sathJoncs. an English programs as part of anoveralleilorttoslash spending Foreign Ministry oiiicials were in close contact with um” after the elections on .April Zand meeting. thus fulfilling the
professor at Western Kentucky Innersrty by up to $20 billion to balance the Will budget. the commission oyer ltnal arrangements . .
Jones" group represents the faculties of all state oifrcrals said yesterday '1 , , . requirement for approval at two
universities except the l'niyerstty oi Kentucky. which The) said that except lm lht‘ llt‘ls‘n‘t‘ “11“”ka weather ”WWW" I ll students WI“ 5“” be consecutive meetings. The senate
is not a member I nearly every agency oi government has been targeted MUSIIJ (l.()l l)\ \\l) \\ [\lit and “outlet l ‘ll‘lc l” IIlclVoreandtdacyand V0" fora acutally Vmed to accept the
forSpendIngrcducuonsaspariottheadmintstranon‘s today. the highswiilrcachintothc mtdltluppcrdos. WPTLM‘I’TTBIIVC to that seat in the amendment and went on to other
GOVJOHN Y. BROWNJR. basinvtted 10 states hastily conceived new strategy to fight inflation Slightly warmer with periods of rain likely tonight. upcoming election. The election Wlll busmess.
employees to lunch next Monday to serve on his first Meanwhile. W. Bowman Cutter. an assoctate through tomorrow lows tonight in the low to mid become official. if the amendment Near lhc close 0f the meeting. 30b
“kitchen cabinet." an informal group of policy director of the Office of Management and Budget. 40s lhe probability of precrpitation is 70 percent passes at two consecutive 50 Clark. a 'bUSlNCSS and economics
advisers. told the House Ways and Means Committee that a tonight meetings, The earliest date for senator. pointed out that two-thirds of
.________._~___ acceptance is April 7. Continued on page 3
. A . - - — ‘ -- .—

 KENTUCKY Debbie McDaniel )
Ltliror in (ilin Mark (ireen Kim Aubrey Ibomas ('larli John (1., Gary Landon
.Ia) I-ossett Bob ( ochram ‘ hilrrlumnrm/ ktliror Sporty hlrriir ”WW" "I Pho’UKWP’H' .
('Iry Willis tum ruli’ ktlrrort Paul Mann
Managing lrliror ( indy “diet is. I . Robinson 3,5". Rickard David Maynard
Juli Rudd 2lyyrylulrl 4\.\I.\[UIII X/nirly lzitlllor Pht‘l“ Manager
Sleu- Massey Ilsa Dousurd i‘ o/ii til/rim lnrerrurnnrml lrlrrirr
editagials & commnts (tint/rut li/rliir Itlrloriul Ill/Ill, '\
Std t/ 't'ktd't'bt'o
I l2.\'l\(il().\' H“. l {mum} m Kentucky assistants. It” the members of the basketball team. . 2.... J / 7, J,
2\t hletic Association a trd I K ‘s ad nitnistrator's “ h“ hilW ““l'hk‘d dill a ”d mill" ”Imulo'h endless . 2,,22. or " 2
stomped the student body into the bluegrass yesterday practices and gryen their all. tickets for their families :_ ._ .J .. ‘1‘ L 23': 'l "2’ ' " . .. " ' 22 33:
by announcing that ticket distribution for the first are well~dcsery ed. W” . . 2.
. ‘ylideast Regional rounds in Bowlinghrcen willlayot' ”UL In" INN" it large number ”1 “Chub J4 I . .2 J . i 2 2,_ :W V,
i the fat cats, unaccounted for. .. . .. _ ‘39! - 3 .- . ,
\k'ell. blow yourself blue in the face. adttirnistratots “it” supporting ”‘9 team through ”W" and thin; ill/3% .’ : s3 ' - 2' i. m
lhrc .Jtcrrihtirion reeks of corruption arid llllllllfllC‘»\ after enduring the duly itig heights of R trpp Arena to "3/ " Me 3 .133 ‘ . 22 _ . " %*”“””~WWM
. l K‘. 2.1.000 students tnay uucnd the my.“ lottery watch inch-high men iii w hire sq trash their opponents $52 .722". {~ 3 3: )5; . i5 - " -
. 2 Wednesday night andthcy better be prayingto the game after game. after cheering and cursing and ffl twfl‘y 73”” g. ”WM <5”
' i . great basketbitllgod tn the sky forluck fora chance crylltll "(io Bill Illtrc" at Ilall‘s Wildcats eycn when 33.»:- 31“” i’ W . J . . -2 .. .
‘ to win the right to buy an SX ticket for the game at they MUM“ ”W” “0N games ”l ”I“ WW)”- now “C ' M I" g: .22 .:?5 ,JJ . , I I
. 3' Ilow mum of tlicZStitoiiiiiiiiiicnt lickelsalloltedlo Because we don‘t sit in ii plum office. or hate an 52.3” W“, 2' _ f a: . ..
. . I Is L,“ to students" important title or work in some capacrt y for the / 4 'a' . " I H ’ 3,3743”§JI w? 3 __ ”
’ Count 'em 49, Athletic .\ ssociation. we the students lose this // " ” ' 4/,- : /Jf’ ‘ a .3 .
2 Ho is... mi to and c s. i- round 2‘ f at ‘
- 2 But how many tickets does the basketball team. families who will receiyc the l7(i tickets distributed 23 . .. ,4 . o’fifg‘e‘fufiggviflzwififiIJN' t
' : Aithlctic 2\ssoci.’ttion. administrators and their "internally" Ill the l‘niyersrty paid actiytty fees to ’t , J: g . , ; 1’ ‘zgzfizygsf’flwaffig‘ ,. r;
.’ ' ”mum. get" attend games. or paid with their health after waiting .. , 3 J f g ft; " .t i‘ifi’é sit: r37,” 2 i: ’, ,2 “3.3;ka
2 \U 1c“ than l'b tickets otrtsrde \lemoiral (‘oliseum all night for basketball I I B? “A.“ LANDERs/Km‘e'sun
I ' I2yen supposing that each basketball player iriyrtes llClyCh'.’ ngh way patro
» . three members of his lamily to attend. that still lcaycs Students ltaye been shown time and a rain that they . . . . . . . . .
2 HI tickets for the co2tches their 'lsslsl'l'lls 2irid their don‘t deserye anything rust because theyL—are students “ hen the freezing wealherfinally breaksand spring family. H'gh Bridge '5 private property, “‘d 'f you
. . i . t - i i t 2 . - j‘ fever takes hold ofyour senses. ayotd the former I K trespass you too may meet State Trooper O'Daniel.
: families. "t‘ “Ch?“ dCCl’nC ”I numbers and ”‘9 ‘Mhh‘llc student hang-out known as High Bridge. Last springa shown here handing out a citation for criminal ‘
' We understand yyhy the batid gets tickets to the -\ssociation grows. the students \\|lI lose otrt. simple prank ledtotragedy foronel'K studentandhis trespass.
J game. and also the basketball coaches and then If we hayent already lost. (io Big Blue.
" B h k ' h Id xt dt I '
. g By JAMLS (,1;th \‘ycli. flat ;. and 0m. kcntiicky has professor on a ten month contract will theoretically better qualitied 2\ppar- hour. the state should be ashamed to situation we are in right now. It is not
i . - lagged behind benchitiaik institutions earn roughly double a reference figure eritly little attempt at equality is being li.iye C\Cl issued a check for such a low unusual for faculty membersto relyon
: 2 ~‘ lhc {L-ggnll‘, .inriiirtticc-d tuition and the its: or srlc‘lgly in pdying Ils set .it lli percent of tliel S poyerty made rate of pity wlienthecurrent legalmin— outside sources of income to make
' 2 hikes are upsetting liii: l'r'c'K .iiis lit-n2 citipioyces lill tsicii \t'lifc‘t‘S lr isiioiiic iiidcy \t the true things are going. “hen will the wage to: student ”Hunt is \\cli oyer‘ 21 dollar an hour ends meet.atthe potentialeostofneg-
2 to sla\ like .in tiiiweicoiiie gticst w ho that the stair; should plead bankruptcy howetet. in the year Jflflfl that same employees be raised to a subsistence higher. [2_\cmp[|(m mm the law is no leeting academics. And it is also likely ‘
a" ' , suddenly shows tip at the door with .iiid llllltllltlll but tutti .i deaf ear ltllllt' professor will be little better than 35 let cl income" M M l. Kingl thrai'y the eycuse for flouting its principles. and that the element of competition
,2 sleeping bag iii hand and says llt'llcctls liti.'ltll\ arid stttdcntstliey cttiploy when percent aboye that same poyerty line. past wage I heard quoted was $2. lian funding to the library ought to be between colleges for professors is tak-
. 2 V a place to stay lheic is not iiitich to laced with the same problems You don‘t see many tr‘trly dedicated hotii. pitiful under any standard of ref— increased so that a decent wage can be ittg its toll on l'K.
2 ._ say on such short notice. and ii looks . _ teachers these days. and at these rates etctlcc Student workers should paid the student workers. lhis problem is like a cancer.
, . :2 like you are going to hiryc to toe with griffin you won‘t see many more. \or at I\ctt- receive adttistrnents for inflation too. llie plight of these campus workers silently growing on campus without
. 2 the hassle tricky. anyway. especially when the l niyer'sity is probably doesn't bother you much if causing noticeable trouble. yet.

. ' . . V3 hat mu tn} mum“. 1‘ the mpg, If you do. they probably won‘t be responsible lor most ofthe additional you‘re not one of them. but the cco- Hundreds offaculties acrossthe coun- ‘
, y’ 2 less dotrble standard that is taking lliel niyersity yyill now get lh‘to ,‘tZ women 2\ri ayerage ltill professor at expense inyolyed in t'eceiying an nomrc well being of the professors try hate facedtsitmilar situations and .
i ' placcasthc( otrncil onlligherlduca- percent more lrom cycry student. 1 K who happens to be female will education. otrght to be or great concern to eye~ turned to unrons,0thershare resisted.

2 .3 _ tron nicks tip the pine ofan education w hilc last year the outage ltill proles- receiyc $3.144 less than her male court I his column is full of nttmbers. and ryonc connected with the I'niyersity. but tti doing so left deep scars uponthe

. .: and the l niyctsity of Kentucky sor ieceiycd a «l ‘l percent raise lhis tci'part. Ihedrscrepaiicy is eyen larger statistics can always tell lies So. to be lhe quality of seryice rendered is campus morale. With the new cash

I " , watches as .i silent piirrrici lclt the lactilry as .i whole Slob a year no instructors on the safe side. the liguics quoted are proportional to the rewards received; proyided by the recent tuition hikes.
. I 2, ' Harry Snyder. the council‘s eyecti2 behind the benchmark median salary \\ hat is worse. new faculty members all the l'tityersity‘s own. in other words. you get what you pay the administration hasthe resourcesto

- . ' rite director said that the state did not for the current academic year. and receiye similar treatment llic median Not that Kentucky is keeping up for. If we cannot be competitiyeinrhe begin to deal with the problem. To

' 3 3 i etttoy recommending the lllctcascs. these figures are conseryatiye since starting salary lot'mcn isSlX.5(ytlyylii1e yyitli inflation better. may bcrt will help market for personnel. then the degree ignore the difficulties facing those

2 ‘ but emphasr/ed that tuition to k‘t-n» they do not account tor the iiotor- the female median is Slfitltltl Intact. its employees do the same \Vheii pri~ this l'niyet'sity offers its students and employed by the University is blatant

J . 2 . tug-leg rmncmm. had “trim minim iotisly high I t-yington cost or ltying. It the median starting salary for male ces rise at two or ilii'ccttmesthe rateol the role it lullillsinthecommunity will hypocrisy.

‘ ‘. : .2 their median tuition charged by turtiott is to beticdtobenchmaikcorn» instructors is higher than that of the your salary. that rarseyoti got lastyeai‘ dittiiiiish in yalue accordingly.
i ' ' ' “benchmark" schools iii surrounding Pdnsons. so should salaries female assistant Ptt’ft"*t”"- “In “on it wt in Pin lhis is not so much a prediction for James Griffin is 2 Speech junior. His
3- . : 2' states lhis year the typical I Is associate though the woman in this eyatnple is 2\s for stttdeiits making Sll.i an the future as it is an assessment of the column appears every Tuesday. '
. 2 U MH— . .
. - ’Vile interloper’ in library
‘ Letters to the EO'IZ‘OI' St de tc'tes ncivil treatment '
. , “Em
:. . Draft forum mm \pmkui‘ m “MN“ ‘m outdoor ”hymn 0' ”mm" B.‘ “2‘“ H0” of watching. she rushed over and yer— to determine whether the information
. i 4. . “ haththepurposeottheproposed Winn ”nth "mm t'ttttl l P-m lhc lhe preceeding statement from hallv lashed melortaking books from lrieeded wastreated inthe books. My
I . ' . drult rcgrgtrutrtyn' I\ [I {ll dL‘IL‘l (hm. spt‘llkk‘fs \klllletl I’L‘sptll‘itl IthllC‘sIIth (illillICS Darwin IS qUOIL’tI In lIlL‘ 1”“; m0“ graduulg \[udcn[5. I [ind IIIL' SIICI\CSI NO“. I huSICII I0 explain [(IpIC ()IilnICI'CSI “353 narrow one‘ not
' 2 I mum“ uggmqnno ()r .c ,r m dryen and comments from the audience. memoirs til I ady Hope of \onhfield. it necessary tospeiidagreatdearol my that | \\a§fcmu\,lng0nl\ one book ata always alluded to in the title of the
. . 2: - .. our attention from a faltering econ- I.oe| Mcckel lngland She was Darwins closest time m the M. I. ng library. [ haye time. arid I was replacirigthe books in book. Since [ don‘t have x-ray vision
‘ 2. orny. unemployment. "malaise." and (‘rop Science graduate student neighbor amd confidant during his suffered my share or the usual lrustra- the proper order. lherefore. my first or extrasensory perception, I must fre-
‘2; ‘1“ U'W‘M‘Cd ”WU-'3 “m" “1“ Da ' t waning years. tions that one eypeets while doing ————_.__ quently remove books from the
. ‘ 3 . ‘ 2\merican htll‘dlCh’ri‘ military dicta- rWIn quo e lady Hope'swritings paint a picture research in a large library No matter shelves to thumb through them. Real-
. i 2! n” In Pi‘ht‘n‘n it monarchy In Saudi lhe lollowtng is in response to sey~ 0‘ it lt't‘hls‘. ht‘dttdds‘h Old man “it” how great the frustration. I haye h bn i/ing that the library worker was still
. '2 . ; 2\rabia. and a madmanin lran"()rwill eral qucm. ”(mm “mum” lht‘tllln‘ was enthralled "by the grandeur of the always acted with respect and consid- 0p, I dissatisfied with my explanation. I
2. ' , lht’.‘ thk‘ tn dL‘h‘nW 0’ 2\merican 0n tatroti attributed to (‘liarles Darwin. Blhlc~ufl)nt“'n\ “stl. eration for the library staff. turned away. without further com-
i CUmP‘m.‘ Pr‘ml‘ii \‘lllcll closed my ttpltlliltl of fell 38 It. Nu” ‘lUdl ilmimb philosophies h) IIOVHWCL [he tncidcnt “hlt‘h occu- N "mm: and icominued [0 look into
: 2. . : lhese will be the subtects’ of noon the lycrrrcl themselyes. look at the man's life, If stons [hc writing of [hrs letter trans~ reaction to her most rude. unpro~ hooksthatlthoughtmightbeusefulto -
:2 _ lorum on the draft at the l I\ Student “I was 32, 30mg man mm “nun-mg}; you wish to kttow the real yalue of a cerids the trsual irrrrtations that are \(ykcd. surly. and yes. ldon‘t flinch to mg. As the library worker Withdrew.
' i 2 . .. 3' (Chm tin “L'tl'ts‘\tlit\- “dish 52 Wt“) ideas I threw out queries. suggestions. man‘s nl‘ll‘““Ph'C\- h’Oly at ht‘ death associated with using a library. I was say it. racist attack. was the most pro- she coldly warned me that she would

.5. E .2 ; lhe Icttngt‘onJ ( omniittee _ 233mm“ wondering all the time oycr eyery- Tim Brooker . quietly lookirigthrough some booksin foiind disbelief. When I reCOVCred be watching me to make sure that I

2 2 g ;: Rsbl‘ln‘ntln-Wolhslhdhfl ( \Rm thing. and to my .istonishrnent the International Relations graduate the poetry section. when l yaguely trorn my shock.lthentrred toexplam replaccdthc booksintheir properpla-

.' - 12-." ' hid? ”1mm pro "”d “H“ mm registra- “3““ “‘“h "I“ “'1‘th I)'~‘“.nlc mild” studen‘ tioticed that a library staff member to the library worker that I was check- ces. And when I turned to leave. there

i: f was watching me, After a few minutes ing the table of contents in the books she stood. arms folded. glaring at me

'. i: -. u, . . » 2 ._ as though I were a vile interloper.
2 2, . ‘2' 2. ”Ollie“ AFe‘i’ [hitch 22 ._ .. . with over r4000 books reportedly
2' «~22» autocratic sci, . .. Letters policy
. ., 2. AYATOLLW- core 034,, :5 he '_ "(é jfiw 3‘ _ stand and applaudthelibraryworkers
. . . ._ ULL‘fif’lOWYal‘llfalUFF , ‘ '{ 222’ _, yr" 2.2 Ih' It" k K2 I l‘ , I” 'b t‘ from the [K com- concern for keeping the books in
‘- arrow on p r m. 2
3, 2 l 9W. 15‘ 2”_ 3 W 3 ”'3 P p p g myself. Nevertheless. therehis abso-
. ,' i: f' l ' , '9 J ‘ ‘ if s ’r I | "‘ '1, The Kernel may condense or reject contributions. and frequent writers lutely no CXCUSCfOT the uncryilltreat-
.2 . i ' :' ll l / i l 2 ' "t"? .l i ‘ may be limited. Editors reserye the right to edit for correct spelling. gram- ment that I “303le from the library
t - 2‘ i' r’ 2 M - , ' h .. V mar and clarity. and may delete libelous statements. worker. I was “0‘ only unnecessarily
. ' i ' 2 . gr 941'3; ‘~ -‘ ”93 I \\ . abused. but I was harassed as well. I
3 ‘ , l. t 'i._ .V‘“ " 3% .~ .3 ‘ Contributions should be delivered to Room ll4JournaIism. [Tniversity don‘t need anyoneto stand guard over
- ' “2: , i . J 2 ‘ / I ”’5‘ l/r’ 's‘ 3‘3“» 2. 0f Kentucky. Lexington. KV- 40506- me while I do research in the library.
." J J‘ . "i y." / I i i ’7 '{2 ‘ “Wad g ‘P i ii; For legal reasons. contributors must present a [K II) beforethe Kernel Bl" ifwe must have sentinels guarding
' . r2 - . if“? \ "‘4 if i l or i _ . 23% : P 5' will be able to accept the material. the stacks In the IthTaFY- I hQPC that
. i J ._ 3:? i‘ :- _: » .. J j 2’ é they will be given lessons in good

2, .' ,/ ' 343% at t _.2. digg,& miétz" “ .t Letters: _ 3 _ ' man-nos, :
.. 2 f ;- to .23 J 2: I 2’ Q‘ . e " 3': ‘ Should be 30|inesorlessand no morethan 200 wordslhe: should con- Finally. lwantto makeitclearthatl
2 2‘ ' ‘3}? 1"? "If 9" _J .“ ‘ .3 . , . ts , cern particular issues. concerns or events relevant to the UK community. do not object to being corrected whenl
J (i 3% . 3:... .33.. . . . t.‘ =l . \ ‘ ,r 0 i lo . make a mistake. but I insist on being
.- ' i, , .“ 2-~"2 v 'l _ 2': ' ’0 fl ‘ PS: "5' . : . y . y . . _ treated with the same courtesy and
. 2 2 t . 2 ., .2 . ~ ( M . . ould be 90 lines or less and should give and explaina position pertain ‘ .

i ' l 2 2 " J V“ ‘ ' to to tea] issues of interest to the UK community respect that l accord to others. Furth-

, , 2 U! 4' j: . 3‘25" 1 a ‘ ing p " ‘ ’ " ermore. l have never beenimpertinent

' . H ‘ ~ _ . ' l Commentaries 3 with anyone inthe library.and Ido not
. g " gag I Should be 90 lines or less. with no more‘than 800 words. These articles feel 0},“ng to serve as the scapegoat
H , __ . 5y . ‘ are reserved for authors who. in the editor 5 opinion. have specral cccdcn- for irritable library workers.
. . ‘ ‘ -. ow .3. _J _3 ”wt ‘ W“ tials, experience. training or other qualifications to address a particular
V ' . ' - ,2 . _ ”f ‘M‘ ’ in @anmwm subject. Elvin Holt is an English graduate
J _ . . '2 \ ‘ newer BM Tilt/rm. student.

 'IHI- KI'NTI ( Kt KERN“. luhdly. March 4. ”30-3 . . .4.
' 7 m dm 0’ 7ft A '/l t'
H'oposed L / senate seat a en 8/71L postpone Ufltl 3 er pr/ 6 BC IONS ; . . . -
r i ' . .
'\ Continued from page I because of lack of attendance lhe poll workers will make our budget " lhe final amount allotted to lhe senate also allocated In other action. the senate : . y .
thesenate are neededtoratifya Th“ amendment “‘1‘ ”MM $1.“) per hour S(i began the year with a the l lection Board was Sltwt to help support a blood Valoticd 83‘” h” d “mm y. if. j.
constitutional amendment. to the next meeting w