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Meeting of the Board of Trustees University of Kentucky
1:00 P.M.
June 12, 2007
18 th Floor Patterson Office Tower
Roll Call
Approval of Minutes - (Consent)
Minutes - April 24, 2007 President's Report and Action Items
PR 1         President's Report to the Trustees
2006-09 Strategic Plan Status Report - Kumble Subbaswamy PR 2         Personnel Actions (Consent) PR 3         Appointment of Vice President for Research PR 4         Reappointment to Board of Directors of The Fund for Advancement of
Education and Research in the University of Kentucky Medical Center PR 5         Appointment/Reappointment of Board of Directors University of Kentucky
Research Foundation
PR 6         Proposed Revision to Administrative Regulation:   Policy on Deadly Weapons PR 7         Proposed Revision to Governing Regulation:   Financial Advantage,
Solicitation of Funds, and Campus Sales PR 8         Resolution of the University of Kentucky Alumni Association Amending the
Alumni Trustees Election Resolution
Academic Affairs Committee Report
AACR 1    Candidates for Degrees - University System
AACR 2    Change of Organizational Structure of the Graduate Center for Nutritional
AACR 3    Establishment of the Institute of Research for Technology Development AACR 4    Academic Degree Recommendation AACR 5    Proposed Revision to Governing Regulation:   Automatic Extension of
Probationary Periods AACR 6    Proposed Revision to Administrative Regulation:   Clinical Title Series
Finance Committee Report
FCR 1       Ashland Inc. Director's Charitable Award   Program Gift in Memory of
William L. Rouse, Jr. (Consent) FCR 2       C. Michael Garver Gift (Consent)


FCR 3       James F. Hardvmon Pledge (Consent)
FCR 4       Owensboro Medical Health System Pledge and Gifts in Kind (Consent)
FCR 5       Estate of James I. Stephens Gift and Establishment of the James I. Stephens
Memorial Scholarship Quasi-Endowment Fund (Consent) FCR 6       Request to Merge the Lucille Caudill Little Endowed Research Fund in Opera
Studies and the Endowed Enrichment Fund for Research in Vocal Studies FCR 7       2007-2008 Operating and Capital Budget FCR 8       Capital Projects FCR 9       Renovate Hospital Nursing Unit FCR 10     Approval of Lease
FCR 11     Report on the 2008-2014 Capital Plan and 2008-2010 Capital Request FCR 12     Authorization for Disposal of Surplus Personal Property - Fiscal Year 2007-
FCR 13     2006-07 Budget Revisions FCR 14     Capital Construction Report
Human Resources Committee Report
HRCR 1    Proposed Revision to Administrative Regulation:   Phased Retirement Policy
and Program HRCR 2    Changes to the University of Kentucky Retirement Plan Administrative
Regulation HRCR 3    Proposed Revision to Governing Regulation:   Group Insurance
Investment Committee Report
Student Affairs Committee Report
University Hospital Committee Report
Executive Committee Report
Other Business
Athletic Association Board Report - Lee Todd
Business Partnership Foundation Board Report - Sandy Patterson
The Fund for Advancement of Education and Research in the University of Kentucky Medical Center Report - Kumble Subbaswamy
The University of Kentucky Research Foundation Report - Pam May
Resolution Honoring Jonah Brown




Office of the President June 12, 2007
1.         UK Presents Degrees to More Than 6,300 at 2007 Commencement
The University of Kentucky recognized a record number of candidates for undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees at its 140th Commencement on May 6 in Lexington Center1 s Rupp Arena. The event honored more than 6,300 students who completed their degrees in May 2007, December 2006, and August 2006. Broadcast journalist and Kentuckian Nick Clooney addressed the graduating class. Jonah Brown, who served as president of UK Student Government for the 2006-2007 school year, was the student speaker.
2.         UK Exceeds $1 Billion Capital Campaign Goal; Campaign Continues
UK1 s capital campaign has reached its $1 billion goal less than nine years after launching the public phase of the campaign - and nine months before the scheduled end of the campaign. Campaign chairman James W. Stuckert of Louisville announced the drive actually has garnered $1,022 billion since it began in 1998. It is the first time a university or college in Kentucky has raised $1 billion. Also included in the total were matching funds from Kentucky1 s Research Challenge Trust Fund program. In mid-March, UK maxed out the more than $200 million allotted for development efforts.
3.         UK, French Researchers Find Baby Aspirin Effective in Reducing Heart Problems
Cardiologists at UK HealthCare1 s Linda and Jack Gill Heart Institute found that baby aspirin is as effective in preventing cardiovascular events as the commonly prescribed adult tablet. In fact, the smaller dose may reduce the number of Americans who suffer bleeding complications caused by the adult dosage. The cardiologists at UK, Drs. Charles Campbell, Steven R. Steinhubl, and Susan Smyth, along with colleagues in Paris, France, published their report in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The study found that doses higher than a baby aspirin, 75 to 81 mg, are no better at preventing cardiovascular events long term and are associated with increased risk of gastrointestinal bleeding. Even in patients with diabetes, who may be more difficult to treat, they found no large-scale studies that support the use of higher doses of aspirin.
4.         A Record Five UK Students Win Fulbright Scholarships for Study Abroad
Five UK students will receive government-funded Fulbright Scholarships for graduate study and research abroad for the 2007-08 academic year. This is UK1 s largest class of Fulbright scholars for an academic year. The five are Vanessa M. Dimayuga, a graduating senior majoring in biology, who will travel to the Netherlands to do research;


Cynthia Kline Isenhour, a doctoral student studying anthropology, who will do research in Sweden; Daniel Joseph Murphy, a doctoral student studying anthropology, who will do research in Mongolia; Mary Alice Scott, a doctoral student studying anthropology, who will do her research in Mexico; and J. Michael Tilley, a doctoral student in philosophy, who will do research in Denmark.
5.         UK Wind Ensemble Is Invited to Tour China in Summer 2008
The UK Wind Ensemble, under the direction of John Cody Birdwell, has received an invitation from the United States-China Cultural and Educational Foundation to perform in the People's Republic of China during summer 2008. The UK Wind Ensemble is the only American collegiate music ensemble to receive such an invitation from the foundation. The ensemble will spend two weeks in China performing at a variety of venues throughout the country, including the acclaimed Beijing National Conservatory. A number of the UK Wind Ensemble performances will be part of cultural and musical showcase festivals related to the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.
6.         Brain Structure Changes Years Before Memory Loss Begins
Some people could be destined to have memory problems, according to significant Alzheimer's research by UK neurologist Dr. Charles Smith. His findings show that people who develop dementia or Alzheimer's disease experience brain structure changes years before any signs of memory loss begin. His work was published in the April 17, 2007, issue of Neurology, the scientific journal of the American Academy of Neurology. Smith said these findings are important and may help identify people at risk of developing mild cognitive impairment, which leads to Alzheimer's disease. Smith is a neurologist at the UK HealthCare Kentucky Neuroscience Institute, where he serves as director of the Memory Disorders Clinic, and is an active faculty member at the UK Sanders-Brown Center on Aging, one of the country's original 10 Alzheimer's disease research centers.
7.         College of Education Recognizes 100 Teachers Who Made a Difference
One hundred teachers from across the Commonwealth were recognized by the UK College of Education's "Teachers Who Made a Difference" program in late April. The program gives Kentuckians an opportunity to thank the teachers, principals, college professors, or other educators in the state for the way they have inspired and motivated students to succeed. Since the program's inception, more than 1,000 teachers have been honored.
8.         President's Awards for Diversity Presented
UK President Lee T. Todd Jr., accompanied by Jaime Nebbitt, interim chair of the President's Commission on Diversity, recently presented the fifth annual President's Awards for Diversity in honor and appreciation of those who have demonstrated outstanding efforts toward advancing UK's mission to embrace diversity while


maintaining academic excellence. The winners of the individual categories are department/unit, UK Art Museum; student, Mehmet Saracoglu; administrators, Joseph L. Fink III, College of Pharmacy, and Lori Stewart Gonzalez, College of Health Sciences; faculty, Roberta M. Harding, College of Law; staff, Chester S. Grundy, Office of Multicultural and Student Affairs; and individual in Kentucky, Gloria B. Rie.
9.         Indian Medicine Compound May Hold Clues to Prostate Cancer Prevention
A UK researcher has received $1.1 million to investigate an herbal compound used in Indian medicine that may have anti-prostate cancer mechanisms. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) provided the grant to Damodaran Chendil, assistant professor at the UK College of Health Sciences Division of Clinical and Reproductive Sciences, to investigate the compound, Rasagenthi Lehyam (RL), an herbal formulation used in Indian medicine and an effective treatment for prostate cancer in an animal model. The study may lead to the identification of biomarkers for prostate cancer and the development of chemotherapeutic and/or chemopreventive strategies for prostate cancer.
10.       Five Are Inducted into Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame
Five outstanding Kentucky journalists joined the Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame, housed in the UK School of Journalism and Telecommunications. The inductees were the late Elizabethtown radio newsman Ron Boone; newspaper executive Nancy Green; longtime Henderson Gleaner newspaper editor Ron Jenkins; journalism educator Glen Kleine; and broadcast news director Ken Kurtz. Journalist, photographer, and filmmaker Molly Bingham gave the 30th annual Joe Creason Lecture, "Perspective, Journalism, and New Media."
11.       KySat Announces Second Mission to Develop Working Satellite
The Kentucky Satellite Design and Build Team, a partnership involving UK and other Kentucky universities and organizations, has completed assembly of its first engineering model and has begun its second. The projects, dubbed KySat-1 and KySat-2, involve developing working satellites that will be launched into earth1 s orbit. The team leader is UK electrical engineering graduate student Garrett Chandler. The design/build team for KySat-2 includes UK College of Engineering students Thomas Dodson, Tyler Doering, Michael Gailey, Samuel Hishmeh, and Prasanna Padmanabhan. Once in orbit, the satellites will be made available at no cost to Kentucky students, teachers, schools, and universities for educational and research uses. KySat-1 is scheduled to be launched in 2008. James Lumpp, associate professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, is the engineering lead for KySat. Others in the partnership are Morehead State University, Murray State University, University of Louisville, Western Kentucky University, Kentucky Space Grant Consortium, Council on Postsecondary Education, Kentucky Science and Engineering Foundation, and the Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation, which is the managing partner.


12.        Society of Professional Journalists Recognizes Kernel as Nation's Third-best
In the Society of Professional Journalists' 2006 Region 5 Mark of Excellence Awards, Kentucky Kernel staffers won seven first-place awards, two second-place awards, and one third-place award in writing and photography categories. The Kernel was named the third-best daily student newspaper, finishing behind the much larger Indiana Daily Student and The Daily Illini.
13.       Two UK Researchers Develop New Class of Nontoxic Cancer Treatment
A new class of compounds developed by two UK researchers shows promise as a nontoxic treatment of some cancers previously treated with toxic chemotherapy. In a study published in the April 30 issue of the academic journal Chemistry & Biology, UK pharmaceutical sciences assistant professor Kyung-Bo Kim and ophthalmology and visual sciences assistant professor Royce Mohan describe a compound that acts directly on LMP2, a component of the immune proteasome variant that has been identified in certain types of tumors, including some prostate cancers. The compound, dubbed UK-101, inhibits LMP2 while not attacking normal cells, indicating that it could be an effective cancer treatment that does not produce the kinds of unpleasant side effects reported by many patients currently treated with broadly acting proteasome inhibitors and chemotherapeutics.
14.       UK Pathologist Assists in Preparation of Cervical Cancer Vaccine Guidelines
UK HealthCare pathologist Dr. Diane D. Davey was part of a team that recently published a set of groundbreaking cervical cancer vaccine guidelines in CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians. Their work, "American Cancer Society Guideline for Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine Use to Prevent Cervical Cancer and Its Precursors," will help healthcare providers make recommendations on cervical cancer vaccine use to their patients based on clinical evidence. It addresses the use of prophylactic HPV vaccines, including who should be vaccinated and at what age, and it offers a summary of policy and implementation issues and implications for cervical cancer screening.
15.       UK Jazz Ensemble Is Invited to Perform at International Music Clinic
The UK Jazz Ensemble, under the direction of Miles Osland, has been invited to perform at the 61st annual Midwest International Band and Orchestra Clinic to be held December 18-22 in Chicago. The UK Jazz Ensemble is among only seven jazz ensembles chosen internationally to perform at the historic conference and the only college jazz ensemble selected.
16.       College of Social Work Inducts Hospice Leader into Hall of Fame
The UK College of Social Work inducted Gretchen Marcum Brown, president and chief executive officer of Hospice of the Bluegrass, into the College of Social Work


Hall of Fame at a ceremony held May 9 at UK1 s Main Building. Brown has served as the president and CEO of Hospice of the Bluegrass since 1982.
17.       UK Team Is Finalist in International Sustainability Design Competition
A design proposal for reclaiming an abandoned strip mining site near Whitesburg by a team with UK School of Architecture connections has been selected as one of 12 finalists in an international sustainability design competition. The proposal, "Sustainable Reclamation: An Urban Model for Coal Country," was presented at a symposium in Los Angeles recently. The proposal by the Center for Sustainable Cities Design Studio, a Lexington-based design firm specializing in green residential architecture and sustainable urban design, is one of 12 finalists from seven countries around the globe. The idea is the extension of an undergraduate thesis project from the UK School of Architecture.
18.        Study Indicates Prison, Jail Substance Abuse Treatment Is Effective
Treatment of substance abuse in jail or prison can increase the rate of abstinence from drug use 12 months following release, a study by a UK researcher indicates. The study by Michele Staton-Tindall, assistant professor in the UK College of Social Work with an appointment in the UK Center on Drug and Alcohol Research, also found that participants engaged in self-help groups after release from incarceration. In addition, most of the participants were not re incarcerated at the time of their follow-up interview.
19.       UK Art Professor and Alumnus Are Recognized for Frankfort Public Art
Garry Bibbs, Art, and UK alumnus Tony Higdon were recognized for two public art pieces they constructed at a dedication held May 11 outside the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Office Building in Frankfort. The artists also participated in the free panel discussion "Public Art in Public Places: A New Frankfort Streetscape" at the Frankfort Convention Center. The metallic sculpture Now get! by Bibbs is his 20th public sculpture. The Nexus sculpture was created by a collaborative effort between Higdon and Erika Strecker, Higdon1 s wife and business partner.
20.       University Press of Kentucky Author Wins Regional History Awards
University Press of Kentucky author Walter Conser, Jr. was awarded the Clarendon Cup and the North Carolina Presbyterian Historical Society (NCPHS) 2007 Book Award. The book A Coat of Many Colors explores religious and racial diversity in the Cape Fear region of North Carolina which includes the city of Wilmington. On May 6, the Lower Cape Fear Historical Society formally presented the author with the Clarendon Cup for the best book in regional history. The book also received the NCPHS 2007 Book Award in April. The NCPHS awards recognize outstanding books on church history.


21.       Student Awards and Achievements
Romulo Albuquerque, Medicine, received the Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society ARVO Travel Award for his presentation "Topical Gene Ablation of sflt-1 Abolishes Corneal Avascularity." The award is given to postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, or young investigators who demonstrate significant achievements in the field of tear film, ocular surface, or Sjogren's syndrome research. The award was presented May 7 in Fort Lauderdale. In addition, Albuquerque is one of only four students in the nation to receive the Research to Prevent Blindness Medical Student Fellowship.
ReShanta Beatty-Hazelbaker, Educational and Counseling Psychology doctoral student, was awarded a $21,820 grant from the Department of Public Health to conduct her HIV/AIDS Family Life Education Program.
Two students received the Carol S. Adelstein Outstanding Student Award this year - Kathryn "Katie" Braun, Psychology, and Patrick Conlon, Linguistics and Political Science. Named for the wife of former UK English professor Michael Adelstein, the award is presented annually to the student with a disability who best serves as an inspiration to the university community.
Melissa Harris, Communication, has won the International Communication Association/National Communication Association Health Communication Dissertation of the Year Award. Her dissertation, "The Role of Emotion in Anti-drug PSAs: Investigating the Impact of Guilt Arousal on Perceived Message Effectiveness and Behavioral Intentions to Use Drugs," was judged by a panel of six reviewers from the ICA and NCA leadership. She was recognized at the ICA Conference in San Francisco.
Jennifer Hawkins, Social Work master1 s program located at Northern Kentucky University, has been selected for the Ohio River Valley Clinical Social Work Society Rising Star Award. This award recognizes a student in a master1 s of social work program who has shown a strong commitment to clinical practice and has had to overcome significant obstacles to enter and remain in graduate school.
Mark King, Dentistry, was one of 25 dental students in the United States to receive the prestigious American Association of Dental Research award for the advancement of his research efforts. The award was presented at the 85th general session and exhibition of the International Association of Dental Research in New Orleans in March.
Brandon McGarrell, Dentistry, received second place honors in the Clinical Sciences category of the American Association of Dental Research Caulk/Dentsply competition. Of more than 100 student submissions nationwide, McGarrell was chosen as one of 20 students to compete at the International Association of Dental Research in New Orleans in March.
Jennifer Olges, Medicine, has been elected chair of the Association of American Medical Colleges Organization of Student Representatives, Southern Region. The OSR, the student branch AAMC, represents the undergraduate medical student body to the academic medicine community.


22.       Faculty and Staff Awards and Achievements
Sylvia Baber and Mary Landrum, Library and Information Science, received a We the People "Pursuit of Happiness" Bookshelf Grant to be used for the James Lane Allen Elementary School and Cardinal Valley Elementary School libraries. Both schools are in Lexington. More than 3,150 libraries throughout the U.S. applied for the 2,000 grants. A collection of 15 books for young readers will be given to each of the libraries.
Aaron Beighle, Kinesiology and Health Promotion, co-authored a textbook titled Pedometer Power-2nd Edition - Using Pedometers in School and Community. It is slated for June 2007 publication.
Dibakar Bhattacharyya, Center of Membrane Sciences, was recognized with a symposium in his honor at the recent North American Membrane Society National Meeting in Orlando, Florida. The event recognized Bhattacharyya1 s extraordinary record of scholarship and teaching in the field of membrane sciences.
Terry BirdwhistelL UK Libraries, has been appointed to the Advisory Committee on the Records of Congress. Birdwhistell was nominated for the appointment by Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell. The advisory committee advises Congress and the Archivist of the United States on the management and preservation of the records of Congress. The committee is comprised of congressional officials responsible for its records, the archivist of the United States, and House- and Senate-appointed public members of the committee. Public members represent historians, political scientists, congressional archivists, and other users/caretakers of legislative records.
Tricia Browne-Ferrigno, assistant professor of educational leadership studies, began a three-year term as chair of the Learning and Teaching in Education Special Interest Group of the American Educational Research Association.
Dan Carey, Kentucky Geological Survey, was named the 2007 "Geologist of the Year" by the Kentucky chapter of the American Institute of Professional Geologists. His recent work includes overseeing the creation of county geologic land-use planning maps. Over 90 of these maps have been created with the intent of helping local governments, developers, and average citizens understand the strengths and weaknesses of their local geology for various kinds of development.
James Cibulka, dean, Education, was named chair of the Organization of Institutional Affiliates executive committee of the American Educational Research Association. He will serve a three-year term.
Maelor Davies, Kentucky Tobacco Research and Development Center, received $352,000 from the USDA Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service for field evaluation of containment strategies for plant-made pharmaceutical applications in tobacco.
John H. Eichhorn, Anesthesiology, has been appointed the American representative among the five international anesthesiologists on an elite Safe Anesthesia Technical Working Group within the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO campaign is the first to approach safety of surgery and anesthesia as a public health problem.
Joseph L. Fink III, Pharmacy, received the UK William E. Lyons Award for Outstanding Service. The award is presented to a person associated with UK who has


contributed significantly to the university, the community, or the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
Patricia Rippetoe Freeman, Pharmacy Practice and Science, was selected as the 2007 recipient of the College of Pharmacy1 s William T. Miles Award for her work and dedication to helping the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. The award was established to encourage and recognize faculty members who share their expertise with community groups and volunteer agencies.
Thomas R. Guskey, Educational Policy Studies and Evaluation, Lee Ann Jung, Early Childhood Education, and Shannon Sampson, Educational Policy Studies and Evaluation, presented a symposium titled "Practical Solutions for Serious Problems in Standards-Based Grading" at the 2007 American Educational Research Association National Conference in Chicago.
Douglass Kalika, Chemical Engineering, received the College of Engineering1 s Henry Mason Lutes Award for Excellence in Teaching.
Jamie Matthews, Animal and Food Sciences, received $900,000 from Alltech Inc. for the Alltech-UK Animal Nutrigenomics Alliance. The grant will foster collaboration between Alltech and UK to advance research in nutrigenomics, which is a new field studying the effects of nutrition on gene expression in animals.
Jeffrey L. Osborn, Biology and Appalachian Math Science Partnership, has been named the 2007 Arthur C. Guyton Teacher of the Year by the American Physiological Society.
Nicole Pilarski, Center for Drug and Alcohol Research, received Collaborative Partner of the Year Award from the Collaborative Partners Advisory Counsel in Henderson.
Erik Reece, English writer-in-residence, was featured in the opinion section of The New York Times on May 5. Reece1 s op-ed piece discussed the Appalachian Regional Reforestation Initiative and the need for federal legislation to protect and rehabilitate the forests and mountains of Appalachia.
Michael Reed, Agricultural Economics, received $1 million from the U.S. Agency for International Development for the UK Partnership Project in Indonesia. This award, which will fund faculty exchanges between three Indonesian universities and UK, is a multi-college partnership involving the College of Engineering, the Gatton College of Business and Economics, the College of Education, and the Martin School for Public Policy and Administration.
Ellen Rosenman, English, won the American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship. The $60,000 grant will allow Rosenman to work on her proposed book Fictions of Belonging: Penny Dreadfuls and the Victorian Working Class Imagination, 1840-1870.
Melody Ryan, Pharmacy Practice and Science, has been selected as the 2007 recipient of the College of Pharmacy1 s Michael J. Lach Faculty Award for Innovative Teaching Practices. The award is named in memory of Michael J. Lach, who lost his battle with cancer in 1998.
Rosetta Sandidge, Education, received the 2007 Distinguished Service to Educator Preparation in Kentucky Award from the Kentucky Association for Colleges of Teacher Education.


Kelly Smith, Pharmacy Practice and Science, has been selected to participate in the 2007-08 American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy1 s Academic Leadership Fellows Program. The program is an intensive leadership and management program designed to develop the nation1 s most promising individuals to become future leaders in pharmacy and in higher education.
John Thelin, Educational Policy Studies and Evaluation, received the 2007 Exemplary Research Award for Division J (Postsecondary and Higher Education) during the 2007 American Educational Research Association National Conference in Chicago.
Lisa Vaillancourt Plant Pathology, received $951,000 from the USDA Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service to conduct research on a genome sequence for an important fungal plant pathogen.
Jane Gentry Vance, English, was inducted as Poet Laureate of Kentucky April 24.
Richard Warner and Carmen Agouridis, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, and Don Graves and Chris Barton, Forestry, are UK College of Agriculture team members of the Appalachian Regional Reforestation Initiative who earned the U.S. Department of Interior1 s Cooperative Conservation Award.
Bruce Webb, Entomology, received $374,000 from the USDA Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service to research regulation of innate immune responses to endoparasites in insect larvae.
Jeff Worley, Research Publications, received the Kentucky Literary Award for Poetry from the Southern Kentucky Book Fest in Bowling Green for his collection Happy Hour at the Two Keys Tavern. His book also won the Society of Midland Authors Award for Poetry, which gives yearly awards in several categories to authors who reside in, were born in, or have strong ties to a 12-state Midwestern region. The book also has been nominated for a Pulitzer.
Ernie Yanarella, Political Science, has been re-elected as faculty representative to the UK Board of Trustees. Yanarella's three-year term expires June 30, 2010.
Kwan Yi and Lois Chan, Library and Information Science, received a $15,593 research support grant from the Office of the Vice President for Research for their proposal, "A Model for Mapping the Library of Congress Classification and Dewey Decimal Classification Schemes."
Matthew Zook and Stan Brunn, Geography, and Glenn Blomquist, Economics, each received a Fulbright fellowship for the 2007-08 academic year. Anna Brzyski, Art History, was awarded a Fulbright-Luce fellowship to teach Western art history and help develop an art history curriculum for a university in China.


PR 2
Office of the President June 12, 2007
Members, Board of Trustees:
Recommendation: that approval be given to the attached appointments, actions, and/or other staff changes which require Board action; and that the report relative to appointments and/or changes already approved by the administration be accepted.
Background: The attached recommended appointments and/or other staff changes require approval by the Board of Trustees in accordance with Part VIII-B of the Governing Regulations of the university. These recommendations are transmitted to the Board by the appropriate provost/executive vice president through the president and have the president's concurrence.
Under the Governing Regulations, the authority to make certain appointments and/or other staff changes is delegated to the president or other administrators who are required to report their actions to the Board. These items of report follow the recommendations requiring Board approval.
Action taken:        0 Approved        ? Disapproved          ? Other


Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration
Berryman, Susan, Dietitian Clinical II, Employee Benefits, after 21 years and 2 months
of consecutive service, and 22 years and 1 month of total service, under ARII-
1.6-1, Section III.B, effective 5/31/07. Bostrom, Karin, Social Worker, Sr., Employee Benefits, after 16 years and 2 months of
consecutive service, under AR II-1.6-1, Section III.B, effective 5/31/07. Clevidence, Kenneth F., Associate Vice President Campus Services, after 23 years and
2 months of consecutive service, and 24 years and 7 months of total service,
under AR II-1.6-1, Section III.B, effective 7/2/07.
Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration
Pennilu, Gerard, Staff Support Associate II, Employee Benefits, after 29 years and 9 months of consecutive service, under AR II-1.6-1, Section III.A.2, effective
Vice President for Facilities Management
Eades, Charles R., Plumber Supervisor, Physical Plant Division-Plumbing Services, after 32 years and 2 months of consecutive service, and 36 years and 3 months of total service, under AR II-1.6-1, Section III.A.2, effective 4/27/07.
Haynes, Billy G., Refrigeration Supervisor, Physical Plant Division-AC/Refrigeration, after 32 years and 7 months of consecutive service, under AR II-1.6-1, Section III.A.2, effective 4/16/07.
Blanton, Jack C, Special Assistant to the President, effective 7/1/07 through 6/30/08.


Vice President for Information Technology
Holmes, Peter E., IT/University Computing Systems Programming, Programmer Systems Lead, e